When attempting to communicate from specific nations via TextNow, you may have encountered this error message:

“Textnow is unavailable in your country”.

This is because TextNow app is restricted in some regions or nations around the world. With the help of the software, any Wi-Fi-enabled gadget may become a phone with a personal number. This implies tablets without SIM cards are capable of using Textnow and will be assigned a unique number, just like GSM tablets and traditional cell phones. Traditional text messages are possible to send, but they won’t ever appear on your bills.

5 Best VPN For TextNow

You will want a top-notch VPN in order to utilize TextNow in any blocked places throughout the globe. To make this service accessible on any device, we will discuss in the article the best VPN for textnow. So let’s start without any further ado.

What is TextNow?

TextNow is a wonderful program for sending text messages and conducting phone calls. Accessing it from any location is quite easy with a VPN. You can do this to alter your IP address and represent yourself as being in another nation. By encrypting your communications, a VPN may also help you maintain your privacy online. It is an excellent tool for communicating with others, but it also has the power to ban you at any moment. 

They could determine that your profile is being used to send spam or engage in other nefarious behavior, in which case they might immediately ban you. Prior to enrolling, be certain that you feel confident managing any possible pitfalls by yourself. Before registering, ensure that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions and are using the TextNow app in an accurate way. It is also infamous for providing subpar customer service. 

Why I am Not Able to Use TextNow?

If you are not able to use Textnow then you are not only the one. This happens because of some restrictions in your region. Might the higher authority of your region has denied the use of this particular app? For your information, let me aware you of where you can use this. The only county is the US where you can use it endlessly or we can say without any restrictions. 

If you want to use Text Now then don’t you dare to worry about it because we have got your back. Below, we will help you to use a VPN for TextNow. Read on to learn more.

Why Do You Need a VPN for TextNow?

It is because of the fact that one can only use this app if he on America. As this App is only accessible in America. For this, you need to be in disguise and manipulate its server. In these cases, you will use VPN to hide your actual location. 

You can simply access the app by using an American VPN even outside of it. Now, You must be questioning what VPN you should use then slide a bit down and check the full list. 

How to Select the Right VPN for TextNow?

Well, it is important to comprehend how to select the best service to give you access from any place as not all VPNs will operate. Therefore, a particular VPN should have the following elements as mentioned below –

  • A solid ranking for effortlessly bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • Reliable performance and quick speeds.
  • Offers a returns policy so you may try it out prior to purchasing.
  • You are safeguarded online with the security of the highest level.
  • Capable of working with all popular services and gadgets.

Some of The Best VPN For TextNow

VPN for Textnow app

When it comes to choosing a virtual Private Network Service Provider, we are conscious of a few services that provide top-notch capabilities. Fortunately, we are conscious of a few services that provide great capabilities, affordable rates, and a wide assortment of servers to disguise your real IP address. Here we have listed some best VPN service providers that will help you to use TextNow app from any restricted areas around the globe.

1. NordVPN

For Textnow users who are security-conscious, NordVPN is by far the finest VPN. With updated ciphers, all of your messages are now encrypted. You may communicate securely from anywhere in the globe by using our encrypted tunnel, which gives you a safe route by obscuring your geolocation and IP address. Due to Nord VPN‘s encryption of your connection to the internet, you can also link your devices to open Wi-Fi. This top-notch feature makes it one of the most used VPNs in schools. You may thus keep the identity and browser history associated with your internet communications private.


Features of NordVPN
  • Lightning-fast rates.
  • 30 days of risk-free testing.
  • 5,442+ servers in more than 60 nations.
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Apple TV, Firefox, and Google Chrome compatible.
  • Military-grade encryption of the utmost sophistication.
  • Privacy and double VPN.
  • Excellent Customer Service support as the team responds to your concerns within a few minutes.

2. Atlas VPN

When using Atlas VPN to access the internet, you will have an extremely secure connection. The majority of individuals use it for messaging apps, with some using it for educational purposes. Some use Textnow for business purposes or require it in their workplaces. This VPN has the greatest encryption available, which gives your data greater protection.

Atlas VPN

Features of Atlas VPN
  • Servers from Privacy Pro.
  • 750 servers spread over more than 40 sites
  • Several devices can connect at once without limitation
  • Supported in – macOS, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad, and Android TV.
  • Since customer service is offered every single day, you may send an email or begin a live chat session.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. IPVanish VPN

Advanced encryption is used by IPVanish VPN to protect both your personal and open contacts. IP Vanish preserves your internet connection anonymity and never logs your actions. The 40000 IP addresses, more than 70 VPN locations, and as many as 2000 servers accessible with this VPN are remarkable. With impenetrable protection, it also manages both professional and personal information.

IPVanish VPN

Features of IPVanish VPN
  • Reliable and fast connectivity.
  • Focuses on privacy with no logs.
  • You can protect all of your devices with only one subscription.
  • 24×7 Customer Service support.
  • Supported in – macOS, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad, and Linux.

4. TorGuard

One of the most well-liked and reputable virtual private networks is TorGuard VPN. With this VPN, downloading and browsing are both safe.  The TorGuard VPN’s primary goal is to protect your online anonymity. With this VPN, you are protected against identity theft, hackers, and other ISPs who watch your internet behavior. Many apps in your area demand VPNs because many apps in that area demand them.


Features of TorGuard
  • All internet traffic is automatically encrypted to keep you safe.
  • Network with over 3000 VPN servers spread over 50 countries.
  • The TorGuard VPN’s primary goal is to protect your online privacy.
  • It provides its services on Wi-Fi routers, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN offers an extra layer of protection that keeps all data safe. Internet security standards and VPN connections allow you to remain anonymous and untraceable. You may access prohibited sites, download files, stream videos, and hide your IP address. Even while using an insecure Wi-Fi connection, it protects you from hackers and snoopers. CyberGhost VPN may allow you to join up to seven devices at once and have a safe connection. The fact that this VPN doesn’t keep any records of your online actions is a benefit because it won’t ever monitor you or save any data.


Features of CyberGhost
  • Ultra-speed and an immediate connection.
  • Safeguards you even when using an insecure Wi-Fi connection against hackers and snoopers.
  • The ability to download files, stream films, and hide your IP address is available when browsing banned content.
  • An anti-logs rule.
  • Outstanding server infrastructure of more than 7800 servers across over 90 countries.

Is TextNow Compatible with Free VPNs?

If you want to save money on your VPN subscription, we advise choosing a more reasonably priced premium provider. Cheap VPNs are probably unsuccessful at unblocking services when you require them. They frequently lack the security and privacy guarantees that premium plans offer, and they might also put you at risk when using the internet. 

Closing Lines

Well, here we have mentioned about 5 best VPN services for the TextNow app. You can choose any one of them by your own choice to operate from any geo-restricted region. This article will definitely help you out. Still, after reading the article, if you have any queries, you can reach us in the comment section. We will definitely help you out finding the right solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: What is textnow?

Ans: It is a wonderful resource for keeping in touch with loved ones and relatives. The software enables you to make free phone calls and text messages. Voicemail, call forwarding, and group messaging are just a few of the awesome features that the platform provides.

Q2: Which country is available for TextNow?

Ans: Outside of the United States and Canada – India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Qatar and Singapore are just a handful of the countries where it may be purchased.

Q3: Is there any alternative to TextNow?

Ans: Yes. TextPlus, Google Voice, Line 2, and other related applications are excellent alternatives to TextNow. Other options for it include – group chat apps, online telephony services, and video conferencing.