Error (0x80070424) pops up with the issue of Windows update. Various circumstances occur where you need to update your Windows for the smooth functioning of the device. However, System file non-registration is the primary cause of this issue. Furthermore, it usually happens when Microsoft releases any new version in the market, and the users try to update their Windows with the latest version. Here, we will try to help you know the numerous causes of this error (0x80070424)  and the solutions to fix it effortlessly. 

What Causes Windows Update Error 0x80070424?

  • Window Update Service

Here, at this stage, you must know what is happening in your Windows while updating it. Are all the services working properly? If not, try to resolve them. Otherwise, you will face the error code 0x80070424. 

  • Update System Files Registration

System files are the important components of your operating system. If they are safe and secured, you can run any update or program on Windows. The update requires system file registration. Their absence will not let you update Windows 10.

  • Low Storage

Low storage can also lead to error security (code 0x80070424). Any update and installation need space to download and save the file. If that is not available, you cannot update the Windows. 

0x80070424: Hardware Drivers

  • Hardware Drivers

Various hardware drivers are connected to the computer. The operating system manages all of them but they also create an issue sometimes and restrict any update in your system, including Windows updates.

  • Windows Update Standalone Installer Error 0x80070422

The (0x80070424) error appears because of updating your Windows via Windows Update Standalone Installer or Windows update added in the Computer Settings. Wusa.exe is a built-in facility & adopts “Window Update Agent API” downloading and installing Windows Update Packages. 


Fix: Windows Update Error 0x80070424

Irritated with Window update failure! Solutions are there. However, they will work as per the cause and Windows situation. Here! We will quote some tricks to update Windows successfully and resolve security code 0x80070424. Have a look.


Note: Arrange Data Backup – We know it is a general practice, yet on many occasions, users get no data backup while troubleshooting anything on the system and face data loss. So before moving forward with any fix, arrange the data backup. 

Restart and Try Again

After reviewing various IT experts’ views, we found that; Never run more than one update together. They can lead to the message: Code (0x80070424). Better to complete the first update and restart the system before completing another one. 

Windows Update Troubleshooter

It is the best choice for most of the issues users face nowadays. There was a time when you triggered this issue but didn’t have a guide and tool to check and resolve it. Microsoft gives this tool in Windows 10 for safe use. Follow the steps below.

  • Use “Winkey + I” for the “Setting Option.”
  • Go to “Update & security” and hit the “Troubleshoot Tab” for the “Window Update.” option
  • Keep in the highlight & press ” Run Troubleshooter.”


  • Directly type “Troubleshoot” in the search box of the “Setting” option and use the window update troubleshooter. 

Update Manually

For the manual update process, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog Website and add the KB number for the update. For feature updates, go to the Windows Update Assistant and click the Download button along with following the further on-screen instructions. 

Register System Files 

Register System Files.jpg

We have taken this issue before in the same context as a cause. Now we will try to resolve this cause created code: 0x80070424. Window update is possible with update packages taking the help of “.Dll” Format system files. Let us register them to complete the window update.

  • Winkey + R will open the “Run check box.” 
  • Enter “regsvr32 Qmgr.dll /s & regsvr32 Qmgrprxy.dll /s” one by one to reboot and run the update. 
  • The system files are registered now. 

Pause the Updates

Use the “Setting” option for “Update & Security” and then go to “Window Update”. Scroll down to the option “Pause Updates” to switch it on. Now, restart the computer after rebooting, and again visit the screen to switch the “Pause Updates” Off. It will clear all the updates and you are good to go without the interruption of (0x80070424). 

Enable Window Update Service

The failure also occurs with Windows services, like Background Intelligent Transfer Services/Workstation/Window Update. For that reason, you must try to resolve the problems. Here are the steps below.

  •  Type “services. msc” within the Run field and locate non-active services. 
  • Open them one by one with a double click of the mouse. Meanwhile, be sure! To check the Automatic and Running Mode of the service is selected. 
  • If not found, switch the “Startup Type” to “Automatic” and press the “Apply” button to start the service. Finally, complete the rebooting and resolve Windows Update error 0x80070424. 

Inactivate Antivirus

Inactivate the Antivirus

While indulging in a series of troubleshooting of Windows updates, try antivirus inactivation. Sometimes, these antiviruses (third-party) solutions block all the updated files. On the other hand, you can allow “Window Update Servers” by visiting the “Antivirus and Firewall” settings. 

Window Registry

Window registry is among the severe causes of Window updates. It is the most crucial component of Window OS. Fix the error with these steps.

  • Open the Run check box by pressing Winkey + R and type “Regedit” in it. 
  • Paste “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate” in the address bar.
  • Look for DisableWindowsUpdateAccess. Now, double-click with the “0” value setup.
  • Finally, enable “Windows Update” from “Registry” and restart the computer to check the update. 

System File Checker

System File Checker

Use the system file checker to scan and repair the files available on your computer or create issues with Windows 10 updates. You may need DISM to complete this. Kindly download this tool from the official link and start the procedure. 

Repair or Reinstall the Window

If nothing is working, try to go to the Setting option to repair the Windows or reinstall it. Make sure to reboot or restart it to check for the prevalence of the error. 


The Final Words

These methods are effective to troubleshoot codes (0x80070424). if used dedicatedly. We can’t say that they are enough because we don’t know what your Windows is exactly facing right now. However, these steps can resolve most of your PC and its issues. For any further assistance, you can always get back to us.