Are you unable to make transactions with the cash app? Facing ‘server lost’ or ‘payment declined’ problems frequently with the cash app? If so, then this guide is for you. We compiled eight surefire ways through which you can get your cash app working again easily. In the article below, we have discussed all the possible reasons why is cash app not working. From server problems to outdated apps, we have covered them all along with the accurate ways to resolve them. You just need to read the whole article all the way through its conclusion.     

Why My Cash App is Not Working?

Why My Cash App is Not Working?

If your cash app is not working, then here are some of the reasons that you must know before getting into the resolving methods, as the reasons will give us a better insight into how one can actually resolve the issue. Let’s check them out. 

  • Server Problem: If the app is in the process of its development, then you are likely to encounter the issue of payment declination or lost connection. It can also happen on websites as well.
  • Lousy Internet: Generally, payment apps require a high-end internet connection to work efficiently. If you are not able to provide your app with a high-end internet speed, then you will definitely be going to face the issue of cash app referral not working. 
  • Wrong PIN: If you enter the wrong PIN while doing a transaction, then also your payment will fail, and you will end up asking why is my cash app not working. Hence, you need to remember the exact password, or you will have to reset your password.
  • Outdated App: Outdated apps won’t help you to achieve the efficiency you want from the app. It won’t allow you to use it with the latest scanners and will result in a decline in transactions.
  • Unwanted Cache: If your app has too much data, then it won’t be able to perform well and efficiently. In that case, you will need to remove extra data to let it work in a better way.

8 Ways To Fix If Your Cash App is Not Working

Now, you are aware of the reasons why your cash app is not able to work on your device. Hence, the time has come to know more about it by diving into the resolving method. We have provided you with the top 8 methods through which you get your cash app working again and get easy access to cash app transactions and cash app loans to meet your expenses. So without further ado, let’s get into the process. 

1. Cash App Servers

You must check the cash app servers; if the problem is with the server from the app’s end, then you can not do anything except wait for them to get it resolved. Sometimes, app developers try to resolve the problem or work on something related to the app, which is why the server goes down; hence it may create some problems with the efficiency of the app. 

In that case, you will need to wait for them to get the matter resolved. Well, your cash app will inform you prior if something like this is going to happen. Furthermore, there are various sites on the internet that can help you to know if your cash app is down. You can test with those sites to know the reason if your app hasn’t informed you earlier. Well, there are so many app that stops working when there is a server issue, such as Snapchat won’t open if the server of the app is not working well. 

2. Improvise Internet Connection

Improvise Internet Connection

Another possible solution that you can try to improve the efficiency of your cash app is improving your internet connection. Most of the cash app needs a high-end internet connection. Otherwise, it can show up with the issue of the cash app not working. Hence, you must ensure that you are using a proper internet connection. You can toggle your wifi and restart it if the problem is with your internet. You must try restarting your Wi-fi. If you are using the phone’s internet, then you can simply toggle to airplane mode to refresh your internet. Moreover, you can test your internet speed too. You can use an ethernet splitter and cable to power up your internet connection.

3. Update The Cash App

Upgrading your cash app can resolve the issue of why is cash app not working. Maybe the version you are having is the older version, which you need to upgrade. An older version won’t be compatible with the upgraded scanners and other related things. Well, it is one of the easiest fixes to perform. As you just need to get into the play store and upgrade the app. And the task is done; check if you can transfer your money or not. Upgradation is very important if you don’t upgrade your device and apps, then you are more likely to encounter Gmail app crashing and other issues.  

4. Clear Unnecessary App Data

Clear Unnecessary cash App Data

A possible solution that you must perform is clearing your cash app data. The unnecessary cache of the app can trigger the efficiency of the app. Hence, you must keep clearing this cache to avoid the problems related to the cash app not working on android. Let’s check how you can clear your cash app cache.

  • Launch your device settings and click the general option. 
  • Tap iPhone storage and then locate the cash app you are using. 
  • Now, select delete the app.
  • Now, when you have deleted the app, you are required to reinstall it. 

While deleting, you will encounter a prompt asking that it will delete all the data. You must click confit as you are required to clear the cache. 

5. Change Your PIN

If you enter the wrong PIN, then again, your app won’t work. Many times, a user forgets the correct PIN, as you may be trying to enter it after an extended period. Well, to rectify this situation, you will need to change your PIN. You must remember your PIN this time. However, the question that comes in here is how one can change the cash app PIN. Here, we have enlisted easy steps through which you can change your PIN easily.   

  • Launch your cash app.
  • Click your profile icon, coming in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Locate privacy and security option.
  • Here, you will see the change pin option; click it.
  • This will require your face ID. after getting verified; you will be able to reset the PIN. 

6. Use the Website

Use the Website cash app

If your cash app is not working on android, then you can simply consider using a website of the same app, as websites are more reliable and efficient when it comes to performance. Maybe the problem is with the app. Hence, you must try to get into the Website. However, if you are confused about using the website, then you must not worry about it, as the website has almost the same functions and interface as the app does.  If you have the same issue you are getting with the website too, then you must contact and check the other possible causes and the ways to rectify the problem.

7. Contact Bank Branch

If you have found that the problem is not with the app, then you must ensure that the problem is at your end not. For this, you may need to check your bank account’s server. Maybe the bank server is down, which is why you are not able to make any payment and getting the issue of ‘cash app not working on my phone.’

However, banks can decline your transaction for a number of reasons. So you must contact your bank as it will be the most convenient way to come out of the problem. Maybe your bank has not identified the cash app; hence you will require to give your cash app number to the bank to carry forward your transaction.  

8. Consider Using Customer Support 

If none of the above methods have worked for you, then you must come to this method, as this will definitely resolve your queries. You must contact customer support to rectify the issue easily. You can message them, or you can search for their customer support number. The support system supervisor will assist you in a better way for what the problem exactly is and how you can rectify the cause. 

Alternative To Cash App

If you are unable to rectify the issue from the above methods and want to transfer some amount urgently to someone, then this section is specially designed for you. Here, we are coming up with some best alternatives for cash apps through which you can actually transfer money instantly if your cash app is not working with debit card or with any means. Let’s check them out.

1. Venmo App

When it comes to transferring the amount or receiving money from a friend, the most trusted and secure app that will come into your mind is Venmo. It has always been helpful and efficient to use every time. It’s server and everything is on point. You can use this app to send or receive money in your account as an alternative to the cash app. 

Moreover, it doesn’t charge any kind of platform fees or any transferring fees. It also comes with some social features; you can interact with your friends and family on the platform without any restrictions. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that the app has the potential for some risks and fraud, as with every other financing app. Well, you just need to be more careful whenever you make payments through the app.    

2. PayPal App

PayPal App

Another popular app that comes after Venmo is PayPal. PayPal is widely used in the world. Paypal is the most convenient app that has been used for years. It won’t charge you money for using its platforms. It takes money from the merchants as it is a more reliable option for their business. 

This app is highly secure, and its easy user interface lets anyone use it without hassles. Paypal is very tough when it comes to the security of its customer’s accounts; it takes no time to freeze the account, which can make things difficult for the user sometimes. Anyways, the app is highly reliable to use, and you can use the app when your cash app doesn’t perform well. 

3. ATM Cards

If you are not likely to use any other app to transfer money, then you can simply make your payments in cash. You can use your debit card to take some money from your nearby ATM to resolve the urgent crunch of money. Well, this method won’t fail you in any way. Thus, you can consider using ATMs in the place of cash apps if it is not working.  

4. Apple Pay

The most reliable and efficient solution for my cash app not working is apple pay. You can use Apple Pay as the best alternative for any financing app. Using Apple Pay is the most secure way to make online transactions. However, Apple Pay uses NFC technology to ensure the safety purpose of its users. 

Also, it is very easy to use, and one can easily make payments without battling much with the new technology. If your cash app not working with debit card, then this way to make payments will be the best option available for you. All in all, this app is the way to go for you if you are not able to use your cash apps. Well, it comes with some downfalls, too; one of the major cons is that it is only accessible on apple devices.

5. Zelle

zelle app

Zelle is one of the most trusted payment apps used for years by so many users in the market. This app is compatible with every type of bank and account. It offers you an option to use it with even credit unions too. You can use Zelle with an  Android or an IOS as well, unlike the cash app. It is easy to use and charges no fees for its platform. It can integrate with other payment apps too. But it can transfer funds from a credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my cash app not working?

There can be various reasons responsible for why your cash app is not working. Maybe you do not have a proper internet connection, and another possible reason is the outdated app and server issues. You can check more possible reasons in our above article.

Q2. How do I get my Cash App back to work?

If you want to get your cash app working again, then you must try the above-written tweaks. However, the simple measure that you can use — you can upgrade your internet connection and your app; moreover, you can try clearing the cache of the app and much more.

Q3. Where are my Cash App settings?

You can simply get into the cash app setting by clicking your profile icon coming on the upper right side of your phone’s screen. Click it here you can see all the related settings options, such as notification, privacy, etc.


If your cash app is not working and you are required to transfer some amount to your friend, then you must get irritated about why the app is not working. Well, we have resolved this in the above guide. We have given a detailed overview of why is my cash app not working and what are the possible ways through which you can actually fix the issue. You can try any of the above methods to get your app working again. Moreover, we have provided you with some alternatives, too, so you can use them as well. If you are still left with any confusion, then you can connect us anytime.