Well, in today’s world, there are very few people who are not familiar with the most popular and reputed sports streaming platform, ESPN. Even though it is known to be a very reputable platform, it timely brings out some errors to the users. One error type among them is known to be ESPN Error 1008. Are you also the one, who is currently experiencing this error issue on your device? If you are the one facing, don’t worry. This is not an uncommon issue that has appeared only to you. Along with you, many other users have also been complaining about this “ESPN app startup error 1008”.

So, to make you get rid of this frustrating error, we have some brilliant solutions for you. You can try each and every solution we have provided in this article until you get away from this error completely. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started without wasting a second.

What Might Be The Reasons For The Occurrence Of The ESPN Error 1008?

espn error code 1008

We have previously reported in the post that users of the ESPN app really encounter numerous error codes overall time. As one of the most typical error codes, “ESPN startup error 1008” is personally experienced mostly by the vast majority of users. There are a number of potential causes for this frustrating and disappointing error message on your computer or smartphone, despite the fact that there are no known causes for ESPN app regular customers to experience the underlying issue. Hence, knowing about all the factors is important for the users. Take a look at the factors we have mentioned below –

1. App Seems to Have Become Outdated

This error issue “ESPN error code 1008”  may also display if the ESPN software hasn’t really been updated since a while ago. The programmers update a program more often to properly address numerous problems. Furthermore, if you employ an outdated application on your device, complications like this might tend to arise.

2. Existence of a Potential Virus

The most harmful sources of RAM are viruses. Systems can be greatly impacted by the presence of viruses, which makes it challenging for Streaming service providers like ESPN to broadcast online content quickly and smoothly. In light of this, you may encounter the “ESPN app error 1008” in the presence of any malware.

3. Internet Connectivity Issues

You might encounter this error code when your laptop or smartphone’s Internet connection is very slow, unstable and dangerous or if it has been interrupting your innate ability to interact with the ESPN application. 

4. Corrupted ESPN Application’s Setup

Well, this also can be the cause of this error. Many professional experts have also pointed out about it. Well, if the installation of the ESPN application is fundamentally flawed as well as the loading of crucial smartphone/ computer application components malfunctioning on the device, as a consequence, the ESPN app may additionally exhibit the strong warning code “ESPN plus error 1008”. 

What are the Solutions To Get Rid of the “ESPN Error 1008” Issue on your Device?

Well, this is now the right time to move forward to the solution part of getting rid of the error message “ESPN error 1008” appearing on your device.  So, there is nothing to wait anymore, just dig into the solutions below quickly. 

Solution 1: Simply Restart Your Device

Simply Restart Your Device (espn plus error 1008)

This is the first and one of the most effective solutions in our list of solutions for the error “ESPN error 1008”. Well, you can get your device’s processes functioning once again by restarting it. You may thus just restart your device (smartphone or computer) and then feel free to check to make sure that the ESPN application is fully operational now, removing the error “ESPN plus error 1008”. 

If applying this solution does not work and the error is still appearing on the screen, try out the second method provided in our list of solutions. 

Solution 2: The ESPN App’s Cache and Memory Should Indeed be Deleted  

The ESPN App's Cache and Memory Should Indeed be Deleted  

Well, this is the second most essential solution in our list so as to get rid of the error message “ESPN error 1008” from your device. If there are any corrupted files on your cache or the storage of your ESPN application, this error might occur. Hence, removing the cache and the memory of the ESPN application can definitely erase this irritating error. As per reports, many users have also claimed to get rid of this error after performing this solution on their devices. 

Hence, to know how you can remove the cache and the storage of the ESPN application(Android device), follow the step-by-step guide that we have instructed for you below –

  • First of all, simply open the Settings menu on your android device/phone, and next to that choose Application Manager there.
  • Afterward, just locate the ESPN application and then press on it to access the settings.
  • Select the  Force Stop option. After that, affirm that you would like to forcibly stop the ESPN application.
  • The ESPN application will now be launched, so make sure it is functioning properly on your device.
  • To force the application to close and open the Storage, simply repeat the same steps from one to three (if actually necessary).
  • You just simply select the clear Cache button, and after then select Clear Data.
  • To acknowledge whether data of the ESPN application has been removed or not just restart your device (phone).
  • After doing all this, now activate the ESPN application on your device and then sign in with the necessary credentials. 

Hence, the error message “ESPN error 1008” might now be totally erased from the device. After doing so, if the error is still appearing, then the issue might be this, hence, you then need to try the next method mentioned here.

Solution 3: You Need To Update Your ESPN Application

This is the third solution in our list for removing the error message “ESPN error 1008”. Well, if you are not currently using the latest updated version of the ESPN application, this error may pop up in your device and will make you not able to open it or stream on it. Hence, if you update the ESPN application to its latest version, you might get rid of this error or some other related errors too. 

Well, updating the ESPN application on your device is really a very easy task to do. Still, we have provided step-by-step instructions for you so as to apply this method properly. Just follow as be have instructed below – 

  • First of all, open the Google Play Store on your phone and then enter “ESPN” into the search field.
  • Once ESPN is open, just click Update if any updates are available for you.
  • After doing so,  hold off for some time till the update has been deployed.

Solution 4: Log Back Into the ESPN Application

Log Back Into the ESPN Application

This is another most effective solution for the error message “ESPN error 1008” that you have been currently facing. Well, in most of the cases, logging out and after that again logging it back to a particular application can simply fix any related issue there. Hence, you can really try this method also here and also, and many users have reported that doing so, has also removed the error message “ESPN app startup error 1008” completely. You can really give it a try surely. 

We have provided a step-by-step guide below for applying this method to solve the issue. Hence follow it properly –

  • First of all, simply start the ESPN application on your device and after that navigate to Settings.
  • Now, choose Logout of ESPN Account, and then select Confirm to exit the ESPN application.
  • Next, exit the ESPN application when you are finished, and then take it from your list of recently used applications.
  • Afterward, open the ESPN application and sign in by using your professional credentials as required.

Hence, the error message “ESPN startup error 1008” might get removed finally. After applying this method, if the error message is still appearing on your device, try out the next method that we have provided.

Solution 5: You Need to Reinstall the ESPN Application

If none of the above-mentioned solutions have worked out in solving this specific error, you can try out by reinstalling the ESPN application. The most recent data will be downloaded from the Play Store using this particular method, ensuring that all of the files are compatible with the current. Moreover, this simple technique will permanently remove everything that is application-related information previously present on your device. 

Well, we have provided for you some instructions on how to reinstall the ESPN application from your device and get rid of this error. Follow as we have instructed below –

  • First of all, launch the Settings application on your Android device (smartphone), and after that, tap in the Application Manager icon.
  • Secondly, launch ESPN now, then just select Uninstall there.
  • Restart your smartphone and verify the complete removal of the ESPN app.
  • Reinstall the ESPN application and follow the process with a restart.

This time the error message “ESPN error 1008” must have been deleted totally from your device.


The Bottom Line 

These all are the solutions for the error message “ESPN error 1008” appearing on your device. Try each and every solution from the first to the last until you find out that the issue has been completely resolved. Also, don’t pressurize yourself for experiencing this error, many people have faced the same and also got it resolved afterward. If you still have any issues or if the problem is still appearing on your device, you can contact the customer service of the ESPN application directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Does wiping the cache completely remove the apps?

Ans: In addition to the temporary cache files, this will also remove any user data kept by an app. But even though the app will be reset, it will not be removed. Therefore you’ll have to sign in once more and make any necessary privacy settings.

Q2: Why does error 1008 continually appear on my ESPN?

Ans: There may be a number of causes behind ESPN’s persistent mistake claims. ESPN may not be working since your streaming device’s broadband connection is presumably not functioning effectively. The ESPN problem 1008 has had several underlying reasons, but some of the most commonly known are as described in the following –

  • App Seems to Have Become Outdated.
  • Existence of a Potential Virus.
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Corrupted ESPN Application’s Setup

Q3: How do I repair an unexpected ESPN error?

Ans: You can repair an unexpected error caused in your ESPN profile by trying out the below-mentioned solutions properly. Have a look on it –

  • Look into your internet connection.
  • Activate the ESPN app again.
  • Analyze ESPN+ to see whether it is unavailable.
  • Start the computer again.

Q4: Can game progress be deleted after data clearing?

Ans: Destroying game data could perhaps lead to the destruction of any in-game accomplishments or significant progress.

Q5: What sets ESPN and ESPN+ apart from one another?

Ans: Anyone with a laptop, an internet provider, and a postal address within the appropriate service location can access ESPN content and use the free ESPN app. In contrast, ESPN+ is more of an addition to the ESPN app. Because it makes unique premium content available to paid subscribers.