Are you in the middle of the Windows update interoperability and finding no solution under any circumstances? Or receiving a continuous message like this, Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for the installation are available and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070001. Then you need to be calm as it happens with most of the users trying to install and update their Windows 10 and 11. 

But Thats enough for now. Now, you can counter the error with our article and get back the exact functionality of your device. Here we go. 

Causes of Windows Update Error 0x80070001


  • The error message means any malfunction has attacked your operating system or system operation. 
  • Incorrect, failed installation, or software uninstallation due to erroneous entries in System Elements.
  • Frequent PC shut down because of unstable power connection creating error 0x80070001. 
  • Mistakenly deleted the installation required system files and element entry. 

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070001

It is always wise to check for a stable internet connection to counter any general issues on your computer with a browser. Be it a local or router connection or mobile hotspot, you must check them all. Now, check out the methods to fix the error. 

PC Restart

We start with the universal solution; Computer Restart. Many times! We forget to refresh or reboot our system even after working so long with it. As a result, it causes various issues, including the problem indicating Error Code 0x80070001. This simple and quick solution can resolve several issues with your Windows.  

Disconnect External Devices

The component can create issues and solutions also by disconnecting it immediately. You use several outermost devices buying them separately to acquire the perfect outcome of your computer operations due to internal damage or mismanagement. The outer-built utility utilities corrupt your Windows operations and hinder its update.  

Update Manually for Windows Update Error 0x80070001

If the automatic update is impossible, even after trying the above practices, go for manual choice. For that purpose, visit the official Web address of Microsoft Update Catalog and follow the instructions to complete cumulative or feature updates. 

windows Update error 0x80070001

  • Launch the site with and fill the form with the KB number.
  •  Hit the Download option to link yourself with Window Update. Now go running .MSU file to follow the required steps. 

Recreate “Bootable Installation Media”

Corrupted ISO is the prime reason for this issue. The formatted system will not allow you to use this method. Better to use another computer. Meanwhile, dont forget to download or re-download Windows version ISO also. 

Windows Update Troubleshooter

The method is safe and convenient for any Windows Update error 0x80070001. It will find the issue automatically and start repairing it. 

  • Click on the Start Menu given in the bottom left corner of your computer. Follow the result & click on Settings.. 
  • Pick Update & Security & navigate to Windows Update Settings.
  • Troubleshooting will redirect you towards the Additional Troubleshooter. and run the troubleshooter.

Window Update Cache Clean

It may have registry files (complete or temporary mode) due to failed updates. Try to clean the cache. 

  • Press the Start button and mention Services. MSC in the search box. Follow Service App to Run as Administrator. Find the Window Services to locate Window Update.
  • Stop by right-clicking on it. 
Clean Cache for 0x80070001
  • Use Win+R to launch the Run Dialog and type %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore to open the Windows Update Downloader folder.
  • Delete all the files available and clear the cache for Windows updates. 

Restart Windows Update

Window Restart

  • Search Window Services to deal with Windows Update Services and then choose the Start button using Windows Update right-click. 
  • Restart/Reboot the computer to apply the steps and remove the error 0x80070001. 

Designate Less Margin for “C” Drive

A computer can not process the heavy space given to any particular disk. It is entirely because of outdated hardware. Go and make changes in the past partitions to reassign the standard margin for the C drive. 

Windows Update Components Resetting

System files are fundamental to every operation done by the users. They should be in proper format and safe place with no mess. Remove the corruption with the following. 

  • Press the Window +S button to open the command prompt by typing CMD in the dialog box. Open Elevated Command Prompt by pressing Run as Administrator within the Command Prompt. 
  • Follow the UAC and confirm with Yes.
  • Use these two copies one after the other to rename the software. 
  1. ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  2. ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old
  • Mention netsh winsock in the command prompt window and enter and restart the Window Update Services kept on Off earlier. 
  • Copy-paste this following command and access the Enter button for each. Exit the command prompt: net start wuauserv/net start cryptSvc/net start bits/net start msiserver

Restart your computer by using the required steps and see whether the Windows Update error 0x80070001 is fixed or not. 

Bios Resetting

BIOS Resetting (0x80070001)

Resolve the wrong settings made in BIOS. Thats also a reason causing issues on your Windows update. That will resolve your problem and make your system stable to complete the installation. 



Advanced tech users can resolve issues of such types of windows update errors. It seems a critical task for new and midway PC operators. At the initial level, use these methods. If the problem doesnt resolve, kindly contact us for personal assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What Does Error 0x80070001?

It restricts you from installing and using the necessary file to update your Windows 10 and so on. Many other causes result in this error on your operating system. Maybe you have used the wrong or incorrect element entry while updating. 

Q.2 Ways to Fix the Windows Update Error 0x80070001?

Various methods can resolve the issue of your OS depending on the need. First, understand what has affected your system and created this issue & then apply the solutions given above.