How To Wipe a Hard Drive From the Computer

How To Wipe a Hard Drive From the Computer: Simple Steps

It’s common for many users to sell or divulge computers or hard drives once they want to eliminate old devices or upgrade to new ones. You’ll have already formatted the disk drive or deleted files thereon so as to erase sensitive personal data and avoid becoming the victim of fraud. However, the very fact is that wiping out a tough drive isn’t as easy as deleting data or formatting a tough disk. Simply deleting files by Shift + Delete or emptying the Recycle Bin doesn’t permanently clear data, as deleted files can easily be recovered by recovery software. Formatting a tough drive doesn’t completely erase data either. Though the OS cannot see deleted or formatted data and therefore the drive looks empty, average users are ready to revisit lost data easily with the assistance of disk drive recovery software. This article will tell you how to wipe a hard drive from a computer in a detailed manner. so, that no one can use your deleted data for their own good.

Why deleting and formatting isn’t equivalent to erasing a tough drive?

Are you one among those that hold the view that deleting a file is analogous to erasing it? If yes, you ought to take a fresh look at this issue. We’ll explain the explanations in a detailed and clean manner.

What about disk formatting? Formatting works similarly because it doesn’t wipe data. Formatting a disk or partition seems like tearing the contents of a book without disturbing actual chapters of the book. Recovery software is additionally ready to retrieve lost files from formatted disks.

How does Wipe hard Drive work?

How To Wipe a Hard Drive From the Computer

You may wonder how disk wiping works since deletion and formatting don’t work on a permanently clean disk drive. Aside from physical damage to the disk drive, we will completely remove data with disk wiping technology.

As we’ve mentioned above, to completely erase the disk, we should always remove those binary data, which suggests overwriting those zeros and ones with new data. Once binary data of a file is replaced and overwritten by new data, it can’t be recovered anymore. Some professional disk eraser software is in a position to refill the disk with zeros or random information sector by sector, ensuring no data is often recovered from a wiped disk.

What to do before Wiping Hard drives?

  • Download and install disk drive wipe software. If you propose to wash a tough disk on your own, a disk wipe tool is important. You ought to select one easy-to-use and effective tool for the task. If you would like to wipe the whole computer, you ought to confirm the software can work on a bootable drive.
  • Ensure the battery is full. If you would like to wipe a laptop, you ought to confirm the battery is well charged or connected to power. If the facility goes out during disk clearing, it’d spell disaster to the drive.
  • Back up your data to a special hard disc. Once you wipe your computer, everything thereon is going to be lost, thus you ought to copy any files you would like to stay on a different disk drive. you’ll clone a tough drive or simply copy & paste files thereto disk.
  • Prepare a bootable disk. If you’re wiping the computer’s main hard disc, you will have to hold out the task without booting the system, like under WinPE. Once everything gets ready, you’ll start erasing the pc hard drives or external disks. The simplest part of this instruction will show you ways to wipe a tough drive, external disk, SD card, or flash drive in several ways.

What Can Happen If Not Reformat Hard Drive?

As the line between the important world and the digital world blurs, it’s smart to know how cybercriminals work. A security product like Norton Security Premium helps protect your PC files, financial information, and your family’s devices. But once you discard your device without properly wiping the disk drive, you run the danger of losing your data.

Cybercriminals value your data — like your email address, passwords, Social Security number, driver’s license details, and MasterCard information. they might sell the knowledge on the dark web.

Cybercriminals can purchase the knowledge and launch cyberattacks to commit other forms of crimes like fraud and extortion. they might open bank accounts in your name, purchase items together with your MasterCard information, or remove loans and default them, leaving you with the results.

Thieves also search for private and tips. This might include non-disclosure agreements, personal photographs, private chat conversations, and other details you’ll not want to show. 

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How To Wipe A Hard Drive?

Follow these steps to make sure you’re truly wiping your disk drive clean. They’ll help keep you from passing on or losing your documents, photos, passwords, financial information, and private data once you say goodbye to your old device.

Step 1: Copy your hard-drive data

How To Wipe a Hard Drive From the Computer

Before you wipe your computer’s disk drive or do a factory reset, confirm to copy all of your information to your new computer, an external disk drive, or internet service.

Backing up your data regularly may be smart work to keep your data safe. But sometimes the Hard drives can malfunction, get misplaced, robbed, or encrypted by ransomware software and so the data you’re stored in it. The simplest defense is to make sure all the info is protected safely and regularly.

You can copy your data on thumb drives or USB flash drives. But confine in mind these are small storage devices and should not accommodate all the info from your PC. External hard drives offer more storage. you’ll also transfer your data to a different laptop or PC.

“Cloud backs” are an alternative choice. They’re safe and one of the foremost convenient ways to store data. Here’s how it works.

The first thing you have to do is to create an account and complete the initial setup that required the site. Next, you enable the storage of your data to the cloud — a network of remote servers. There’s no visible place for the data you backed up. Therefore the risk of it getting stolen or destroyed by things like floods or fires is mitigated.

Step 2: Don’t just delete files from your computer

You might think moving your documents to the trash or recycle bin and emptying it’ll do the trick. Maybe not. In this post, we are going to explain the way to delete the files, but you often leave them where they were, and choose not to delete them because they are hidden from view. Most of the data recovery programs can easily recover these hidden files.

Data recovery software is capable of rebuilding the file header. This makes it possible for the pc to ascertain the file again.

Step 3: Use a program to wipe your drive

How To Wipe a Hard Drive From the Computer

Special software programs can permanently erase your disk drive. There’s little chance you’ll get any data back. Similarly, nobody else is going to be ready to use data recovery software to recover your files.

There are many programs that run a low-level setup that overwrites all the removed files with zeros and other obscure data. This makes it impossible for data recovery software to recover the files.

DBAN may be a free data destruction program that completely erases files on a tough drive that includes all personal files, operating systems, and installed programs.

It would be great to use third-party software to remove your device. Most products offer proof of erasure. This helps when wiping a corporation laptop or PC.

Step 4: Physically wipe your disk drive

As an example, you’ll physically wipe the drive. Just remove your disk drive and take a rare-earth element magnet thereto. Another option? Physically dismantle it with a screwdriver.

A rare-earth element magnet, just like the neodymium magnet, is often wont to deform the metal plates within the hard disc. This makes it unusable. 

One warning: The magnets are powerful and may cause physical harm if used incorrectly.

A safer method could be employing a screwdriver to dismantle the pieces of the disk drive to make it useless.

Step 5: Do a fresh installation of the OS

It’s different to completely rewrite over the entire disk drive. That’s by completing a clean installation of the first OS that came with the pc. This will be especially important if you’re giving the device to someone sort of a friend or loved one.

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Last Words!

Hopefully, the above information helped you well to understand how to wipe a hard drive to save yourself from identity theft. If you are the one who’s gonna sell their PC or laptop and do not want to be a victim of Identity theft then you have to wipe the hard drive of your PC or laptop. And this post will help you in this. Keep every point in mind before reformatting the hard drive.  

How to increase download speed

How to increase download speed: 15 tips and tricks

While working online, you will always need good internet speed. Without a good internet speed, sending files, downloading images, or big files can be difficult and your ongoing work gets interrupted. The impact of a bad internet speed drastically changes the success of your business. Here, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to speed up the internet speed and make your work environment more comfortable with Hi-speed internet. But before jumping to the conclusion to find the tips to speed up the download rate, you should be aware of the reason behind the low download speed. So let’s find out why this happens to your download speed? And then hop on to the topic, how to increase the download speed.

Why Is My Download Speed So Slow? 

How to increase download speed

it’s always good to know the roots of every problem so that we will avoid it in the future. That’s why before getting to know how to increase download speed we focus on the reasons behind it. There are several reasons behind the low download speed that interrupts the ongoing work procedure.

  1. The modem or router has some issue
  2. Wi-fi Signal is interrupted
  3. Signal Strength on the cable line is disturbed
  4. The device on the Network saturating the bandwidth
  5. Slow DNS Server

The above pointers clear the reason for slow downloading speed that can be easily removed through some troubleshooting methods but before applying any troubleshooting methods, you are recommended to test your current internet speed.

How to Test Current Internet Speed? 

The first thing you’ll get to do is test your current internet speed. This may allow you to know whether or not you’re getting a lower rate than you ought to be. This is the first step towards getting to know how to increase download speed.

How to increase download speed

  • You can do that by getting to and running a test.
  • A good download speed is usually 10 Mbps per person. But, that depends on what you’re using the web for. If you’re just surfing online and checking your email, 10 Mbps is enough.
  • On the opposite hand, if you’re gaming or using streaming services, you’ll want to extend your download speed for a seamless experience.

How To Increase Download Speed?

It’s important to notice that the number of devices and internet users you’ve got in your household can affect your download speeds. If your household usage is moderate to high, meaning you’ve got quite 3 or 4 devices running at a time, you’ll get to increase your speeds to exceed 25 Mbps. Read out the tips and tricks below that help you to increase the download speed.  

1. Restart your computer

How to increase download speed

Before you dive into other methods, try an honest old restart. Sometimes you’ll have applications running on your computer that you simply didn’t know we’re still getting used to, otherwise, you may have too many browsers open directly. Simply restart your computer and start the download with just one browser open.

2. Upgrade internet speed

Depending on your service provider, your internet connection might not be ready to handle large downloads. The slow download speeds are often frustrating and it’s going to be worthwhile to upgrade to an idea with higher speeds, especially if your household has multiple people and devices. Explore your options and see if there are packages available that will support a better volume of knowledge.

3. Disable other Devices Connected to your Router

The more people and devices you’ve got connected to your internet, the slower the connections are often. When downloading, try disconnecting the other devices, like smart TVs, iPads, and phones for once. This might increase your internet and download speed significantly.

4. Disable Apps that aren’t getting used

Similarly, you ought to disable any applications on your device when downloading. The applications you’ve got running on your computer can take up an honest chunk of your bandwidth, which may contribute to slower speeds. For instance, video streaming services like Netflix use an important amount of bandwidth. Temporarily disable the apps and see if that helps.

5 Download One File at a time

When downloading multiple files directly, it’s not uncommon for your download to fail. This might be because your device isn’t compatible with downloading large files. to make it easier, try downloading one file at a time. Though this might seem counterintuitive, it can find yourself saving time.

6. Test or Replace your Modem or Router

How to increase download speed

If you would like to attach multiple devices to your home’s internet, you would like to attach a router to your modem. A router not only allows you to attach multiple devices but also acts as an antenna to increase the range of the Wi-Fi throughout your home.

The modem you’ve got is usually provided by your service provider. Sometimes the fix is often as simple as restarting your modem. If your download speed has been significantly slow and you saw no change in speed after restarting, it’s going to be time for a replacement modem.

The best thanks to checking your modem’s signal strength is to place your device on the brink of it. If your speed increases once you are directly next to the modem, this is often an honest sign, during which case your router could also be the difficulty. As mentioned, the router allows you to increase your connectivity range. If your device is just too distant from the router, this might be impacting your download speed.

7. Change the position of your router

The location of your router can have a serious impact on your download speed also. Be mindful of where you’re placing your router as some areas in your home might not have a robust connectivity signal. If you’ve got an outsized house, consider getting Wi-Fi extenders which will boost the range and increase your internet speed.

Avoid putting your router in basements, bathrooms, cabinets, on the ground, or near microwaves and other home appliances. Your router should be during a central location therefore the connection can reach throughout the whole home.

8. Use an Ethernet Cable

How to increase download speed

Sometimes Wi-Fi is often tricky, during which case connecting to an Ethernet cable can quickly increase your download speed. To try this, connect the Ethernet from your modem to your device. 

9. Upgrade your Cable

If you decide on the fast solution by using an ethernet cable but still don’t see a change in download speeds, you’ll get to check the cable. If the cable is just too long or if it’s outdated, try upgrading to a higher-quality, shorter cable. 

10. Try Different DNS Server 

How to increase download speed

Sometimes changing the DNS server would be a great choice to avoid the slow download speed if the currently connected DNS server is working slow. When you hook up with an internet site like, your computer contacts its DNS servers and asks “What numerical IP address is related to” It gets a solution back and connects thereto IP address, which can be something like then connects thereto address.

Typically, your DNS servers are provided by your Internet service provider. But, if they’re slow or overloaded, you’ll be ready to recover speed by switching to a different set of DNS servers.

11. Scan for viruses

How to increase download speed

Viruses on your device can cause a mess of issues. These viruses can run within the background, using your internet and increasing your bandwidth usage, which ends up in slow download speed. To stop this, consider installing antivirus software to guard yourself against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

12. Limit bandwidth usage

Aside from installing virus scanners, you’ll also want to limit what proportion of bandwidth is getting used on your device. Bandwidth is a measurement that refers to the quantity of knowledge which will be transferred within a network. All of the applications, downloads, and updates that happen on our network can take up our bandwidth, causing download speed to suddenly hamper. If this is often the case, manually disable automatic updates by getting to your device’s system preferences. you’ll also manually limit what proportion of bandwidth is getting used by updating your device settings.

13. Clear your cache

How to increase download speed

The cache is what stores your internet data to assist website browsers and apps load faster. Sometimes your browser cache will become full and may cause download speeds to run slower. While you’ll not want to clear your cache completely, you’ll choose what data to clear. you’ll clear your browsing history, computer cookies, and Cached images and files. Also, it helps in increasing your computer security

Go into your browser settings, check the boxes with data you would like to clear, and hit “clear data.” you’ll also download browser plugins to assist keep your cache clear regularly.

14. Update Firmware

Your router’s firmware should be updated often to stay the performance and speed of your devices up to par. Over time, the software performance can start to say no, making it important to update regularly. you’ll do that by accessing your router’s settings through the brand’s website.

15. Discover your router’s best settings

When logging into your internet service provider’s account to update the firmware, you’ll also check on the various settings. The default settings that assail your router are often not the simplest. attend your provider’s website to find out more about what settings work best for your router and download speeds.

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Final Words!

Slow download speeds are frustrating, especially since there’s not one simple fix. Always keep your internet accelerates to par and confirms your devices are compatible together with your current ISP package. With the ideas and tricks mentioned in this article, you ought to be ready to fix whatever is causing your slow download speed in no time.

Norton Security Online

All You Need To Know About Norton Security Online

For secure and safe online data, we recommend you buy a subscription to Norton Security Online. This post is all about Norton Security Suite where you get all the information about this software in a detailed manner. So, read it carefully to safeguard your online data.

Since we now do everything digitally and the pcs, laptops, and cellphones have become extensions of ourselves, guaranteeing that we have some of the most basic online security could be a method to ensure that our identification, records, and credentials are safe. With the Internet has come a slew of new scams, ranging from fraudulent activity to PC hacking and the theft of personal credentials, files, and data. The fact that we do anything online exposes us to these scams and makes us easy prey until you’ve done the necessary precautions to protect the laptop to the best of your abilities.

It still astounds me how many individuals are unconcerned about internet security. They pretend to believe that these devices are hidden, but as fast as you use a desktop for anything that requires anyone to get into the internet, you become easy targets. The safest approach is to look for reliable internet security software, which will instantly eradicate viruses, warn you if you visit a dangerous website when surfing online, and scan your laptop on a daily basis for any damaging materials that might expose perhaps you and your device.

What is Norton Internet Security? 

Norton Security Online

Norton Security Online is an Antivirus software program designed by Symantec corporation. It used signatures and heuristics to spot and determine the viruses within the system. Other features included a private firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection. After 14 years, Symantec officially retired Norton Internet Security as the chief Norton product.  Now it has become the Norton 360 security suite which has some more interesting and powerpack features that help the users to protect their online data from Cybercriminals. 

What are the Features of Norton Security Online?  

There are a lot of features that distinguish Norton Security Online from other antivirus software. 

1: Intelligent Threat Protection concept:

Norton Security Online

  • The Norton Protection System has many levels of protection that work in tandem to prevent assaults and reduce fraud. Its fundamental technique does something that standard virus detection systems cannot.
  • Additionally, before utilizing any downloads, files, or apps on the laptop, double-check them.
  • Because Norton Antivirus guards system vulnerabilities in the operating system and internet, no viruses could get to you in this manner.
  • Both emails and Quick Chat are scanned by Norton internet security software to detect possible risks.

2: Norton Internet Security has top-notch performance:

  • It employs Norton Sight to detect just the files which are at danger, resulting in a check that is both speedy and light on the os.
  • This requires smaller scans and, as a consequence, faster System performance.
    Silent Mode comes in automatically while you’re enjoying games or watching films, postponing alerts, downloads, and scans until you’re finished.
  • On laptops, the Power Saver options delay energy activities until the computer is plugged in.

3: Norton Internet Security Protects Against “Rapid-Fire” Attacks

  • This is accomplished using Norton Insight Network, which makes use of Symantec’s worldwide network system to gather data on the most recent threats and prevent them from reaching your computer.
  • The SONAR 4 technology in Norton 360 also employs internet information and proactive monitoring to discover and prevent emerging risks.
  • Finally, Norton Pulse Upgrades enable regular, modest upgrades to Norton Internet Security’s risk data, ensuring that it is always up to speed with the most recent detection systems.
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4: Norton provides Information about your computer:

  • You can discover if attacks were identified on your computer, what activities they tried to take, and how Norton Internet Security eliminated them using Norton Threat Insight.
  • Norton Download Insight alerts you to potentially hazardous downloads.
  • Norton File Insight displays details about the programs you’re going to install.

5: Helps you retain your PC running at top speed:

Norton Security Online

  • There is a replacement automated and on-demand program optimization function that aids in the speeding up of your device’s apps.
  • It also gives resource consumption graphs, which help you locate resource-intensive activities even more precisely.

6: Other Security Measures of Norton Security 2018

  • In the shortest amount of time, a strong 2-way firewall protects your computer from hackers.
  • You will not be able to browse fake websites thanks to industry-leading anti-phishing software.
  • Malicious emails are blocked by a new professional-grade anti-spam scanner.
  • To prevent keylogger malware from stealing your confidential info, Norton Identity Safe automatically fills in names, credentials, and other application data.
  • When you use search engines to discover anything, Norton Safe Web detects dangerous websites in the outcomes.
  • Parental controls allow you to monitor your children’s online activities and prevent them from visiting potentially harmful websites.

Why Do You Need to Own Norton Security 2018?

Norton Security Online

  • Norton Security provides protection against various online dangers, such as viruses, malware, phishing, and attackers. Better security for the same price translates to lesser difficulties when it comes to putting various software packages together.
  • Get peace of mind: Just for roughly $5 a month, the Computer is secured over a year against all other internet risks after downloading the Antivirus. Product updates are automated, often, and small in size so that they don’t slow away your pc when downloading and installing.
  • As assessed by an impartial third-party test environment, efficiency is unrivaled by the competitors. Software by PassMark: Norton Internet Security is very lightweight on the operating systems, only using a little more than 10 MB of RAM. It also features the industry’s quickest scans: 61 seconds on a hard disc and 31 seconds on an SSD.
  • Technical assistance is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and may be accessed straight from the interface. You’ll have the option of contacting us by mail, call, or chatbot.

System Requirement for Norton Security Online

1: Supported Operating Systems

  • MS Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate with Service Pack 1 or later
  • MS Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)

2: Hardware Requirements

  • 300MHz for Microsoft Windows XP, 1GHz for Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 300 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)

3: Browser Support for Phishing Protection, Safe Search, and Password Management

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later (32-bit only)
  • Mozilla Firefox® (32-bit only)
  • Google Chrome™

4: Browser support for Vulnerability Protection and Phishing Protection

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later (32-bit only)
  • Mozilla Firefox® (32-bit only)

5: Support for AntiSpam

  • Microsoft Outlook® 2002 or later
  • Outlook Express 6.0 or later
  • Windows Mail (spam filtering only)

6: Email scanning supported for POP3-compatible email clients

Why Choose Norton Internet Security Over Norton Antivirus?

  • Norton AntiVirus provides many levels of security to keep your data secured in the shortest time possible. Norton Internet Security, on the other hand, offers even more critical safeguards:
  1. First and importantly, Norton Internet Security includes all of Norton AntiVirus’s security capabilities.
  2. Second, it has powerful, smart two-way firewall to keep attackers out. The information does not exit your device without your permission during the period of consent.
  • It also comes with a number of powerful identity-protection features:
  1. Norton Security Online assists in the detection and blocking of phishing websites as well as the authentication of reputable sites such as shopping, banking, and so on.
  2. The Identity Safe function safeguards you from keyloggers by automatically logging in and filling out forms.
  3. Safe websites are identified immediately in your search engine results, so you don’t have to visit them.
  4. Inappropriate, harmful, and counterfeit mails are blocked by a sophisticated anti-Spam engine.
  5. Lastly, its network security capabilities let you protect and manage your network connection while also protecting your PC while using open wifi connections.

Final Note!

In light of the foregoing, it is apparent that Norton Security online is worth picking up a membership for. The features of Norton Security Online, as well as the comparability among Norton Security Suite and Norton Antivirus, demonstrate its value. This will assist your computer in correctly accepting the antivirus and ensuring that the installed programme performs at its optimum.

How Norton Protects Its Users: Multiple Layers of Protection

As you know Norton Internet Security is one of the most advanced as well as awarded antivirus software for Windows and Mac OS. In the era of the Internet, everybody is more connected than ever before. As a result, your personal information is everywhere, leaving you exposed and potentially susceptible to ever-evolving cyber threats. That’s why you would like the protection that’s evolved, too. Norton and LifeLock are now a part of one company with one mission: to be your ally in the fight against cyber threats and more. This is where Norton Protects its users. 

To help protect you against both malware, trojan and fraud, we’ve brought together our device security and fraud protection into one comprehensive solution: Norton 360 with LifeLock. Plus, we’ve added new VPN and PC SafeCam features to assist protect your online privacy. One plan, unified protection.

With the increasing reliance on technology, it’s becoming more and more essential to secure every aspect of online information and data. Because the internet grows and computer networks become bigger, data integrity has become one of the foremost important aspects for organizations to think about. Let’s take a glance at why network security is so important in today’s digital age.

Why is Internet security important?

Network security is one of the foremost important aspects to think about when working over the web, LAN, or another method, regardless of how small or big your business is. While there’s no network that’s resistant to attacks, a stable and efficient network security system is important to protecting client data. An honest network security system helps businesses reduce the danger of falling victim to data theft and sabotage. 

Internet security programs will make sure to keep you protected from harmful spyware and secure your data on the workstation. Network security infrastructure provides several levels of protection to stop MiM attacks by breaking down information into numerous parts, encrypting these parts, and transmitting them through independent paths thus preventing cases like eavesdropping.

Getting connected to the web means you’ll receive any traffic. However, huge traffic can cause stability problems and should cause vulnerabilities within the system. Network security promotes the reliability of your network by preventing lagging and downtimes through continuous monitoring of any suspicious transaction which will sabotage the system.

How can things fail in networks which will impact individuals and companies?

Having your network hacked can put you out of business. Vandalism can occur. This typically involves the planting of misleading information into the system. It’s one of the various tactics that hackers use. By planting the incorrect information, your company’s integrity is often called into question and customers may feel misled.

Damaging of property is additionally one of the impacts of faulty networks security systems. Hacking gives unauthorized access to a company’s or individual’s information. If a hacker gets in and steals plans, ideas, or blueprints, the company can miss out on having the ability to implement new designs and products.

The company can, as well, experience revenue loss. Most attacks launched on a network can cause crashes. With the extended downtime, your company will need to cease making any transactions, resulting in revenue loss. The longer the network stays down, more revenue is lost, and your company will begin to seem unreliable and potentially lose credibility.

Download Norton 360 and obtain protection on multiple devices today

Norton 360 Premier Edition offers a number of key technologies which will independently run on multiple devices. These products leave multiple compatible platforms to receive equivalent great protection. To understand the choices available and determine the simplest solution for your specific needs, compare the Norton 360 editions. You will get 24X& technical support with each valid Norton 360 subscription.

Experience the professional-strength protection of NortonLifeLock’s award-winning software. With easy installation, Norton 360 integrates seamlessly together with your computer, delivering dynamic results for the simplest protection against computer viruses. It shields your computer from cyber-security threats and fraud while safeguarding your online activities and important data files.

Norton 360 runs quietly within the background, reassuring you of complete protection through several reliable security tools and technologies. Perfect for home use (single or multiple devices), and those working during a small business environment, all NortonLifeLock security products ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms.

Norton 360 Protect its users with its Amazing Features & Benefits

Norton 360 security suite offers parental controls, password manager, smart firewall capabilities, startup manager assistance, insights for your files and system, anti-phishing monitoring, and system protection tools. Additionally, it automatically detects botnets, ensuring that your computer is safe and guarded against online hackers.

1: Security

Post, bank, and shop from your device. Norton will keep it secure

Norton 360 brings real-time protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets. However, It also monitors and blocks unauthorized traffic, and helps protect your private and financial information once you go browsing.

2: Secure VPN

The freedom to Securely Wi-Fi anywhere

With one click, Secure VPN gives you the facility to secure your connection wherever you go browsing, even with public Wi-Fi. Through the software of Norton Internet Security, you will be safe from cybercriminals because your personal information is encrypted. Cybercriminals can intercept your connection and gain access to your valuable, personal information but this can be avoided by having Norton Internet Security software on your PC.


3: SafeCam

Safeguard the opposite window into your home

Your webcam allows you to confine close contact with family, friends, or colleagues. But is often susceptible to attack, giving cybercriminals an up-close view into your home, your daily routine, and private information. However, Norton SafeCam alerts you to attempts to access your webcam and blocks those that aren’t authorized to access it.

4: Parental Control

Help your kids safely navigate their connected world

Parental Control helps protect your kids from online predators by highlighting your kids’ online activity and identifying potential dangers before they become problems. Easy-to-use tools allow you to line screen deadlines, block unsuitable sites, monitor search terms and overall activity history.

5: PC Cloud Backup

PC cloud Backup - Norton Protects

Last line of defense from ransomware

Computers, tablets, and mobile devices store many cherished and important documents from family photos to resumes to tax returns. Norton Cloud Backup provides secure cloud-based storage to store important files and documents. And preventative measures to data loss thanks to disk drive failures, stolen devices, and even ransomware. Counting on your chosen plan Norton offers protected cloud backup to use for storing your valuable files.3

6: Password Manager

Password Manger: Norton Protects

Safeguard all of your passwords

Passwords written on a sticky note or an equivalent password used for each account may make your personal information vulnerable. However, Norton Password Manager provides the tools you would like to make, store, and manage every password. Your MasterCard information, and other credentials online – safely and securely in your very own encrypted, cloud-based vault.

7: Virus Protection Promise

Norton Protects : Malware Protection

100% virus-free guarantee, or a refund

Keeping your devices free from viruses is at the guts of what Norton Protects does. However, Norton folks are so confident in their antivirus and malware protection, should your device become infected by an epidemic, Norton Protects Member Services & Support are on-call to assist.∆ If they can’t remove the virus, you get a refund. This requires a Norton Power Eraser.

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Hopefully, the article helped you well to understand the way Norton security software protects its users. It also gives them a safe and secure place to put their data. Norton Protects Antivirus is for all those who’re working professionally or have personal work on the internet and want to protect their data from malware, viruses, and threats from cybercriminals. 

Upgrade Norton Security

How To Upgrade Norton Security: Ultimate Guide with Step By Step Procedure

Norton Antivirus is one of the foremost popular brands within the world of antivirus. The corporation is best known for providing antivirus protection. The foremost recent is understood for providing upgrades to all or any its plans and VPN services that have established relationships with selected life-lock Norton. Before you upgrade the three major Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, and Norton security-related products, but now the corporate will choose Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, and Norton life lock Plus.

The new Norton 360 April 2019 with Norton Security Posted in Norton 360 has been related to all Norton security measures which will be available for all of Norton 360 software hackers, protectively against malware at peak levels. Viruses and other unwanted threats.

The main difference between Norton 360 and Norton Security is Norton 360 PC Tuneup, Automatic Content Backup, Secure VPN, PC SafeCam and Dark Web comes with many other advanced features like monitoring and extra features.

Reason Behind Norton Security to Norton 360 Window 10 Upgrade

Prior to the upgrade, Norton Security deals with three main plans, and every plan includes great features and provides online protection against cyber threats. Norton Internet security plans start at $ 5.99, with a strong antivirus module, firewall, anti-spam filters, and security detection.

However, New Norton 360 PC tune-up, automatic content backup, a further level of security with additional features like secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and dark web monitoring and schemes. the corporate is essentially working with four main plans:-

  • Norton 360 Lifelock Plan
  • 360 Deluxe Plan Norton
  • Secure VPN Plan Norton
  • Norton Antivirus Plus Plan

Features that Norton Security and Norton Windows 10 Upgrade Offers To Their Users

Norton Security

Norton Security provides cost-effective services. Back up software from online threats and cyber-attack on your computer. Not just that, Norton Antivirus Security also guarantees a full refund if they catch a team of virus software and US restoration experts they can’t do.

Upgrade Norton Security

Norton Internet Security 2021 One plan features include:

  • Provides Firewall
  • Password Manager
  • Secure VPN
  • Pc SafeCam
  • Easy to use

Norton 360 Window 10  Upgrade Norton Security

norton 360 windows 10 upgrade

Norton 360 may be a suite of the latest sub-in-one protection that protects you from hackers, viruses, malware, and other unwanted threats. The software helps you to try to do a dangerous threat to the safety of your computer. However, it’s software for all threats. Norton Proactive Threat Protection, Automatic Backup, and Tune-Up 360 may be a complete solution that helps protect against damage, including in computer devices, to guard your files against damage and optimize your PC performance. 

Norton 360 Security 2021 One plan features include:

  • Easy to optimize
  • Provides all features of Norton Security
  • Secure VPN
  • 100% Security against unwanted threats
  • Multi-Device Programme
  • Provides PC Tune-up tools
  • Automatic Cloud Backup

Advantages that a User Get in Norton 360 Upgrade Antivirus

Norton Security provides the simplest antivirus protection against malware and other online threats. But now, Norton Security has become a neighborhood of Norton 360 so for all the features in Norton Security the new Norton 360 is included in Norton 360 that it comes with additional features making Norton 360 powerful antivirus software.

1: PC Tuneup

Norton PC Tuneup makes it run like a new back on your old computer. If you encounter any problems like crashes, ridiculously operational programs, or system instability, the PC may have a tune-up. Norton 360 features a Norton all-in-one PC tune-up feature during a security suite that helps your PC to act as a replacement computer tool.

2: Automatic Cloud Backup

Norton 360 provides automatic Cloud Backup to securely store copies of your computer files. Keep your data and knowledge safe.

3: Parental Control

Norton parental control online is one of the foremost effective features to guard your children. Norton 360 free parental control so you’ll get your child free of charge protection.

4: Secure VPN

Norton 360 has a Secure VPN that helps protect your online identity, you’re stealing and hackers. With Norton 360 software, you get the simplest free tool.

5: Password Manager

Norton Password Manager may be a program that stores all of your passwords and other data and knowledge. However, with Norton Password Manager you’ll see the facility of passwords.

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Procedure To Upgrade Norton Security To Norton 360

Norton 360 and Norton Security are considered different products. Therefore, you’re rather replacing your Norton Security subscription with the newer, Norton 360 one. so as to urge the Norton 360 installed onto your device, you initially need to remove Norton Security. However, the method is automated by the Norton installation procedure.

STEP 1 – Uninstall Previously Installed Norton or Other Security Software

(This is an optional step but is suggested if a clean Norton 360 install is desired.)

For Windows

To remove previous versions of Norton software, you’ll use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. However, this tool will uninstall and reinstall Norton security products on Microsoft Windows OS, including Norton 360.

For Mac

  • Go to the Launchpad or Application folder to Open Norton app.
  • On the menu bar, click onto Norton app’s name right from Mac’s apple icon, and on the drop-down list click onto Uninstall.
  • Follow the instructions and enter the administrator’s password if prompted.

STEP 2 – Install the Norton 360 Software on the system

This way of putting in Norton 360 applies to installing the software onto the primary device, or a further one.

  • Log in to your Norton account by visiting this page:
  • On your My Norton page, you will see a button that says Download. Click the button.
  • Also, once the new windows page pop-up, there’ll be two choices:
  1. Hit the yes button on Agree & Download page to install it onto a current device
  2. You can also copy and send a Download Link to install onto another device
  • Depending on which device you’re installing your Norton software, click the button of your choice.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure on the system.


Both 2021 offer excellent protection against viruses, malware, and online threats. But all Norton security plans are added to Norton 360 so New Norton 360 provides tons of security for your computer. you’ll buy any Norton 360 plan. Achieve the simplest security protection against malware and cyber threats. The corporation also offers a free 30-day trial.

Internet Security Software

Internet Security Software: An Overview for the First-Time Buyer

Every day it gets harder to guard your personal information online. Yes, our online lives are richer and more convenient than ever, but that comes at the value of sharing our data with everything from streaming apps to social media accounts. Even more, concerning is that cybercriminals are getting increasingly sophisticated and high-profile attacks are getting more and more commonplace. So the need for Internet security software every new day. 

This just means your security quiver needs many arrows, including a secure VPN to guard your internet traffic, a password manager to stay track of login credentials, and an end-to-end encrypted messaging app to prevent others from spying on your communications — basically, all the foremost important security measures. And, if you’re running Windows, that list should also include an antivirus tool (or three), including things like malware protection and antivirus software that monitors downloads and observes your system’s activity for malicious software and suspicious behavior. It’s just too easy for an insidious program to finish up on your machine — even with a secure browser and other threat detection software — which can cause chaos.

If you are looking for malware protection and antivirus software with the simplest security measures, here’s the primary thing you would like to know: Microsoft Defender Antivirus — the free antivirus software and virus protection program that comes with Windows 10 — does an honest job of protecting your PC and offering internet security. But first, let’s just take a quick info tour about What Internet Security Software is?  This post will help you to find the best Internet security software for your PC that protects your data from different types of viruses and malware. So let’s just get to the point right away.

What is Internet Security Software?

Internet security software is a term of computer security that comprises various security measures exercised for ensuring the safety of transactions done online. Within the process, internet security prevents attacks targeted at browsers, networks, operating systems, and other applications. Today, businesses and governments are more concerned about safeguarding from Cyber attacks and malware programs that originate from the web. Internet security aims to line up precise rules and regulations which will deflect attacks that arise from the web.

Internet Security Software


Internet security relies on particular resources and criteria for safeguarding the info that’s communicated or transferred online. The safeguarding techniques include different sorts of encryption. Besides, the opposite features of a secure Web setup can include firewalls that prevent undesired traffic, and anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus programs that employ particular networks or devices to observe online traffic for malicious attachments.

Internet Security Essentials works like rogue antivirus software. It uses scare tactics and fakes the user into believing that it’s an association with Windows to make the user buy the malware/virus removal. The symptoms of Internet Security Essentials infection are pretty standard. When the pc gets the infection, the user will notice a fake home screen, which is formed to seem as if it’s a window within Windows, as a system component. The fake interface will run phony system scans to deceive the user. 

Feature to Look Into Best Internet Security Software

Internet Security Software

1: Strong malware protection 

I only recommend products that have proven to guard against the foremost advanced malware threats — not only viruses, but also spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and anything that would cause me or my devices harm. I personally conducted dozens of malware tests, stress tests, and CPU performance tests to ensure that these products can provide rock-solid protection against all viruses, malware, and other dangerous Internet security threats.

2: High-Quality Features

Most antivirus brands offer additional internet security measures in their paid antivirus packages. But tons of times, these extras are just flashy additions that will weigh your computer down and affect your device’s performance (not to say increase the price). I tested each of the features for every one of the products on this list to ensure that every antivirus’s features are genuinely useful and effective, not just expensive, flashy extras.

3: Speed and Efficiency 

The simplest antiviruses are lightweight and run smoothly — even on older or slower computers — across all of the software’s intended operating systems. I tested and measured how quickly and efficiently each antivirus on this list performed against all the opposite antiviruses on the market.

4: Easy-to-use

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you would like virus protection for your computers, your phones, and your tablets. But if the software is so technical that you simply have to be an IT expert to remain protected, then most users will get too frustrated to even receive basic protection. I tested each antivirus software here to make sure that just about anyone is going to be ready to set it up easily and use it properly.

5: Good value

Antivirus software is often an enormous investment. I considered all relevant factors like web and browsing protection features, what percentage of devices are covered, and whether or not there’s a free trial or money-back guarantee. I feel that each one of those top antiviruses provides great value. Plus, in bonus, it helps to make your computer faster and efficient. 

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Our Recommendations for Best Internet Security Software: 

1: “Norton 360 with LifeLock Security” 

Internet Security Software

Norton 360 offers unbeatable virus and malware protection. It’s a well-built and well-maintained internet security suite that fully ensures all information stays secure, private, and guarded — and it works well across all operating systems (especially Windows + Android).

Norton’s antivirus software uses a singular scanning engine powered by heuristic analysis and machine learning, making it capable of scanning, finding, and removing all of the most recent and most advanced sorts of malware. It scored a 100% protection rating during all of my independent tests, and it consistently scored higher on detection and threat prevention than built-in antiviruses (like Windows Defender). One of my favorite things about Norton 360, especially the Windows version, is that it’s both very easy to use and still offers many advanced settings for more technical users who want to customize their security protections.

Norton 360 comes with:
  • Secure firewall.
  • Password manager
  • Webcam protection.
  • VPN (with unlimited data).
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Ransomware protection.

Norton provides excellent features across all of its 360 packages. Even on Norton 360 Standard (the cheapest plan), you get real-time malware protection, unlimited VPN access, a password manager, and 10 GB of secure cloud storage. While the password manager isn’t amazing, getting all of this in one package may be a specialized value for an entry-level, paid antivirus.

There also are some pretty big benefits to upgrading to Norton 360 Deluxe — more licenses (up to 5), more space for storing (up to 50 GB), and access to a number of the simplest parental controls on the market. Norton 360 with LifeLock also adds fraud protection and credit monitoring via Norton’s sister company, LifeLock — but these advanced plans are only available for US customers.

Norton 360 is just an excellent antivirus — it’s strong, affordable, reliable, and straightforward to use. It’s the simplest choice for home users trying to find an entire, intuitive antivirus with a number of the simplest cybersecurity protections out there, all for a low-cost yearly subscription.

Norton 360 provides the simplest antivirus protection in 2021. Norton offers one of the strongest cybersecurity packages around — complete protection from all malicious threats alongside plenty of fantastic extra features, sort of a VPN (with unlimited data), a password manager, secure cloud storage, parental controls, and tons more. you’ll try Norton risk-free with the company’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

2: BitDefender Total Security 

Computer Protection Software

Bitdefender has a particularly advanced antivirus engine — it uses a huge malware database alongside machine learning and AI to detect and protect against malware more effectively than almost any other competitor on the market.

When you test the Bitdefender you will find it removes almost every malicious threat from the system in a few minutes and since Bitdefender’s engine is cloud-based, all of Bitdefender’s malware scans happen on Bitdefender’s cloud server, offloading the strain on your device. While using Bitdefender you will find there is no impact on Windows PC as well as Mac laptop, even during intensive, full-disk scans.

Bitdefender includes advanced settings for users who have the skills to customize their antivirus protection. You’ll set custom scan settings for specific areas of your computer, like scripts, network shares, boot sectors, and even new/modified files. Bitdefender’s advanced settings help further its reputation together with the foremost powerful and customizable malware scanning engines out there.

More Insight

But Bitdefender isn’t just an anti-malware scanner — Bitdefender Total Security is one among the foremost comprehensive security suites available, providing a number of the simplest protection for both computers and mobiles, with features like:

  • Web protections.
  • System optimizer
  • VPN (200 MB/daily).
  • Parental controls.
  • Password manager.
  • Webcam protection.
  • Ransomware protection.

Bitdefender’s web protections are excellent — the anti-phishing protection blocked the overwhelming majority of phishing sites in my testing, and I’m an enormous fan of Safepay, which may be a secure, encrypted browser window for online banking and shopping. I particularly love Bitdefender’s multi-layer ransomware protection, which adds a data-protection layer over your important files so that they can’t be encrypted during a ransomware attack.

3: McAfee Total Protection

computer protection Software

McAfee Total Protection has almost every internet security feature you’ll ever need — malware protection, encrypted storage, a password manager, a browser extension, and a VPN.

McAfee’s excellent virus protection abilities alone make Total Protection an excellent product — scoring an ideal 100% detection rate against all of the malware samples during the series of tests. It also included extra features, that are great security additions, as well.

One standout feature of McAfee’s security software is “My Home Network”. This provides an easy-to-read map of all devices on your home Wi-Fi network, supplying you with total control over your online security and allowing you to exclude intruders.

And you never know when you’re going to need this. This antivirus program helped you to remove malicious viruses such as Trojan that can infect the Wi-Fi router, giving hackers a backdoor into the entire home network. McAfee will alert the present unauthorized access attempt and immediately stop the attack!

What else?

McAfee Total Protection Individual may be a good selection for users looking to hide just 1 device. However, users who want to guard multiple devices should consider the Multi-Device plan that also includes fraud protection for US users or the Family package which adds excellent parental controls. Both the Multi-Device and Family plan also includes McAfee’s iOS app which ranked because the #1 iOS antivirus app of 2021 — phishing protection, theft protection, a VPN, and much more.

McAfee Total Protection offers a powerful range of internet security protection for all computers and mobiles. McAfee’s “My Home Network” feature is exceptionally good, offering centralized security control over every device on your network. This makes McAfee Total Protection particularly great for families looking to stay on a highly secure Wi-Fi network. All Total Protection packages include a commitment-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

4: Panda Dome Antivirus Software

computer protection Software

If you would like an easy free malware scanner with real-time protection or a full-featured internet security suite, Panda has an option for you. Panda comes with many extras, including advanced ransomware protection, a Rescue Kit for saving malware-infected PCs, a password manager, parental controls, a file encrypter and shredder, and more. and every one of Panda’s premium plans is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Panda offers its advanced virus scanner and easy-to-use interface across 5 different pricing plans — I like that Panda provides its excellent security solution to everyone, no matter the budget. During testing, Panda’s malware scanner performed well (95% malware detection rate and 100% ransomware detection rate), and I also liked most of the extra features. One Panda extra I like is the Rescue Kit, which may be a bootable version of Panda that will be operated from a thumb drive (in case your computer gets heavily infected by malware).

Panda’s flexible pricing options include:
  • Includes real-time virus protection for Windows and an app scanner for Android, plus a Rescue Kit and a VPN (limited to 1 server and 150 MB per day).
  • Adds Android and macOS real-time malware protection, a Windows firewall, and Wi-Fi protection.
  • Includes parental controls for Windows, protection against ransomware, and safe browsing.
  • Adds a password manager, device optimization tools, and a file encrypter and shredder.
  • Insert unlimited VPN access, an update manager, and 24/7 priority technical support.
  • Even the free plan is pretty good, offering real-time virus protection — something that a lot of free antivirus products lack.

All of Panda’s features are great, but I used to be pretty disappointed with Panda’s VPN — it didn’t perform well in speed tests, and therefore the unlimited VPN is merely available on the foremost expensive plan. If you’re trying to find a VPN included in an antivirus package, I’d recommend Norton or maybe Bitdefender.

5: Malwarebytes Internet Security

Internet Security Software

Malwarebytes offers an honest malware scanner, excellent web protection, and an honest VPN, but not much else. While Malwarebytes lacks tons of the features I’d wish to see during a premium antivirus in 2021, it’s still an overall good selection for users trying to find an easy, no-frills antivirus. Malwarebytes comes with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Malwarebytes may be a simplistic, easy-to-use antivirus that gives good virus protection for all operating systems and devices. During my tests, Malwarebytes’s advanced malware scanner detected around 90% of my test malware, which is pretty good (but not nearly as good as top competitors like Norton or Bitdefender).

Malwarebytes also comes with excellent web protections, which successfully identified and blocked most of the phishing sites I attempted visiting during testing. And Malwarebytes also offers a VPN with unlimited data, servers in 30 countries, and decent speeds. However, Malwarebytes’s VPN isn’t an honest choice for Netflix or torrenting (if you’re trying to find an honest VPN to access streaming sites and torrent files, I like to recommend ExpressVPN).

Unfortunately, Malwarebytes doesn’t have any additional features that the opposite antiviruses on this list offer (like a firewall, PC optimization tools, parental controls, etc.). While I’d wish to see Malwarebytes add a number of these extra features, I still think it’s a reasonably good selection for users trying to find a minimalistic antivirus program that they will install and ditch.

How Norton Antivirus Protects ?

Final Words!

Hopefully, the above article and the overview helped you to choose the best internet security software for your PC and Laptop. This article is all about the comparison of Internet security software with each other to deliver you the best internet Security to secure your online data.   

How To Uninstall Norton Software From Your PC: Comprehensive Guide 

Uninstall Norton Software

Installing an antivirus may be a must for a secure and secure PC operation, especially when browsing online. Rightly so, many users choose full-paid versions to possess the entire arsenal of tools at hand. Yet, there are surely reasons it’s going to be necessary to get rid of the antivirus and, considering a variety of points, it’s tough. That is why during this article we provide in-depth instruction to uninstall Norton software, a program by Symantec. Also, you’ll find more information about it within the Norton Antivirus review. First, let’s check out the reasons to uninstall Norton. 

Why Do Users Want to Uninstall Norton Software?

Users may have to get rid of it for the subsequent reasons: installing another antivirus software, reinstalling Norton thanks to its incorrect work, transferring antivirus files to a different disk drive.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to only attend the instrument panel, select a program and delete it. Firstly, most antiviruses have a built-in system that blocks uninstallation (in case any virus tries to uninstall the program). Here you would like to manually confirm each step of the operation. Secondly, additionally to the files of the software itself, Windows stores various plug-ins, libraries, and registry entries. If you only delete the antivirus, they’re going to still remain.

How to Do I Uninstall Norton Software From the System?

Now that you have a perfect reason to remove Norton security from your system then you have to be aware of the ways and the procedure to Uninstall Norton software from the system. It’s not very different from the Norton installation process. 

unistall Norton Software


1: Delete Norton with third-party software

The best and therefore the fastest solution to uninstall any Symantec program (not just antivirus) is to use Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. The developers of this company have thought beforehand about quality cleaning of programs’ traces on the user’s PCs and even have provided them a chance to reinstall Symantec products with no problems. 

Step 1. 

Run the uninstaller to start with, comply with the usage agreement, without which you’ll not be ready to continue the method. Click the Agree button at the rock bottom of the window.

Step 2. 

By default, the program is configured to uninstall then reinstall the chosen Norton program. If you would like to reinstall the appliance later, click Remove & Reinstall. If you would like to easily delete it – click Advanced Options, where there’s just one button – Remove Only. Click it and await the top of the method.

Step 3.

Await the uninstallation to end, then click Restart Now. there’s no got to press or clean anything.

2: Remove Norton Toolbar Through IObit Uninstaller

There is one more alternative to remove the Norton Toolbar from the system. The IObit Uninstaller will be a great choice if you want to uninstall Norton antivirus from the system. You just have to install the IObit Uninstaller on your system and then follow the below steps:  

unistall Norton Software

Step 1. 

Open IObit Uninstaller in Programs. to get rid of antivirus (or the other program), you initially have to find it within the list of programs installed on your PC by sorting or searching. Highlight the antivirus within the special window opposite, then click the Uninstall button at the highest of the menu.

Step 2. 

within the new window you would like to verify the selection and also to pick additional features:

  • Automatically removing residual files automates the method of deleting residual files and folders, but during this case, you won’t be ready to leave a number of them if you would like to.
  • Creating a restore point before uninstallation will prevent data loss and errors which will occur after uninstallation. In other words, you’ll return everything because it was before.
Step 3 

Click Uninstall and await the program to uninstall. The deletion report also will be available. Note: The removal procedure is often considered complete only after restarting the PC. this is applicable to all or any of the programs you’ve got to uninstall.

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3: Uninstall Norton Antivirus with Windows tools

Special software handles removal and cleaning alright, quickly and comfortably. However, for a few casual users, it’s easier to use the Windows OS default features. If you don’t wish to urge extra tools, follow these instructions on the way to uninstall Norton Antivirus in Windows directly. Note: we’ll roll in the hay on Windows 10 system, yet it’s similar in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP also.

Uninstall Norton Software

Step 1 

All active processes associated with the antivirus must be completed before uninstalling Norton. to try to do this, open Task Manager in any convenient way:

  • Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager;
  • Call up the taskbar context menu (right-click on the rock bottom panel, which shows open applications, then click on Task Manager.
  • Next, within the Processes menu, look for all processes associated with Norton Antivirus, highlight them and click on End Task. Note: we’ve noticed that in some systems Norton processes aren’t running – in such cases, skip this step.
Step 2 
  • Right-click Start > Programs and Features within the open window, 
  • look for Norton AntiVirus, highlight it and click on Uninstall/Change.
  • This button will open the integrated application uninstaller. 
  • You’ll have two uninstall options:
  1. Saving the settings for reinstallation 
  2. Uninstalling completely.
  • Choose the one you would like. 
  • Additionally, the uninstaller will prompt you to put in third-party software, if you would like. Follow the uninstall process and await it to end.
Step 3 

Most of the program has been uninstalled, but usually, unwanted file folders remain on the PC, especially after long usage of the program. Their feature is that they’re hidden for the typical user, numerous don’t even suspect their existence. So let’s make it visible: 

  • open File Explorer > Folder Options and choose the Show hidden files and folders check box.
  • Then check the subsequent paths for the residual files (and delete if any):
  • C:/Users/Name/AppData/Local
  • C:/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming
  • C:/ProgramData
Step 4 

The last step to completely uninstall Norton software security is to wash the registry entries that remain after you uninstall any program. These instructions could seem difficult and not entirely safe for inexperienced users. We recommend employing a special registry cleaner software (free Cleaner, paid Uninstall Tool, etc.).

  • Open the registry. Click WIN+R, type Regedit within the window, then click OK. copy the registry just in case. Click File > Export. Specify the file name and site to save lots of it (this file is going to be a backup of the registry). Click Save. It’s important to form a habit of backing up your registry whenever before you create changes thereto.
  • This will protect you from unforeseen consequences and wrong actions. You would like to delete the folders and/or files of the residual registry entries. Use CTRL+F to call Search and type Norton. Right-click on the found folders or files, and press Delete. Then press F3 to maneuver to the subsequent folder and repeat the method until a notification that the search is completed is going to be displayed.
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Remember that the Norton uninstalling process can only be considered completed after your PC is restarted. However, for simple processes and greater security, we recommend that you simply use the special software created for these tasks. 

What is Smishing? How does it Work? Everything in this post

Many people have seen a text on their mobile asking for personal or financial information such as ATM or account number. These kinds of messages are called SMS phishing or “Smishing” as they can attack your bank balance if you provide them the key to it i.e providing your account or ATM number. Not only do they ask for the information but consist of some links and attachments that get you towards the and fraudulent and illegitimate sites. 

You can lose information stored in your mobile like perpetrate fraud, credentials, and propagate mobile malware.  The term Smishing derives from SMS- short message services and phishing. As the cybercriminal first phish and then send illegitimate emails in our mobile. Clicking on any of the links is like giving all your saving to hackers. Get to know more about it in the later part. 

What is Smishing?


Smishing is a prominent way for hackers to steal sensitive information like credit card details. It can disguise as a legitimate site or a trustworthy organization in the text message but in reality, are thieves that make a fraudulent attempt to snatch every penny from us. As smartphones are widely used in the entire world so the act of Smishing is also growing. But, you don’t need to be worried as we come here to make you aware of all this fraudulent way that steals your personal information. 

You need to ensure to avoid every message consists of the link. The text tries to lure the victims so that they tap on it. If somehow you click on it then it will show you a legitimate site that in reality is filled with so many corrupted elements and components. These characteristics help you to detect the matter and you can skip the later part by skipping the tap option. You might be thinking now that it is not as dangerous as we described but it is. Many people have become victims of Smishing and lose all of their savings by some taps and clicks. 

Well, there are lots of ways and methods through which the Smishing attacks and works. You will get to know about it in the next section. It will provide you an elaborated idea of how Smishing works. 


How it Works: Get an Elaborated Idea

scam text messages

Social-engineering techniques are used in Smishing to get the instant results of revealing financial or personal information. The victims not only get messages from unknown but known also. For instance, various victims have reported that they get certain messages that pretend to be from a well-known retailer. That can ask you to do some tasks like verifying your billing information and other things. 

Not only that but Smishing can also scatter many spyware and malware by some attachments or links that can provide damages not only to your mobile but other contacts in your mobile also. So, it is a threat to all your connections. If you want to stay yourself and your family and friends protected then make sure to read the entire guide.  

You need to ensure that the messages consist of a kind of threat, urgency, or warning to get instant action from the recipient. So, don’t ever try to click on the link that has reflected the same.

Evidence of Smishing Attacks

scam text message

Well, every mobile user can easily spot these Smishing attacks. As they are characterized by bad grammar, implausible calls to action, and misspellings. You can also get to know them if there are any red flags. These are the indications that will help you to detect the smishing attacks. You can get in the list below to know about real evidence of this attack.

  • Many people receive the message that suggests them to self-isolate as they make the recipient believe that they had in close contact with the COVID-19 positive sender.
  • You may be heard of the Santander bank’s case, whose one of the customers was deprived of £22,700 in 2016. A group of cybercriminals asked for his ‘one-time password’ and when he provided the same then he became looted of his money. 
  • The same thing is encountered from the 125 customers of the Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank which 125 customers provide their account logins into an illegitimate site in an attempt to unlock their account. The site proves to be a fraud when cybercrooks got illegitimate access to each of their account and withdrew around $68,000 from 17 cardless’ ATMs.
  • The hackers can also disguise in the form of your bank and give you a false warning of a large transfer or a new payee added. Not only that but they also provide a link to click or a number to call. If you do as they suggest then you might face trouble in your upcoming time. 
  • Every mobile user needs to consider that the legitimate bank would always provide you your account number and the last 4 digits of your credit card instead of direct links. So, make sure to avoid any of those messages containing direct links to bank websites.     
  • Not only just direct links but messages related to downloading apps can also lead you towards problems. For instance, you could hear of the smishing scam manipulate different users to download an app. It can easily get into the filled information in other apps and thereafter access to your phone.

So, these are the real evidence and indications of Smishing attacks. You can get the idea of how threatful they can prove to you and snatch away all the savings you have made till now. Reading this entire thing might help provide a little help in fighting against those hackers but they will not safeguard you entirely. So, to provide you a better prevention technique, we try to list some of the best ways to protect against Smishing. You can get into the next section to make yourself aware of it. 


What are the Preventions to stop Smishing?

security text message

 Yet Smishing is hard to defeat but you can take some precautions to not fall into their trap. Here are some of the advice from us that will help you in this matter.

  • The first and foremost thing we suggest to you is that don’t respond to any of the messages if you don’t know the sender. Also, don’t click on any of the links if your instincts do not tell you. 
  • If you find a suspicious text then delete it just right away and all other fraudulent texts. 
  • Don’t ever try to submit your personal information to an unsolicited SMS.  
  • The best technique to identify malicious mail is 5000 numbers. It indicates that the email is fraudulent and illegitimate. 
  • If you get a message to STOP all these irrelevant texts then it might provide you more kinds of these messages and also confirm that you are using this number. 
  • Before clicking on any of the links, verify on the Internet that it is not a scam or illegitimate site. 
  • Never attempt to respond to an unsolicited SMS.
  • Whenever you get a message that the company wants you to download their latest app to get a discount code then don’t become its prey. 
  • You can also report to FCC regarding all the smishing attacks. This way you will help not only you but also others in your contact list. 

So, these are all the essentials that you need to take while receiving any suspicious activity or message that is fraudulent. 

What to do after getting Smishing Attack

Now, if you get a smishing attack then try to report it as soon as possible. Because it can block their way to get into your personal information. You can google ‘report smishing’ or also try to send it to an anti-fraud SMS service. Not only this but also try to inform it about your bank and phone company to prepare them for setting up some security alerts. 

So, instead of ignoring and neglecting these kinds of malicious texts, you need to complain against them to the respective fields that we discussed. This one step can protect many people around you to not fall into these kinds of traps and threats. Always make sure to fight together against those cybercriminals. 

Final Word!

So, this is all about Smishing. We have tried to mention everything related to the topic. You can easily get rid of them but just make sure to report and ignore these texts. The simplest and easiest way to make yourself out of the corrupted way is your ignorance. Also, reporting is an advanced technique to aware cybersecurity officers. That way they become prepared to tackle all of these nuisances. 

We hope that the article has helped and you now feel confident and secure to fight back against these criminals. As the world is becoming technologically independent so the crimes also become advanced. Thereupon, it is mandatory to spread awareness of all these crimes and significant precautions to secure our family and friends. You can also check out our other articles. They contain a lot more information about viruses and malware that can bring threats into your life. Make sure to carefully read each of the precautions to give an instant reply to these hackers.  


McAfee vs Norton

Norton 360 vs. Avast vs. ESET vs. Kaspersky vs. McAfee vs. Trend Micro- What to Choose? [Get Your Answer]

From the names above, no one can answer which one is the best software? It is just inappropriate to tell any of the best without considering the price ranges and features. For that reason, we have come up with this article. In this article, we will take a one-by-one comparison like McAfee vs Norton so scroll below till all your queries get resolved. 

You can also check out another useful comparison for Norton 360 Editions on our site. We have tried to indulge the table and other significant things that will help you to buy the best edition of Norton 360. In this article also, we have included the table so that you can have a quick glimpse of the comparison between them. These are a total of 9 software with key features like price, secured online storage device, MSRP, identity theft protection, backup and restore, several protected devices, money-back guarantee, and lots more. 

So, let’s get into the article now and learn what all these software have hidden for you. But, first look at the table below to know a basic difference between these leading software, McAfee vs Norton vs Avast vs Kaspersky vs ESET.

McAfee vs Norton

Now that you have understood their difference, it’s time to move into our first comparison guide involving McAfee vs Norton.

McAfee vs Norton: Which One is Better?

Norton vs McAfee

It is no denying that McAfee and Norton are both well-known names in the antivirus spaces. Everyone has been using them for decades. Both Norton 360 and McAfee provide encrypted storage, internet security suits, password managers, and many more. You can again jump on the table to understand the significant comparison between them. 

Features Norton McAfee
Platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Customer Support Live chat, Phone, Guides, FAQs Live chat, Guides, FAQs
Free Version No Yes (Android, iOS)
Price From $34.99/year, 1 PC From $34.99/year, 1 device
Ratings 4.7 4.5

Both of the software earned the title “Top Product” which means they are included in the list of the best antivirus providers. According to AV-comparatives, both McAfee and Norton have a 100% score in the malware protection test. Now, let’s get into many more tables to develop a better understanding of these two software. 

How does Identity Theft Protection work in McAfee vs Norton?

Now we will discuss and see how identity theft protection works on both software. 

Features McAfee Norton
Credit Monitoring
401 (k) & Investment Activity Alerts
Phone takeover monitoring
Dark web monitoring

Identity Theft Protection comes with all these features mentioned in the table. Credit Monitoring enables you to know any kind of changes made to your credit files without your knowledge. Phone takeover creates a shield to protect your phone number and various accounts from takeover. Dark web monitoring lets you know if any of your personal information has been leaked somewhere. Moreover, 401(k) & Investment Activity alert you about any fraudulent cash withdrawals. 

Quick Scan: Which is the fastest tool McAfee vs Norton

Quick scan is the leading way to check common areas for computer viruses. Many users prefer this type of scan to examine the operating system startup, the system memory, and boot sectors. Although a Quick scan may not detect some malware, it can still notify you about the virus. 

You can check out this table to know how Quick scan is performed in both software. We have categorized here disk load, quick scan (time), memory load, and CPU load.   

Features McAfee Norton
Memory Load 18% 15%
CPU Load 4% 7%
Quick Scan 2 min 20 sec 1 min 16 sec
Disk Load 38% 42%

Which Software is better for Full Scan

Whereas, Full scan needs more OS resources and time to detect all known viruses. Every user should perform a full scan every week. To accomplish these scans, you need to update the antivirus database regularly. Antivirus demands the most recent update to identify all malware on the system. Now, let’s get into the table to see the key difference. 

Features McAfee Norton
Memory Load 53% 15%
CPU Load eight% ten%
Full Scan 0 h 57 min 0 h 10 min
Disk Load 53% 55%

Through these two tables, you can easily understand that Norton 360 Deluxe is much faster when running a simple quick scan. While Norton is much faster when running a simple full scan. McAfee takes six times longer and can be very annoying for several users. As they have to leave it through the night. Therefore, it will be a good decision to conduct a Full Scan only if you are sleeping, and not doing any other tasks in your system. 

Customer Support: What features are included in McAfee vs Norton

Like its name, every brand and company provides quick support to its customers whenever they are in need. Well, it is not just a phone call through which they get back to their customers but through other aspects as well. We have mentioned them in the table. So, have a glimpse of it. 

Features McAfee Norton
24/7 Live Chat
Phone Line
Twitter and Facebook

Well, there is some difference in their customer support services as well. Now, we are ending our comparison guide of McAfee and Norton and moving towards the next comparison of these two software Norton vs Avast. 


Norton vs Avast: Is Norton Better than Avast

Norton or avast

Well, you can get your answer in this section. Just read it thoroughly and decide which one is best suited for you. Norton and Avast are included in the list of most popular antivirus products. Both have millions of users but the question of which one is better is still unanswered. But, you don’t need to worry as we will try to bring their basic differences to you. So, get into some more tables below. 

Some More Features of Norton and Avast

Despite all the features discussed in the first table, there are some more features as well that you will get to know in this table. Make sure to take a look at it to have a better decision. 

Features Norton  Avast
Safe Browser
VPN Service
Gamer Mode
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Personal Firewall

Customer Support: These are the Basic Support

In this table, you will be provided all the different services offered by this two software. So, make sure to read it thoroughly. 

Features Norton  Avast
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Full Scan: How many Devices are Covered

For every user, a full scan is a matter of concern. So, here we provide you the distinguished table between Norton and Avast. For a quick scan, you can move to the other table given below. Well, tables help us to make a better decision so we have included numerous tables to bring you the difference and similarities between these products. 

Features Norton  Avast
Time (minutes) 121 60
Items scanned 970000 1870000

Quick Scan: Take a quick glimpse

Features Norton  Avast
CPU Utilization % 37 90
Disk Utilization % 41 300
Memory Utilization % 76 72
Time (sec) 171 146

From the table, we can easily get that a full scan with Avast completed in 60 minutes and scanned 1,870,000 items. Whereas, Norton, on the other hand, took 121 minutes and scanned 970,000 items. So, from the scanning result, Avast is better. But, Norton is available in so many other variants too. Therefore, you can get the same scanning speed from Norton as well. So, Norton or Avast, which one is better is discussed through these tables. You can now consider one of these tools according to your requirements and needs. Moving on, let’s come into another useful difference of ESET vs Avast. We will familiarize ourselves with how these two software mark some differentiate from another. 

ESET vs Avast: How to Choose better?

ESET vs avast

Avast or ESET, which software to choose in 2021. ESET comes with an ‘Idle Scanning’ feature that only runs during sleep or screen-saver mode. It implies that it won’t get in your way. ‘Download scans’ verify files when they download to examine if there is a presence of threat or not. With email filtering and anti-phishing technology, you can feel safe while using messaging services. 

Well, Avast comes with a wide range of cybersecurity tools that keep the threat away. Sandboxing implies the new software that ensures no hidden infection in the software. Unwanted files get deleted by the digital file shredder. The features like password vault secure your passcodes. Lastly, the Secure Wifi protocol helps in securing the connection. 

Full Scan: Essential Difference

Features ESET Avast
CPU Utilization % 68 42
Memory Utilization % 70 73
Disk Utilization % 510 5801
Full Scan Time (minutes) 68 60
Full Scan Items Scanned 930000 1870000

As shown in the table, ESET utilizes more CPU than Avast with 68% to 42%. Memory utilization has a difference of just 3%. ESET scores 70% while Avast uses 73% that means ESET takes slightly longer than Avast to finish a full scan. For instance, it completes the tasks in 68 minutes as compared to 60 minutes for Avast.  

Quick Scan: Check out the Utilization

Features ESET Avast
CPU Utilization % n/a 90
Memory Utilization % n/a 72
Scan Disk Utilization % n/a 300
Time (seconds) n/a 146

As portrayed through the table that Avast is the better software for Quick scans. So, everyone who is getting confused between this software and relying more on Quick scans then should end up their thoughts on Avast. Moreover, there are some advanced features as well, you can check them out below.

Advanced Features of these two programs

Avast and ESET are the best programs that help to secure your device from malicious activities. You need to know that they become capable of all these things because of some advanced and inbuilt features. Here, in the table, we have provided the same so you can easily check out what are those features and which software owns it to have better security. 

Features Avast ESET
VPN Service
Safe Browser
Parental Controls
Personal Firewall
Smartphone Optimizer
Gamer Mode
Device Tune-up

Customer Support

Avast and ESET both offer customer support services. In the table below, there are some key functions that the support team performs regularly. You can avail any of these services from both of the software. 

Features Avast  ESET
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Now that you have learned the basic key differences between these two programs, it’s time to make your decision. But, if still, you want to know more about those significant tools then read further as we will be now discussing the difference between Kaspersky vs Norton. 


 Kaspersky vs Norton: What to Choose

Kaspersky vs Norton

Kaspersky and Norton are antivirus software with the latest malware detection techniques. The devices secure millions of users worldwide. No doubt to the fact that there are lots of other factors associated with this two software. But, you will find here only the relevant ones. You will find the entire post crisp and relevant with all the key features provided to you. Now, let’s make a move and consider first how Norton and Kaspersky do the full and quick scan on your system. 

Full Scan and Quick Scan In Norton & Kaspersky

With the table, you will get to know how these antivirus programs can have a big impact on your PC performance. Therefore, we have tried to aid you in finding out the same so that you can make your choice of software. You can jump to the table to know more. 

Full Scan and Quick Scan Norton  Kaspersky
Full Scan Time (minutes) 121 227
Full Scan Items Scanned 970000 2100000
Quick Scan CPU Utilization % 37 71
Quick Scan Memory Utilization % 76 73
Quick Scan Disk Utilization % 41 531
Quick Scan Time (seconds) 171 273

The table shows that Kaspersky takes around 227 minutes to finish a full scan, whereas Norton takes 121 minutes. Also, Kaspersky scanned more items in comparison to Norton. But, in terms of the quick scan, Norton is again quicker at 171 seconds. So, it is now up to you what software you need in terms of speed while scanning. 

In addition, you need to know that Kaspersky provides a slight impact (46%) on CPU utilization when there is no scan. On the other hand,  Norton just provides impacts (14%). So, from these two results it would be best to use Norton but if you still have some doubts regarding features and customer support then read further. 

Features of Norton vs. Kaspersky

Below are listed some of the more advanced features of these two tools. You can check out the table and figure out what tools have what features. You can opt for the one that fulfills your requirements with the features. 

Features Norton  Kaspersky
Gamer Mode
VPN Services
Personal Firewall
Device Tune-up
Smartphone Optimizer
Parental Controls
Safe Browser

Customer Support of Kaspersky and Norton 

As mentioned above, Norton provides the best services to its customers in comparison to other antivirus software. Here in this comparison, Kaspersky lacks ticket support while Norton having all the essentials to offer to its customers. As Norton works on 100% satisfaction that’s why it never shows any kind of limitation in offering different services and supports. 

Features Norton  Kaspersky
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Norton vs Trend Micro: Which is Best?

Norton vs avast free

Norton and Trend Micro offer a variety of features at the same price. Subsequently, there are over 250 million users of each program. These programs have so many similarities yet some features set them apart. You can get into the table below to check what features this software has other than given in the first table. 

Additional Features in Norton and Kaspersky

While Kaspersky comes with all these features, Norton lacks a smartphone optimizer and safe browser. Through the features list, Kaspersky proves to be the best but you must not take your decision instantly as there is a lot more going to be covered in this post. 

Features Norton  Trend Micro
Gamer Mode
VPN Services
Personal Firewall
Device Tune-up
Smartphone Optimizer
Parental Controls
Safe Browser

Customer Support 

Well, Norton and Trend Micro both provide services like Phone support, Ticket support, Live Help, Email Support to their customer. So, they have similarities in these services and you will not find any lacks and profit in terms of customer support. 


Well, this is all about the topic. We have covered almost everything related to the topic McAfee vs Norton vs another software. From the comparison of all these software. You can directly jump on your decision about which software you want the most. All of this software have some similarities but differences as well. That’s why they fulfill different people altogether. Through these tables, take your decision and learn the difference between these programs. 

The first table is given at the beginning of the article included all of these programs altogether with their pricing and other features. While other tables under the subcategories provide you a clearer picture of additional features, customer support, Quick and Full scan.  As these are all the essentials that a user seeks while going with any application, so, we just tried to provide some aids in it. Hopefully, you like the article and it has helped you in several ways. We would like to inform you about our other content on the site that is providing more such help in form of articles.  So, if you want to gain more knowledge then bookmark the site. Along with that, drop in the comment section which software you are using for securing your information. 

Norton PC Tune Up

Norton PC TuneUP Software: A Software That Makes You Old PC A New One 

Sooner or later almost every Windows-based PC starts to suffer from performance problems thanks to bloatware, old files, poorly managed Windows updates, or adware and viruses. Then you should try PC Tuneup software to boost the performance of your system. Now you wonder what is PC Tuneup software? So here you go. PC tuneup Software is to diagnose and fix problems that slow your computer, optimize disc space for improving speed, detect and eliminate spyware, remove viruses and Internet worms, check security to guard against hackers, and repair and maintain PC health. Symantec promises to revive your old computer’s performance with their Norton PC Tuneup Software.

In this post, we are going to discuss the Norton PC Tune-Up software, that gives your old PC a new touch. This post will explain every bit of this software in detail and help you understand its benefits and features. So without any further Ado, let’s get started.Norton PC TuneUP

What is Norton PC TuneUp?

Norton PC TuneUp Software may be a one-time service by NortonLifeLock. Norton Computer Tune Up Software service redemption is going to be honored within 60 days from the date of activation. It is recommended to activate within 60 days of purchase.

Norton Computer Tune Up revitalizes your older PC or Mac with our multi-point inspection and repair service designed to revive speed and performance, all for a fraction of the value of a replacement computer or repair-shop work.

Norton Computer Tune Up offers remote access technology that lets Norton-certified technicians assist you from anywhere with an online connection, 24/7.

With one trip, you’ll optimize your settings to enhance start-up speed and overall performance, clear some memory so applications start and run faster, and take away unnecessary files to enhance disk drive performance.

Why is Norton PC TuneUp vital for your system?

Fixing errors within the system also can improve the efficiency of other programs, and ensuring that each one of the required updates is downloaded or installed will streamline the pc system immediately. But having a PC tune-up software on your system, can detect many of the occurrences, and should fix them or highlight the way to remove them.

Norton PC TuneUP

1: Clearing caches

When your hard disc is overloaded with program files and commands, it can begin to hamper. Registry files and data are collected on the disk drive daily, and if these aren’t cleaned out periodically, they will cause disruptions and interference in standard startup and performance. within the event that an epidemic or malware is infecting the pc, damage and errors can reduce the computer’s ability to run optimally.

2: Optimize the Performance

When your system is locking up, freezing, or crashing frequently, it’s going to be that the programs don’t have enough disc space to launch properly.

3: Speed up the web Browsing

The Norton PC TuneUP software should be ready to improve the speed of your Internet browsing. this often happens because of removing unnecessary files from the cache. Overall system maintenance is vital, and this is often only possible when unnecessary files are removed or dismantled.

4: Remove access files

Unwanted cookies and Internet clutter can have an impression on daily performance, even when the pc isn’t connected to the web. counting on the backup and utility options available, tune-up software can remove excess files and confirm that there’s much hard disc space available for an optimized system.

5: System and hardware Modification

Norton PC tune-up software program can tweak and alter the registry system so that all programs are optimized for efficient performance. Registry files are a critical part of any program’s overall design and makeup; these shouldn’t be interfered with manually, as this will cause considerable damage.

Features and Benefits Of Norton Registry Cleaner

Norton PC TuneUP

  • Norton-certified technicians get your computer running fast as they remotely pack up, tune-up, and speed up your computer so it runs like new again
  • Service is out there 24×7 within your 30-day window
  • A service summary report is provided
  • Norton PC Tune-Up service is often used for the PC or Mac

Services provided By Norton PC Tune-Up

Restore High Speed of Your Computer – Norton’s multi-point inspection and repair service is meant to rejuvenate your older PC or Mac, so its speed and performance are restored.

Enjoy Convenient Service – Norton-certified technicians use advanced remote access technology so that they can assist you from anywhere with an online connection, 24/7/365. In about 35 minutes the bulk of repairs are wiped out. The action includes a summary report that gives the small print of the tuneup service.

Optimization leading to Comprehensive Performance Improvements – Norton-certified technicians will optimize your settings to enhance the start-up speed and overall performance of your computer. they’re going to clear some memory so applications can start and run faster. they’re going to remove unnecessary files to enhance disk drive performance.

Low Cost with Great Results – All of the above is performed for a fraction of the value of a replacement computer or repair shop work.

You Can Also Read, Download, and Installation Steps For Norton On Mac

System Requirements to Download and Use Norton Computer Tuneup

  • Operating Systems Supported
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or above
  • Ability to attach to the web
  • Administrator-level access to the PC or Mac
  • High-speed Internet connection (recommended)
  • 800 MHz processor (recommended)
  • 512MB of RAM (recommended)

How To Get Norton PC Tune-Up on the System?

Computer Tune-Up may be a one-time service that expires 30 days after the acquisition date. 

1: Call Norton Service Experts consistent with the merchandise

2: Provide the Order Number that you simply find at the highest of the Order Confirmation email to the Norton Service expert.

3: Norton Service expert walks you through the remainder of the method.

Note: This service is out there 24 hours each day, 7 days every week. there’s a further cost for quite one PC.


Here it is! That’s the end of the article, hopefully, you liked the information on this article. If this article helped you to understand Norton PC tune Up. This is the best PC Tune-up Software so far to advance the features and the performance of your old PC and make it work with the new one. So, if you are facing issues such as low performance, glitches, and low storage capacity while using your old computers. So, we recommend you install Norton Registry Cleanup software on your system to boost up the performance in a few minutes. 

If you liked this article do not forget to comment on your experience with Norton PC Tuneup Software to let us know. And also check out other articles on the website.