Your computer is an inseparable part of your lifestyle. Not just you, nobody can deny its presence in personal or professional life. But what if someday you got a situation: Why does my computer keep freezing? We (Can) feel the frustration. Now, leaving this frustration behind should analyze the causes. Of course, you will reboot or restart the window as a general trend with the technical issues. But maybe, at some point, you are wrong. 

Now, Let us understand the cause of your trouble to resolve it better. read on to learn more. 

Causes: Why Does my Computer Keep Freezing? 

At that moment in time, when you are countering it, these causes may be present or not, depending on the condition of your Windows and usage system. However, random freezing doesn’t need firm consideration. Find the causes:

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing

  • Overheating

It is because of the long-run usage of your system. Overheating can also come under the category of computer freezes randomly because that doesn’t possibly happen every day with some exceptions, especially for personal usage. Due to high temperatures, the PC performance will slow down automatically and finally complete freezing. Furthermore, it can damage your system components. 

  • Viruses or Malware

Viruses or malware are one of the various causes of any freezing issue of your operating system. They heavily corrupt your computer and result in screen freezing issues.

  • Faulty Software

The software makes your task successful, yet in most cases, they are the legitimate cause of creating issues in the computer. They sometimes run programs that are not compatible with the operating system. The running of a group of resources and bugs in the program follows the trouble. It is better to uninstall them or troubleshoot them to avoid any kind of future errors. 

  • Faulty Hardware

It seems a little bit unacceptable for hardware sometimes because of the complicated performance of the software in the system. Yes, that’s possible with some external devices, like mouse and USB drives. In this case, check the wired mouse or wireless mouse battery. 

  • Multiple Tasks

The trend is quite normal nowadays. Be it for personal or professional charges. We try to complete several tasks altogether. On that note, running multiple programs results in a frozen computer. If your system holds enough memory or power, chances are less for this cause. Any other reason certainly will affect your productivity and time with your PC. 

computer freezes randomly - Fix the Problem

  • Insufficient RAM

If the computer keeps freezing, chances are high with “Not Enough RAM.” As a consequence, the system will stop responding, and performance will be down. 

  • Outdated Drivers

Bad drivers don’t let you perform efficiently on your system, and the computer freezes randomly. The outdated and corrupted drivers will hinder required communication between hardware and computer applications. Update the driver immediately.

How to Unfreeze a Computer?

Like the causes, solutions are several. The classical and straightforward option is always “Restart or Rebooting.” Before using this method, understand the requirement properly.

  • Restart & Reboot

Automatic rebooting is possible in case of a blue error on the window screen. Furthermore, use the safest method if the computer freezes but leaves the option to pursue ‘Start Menu.” Come to the task manager screen by pressing “CTRL+ALT+DEL” to reboot. Choose a hard reboot by pressing the power button continuously if the condition still exists. In the third run, find another solution.

  • Use Canned Air to Avoid Overheating

Completely shut down your PC to clean the dust from the fan of the CPU or processor. You can use canned air to resolve the issue. 

Not enough RAM (Troubleshoot)

  • Troubleshoot the RAM

Failing your RAM can be an issue to be troubleshot by running some tests on it. 

Go to the “Start Menu” to search “Windows Memory Diagnostic” to find the tools to reboot and test the RAM. 

  • Reinstall the drivers with the latest versions of applications 

Better try a specific method to testify and recover your drives. If you ask why my computer keeps freezing, that’s the cause of outdated and corrupted drives. Install the current time version. It will resolve the issues that occurred in the last installations. 

Detect the Malware

  • Detect the Malware

Viruses and malware are detectable with several free-of-cost sources on the internet, like Malwarebytes. (in the frequent use of PC users) Use them to configure the status of your operating system. 

  • Scan Hardware faults

Hardware faults are resolvable, especially for USB. Scan the files saved in this hardware and remove them entirely to troubleshoot the freezing issue. 

The Final Verdict

No cause to ignore these issues while you have various methods to troubleshoot them, yet, sometimes, things become more critical than our thoughts. In that scenario, you must take individual help to improve your productivity on your computer. You may write to us in the comment section to figure out the right path for your personal computer. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Why Does My PC Keep Freezing?

You can discover various aspects as a result of the question. (Why does my PC keep freezing?) They are crucial to troubleshooting them timely. 

  • It is because of the overheating of your computer system. Check it from the processor side, especially. 
  • Multiple programs are running in your Windows or Computer System. 
  • RAM has not enough space to run multifold programs altogether. 
  • Viruses and malware are creating issues. 

Q.2 Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing When Playing Games?

  • The graphic card is not giving desired results or giving a low performance. 
  • Memory storage is not suitable for the game.
  • Your internet connection is not stable.
  • Disk space is not compatible with your game. 
  • Due to the outdated driver of the graphic card.