Is this the authentication error pop-up you are receiving on the Xbox console, Windows 11, or Windows 10 PC? If so, it is being claimed to be a problem with the Roblox servers, which has an impact on every player.

However, there is nothing to get in trouble with anymore as you are in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the simplest ways to resolve Roblox Error Code 901 and we are confident enough that these methods will definitely fix the error easily. 

What is Roblox? What is Error 901 Roblox?

Roblox is defined as a platform to engage with over 50 million games created by its user community. The most apparent analogy is to YouTube, as it has a massive library of “user-generated material,” although in this instance the content is games instead of videos.

What is Roblox?

Installation of the Roblox program allows players or gamers to explore and play the platform’s library of games on computers, video game consoles, smartphones, and tablets. The option to add friends and talk with them while playing are important social aspects that contribute to the game’s popularity.

An error that is allegedly related to server or connection problems for the game is known as Roblox Error Code 901.

What is Roblox Error Code 901?

Roblox Error Code 901 might be account-related as well as it arises whenever you are unable to access Roblox using your account. This error also typically happens when the game isn’t updated and may also occur while Roblox is under restoration. Despite the fact that the Roblox game has been updated, many players reported that they are still encountering this issue.

Primary Causes of Error 901

If you are encountering with the Roblox Authentication Error Code 901on your device; Xbox Console, Windows 10 or 11 or in your gaming personal computer and can’t figure out the reason/reasons, any one or all of the following might be the reasons for the occurrence of the error –

  • Inconsistent Internet connection – You can experience authentication issues in the game that restrict you from accessing Roblox probably due to an inconsistent connection to the internet.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep of the server – Roblox’s game servers are experiencing connection problems, indicating that this message is related to server maintenance. Therefore, it can be connected to planned maintenance by Roblox of its servers. This is done to address flaws and issues that are present in the game.
  • Game files that are corrupted – Depending on the type of problem, your current game version may be corrupted. Even if you’ve tried all of the solutions in this article, the final step is to reinstall Roblox and its components entirely.
  • If Roblox is not up to date – Whenever you load Roblox, you need to run the most recent game files, particularly when a newer version is launched. The Roblox Error 901 might prevail due to outdated game files.

Easy Methods to Resolve the Error Code 901 Roblox 

Here are some easy and simple methods for you to help you get rid of Error Code 901 on Roblox. You can try any of the mentioned methods of your own choice. 

Method 1: Test your Connection to the internet.

Internet check

If your internet speed is inadequate, you could see error code 901 on Roblox. Hence, checking your network connection and speed always comes first and foremost. The Roblox error will be fixed after you address the internet connectivity problem. Therefore, to evaluate your device’s internet speed, follow the below steps to get a quick fix to the error:

  • First, press the Xbox button access to the Xbox guide.
  • Choose Profile & System from the menu.
  • Then, you have to go to Settings >> General >> Network Settings.
  • Select the Test Network Connection option.

After you are done with the steps mentioned above, you must now connect to the  Xbox network connection after checking your console’s internet connection. Below are the troubleshooting steps that will help you out –

  • First, restart your modem or router on the internet
  • Secondly, change from a wi-fi to a wired Ethernet connection on your device.
  • Thirdly, alter the internet connection.

Method 2: Roblox should be updated.

Roblox Error Code 901 upgrade

You should make sure that you are running the most recent Roblox edition on whatever platform you play Roblox games on as this can give rise to other errors like Roblox error 279, error 501 Roblox, etc. 

To be noted: When a maintenance update occurs while Roblox systems are undergoing maintenance, wait until it is completed before checking for updates. 

To update Roblox in both Xbox and Windows PC is not a tough task, rather simple and easy to do. All you need to do is just follow the steps as per mentioned below –

Go to the My Apps and Games section from your home screen, On your Xbox console.

Update on Xbox console
  • First, move to the My Apps and Games section from the home screen.
  • Secondly, select the Manage tab next and then select Updates from the menu. 
  • At last, select Roblox and continue with the update from the list of available updates.
Update on Windows
  • First, to begin the update, restart your Windows PC.
  • Secondly, launch Windows Firewall and permit the application and then select both boxes and then restart the system.
  • Thirdly,  remove the cache on your device’s corresponding browser.
  • Next, close the Roblox app, then navigate to C: Users to clear the app caches. Accordingly, remove the Roblox folder and relaunch the program on the device. 
  • Now, uninstall the Roblox program from your Windows PC/ device.
  • At last, reinstall the application on your device to complete the whole process.

Method 3: Check to see if Your Roblox Account Has Been Suspended

If you are experiencing difficulty with Roblox, then you should first check to determine whether your Roblox account has been banned, since this might result in Error 901. If your account is prohibited, you might not get an official notice from Roblox. There is no less chance that this might not happen to your Roblox account. Therefore, to resolve this issue, follow the instructions mentioned below –

  • First, go to the Game Guide/ Xbox button
  • Then, Select Profile and System, then Settings.
  • Click Sign-in and input your security and passcode lock information.
  • Now, choose to Change my sign-in and security options from the menu now.
  • Pick either Make it Magic or Make it Fast from the available options.
  • Lastly, an automated sign-in without a password or passkey is necessary.

Method 4: Reboot your console to resolve the error code 901

reboot console

As many users have discovered, resetting the console can resolve Roblox problem code 901, and also you need to try this effective method to get the error resolved. To try this method to solve the issue, you just need to follow the below easy steps –  

  • To access the Settings menu, click the Xbox button.
  • Select all options, then system, then console info & updates.
  • Then, choose Reset Console, followed by Delete.

Method 5: Delete and Reinstall the Roblox application


Install roblox

Deleting the Roblox completely from the Xbox console and re-installing it again is considered as one of the potential methods to get rid of Error Code 901. Hence, to apply this method to solve the error, you need to follow the simple and easy steps below:

For Windows PC –
  • First, open the Control Panel and then Select Programs and Features there. 
  • Secondly, Select the Roblox application and then choose Uninstall.
  • Now, Click the Yes button to get confirmed.
  • Next, press Windows + E and then place the below mentioned command: C:\Users(Your Windows Username)\App Data\Local 
  • Now, Remove this particular folder from there.
  • After you delete the Roblox program, move to the Microsoft Store and then reinstall the Roblox application back to your device.
For Xbox –
  • First, navigate to the My Apps and Games area from the Xbox home screen.
  • Then secondly, choose Roblox and select the Menu button.
  • After that, select Manage Game and Add-Ons.
  • Next, select “Uninstall everything” and return to the home screen.
  • Now, Click Y to bring up the search box, then type in “Roblox” to start
  • Finally, on your console, download and install the game.

Method 6: By Hard Resetting the Xbox Console

hard reset xbox

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and are still not able to resolve the “Roblox Error Code 901”, you need to give this method a try. This is also a simple and easy method like we described earlier and we hope this would definitely fix the error code 901 on Roblox. 

Note: Before performing this specific method to fix the error on your device, it should be noted that hard resetting your Xbox deletes everything.

You need the follow the steps below to perform this method correctly and quickly –

  • Firstly, on your gaming system, choose the Xbox button.
  • Now, navigate to the Settings menu and then Choose “All Settings”.
  • Then, select System there, and after that select Console Info & Updates.
  • Now, Choose “Reset console”, followed by clicking the Delete button.

Therefore, if you do this, your console will be completely empty and the problem should definitely vanish after a full reconfiguration of the OS console.

Method 7: Switch to Another Network Connectivity

Also, attempting several network connections is another effective option to get rid of Roblox Error Code 901 and other general connection errors in Roblox. Giving this effective method a try won’t take a lot of time. 

Here, what you need to do is switch from a wired ethernet connection to a mobile data connection or simultaneously if you’re connecting the game console through a wired ethernet connection. Additionally, if you want your internet speed to increase more, you need to unplug any additional Wi-Fi-connected devices connected to it.

Method 8: Firmware Update for the device

The Firmware of the device is a method worth mentioning for all the users to get the Error Code on Roblox resolved. Below are some easy and simple steps to follow this method for both Windows and Xbox. 

For Windows firmware upgradation, follow the steps below –
  1. Navigate to Start and launch the Settings app. Next to that, choose Update and Security from the menu.
  2. Now, go ahead and select Windows Update.
  3. Choose the option to “Check for Updates” last.

Hence, the Updates will now be installed by Windows after being checked for them.

For Xbox firmware upgradation, follow the steps below –
  • First, click the Xbox button on your television.
  • Then, choose Options after choosing the System option.
  • Now, select System, then click on Uploads & Downloads.
  • At last, choose the Console Update Available option.

Hence, the Xbox will carry out any updates that are available automatically on the device.

Method 9: Verify the Roblox Server

Here is another effective solution to get Roblox Error Code 901 fixed. Sometimes, when the Roblox server is offline or undergoing restoration, the Roblox Error Code 901 may appear. Check the Roblox server to determine whether it’s down or not and if it indicates that it is down, then wait until the Roblox website alone resolves the issue. 

Note for Windows PC users: This is something that PC users should do.

Despite the fact that all of the methods outlined in this article work on both Windows PC and Xbox furthermore, several PC-specific procedures may also assist you in resolving the problem. You should first try to reset the browser in which you are playing Roblox and keep in mind that Firefox and Chrome support Roblox without any difficulties. Additionally, try changing your IP address from automatic to static, and hence at last, verify whether your account is at least 30 days old, and that’s all.

Closing Lines 

We hope you have got your answer for “How to fix Roblox Error Code 901”. Hope this specific article, with the easiest and simplest solutions, will definitely help you to fix the particular issue you have been facing. If you are still experiencing issues on this, please reach out to our team for assistance. We are happy to help you troubleshoot and fix this error. Have you been able to resolve the problem on your own using one of our methods? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is error code 901 in Roblox?

Ans: Roblox Error Code 901 is an authentication error that is allegedly related to server or connection problems for the game. Roblox Error Code 901 might be account-related as well as it arises whenever you are unable to access Roblox using your account. This error also typically happens when the game isn’t updated and may also occur while Roblox is under restoration. 

  Q2: Why can’t I connect to the Roblox website?

Ans: Sometimes you might not be able to connect to the Roblox. There are various reasons why you not able to connect, The reasons are such –

  1. If there are several open tabs on your browser.
  2. If your browser is not updated.
  3. In case your Firewall or Antivirus program is blocking the Roblox from performing in your device.
  4. If Roblox servers are offline due to incorrect browser settings.
  5. If you have some defective browser files/documents.

Q3: What does the Roblox error code 403 mean?

Ans: Roblox Error 403 is a common error that affects different people on and off. When someone clicks on a link, it indicates that they do not have authorization to visit the specified website. Hence, the page you were intending to read or access was blocked by its content, and any associated files were being hidden. 

Q4: What is meant by Roblox Error Code 103?

Ans: The Roblox error code 103 refers to an XBOX device problem that prevents any XBOX One user from joining a certain gaming server. This particular error code signifies that the game you are attempting to join is now not available for you.

Also, a very important factor of Roblox Error Code 103 is that it is an age-restricted Roblox account.