Selecting between two options is always difficult. Especially when both of the options are as great as Samsung 970 Evo Plus Vs 980 pro. But here is a full guide for you to compare both of these devices and have an easy selection process for choosing your SSD. From its introduction to its features, everything is placed on your plate to fill your appetite for a good SSD. So what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

Samsung 970 Evo Plus and 980 Pro

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970 EVO Plus

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980 PRO

Digital Storage Capacity: 2TB
Hard Disk Form Factor: 2280 Inches

What are Samsung 970 Evo Plus and 980 Pro?

Samsung 970 EVO plus and 980 pro are two variants of the very popular SSD by Samsung. These are the devices that provide you amazing read and write speed increasing the performance speed. Available in a number of storage capacities and colors, this device by Samsung is a real gem if you are looking for a good SSD for your device. Samsung being one of the most popular technical device providers brings to you the best of the SSD in the market right now. For the price point and the service it provides, it is something worth your one-time investment.

Samsung 970 Evo Plus vs 980 Pro

But as there is more than just one option available for your choice, it becomes hard to make your choice. Here we are going to help you make your choices without much difficulty. This comparison of EVO 970 vs 980 benchmarks is going to help you gather all the required information that you need to have before selecting the appropriate SSD for yourself.

Samsung 970 Evo Plus vs 980 Pro

To make a comparison between Samsung 980 Vs 970 Evo Plus, we need to look deep into the features that they possess. As these features are something that is going to make it clear for the user to know which variant sits perfectly for their needs. So to make this comparison of 980 Pro vs 970 EVO easy to understand, we will look at the features of both of them and then make a comparison between them.

1. Price

The first and foremost thing that anyone would look out for would be the price that the device has. It should be charged according to the features it provides as price can be a deal breaker and deal maker. Let’s see the price of Samsung 980 Vs 970 Evo Plus.

  • 970 EVO Plus: The price ranges according to the capacity you are buying. Here is a list of all the prices according to the different capacities of the device.

Parallel ATA (Types of hard drives)

250 GB – $53.25

500 GB – $ 84.67

1 TB – $ 156.93

2 TB – $ 314.02

  • 980 PRO: The pricing goes the same way for this variant too. Given below are the price of  980 Pro according to the capacity it provides.

Parallel ATA (Types of hard drives)

250 GB – $ 73.67

500 GB – $ 128.66

1 TB – $ 235.48

2TB – $ 455.40

There is a clear distinction between the price ranges between both of these devices and it is quite clear that the 980 Pro is costlier than 970 EVO Plus.

2. Storage

Storage is one of the prime factors that affects the choice of user when selecting a device. Now different users  have different requirements in terms of the storage capacity. 

Having a wide range of variety in the storage option can be helpful as then you can satisfy different requirements of the people. Given below are the storage capacity comparison between Samsung 970 Evo plus Vs 980 Pro.

  • 970 EVO Plus: this brings you the following mentioned storage options: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB.
  • 980 Pro: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, and  2 TB are all the variants in terms of safety provided by this SSD of Samsung 980 Pro.

3. Speed


In the times when the world is moving so fast, we need our devices to be faster. Speed plays an important role in the standing out of a device. It is one of the prime features of an SSD. Let us see which among the Samsung 980 vs 970 Evo Plus.

  • 970 EVO Plus: The subsequent read speed that it brings for your device is 3500 Mbps The write speed provided by this SSD is 3300 MBps.
  • 980 Pro: The read speed of this SSD is 7000 MBps and the subsequent write speed is  5000 MBps.

In terms of speed 980 Pro takes a long lead from 970 EVO Plus. This makes the 980 Pro a more preferable option for people who are looking for a SSD with a good read and write speed.

4. Warranty

This feature or element is responsible for the security and safety of the device and the user often looks out for the options that would provide them a good warranty period so that they become a bit relaxed from their end. We are going to see the provided warranty in this Samsung 980 Vs 970 Evo Plus

  • 970 EVO: The warranty period provided with sSamsung’s970 EVO Plus is for 5 years. This is quite a good warranty period provided and would easily satisfy the user.
  • 980 Pro: The warranty period for this too runs the same that is for 5 years.

Now in terms of the warranty period both of these devices provide the same services which nullify the issue of which one is better in this aspect.

5. Software and Game

The amount of time a SSD takes to respond to a certain software or a game is one of its vital features & this becomes a prime need for many users. Let’s have a look at this 970 EVO vs 980 Pro what is the response time of both of these variants for the games and software. In this feature, some software is easily accessed by 970 EVO Plus and some by the 980 Pro. 

But to make a broader difference in the response timing between Samsung 970 Evo Plus Vs 980 Pro, then the 980 Pro has quicker response time to maximum softwares and games. Thus, this makes it a better choice for people looking for something with a quick response time.



The confusion while making choices for your device is something that puts us in a tough spot. To bring some ease to you all while you struggle with choosing the correct variation of Samsung’s SSD. What t should be between Samsung 980 vs 970 Evo Plus? What should be your choice? 

This comparison guide makes it easier for you to decide which one is better. Which one is a wiser choice depends on what your preferences are, so read the above-mentioned article and make the right choice for yourself. Hope this article came out to be of some help in finding a solution to your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What’s better 970 EVO Plus or 980 pro?

Although both of these options are great for your use, if talking about which option is better for you then the 980 Pro is better as it provides better performance in terms of speed, response timing, and the general working. So it can be said that the 980 Pro is better than the 970 EVO Plus.

2. Is it worth getting a 980 pro? 

Yes, getting a 980 Pro is worth it as this SSD provides you with the brilliant features of fast response timing, great storage capacity, amazing speed, and a user-oriented warranty. All these qualities make getting a 980 Pro worth it.

3. Is 980 pro faster than 970 pro? 

Yes, the 980 pro is faster than the 970 pro because it has the read, write, and IOPS  speed.The read speed of the 980 pro is 7000 MBps and write speed is 5000 MBps. On the other hand, the read speed for 970 Pro is 3500 MBps and the write speed is 2700 MBps. This difference very clearly explains how 980 pro is faster than 970 pro.