Are you wondering about how to do your large file transfer? Any professional working in the business field particularly those working in the area of media. We always face this monumental perennial question of how to share large files. Today, in this blog we will tell you all about how to send big files. How to transfer big files? The steps to do the task of transferring big files. 

The Need to Transfer Big Files Large File Transfer

We have been professionals in the media field for the past few years now. Unless there is a physical handover of say pen drive and other such accessories. We are always vexed about a large file transfer. 

Say we are sending a few pictures and designs to a client. The large file transfer will also have to make sure the quality of the item doesn’t get damaged. We can’t send a 1080p video quality to a 480p. That would simply destroy my motif even if we find an easy way out of how to share large files. 

So over time, we have found a few viable methods. These methods allow us to send big files, the way they are. You can’t even transfer big files via mail because there is a limit of 25MB. The size of the document, basically mail, doesn’t allow for large file transfers. There are cloud storage spaces, and other synchronization programs all developed in resolving how to transfer large files. Here are the steps.  

How to Share Large Files? 

We will begin with how to share large files through the process of cloud upload. Once you’re done you can easily share the link and complete a large file transfer. 

Large File Transfer through Google DriveLarge File Transfer through Google Drive

The first time we tried uploading my 3.8GB of files through the mail. The mail is restricted, it can’t send large files, the message showed. You can send large files via the drive link. The user will click on the link and will be guided to the file location. How to share large files by uploading Google drive? 

  1. To transfer big files, go to Google Drive and right-click new
  2. Choose the file you are looking to upload. You can transfer large files up to a maximum length of 15GB here. 

Now it is time to share the large file you did on Google Drive. 

  1. Right-click the file you have uploaded. Then click on the Get Shareable link option. You can now transfer big files. 
  2. Share the link with the people you are going to send the large file. 

The users on the other end will receive the large file. They can access the large file transfer any time they choose to. 

In case, the large file you are dealing with is more than 15GB. It happened to me quite a couple of times. The process is to pay. We were not willing to pay the bucks so we found other ways to share large files. 

Large File Transfer Using OneDrive

Much like Google Drive, OneDrive allows the user to share large files. The process is pretty easy to follow. Once you’re done, you can transfer big files. 

  1. Log into your One Drive Account. Before beginning the process of how to send large files. We need to start with logging in first. Go to the Microsoft OneDrive site and enter your account details. 

Now is the time to transfer big files.

  1. Enter the OneDrive Interface. Click on Upload to perform the large file transfer. 
  2. Select the document or folder or file you’re looking to upload.  Enter the OneDrive Interface. Click on Upload to perform the large file transfer. 

          The large file can now be shared.

  1. Right-click on the file you have uploaded. Select Share. 
  2. A popup window will appear. Share the online address details of the person you are willing to send the large file transfer to. OneDrive allows multiple mail addresses together to send a large file all at once. 
  3. Select Send. 

Another way how to transfer larger files via OneDrive is to simply copy the link. The link copied to the larger file transfer can be shared with anyone from your clients to friends. 

The transfer of larger files though becomes an issue if the size crosses 5GB. If the size of the file you’re dealing with is more than 5GB. To perform the large file transfer, you need to pay. There is also another way. 

Ways to Transfer Larger Files through Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service and is widely used for large file transfer. Are you new to the usage of this application? Let’s figure out how to share large files via Dropbox. 

  1. Go to the official Dropbox site.
  2. Do sign up. As we discussed if you haven’t used Dropbox before for large file transfer. You will need to register. 
  3. After the registration and signing up are done. Click on Upload Files or Upload Folder. This is following what you’re sharing. 
  4. When the upload is done. Select Share.
  5. Similar to the previous, enter the email address here. There will be the option of creating the link. The link will aid in sharing the large file transfer.

The maximum limit to send big files is 2GB. Beyond that, the user will need to pay. 

How to Share Large Files via Synchronization Software?

Cloud Sharing generally comes with a size cap. There are instances when we are searching for how to transfer larger files. To perform this task and to do away with the size limit Synchronization Software comes to the fore. mini tool

We would suggest downloading the MiniTool ShadowMaker. The application will allow sending a large file for free. There is also the option of purchasing an advanced edition of the MiniTool ShadowMaker. 

The interface is user-friendly and would do the job of how to share large files easily.

Now You Know About How to Share Large Files

We have given you a multitude of options. Which one did you use for large file transfer? Weren’t the steps easy to follow? Once you get the hang of it. The entire ordeal becomes much more headache free. Do the large file transfer after that as many times as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best way to transfer large files?

The best way to transfer large files is through Google Drive. There are many other options including DropBox or OneDrive. The problem with Cloud sharing is that they come with a size limit.

If you are looking for a larger file transfer that goes beyond the size limit. Use file Synchronization software. We would suggest MiniTool ShadowMaker.

Q2. How can I send 20 GB for free?

You have to use File Synchronization software to perform this task the easy way. Many do the job for free. MyAirBridge or MiniTool ShadowMaker or RaySynx are other good options.

Q3. How can I send 100GB of files for free?

DropBox transfer allows up to 100GB of file-sharing space. The creative tools add-on extends that limit to 250GB. They do not fill up any space in the user’s DropBox account. 

There is also RaySync doing a similar job. RaySync has gained a lot of popularity owing to its reliability.