Do you want to enjoy some free music without troubling your internet? Well, enjoying music without even using your internet and without paying any subscription is possible. But how can you do so? Don’t worry. We have covered you all in the below article. In this special blog, you are going to meet the top 8 ways through which you can get free music saved in your internal storage without doing many struggles. You just need to read the complete article all the way through its conclusion and get the question “how to download music to your phone” resolved in easy ways.

8 Ways To Download Music To My Phone

how to download music to your phone

Music has been an integral part of our lives, helps us to maintain good mindful thoughts, and also can resolve much stress easily. However, a lot of research has shown that music can lessen the effect of anxiety and stress on one’s mind. But triggering your daily data for playing music can be exhausting sometimes. Hence, we have prepared the top 8 ways through which you can resolve the questions like how to download music to your phone.  

1. In-app Music Download

In-app downloading is the first option that will come to your head when it comes to downloading music with HD quality, as there are so many websites floating on the internet and the Play Store. You may have listened to it prior as well. The well-known apps are  Spotify, Amazon Music, and Youtube music. You can download these apps on your devices and save the music in the app for listening to them while not connected to the internet.

These apps come with the too-easy download procedure, as easy as just tapping the download icon coming in front of your song. However, you are required to download the app and pay a subscription amount for it. These apps are completely free to use. If you want to use the app to its full potential, then you are required to purchase a subscription plan. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, then you can use other below-written ways to  mp3 songs free download for mobile offline.

2. CD Ripper

CD rippers can be the easiest and most convenient way to put music on the phone. You can simply copy and paste a CD’s files on your PC. the files that will paste to your device will be saved in WMA, WAV, or MP3 file format. Further, you can move these files to your phone and play them whenever you need to play them. 

mp3 songs free download for mobile offline

If you use an iOS device, then also you can use iCloud to transfer your files to your phone without taking up space from your internal storage. This way, I hope you got the answer to how do I download music to my phone. Before getting into any method, you must make sure that your internet is working properly; for that, you can use ethernet splitters too.

3. Download Stored Audio Files From the Cloud

Using the cloud for downloading mp3 music for free is the easiest and most accessible option for android users. You can use any storage-saving app rather than iCloud, such as google drive, one drive. Well, using this method won’t even take up storage space on your phone. Also, you can use any source for downloading on your PC. 

To use this method, you just need to download the music file you need and save it in the app through your PC, and you are good to access your music files through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. Must note, if your Gmail app is crashing, then you must rectify it first and then go to use google drive for saving music.

4. Use a Browser To Get Music Downloaded 

As you download different music on your PC through the browser, you can do this on your phone and get the answer to how to download music to your phone for free. You must be too precise while downloading the music as you have to give the song name, and you won’t be getting any suggestions for making your playlist. 

One thing that you must keep in mind as there are so many websites on the internet helping you to let you download the music of your choice, but there are those websites that are ready to supply malware and bugs into your system. Hence, you must choose a trusted and secure website to download the music.  

5. YouTube Video Downloader

You can even enjoy youtube video music offline by downloading the full videos of your favorite songs. One thing that you must keep in mind, That downloading a video from youtube is fine until you are not posting it to any other social media site, as the content may have a copyright, and posting it can trigger the owner. However, you are all good to use it for your personal use. 

YouTube Video Downloader

Another way that you can use is YT to mp3 converters. You can convert the videos to mp3 versions, and then you are all set to listen to them without the internet and wherever you want to. Now, the question of how to download music on Android is resolved.

6. Sideloaded Apps For Android

If you want to download youtube video’s audio content only, then you are good to go for sideloaded apps. Sideloaded apps are not allowed in some areas. Thus, you must check your local advisory for using sideloaded apps. However, you will also not be able to find the app on the play store or app store, as these apps are restricted in the App Store.

Moreover, if you are an android user, then you are all good to use these apps, and if you are using an IOS device, then you won’t be able to use this method as it won’t allow you to get into the app. Let’s check the sideloaded apps that you can download for extracting audio from any youtube video. 

  • YMusic

There are several songs that you won’t be able to find anywhere except youtube. Downloading that song may seem like a kind of battle. In that case, the Ymusic app will help you with your full potential. You can extract the mp3 of any video into your internal storage easily. With this app, you can download any music video within a few clicks with this app. You can download the app from its original website. 

  • Fildo

Fildo is another excellent app that you can use as the gateway between youtube videos and their Mp3 audio. You can simply download any of your favorite songs for free from this app. Also, this is a secure option that will enable you to access free music and resolve how to download songs.

7. Recording Built-in Phone Audio

Recording Built-in Phone Audio

In many PCs, there is a build option to record the audio that is playing on the device. If you are using the latest version of ios, then you will get this feature on your device. You can use this feature to extract audio from any video. Or you can simply use other apps through which you can extract audio and save it to your system at whatever destination you want to.   

Why am I Not Able To Play Music After Downloading?

If you have downloaded a music file on your device but are not able to play them, then there can be two responsible for it. Maybe the device you are using does not have the music player app, which is why you are not able to play the music. Another thing is that you may have downloaded the music file in some different format which creates a hassle for you while playing the music.

To resolve it, you will require to download the ideal audio format, such as MP3. Moreover, if your device doesn’t have an audio playback app, then you are required to download an app for it as well. Our choice for this is AIMP for Android and Vox for iOS. The best part of using these apps is that these apps are completely free and safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I download audio from Google?

You can simply download any file from google by right-clicking on the file and selecting the option to ‘download’ or ‘save audio as.’ However, on phones, you can simply select ‘more’ a three dots option to save a file on your device. 

Q2. How can I download music for free?

There are so many ways through which you can download music for free on your device. The most well-known way through which you can download music is to get into the browser and open any website on which you can download MP3 music for free. However, you can find so many websites floating on the internet to provide you with free MP3. Search the song name along with the mp3 download and get the results.

Q3. Can I download music from Spotify?

Yes, you can download the music from Spotify, but it won’t get saved in your device’s internal storage. Hence, you will only be able to play the music when you use the app. 


Music is the best therapy, but it can be triggering to your internet too. To resolve this, you must be thinking of downloading the music you need. However, we have presented a detailed guide about how to download music to your phone for free. There are a total of 7 ways through which you can do mp3 songs free download for mobile offline. If you are still left with any queries, then you can connect us anytime.