Whenever you get a new device there is this excitement to just use it straight away. But sometimes this excitement is barged in by the problem of transferring data from one system to another. People are always confused with the query of how to transfer data from one computer to another. However, this can be done easily and in numerous ways. All those different ways you can transfer files from PC to PC are given below. So keep going further in the article to get to know in depth about how to transfer files from old PC to new PC Windows 10 and enjoy your device after the easiest transfer is done.

Different Ways to Transfer Files from Old PC to New PC Windows 10

1. How to Transfer Files from PC to PC with Cloud Storage

Transfer Files from PC to PC with Cloud Storage

The use of cloud storage like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive can be used to transfer files from one PC to another and even more than that. With having all your data in these cloud storage you can migrate to multiple devices without any problem. So, if you too are stuck with the thought of how to transfer files from old pc to new pc windows 10, then follow the given steps and make cloud storage your tool to transfer files from PC to PC:

  • Open OneDrive or any such cloud space and add your files.
  • Now on the device on which you want your files, open the same cloud space and access your account on that device.
  • Select download and this could give you all your files in your new windows.

2. Use a USB Transfer Cable

The best way to transfer your files from your old PC to a new one would be using a USB transfer cable. This would be the most direct way to transfer your files from one device to another. You just need to connect both devices with the USB cable and run the transfer of the files on your devices. These easy steps will guide you on how to transfer files from pc to pc with the help of a USB cable:

Use a USB Transfer Cable

  • Turn on both devices and attach your USB cable to both.
  • Now click on “Start”
  • Now search for window easy transfer.
  • After this, the prompts of the easy transfer wizard would continue the further transfer. 

3. Transfer Files using a Backup and Restore Tool

Often we are stuck with the issue of transferring files from our old device to the new one and this might cause a lot of trouble in our life. In such situations of how to transfer files from old pc to the new PC windows10, the thing that might help you is transferring files using a backup and restore tool.  One such tool is EaseUS Todo Backup. This tool eases your backing up process.

EaseUS Todo Backup

  • The first step in the process would be the backup process.
  • To begin, you have to click on the “Select backup contents” button.
  • You would now get an option of four different categories for different types of files
  • Now you need to choose the files you need to backup.
  • There would be instructions on your screen about where you want your backups to be stored.
  • Click on “Backup now” this will allow you to start the backup process.
  • After the backup process, attach your external device to the system.
  • Then run the EaseUS Todo Backup and restore all the backups.
  • Now you can easily transfer your files to other devices.

4. File Transfer Through Manual Copy on External Media

The most convenient way to transfer files from your old PC to a new one is with the help of external storage devices as they do not require any internet access or additional software involved. If you just need to transfer files then this might be the best possible way but it might not be possible to transfer the applications for you can go for the other steps. Let’s have a look at the steps to transfer files with the help of external media:

File Transfer Through Manual Copy on External Media

  • Firstly connect your external media with your old PC.
  • Copy all the files you need on the external device and move them to the new PC.
  • And here you are simply with two steps and all done with the file transfer.

All in all, these all are the best way to transfer files from PC to PC with ease. Follow them carefully to get the best out of your transfer process.



Are you also transferring your data from an old device to a new one and are stuck with the thought of how to transfer files from old pc to new pc windows 10? But with the above-mentioned detailed information, you can easily do this transfer of files. We have curated this article to make transferring data an easy and simple task.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to transfer data to a new computer?

When you bring in a new device, you need to transfer all the data to it from your old device. There are a lot of ways to transfer your data which include backup and restore, cloud storage, USB cables, external device transfer etc.

2 . How to transfer data from one computer to another?

To transfer everything from one computer to another, you can make a backup of your old computer and then restore it to the new computer. Use the backup and restore facilities provided by some software or from any other external transfer of files.

3. How to transfer from PC to PC?

If you want to transfer data from a PC to a PC then you can do it by the following means:

  • Transfer through cloud storage
  • Use external storage devices
  • Use data transferring software 

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