Is your Roblox also disconnecting you every time you try to play any game? If yes then you might be facing the very common Roblox Error code 277, also called the general error 277.‎

Roblox is a multiplayer platform that provides numerous opportunities to all gaming enthusiasts out there. This is one of the most popular gaming sites available for players as well as game creators. As per the data collection, there are millions of active users on Roblox who use it thoroughly. Now such active usage can sometimes be hindered by technical bugs that we call Errors. One such error is Roblox error code 277.

What is Roblox Error Code 277? 

There are various errors that can occur while assessing such websites. Although one of the most common and most worn out one is Error code 277.

Roblox Error code 277

This is an Error that happens mainly due to loss of connectivity. Your game might not respond and will try to connect again due to lost connection. This will affect your character in the game as it won’t move or do anything due to the glitch. This Error is very annoying as it comes without any warning and just freezes the screen disabling the player to access the game. 

Why are you Encountering Roblox Error Code 277? 

There can be a number of reasons for the appearance of such an error, which may include the glitch from the user’s as well the site’s side. Following are some of the main reasons behind this recurring error :

  • Windows Corruption

Windows Corruption

If you are using Roblox on your PC , then you should check the status of your window system files. Sometimes the corruption of the Windows leads to such an error to disrupt your majestic gaming experience. 

  • Disruption in the Roblox Server

As it is very clear that Roblox is a platform with millions of users, hence its servers can sometimes go down resulting in the loss of connection. This lost connection can evolve into Error 277.As Roblox needs its own maintenance and during that process it sometimes can go down resulting in such Errors. 

  • Technical glitches in a particular game

There is a slight possibility that the game you are playing may be going through some glitches . Also sometimes overcrowding of connections over a game can act as a reason to disconnect the player which is basically why the Error 277 is seen on your screens

  • Increased Number of Cache Files

Sometimes this freezing of games that causes such frustration in your heads can be just a result of an increased number of cache files of the game you are accessing and with just a single clearing of such cache files will solve your problem the quickest. 

  • Losing your Internet Connection

Internet Connection Lost

Your frustration may be real when your game freezes in the midst and you might be searching for all the ways possible to get through it. But sometimes it’s just the problem with your internet connection that leads to such errors. We might do everything and anything but leave behind checking if our internet source has a proper access required for the game. Hence this becomes one of the reasons you face error code 277 roblox.

How Can You Fix Roblox Error 277? 

Getting a connection loss on a frozen screen in the middle of a game, then you might be facing Error 277 in Roblox. But no worries you got everything sorted in the given instructions below from treating and fixing Roblox Error 277. There are different ways that can cater to your problem of dealing with Error 277 according to the cause of your problem. Follow these ways to resolve Roblox Error 277 and other related errors like Roblox error 279 & resume your gaming without any hurdles:

Try Out a Different Connection

Sometimes the root cause of facing this error can be an improper internet connection. So you should first of all make sure you have access to a good internet connection so that it’s not your end causing the disabling of the server of your games. 

Use Utility Tool for Error Code 277

This is a specialized tool to cater to the issue on your windows. So if you are using Roblox on your PC this is what you should go for. Follow the given steps to use the utility tool to get rid of Error 277 & it can even resolve Roblox error 901:

  • Download the utility tool for Error code 277 according to the operating system you are using. 
  • After downloading, install the software and click on the “scan now” option. 
  • This would allow the software to scan your system and bring up the problems. 
  • Now you will see the option “Fix”, click on it. 
  • After the process is done make sure to restart your device and you will be very much in a resolved state. 

Access Roblox Compatibility Mode

Roblox sometimes faces compatibility issues with your system. For resolving that you need to run a compatibility setting. Now you might think how would you do that, don’t worry you have got everything sorted in the steps given below:

  • Firstly go to the Start button of your window
  • Click on the “Run” button in the taskbar
  • Now click on the run program made for previous version of Windows
  • Click on “okay” and let the Troubleshooter  find the problems
  • Next, you will be presented with a list of problems. 
  • You would find Roblox in the list, now add it to the recommended option. 
  • After all these steps restart your device and you are all done with solving Error code 277.Roblox error code 277

Get Rid of Log and Cache Files

Sometimes your system gets flooded with a lot of unnecessary files which take a lot of space. Not only do they take a lot of space but they also cause glitches and bugs in your games. So, in order to fix your Error 277 in Roblox, you should get those log and cache files removed for a smooth gaming experience.

 Roblox Error code 277


Error 277 in Roblox is not as complex and can be easily handled by you just by following the steps given above. Roblox can face such glitches as it is a platform with so many users making such technical glitches common. But it’s really easy to fix them and the above instructions would make it even easier for you to deal with and continue with the smoothest gaming experience.


1. Why does Roblox keep disconnecting me? 

The reason why you are constantly being disconnected by Roblox would be due to Error 277. This kind of Error is triggered by the following reasons, make sure you go through each one of them to get your problem sorted. 

  • No connection from the game server
  • Improper internet connection
  • Overloading of cache files and log files
  • Roblox running down for maintenance 
  • Technical issues with your game 
  • Browser not supporting Roblox. 

2. How to stop Roblox from crashing? 

Is your Roblox Crashing whenever you try to access it, no need to worry here is what you need to do. Whenever you face the problem of your Roblox crashing just check on the given points to get your problem fixed. 

  • Disable your antivirus
  • Try reinstalling your Roblox
  • Clear cache files
  • Update your windows
  • Clear all the tabs of your device
  • Relaunch Roblox
  • Check the servers of Roblox