Roblox players sometimes get annoyed because of Roblox error code 267. Millions of fans all across the globe witness its user-friendly practices. Yet it lacks; because of its technical glitches with the error message: Disconnected! “You were kicked” from this game: Sorry! “You’re not allowed in this super top-secret game yet.”(Error Code: 267) Various reasons can be there. So we need to check alternatively. What exactly is affecting your presence in the game? 

If you are stuck with this error. Do Follow our tips and tricks to join your game again with a progressive comeback. 

Overview: Roblox Error Code 267

As an overview, it should be good to know that it directly affects your presence and performance in the game or makes you out for various reasons. Malware or bugs, poor or illegal script execution, and any other malicious activity of the players. Not just that, for whatever reason, error code 267 Roblox is different from other errors because it immediately bans your account for a fixed time. 

Causes of Roblox Error Code 267 

As we said, there is no reason to announce one exact reason for this error. For that reason, we will list some causes of the issue.

Roblox Error Code 267

  • While you play, you add various components to your system and forget their terrible effects creating malware or bugs. 
  • You are trying to impose unlawful activities to survive in the game. 
  • Maybe you have missed a crucial component to run the game properly. 
  • Chances are developers have missed something reading this particular game feature.
  • The Internet Browser or connection is causing trouble for you.
  • Certainly! You would have used VPN services to hide your activities, and now it is struggling to continue the game for you. 
  • Error code 267 and even Roblox Error 277 occur due to a clash with the security firewalls, granting its activities malicious. 

Fix Roblox Error Code 267 Easily

There is no concern with Microsoft Windows. Users can face this issue on any operating system. Yet they should check it once before initiating anything described on this content or any other space on the internet. 

1. Troubleshooting the Internet Connection 

It is common and on surge even in this advanced high-tech world. So, try applying this method first by unplugging the router. This way, you may be sure whether the connection is causing the Roblox error 267 or not or whether it is only faulting the game or working perfectly on other portions of your computer or browser system. You may reboot the system; if required. 

Restart Web Browser


2. Restart Web Browser

Like your system, the web browser also demands refreshment. Refresh it before starting the game or using it for a while. To restart your browser, launch the “Task Manager” using “Ctrl+Shift+ESC” to choose the browser and press the option “End Task.”

3. Browser Reinstallation

It is a technical Roblox error 267, and any reason could be there. So should not leave any chance to figure out the mainstream of the issue. This can happen when you are triggering Roblox for your kick-off, but your browser is the real culprit here. Either mark another browser to rejoin the Roblox or re-install the latest version of the same browser.

4. Google Chrome (Mark as Default Browser)

Google chrome (Default)

One more reason we have found to fix the issues related to your browser for the Roblox ban. That is the high-level compatibility with the Roblox platform compared to other browsers like Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, or MS Edge Browser. As an analysis, most users face this issue because they have neglected google chrome as a default browser to run their game. Try isolating others and making it programmatic to join it. 

5. Disable Adblocker

  • Open Google Chrome and find the 3-Vertical dots added to the top-right corner.
  • Follow the drop-down list and move to the More Tools section to press Extension. 
  • Finally, disable ad blocker/other Extensions to check the solved error. 

6. Browser Setting or Resetting

Reset the browser settings io fix error Roblox 267 & other such errors like Roblox 901 error in the following ways. 

  • Launch Google Chrome on the device and go to the three dots available to make changes or for modifying settings.
  • The Settings option will trace the Advanced button at the bottom side of the browser. 
  • Hit the ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ under the “Reset and Cleanup” and click on “Reset Settings.”

7. Check the Game Server

It precedes the connection issue. Among the several crucial causes, the server issue also makes you out of the platform with other players globally. You may connect to another server to know the condition and wait for it to reboot. 

Window Firewall & Advance Security

8. System Issues

Fix the system issues using these steps because you may be away from your fixed location, and error code 267 interferes with your task of connecting with Roblox. It can be due to firewall and antivirus pre-settings. 

  • Open “Window Firewalls” on your computer and visit the “Advanced Settings” option. Furthermore, click on “Inbound Rules” to hit “New Rule.”
  • Press “Next” after choosing “Program.” Now go to the “Browser” and choose the program. Click “Next” to hit “Allow this Connection,” and go for “Next.”
  • Confirm the “Applied Rules,” name it and press the “Finish” button. 


Almost all the possible solutions are on this content page to resolve the Roblox error code 267. All are alternatives for each other. You should choose the method after analyzing your activities on Roblox and your computer system or internet connection. Furthermore, you can take professional help by contacting the Roblox help center. You can write to us too for any personal assistance to rejoin or unblock Roblox entry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What Does Error Code 267 Mean in Roblox?

You are countering this error because there may be an issue with your computer components, not being able to load and run the game smoothly. Moreover, the developers have missed something here, and you are tempering the platform with illegal scripting. 

Q.2 How to Fix Error Code 267 Roblox?

Methods to fix error 267 in Roblox are:

  • Internet Connection Troubleshooting
  • Disable Adblocker
  • Re-install Roblox
  • Window Firewall Settings
  • VPN Services
  • Troubleshoot third-party Extension
  • Restart the browser and the system.