Just read on, once you know all the to-do’s, there is no stopping from that happy gaming feel is there?

Roblox is among the most popular online game streaming arcades out there on the internet. If you are reading this article chances are you have participated in playing a few of the more than twenty million games available on the platform by different users.

We play games for all our escapades and enthrallment and something we all hate to see is error codes coming in the way of that precious time we all wait for to unwind and have some fun. Roblox Error Code 279 is amongst the most popular bugs one is likely to encounter if you’re quite a regular now and then at the platform. I remember when error 279 Roblox constantly kept getting in my way. 

Roblox Error Code 279

Over time I have found my way through the error code 279 and today I am writing down all the hacks to get past that annoying Roblox error 279 code. So read on next you don’t have to exhale in disappointment when you see the error appearing on your screen.

What is Roblox Error Code 279

These days, more and more people are playing Roblox. However it’s also true that the game has been facing some serious problems lately with many players reporting error code 279 when trying to connect their account or even logging into games at all! We are not sure what might be causing this issue but one thing is certain – if you see an “error 17” message on your screen then there is likely something wrong somewhere along either route from where they’re coming into our network.

Causes for the Roblox Error Code 279

Here is a sneak peek into the causes of the Roblox Error 279 to get you an overview of the prevalence of this error.

Slow Internet at User’s End

Error 279 Roblox, as discussed in a very popular bug and takes shape for a variety of reasons,

Slow Internet at User’s End

The common one in the lot is the poor internet connection.  A lack of a strong internet will make it hard for your apparatus to connect to the servers of the game. This can also give rise to other Roblox errors like Roblox error 503, General Connection problems, etc. When such a problem takes place, error code 279 Roblox will always eventually show up on your screen, a failure to connect would mean, you would see a message, (ID=17: Connection Attempt Failed) (Error Code 279). 

There is something easily solvable, and once the internet is back on, strong enough to connect to the server, error code 279 Roblox will disappear and the game will be back on.

Firewall Misrecognition

Firewall Misrecognition

Windows Firewall is our shield from all kinds of malware. Our system is protected from all external threats that might harm our system through the constant use of the Internet. There is a misrecognition that occurs though, recognizing the component various software of the game as a threat blocking it thereby. The games can’t connect to the servers and the Roblox error 279 takes up space on our screens. 

To get rid of the error code 279 Roblox one needs to turn it off or change the allowances options. Once that is taken care of, error 279 will no longer bother us and come in between the screen and the gameplay.

Developer Issues

Roblox is a massive gaming arcade and each of the games always often receives advanced downloads and updates and notifications for the same, the chances of bugs and glitches creeping in from the variety of software are not beyond the realm of possibility. When such a malfunction occurs, Roblox error code 279 prevails. 

The user can’t do much about the given situation herein, since the problem is at the other end with the programming. Chances are the developers are always on the hunt for such errors in their coding, and once they find the bug Roblox error 279 appearings, they will fix the error code 279 sooner.

Fixing the Problems

  • Turning off Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall plays a key factor in the displaying of the error 279 Roblox. As discussed earlier, to get rid, turn the firewall off and subsequently run a check, if the message of Roblox error 279 has vanished, you’re good.  Here is how to do it:

Turning off Windows Firewall

  • Right Click on the Start menu search for and go to Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Search for the option on the left side, Turn Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click on both the public and the private options.
  • Make sure you click OK

If Firewall was the main culprit behind your problem, error code 279 will instantly disappear, the time you start it again.

  • Browsers Support and Updation

It does happen at times, a Roblox error 279 can appear if the user has not downloaded Roblox and is playing through the browser. Such a case where resulting from accessing the games through an unsupported browser, the user will encounter the error code 279. 

One needs to check if the browser they are using is or is not supporting Roblox and if the browser is completely updated, once done, the user will get rid of the Roblox error 279 messages.

  • Temporary Disabling of Third Party Antivirus

Several Third Party Antivirus like Kaspersky or Avast can often act as a blockage. Any software that disturbs the connection of the game to the servers will result in Roblox error 279. To get rid of this, temporarily disable the antivirus and check if the error code 279 Roblox has persisted or gone. If the problem is solved, add an extension for Roblox, or use your antivirus and do not use third-party software. Once seen, Roblox error code 279 will disappear.

  • Disabling of the Add-Ons in your Browser Temporarily

The Ad-blocker is a great tool when visiting different sites for quick and fast information and other purposes, it serves us free from the annoying hassle of blocking Ads time and again, but these Add-Ons can also serve as another blockage of the connection between your system and the Roblox servers, in such cases it is common to see the message of error code 279 Roblox. 

Again to free oneself from such an unwanted burden of blockage, set the settings of Add-Ons, one can usually do it on settings itself to disable and the Roblox error 279 messages will say bye.

  • Port Problems and Port Forward

The case of the user’s network not being in amongst the supportive ports is a pretty common issue. There is no need to panic again we have got you covered here, to eliminate the message of Roblox error code 279, do the following steps:

Port Problems and Port Forward

  • Your router’s portal, you need to log in there.
  • Check the option Port Forward
  • Enter the IP address
  • 49152-65535 enter this number in the port range.
  • Restart the router and you are good to go

The error code 279 is likely to go away once you follow this process, once you have gotten away with the error 279 Roblox, happy gaming to you.


Q1. What is error code 279 in Roblox?

Error code 279 Roblox is one of the most popular bugs users face while using the platform, the occurrence of such can be due to a variety of underlying issues including that slow internet, third-party antivirus software, and unsupportive ports. 

The unsupported browser is an everyday issue with regard to Roblox error code 279. Once the protocols are followed, chances are the games will run smoothly and the user will be free of the error 279 Roblox message.

Q2. How to fix Roblox, not loading games? 

The issues could be various but the solutions are all very easy, there can be slow internet at the user’s end, Roblox servers might be down. Windows firewall might be blocking connection to the servers. 

To solve, restart the Roblox application, or restart your system, check the internet connection, date, and time, any messages that might display Roblox error code 279 or error code 279 Roblox or Roblox error 279, will be all done away with.