We are here to solve your windows error code 0xc0000225 without wasting your precious time. This error occurs when your Windows does not get the correct system file to boot your system. So many reasons are given for this error and you don’t get this error due to every single reason. Corrupted system files, the System turning off suddenly while updating windows because of a virus attack, or damaging hardware, all are the causes that lead to error 0xc0000225. It is difficult to decide now that the other reason is related to your error code so follow all the solutions given below. 

Most Common Signs for Error Code 0xc0000225

When your system faces the windows error 0xc0000225, you are notified with one of these messages. The meaning of all error statements are close to similar, so let’s know the all possible popup message connected to this error.

  • Error 0xc0000225: An unexpected error has occurred. 
  • Error code 0xc0000225: The operating system (OS) is not loading because the system driver is not found/ missing or getting errors. 
  • Status for 0xc0000225: A needed drive is not connected or it cannot be accessed
  • Error 0xc0000225 status: the operating system cannot be loaded due to the error in the system registry file or this file is missing. 

Prepare Windows 10 Repair USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD 

Before attempting the troubleshoots, the first step to fix the error is to create a system repairing CD/DVD or USB drives. It is impossible to resolve this boot error problem from your Windows. But you can use the repair tools as the Windows repairing medium gives your permission for it. 

For preparing a repair disc or drive in Windows 10, It is necessary to create this CD/DVD or USB flash drive with a minimum capacity of 8 GB. After this, go to the Microsoft website to download and install Media Creation Tool and create it. 

  1. Once the creation is complete, put it into your system
  2. In the BIOS, change the order of booting. 
  3. Boot your system from it. 
  4. Now, you can use our given method for troubleshooting. 0xc0000225

Best Troubleshoots for Error Code 0xc0000225

Solution 1: Run Startup Repair on Windows 

Startup repair is a connected troubleshooting utility in Windows. It is set up to resolve several problems like error 0xc0000225 that may be restricting your computer from proper booting. So, it is also useful for fixing your corrupted boot configuration data (BCD). 

We have instructed you on how to use start repair: 

  1. When the boot process is over from the repair drive or disc, you should select the format of the keyboard, time, and language from the Windows Setup interface. 
  2. Tap on Repair Your Computer, which is at the end of the page. 
  3. Visit Troubleshoot and then choose Advanced Options.  Troubleshoot and then choose Advanced Options. 
  4. Press the Startup Repair tab.
  5. Windows repairing will begin to fix the found issues. 
  6. Now reboot your system. 

Solution 2: Use Windows System File Check (SFC) & Disk Check (CHKDSK) 

This SFC tool is a built-in tool for Windows. It assists in checking and repairing corrupted or missing system files in your Windows. We will tell you here how to simply apply this SFC and disk check to resolve your BSOD error 0xc0000225.

  • Read the first step given just above then follow the four steps of beginning which are stopped up to the “Advanced Options”. 
  • Tap on the Command Prompt that will launch the CMD Window
  • Run the SFC command: sfc /scannow. command: sfc /scannow.
  • Run the disk check to scan the errors on the drive and fix them: chkdsk c: f/ /r. C as it is the form of the drive where all the installed files stay. 
  • After the completion of scanning, now start booting your system. 

It’s time to recheck the error code 0xc0000225.

Solution 3: Recreate Boot Configuration Data (BCD) 

This BCD covers the parameters related to boot configuration to start your Windows successfully. If there is any corruption in your BCD file, your Windows face booting issues. Thus, we recommend you rebuild this configuration file to fix the error 0xc0000225.  

  • Begin with the booting system from the repair disc or drive.
  • The next steps are completely similar to what you have followed to visit the Advanced Options (Given in the first step).
  • Now, click on the Command Prompt
  • See the following commands, you have to run one command and then tap on the Enter button. Proceed with this process for each command: bootrec /fixmbr
  1. bootrec /scanos 
  2. bootrec /fixmbr
  3. bootrec /fixboot
  4. bootrec /rebuildbcd
  • Restart your system then also boot it to find if the error is still appearing. 

Solution 4: Set or Mark Partition as “Active” in Windows 

This error 0xc0000225 comes when booting is on the way because the partition in Windows is not set correctly. An active partition in windows is the partition from which the computer will boot. You can also set changes in the active partition to inform your system from which place it needs to be booted.

So, look at the given ways to set this partition:

  • Go to the Advanced Options
  • Now open the Command Prompt
  • One by one type the commands (given below), and also hit the Enter key after each one:
  • Diskpart 
  • List disk: here all the windows identified disks are listed. 
  • Select disk N:  here N means the number of disks. 
  • List partition: Chosen disk’s partitions are listed here. 
  • Select Partition X: here x refers to the number of your system partition. 
  • Active: The chosen partition will be marked as an Active Partition. 

Solution 5: Run a System Restore 

If you timely backup your essential file then your system may have the restore points. A system restore program is a backup copy of essential files of your Windows and it also helps in modifying new settings of your system to the old ones. So, here we will revert the system to the previous point with the support of System Restore. 

  • From the Advanced options, tap on System Restore
  • In the next interface, select the Next tab. System Restore Point
  • Select the System Restore Point option from the given list as per the set date and time. 
  • Confirm this restoring point then choose the Finish button to begin the execution of restoration. 
  • Lastly, restart your system to implement this function successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1- How do I fix the error code 0xc0000225?

Ans- To solve this error completely, experts feel these six following ways will surely help.

  • Run a Disk Check
  • Perform a System File Check (SFC) file to scan and fix the issues. 
  • Run Startup Repair on Windows 
  • Rebuild BCD 
  • Marks partition as Active 
  • Using System Restore 

Q.2- How do I fix the Windows Boot Manager error?

Ans- If the Master Boot Record (MBR) is corrupted or damaged then Windows Boot Manager failing of boot error message occurs. The cause of this error is a virus or malware infection and in case you turn off your system abruptly. Thus, below are the steps to fix this error quickly: 

  • Click on the F8 button when the system is booting to visit the Windows Recovery option.
  • Tap on the Troubleshoot→ Select Advanced Options
  • Then use this Bootrec.exe tool→ Press Command Prompt
  • Type in the below given command one by one and use the Enter key when you attempt each. 
  1. bootrec /RebuildBcd
  2. bootrec /fixMbr
  3. bootrec /fixboot
  4. bootsect /nt60 SYS or bootsect /nt60 ALL
  • Exit this operation now. Lastly, reboot your system. 

Q.3- How to fix error 0xc0000225 win 8?

Ans- Our suggestion is to use the “Fix Boot Files” option to resolve this error and here is how to apply the needed steps for troubleshooting.

  • Boot your system via the Windows media. 
  • Click on Next whatever options your screen will show. 
  • Select Repair Your Computer.