Minecraft is one of the most popular games among kids. A 3D game where you can build, play and have fun at a time. An online lego in which you can build anything. Endless possibilities in the building are one of the reasons why it is so popular. But you know what this game can also have?? Minecraft commands and Minecraft cheats are getting popular these days. If you want to know more about this then keep yourself with the article. Minecraft Commands

What are Minecraft Commands?

Minecraft Commands are the shortcuts that offer you critical inputs in managing your world on your own terms. These commands can change the world instantly from killing your enemy to killing all other players available on now.gg Minecraft. Some people find it cheating but we find it more as a time savior option available to you.  Through this, you can simply get into the game you want to be in. 

There are various possibilities that one may consider. From managing weather, plants to your co-players, everything can be done with just a click of command. Just to help you out with the command we have jolted down every single detail.

How Should One Enter Minecraft Commands?all minecraft commands

After having information on what are Minecraft commands. You probably have a question in your mind about how one should use commands so don’t worry because we have got your back. To help you get started with the commands, we have enlisted detailed steps for you below. You just need to follow them in order to use commands.

While creating a new Minecraft edition, you must have got a prompt saying “would you wish to allow cheats” you must click on allow to get started with the commands.

  1. After allowing and loading the game you need to click “C”
  2. The Minecraft command block will come up here you need to enter a command.

Target Selector

If you want to target your friends, your enemy, and any entity then there are some shorthand techniques through which you can simply target them. Although targeting is easy and also makes your game easier and more delightful. You just need to use these shortcuts to target. It is necessary to put “@’ before the shortcut. 

  • If you want to target the nearest player @p 
  • To target random players use @r 
  • If you want to target all players type @a 
  • For all entities type @e 
  • Entity executing the command type @s 

Through these target selectors, you can set any target without typing their full name. So, using these shortcuts probably would make your playing compatible.

Minecraft Commands List

Most of the players enjoy playing Minecraft because of commands. You can also use commands easily. All you need to do is keep reading & find out what command you want in your game and just use that.

Minecraft Teleport Commands

/Tp[target players’ name] x y z

One of the most useful and basic commands is the teleport command; one can simply use this to get anywhere in the game. You can use the name of the player to get his or her location. This way users can teleport your character. 



This command is useful in giving stackable objects to your friend. Also, it is easier to give a single item to your friend. You just need to put the player name and item name in the command. 

Weather Minecraft Commands

/weather weatherType

This command allows you to choose what weather type you want in the game. As weather plays an important role in the game. Sometimes it is important to access sunlight and water. This is because of its realness in the virtual world.  



In this command, you need to enter the name of another person whom you wanna kill. This surely will make your game much easier.

Creative Mode

/gamemode creative

Changing the mode of the game can make your game more interesting as it would allow you to fight with endless resources and also stop mobs from attacking you.

Change difficulty to peaceful

/difficulty peaceful

This will change your level of gaming. You can use other options as well such as easy, hard, and normal.

Minecraft Commands list

Stop Time

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

This command will make your game more delightful. As this name suggests, time will stop, and this command will allow you to work in daylight throughout the game.

Keep Your Inventories Alive

/gamerule keepInventory true

This command will help you to make sure that your inventories won’t get over if you die. So that after dying you can transfer it to your friend.



This tool will freeze every mob coming your way to attack you.



This command is very much useful as you can make copies of any inventory you want.



We have provided you with all the details regarding all Minecraft commands list available in the game. Hoping all the commands and cheats are clear to you. If you are using any one of them then you must be enjoying the game. If you still feel stuck anywhere then you may reach out to us 24×7.


Q1. How to turn on cheats in Minecraft after you made the world?

While playing the game you need to click the “ESC” key to open the main menu of the game. After that, select LAN then you can see the option of cheats and turn it on.

Q2. How to teleport someone to you in Minecraft?

You can simply teleport any player. You just need to type their username before the coordinates. 

Q3. How to use a command block in Minecraft?

A command block can be executed if activated by Redstone power. You can simply give commands in it. You can modify this as well.

Q4. How to get a command block in Minecraft?

You can simply get the command block by typing  /give @p command_block in the chat box.