What is Aptio Setup Utility? Is your Asus laptop Stuck in Aptio Setup Utility? We have received several reports in recent months from owners of Asus-branded PCs from around the world stating that Aptio Setup Utility rather than Windows starts up whenever the computer/ laptop turns on. 

Therefore, in this specific article, you will be provided with an ultimate guide that will surely help you find your answers to the questions. Here, we will discuss some simple methods to resolve “aptio setup utility” on your device. Don’t wait anymore and continue reading the article.Causes of Aptio Setup Utility Asus

What do you Mean by Aptio Setup Utility?

The Aptio Setup Utility is a BIOS setup utility variant but exclusively includes along with Asus desktop laptops and desktops. There is a problem that many Asus PC customers have experienced and still experience where their computer keeps heading out with Aptio Setup Utility rather than the system software. A typical reason for an Asus to do this is because it is either unable to identify an operating system that it can boot into the hard drive or SSD.

Causes of Aptio Setup Utility Asus

Well, it does not matter all that much why it arose. The crucial element is that the difficulty can be associated with Aptio, which is the name they refer to their UEFI in the United States. As a consequence, it just never stops displaying after restarting. 

Additionally, the system did not include a corrupt file that had to be removed, which is an additional cause why the system was not able to boot. Alterations to your computer’s setup may possibly be to blame for this trouble. The startup does, though, sometimes not take effect. Hence, in this situation, you can verify to determine whether your Aptio configuration tool has any faults or hardware-related difficulties. 

Hence, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • First, select the Start menu option from the Aptio. Secondly, in order to activate CSM, click on it.
  • Then choose the Security option, look for Secure Boot Control, and disable it.
  • Upon verifying that you clicked ” yes “, you have to save and exit.
  • Start up your computer. For at least ten seconds throughout the restart, hold the F9 key.
  • Select the “Advanced starting” option. select “Advanced options,” the window recovery option now will emerge.
  • Now tap on “System Restore” and a date that occurred before the situation happened.

Methods To Fix Aptio Setup Utility

Here, we will discuss the simple methods/techniques to fix aptio setup utility BIOS. 

Method 1: Restart the Asus Devicerestart device

A number of people noted that merely restarting their computer solved the Aptio Setup Utility issues for them. Quite often the simplest remedies are the finest. This seems like a simple remedy, but a number of people indicate that this workaround was successful for them, therefore you may want to test it out. 

Simply perform a few resets on your device and examine for modifications.

Method 2: Install Windows Again

install window againThe system can be reinstalled once more if you are confident in the condition of your HDD and that it operates as it ought to. To be completely certain, you may use one of these programs to examine the integrity of your HDD.

You’ll essentially have to employ a different PC to make a portable medium, USB or DVD then seek to boot from that. The majority of consumers don’t have a restoration USB, therefore if you’re amongst some of the minority that is more prudent and does have one, make sure that you test it first before proceeding with a reinstallation.

Hence, to resolve problems with the Aptio BIOS utility and reinstall your system, just use the necessary steps:

  • First, on a different PC, download the Media Creation tool. By clicking on this link, you may achieve that.
  • Connect a suitable USB flash drive or a blank DVD.
  • Launch the Media Creation Tool, then agree to the license terms.
  • Click Next after selecting your chosen architecture, language, and edition. Select the version for which you have the licensing key.
  • You have two options for moving further if the setup download is complete: burn the ISO file to a DVD or continue using a USB drive.
  • When everything is ready, restart your computer.
  • The Boot section may be found in the Aptio Utility BIOS settings. The principal boot device ought to be a DVD-ROM or USB flash disc. Restart your PC after saving modifications.

The Windows setup documents must now begin to load. Everything should work out if you just follow the directions.

Method 3: Make an HDD or SSD Accessible by the Asus PChdd sdd

Your system may be having trouble setting up the detection of SSD and HDD if the hard drive and system are connected properly however the system continually displays Aptio Setup rather than the actual OS. Perhaps this is the source of the problem if the hard disc was upgraded or modified instead of the one that came with the computer. Take the following actions to fix this error:

  • First, stop your Asus computer from starting up and wait for the Aptio Setup Utility window to emerge.
  • Now, click the Secure Boot Control menu under Security, then make sure that the Secure Boot option is switched off.
  • Now, save and quit after making any necessary changes, then restart your computer and wait for Aptio Utility settings to reload.
  • Turn off the Secure Boot and Fast Boot under the Boot tab. Be careful to turn on Compatible Support Module.
  • Last, save the adjustments, then restart your Asus laptop.

Method 4: Restore Default Settings in the BIOS

Despite being straightforward, the aforementioned methods may not be beneficial for you. Probably return the PC’s BIOS to its factory settings. Additionally, by correcting the BIOS configuration error, you may be able to resolve other problems. Hence, to reset the BIOS, perform these simple stages:reset BIOS (Fix aptio setup utility)

  • First, restart the Asus PC to bring up the Aptio Setup Utility window.
  • Then, open Settings and check the choices for Factory reset or Reset Configuration Data.
  • Now, factory reset the BIOS, then save the modification. Later, log off and restart the computer.

Closing Lines

You now must have understood what the “Aptio Setup Utility” is and how you can fix the issue “aptio setup utility asus” if your computer gets stuck utilizing it all while running on windows 7, 8, 10, or 11. We hope it will be beneficial to you.

Also, let us know which method worked for you by leaving a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to fix the aptio setup utility problem?

Ans: To fix aptio setup utility problem, follow the steps below:

  • Restart the device.
  • Install Windows again.
  • Make an HDD or SSD accessible by the device.
  • Restore default settings in the BIOS.

Q2: How can I stop using the setup tool?

Ans: You can leave the BIOS setup tool by pressing the F10 key. By using the Enter key, you may save your choices and leave the Setup Confirmation dialogue box.

Q3: What do you mean by Apito Setup Utility?

Ans: American Megatrends created the BIOS configuration application known as the Aptio Setup Utility. Almost all ASUS PCs, including laptops and desktops, also include it as a standard component. A fantastic method to personalize communication across your devices is to use this software when your computer initially boots up.