Are you a DIY home enthusiast? Then you must be looking for ways to decorate your monotonous home with the best Barndominium design software. If so, then we are all set to help you with the best information on it. In this guide, you will examine the top 5 designs of  Barndominium along with the points you must consider when selecting a design for your home. 

Living in a countryside home away from the chaos of city life is what pleasing satisfaction really means. Well, you can have this satisfaction with the Barndominium home. But what are they really? How to design a barndominium? If you are also jumbling with these questions, then this guide will end all of that. You just need to read the article all the way through its conclusion, and you will be all set to get your hands on the best barndominium design for yourself.

What is Barndominium Design?

Barndominium Design Software

Barndominium is a term discovered in 1989. The term was first coined when the horses were kept in the barns, and horse keepers also stayed in that barns. Once, when a horse keeper grew that barn into a full-fledged house, then the time changed, and Barndominium came into use. 

Bardominium was not even a term to use in the architectural world. But when this happened then, the idea of aesthetic leaving grew over time, and Barndominium grew as an option for accommodation. Hence, it becomes so much more prevalent option for living. Well, barn-like structures look more aesthetic as these designs reflect the chaos away from the feeling of living in a noisy city. 

What is  Barndominium Design Software?

Barndominium design software is software that is specially designed to create the mapping structure of your barndominium house. Through this tool, one can easily visualize the map of your own house. As there is so much software for normal architectural designs, similarly,  Barndominium Design Software is here to make the barndominium homely designs. 

With this software, you can actually feel a real-life experience of mapping your home. This software is easy to navigate and comes with very minimal technicalities so that non-tech savvy can use the software to get the best design of a barndominium of their own.

You can make changes to your map and share the map structure in HD quality with your friend, too, without struggling. This software is quite easy to use, you just need to add the carpet area, and you are good to go with the template design. Moreover, you can use different free tools by yourself and create a more customized barndominium design for your own home. 

How To Choose The Best Barndominium Design?

how to design a barndominium

The only problem that comes with this barndominium design software is how to choose the best software from the internet. The Internet always serves a wide gallery for any topic you type in the search bar. But what is best for you? And what can give you a fair result is the main question. 

Hence, we have designed this page to cut down the slack of choosing the best software for the barndominium design of your home. Well, we have listed three considering points through which you can choose the best software. In the vast market of the internet, there are various options for paid and non-paid software too. Well, which one is perfect for you is the main question. Thus, let’s see how one can choose the best software. 

    • Affordability: Various paid tools and software are available on the internet; it depends on what software you want to choose, and it is ready to serve your needs with a satisfying budget. Thus, you must consider an option that comes into your budget and serve every kind of use.
    • Ease of Use: If you are not much technical, then you must choose an option with less technical specifications. This way, you can get a better option for the software. Moreover, free software would serve your need much more efficiently as it comes with fewer technical specifications so that every other person can use it. 
    • Use Case: You muts choose the software as per your using needs. Some high-end software is specially designed for professional architects, engineers, and other builders. If you are not that client concerning and just want to use the software, then you must go for a price-planning option. 
    • Feature Set: You must check what features you require; well, you can calculate this feature thing by simply knowing your business expansion. If you need 2d software, this won’t show you high-end visualization. Moreover, if you use 3d software, then this can also help you to have the best immersion in the visualization.
  • Support: You must check what kind of support the software can provide if you get stuck on your project. Well, the support facility may let you charge some dollars, but if you are using it for self-service, then the pricing plan will differ. Moreover, if you are using the website for enterprise use, then the support service will charge you differently. Hence you must make your choice accordingly.

The Top 5  Barndominium Design Software Tools

The Top 5  Barndominium Design Software Tools

This section consists of the best  Barndominium design software to satisfy your design needs. We are here to get you to know the top barndomnium design software tools. That you can use design your home and visualize your home. We have given designs through which you can choose the best software as per your preferences. Well, the following software comes with different key features that are too listed respectively. So without further ado, let’s get started with the software. 

1. Cedreo

Cedreo is 3d animating software best for architectural firms, home builders, rebuilders, and interior designers. It id 3d home designing platform that is best at rendering 3d images of whatever visual representation you have made in the software. Well, this software comes with a wide range of tools inside the software, which will allow you to have a soft designing experience for whatever design you may be longing for. Let’s check its other features in the below pointers.

Key Specifications

  • Real-time feedback
  • 2D and 3D floor plan
  • Wide array of tools
  • Capable of 3D rendering
  • Library of 7K+ designs
  • Phone support

2. RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is another home designing tool that comes in an affordable price range. It is good for all interior designers and builders and is most commonly used by them as well. Moreover, this tool is very useful as a user can also upload the exciting blueprint of their house and then edit it further. Its 3D walk-through tool is the most amazing tool a barndominium software can ever have. With this, one can easily visualize various  kinds of sections that one can have in their home. 

Key Specification

  • Includes room planner
  • 3D designs
  • Interactive interface
  • Provides 360°

3. FloorPlanner

FloorPlanner is another software that is all set for serving the needs of builders, interior designers, and home designers. This software comes with high-end tools and  an easy user interface. So that one can easily use the software and get the design done. Well, this app is good for DIYers but not for high-end architectural professionals. Moreover, this software incorporates 3d designing with more than 150K decorating spaces. Let’s check more of its specification in the below pointers.

Key Specifications

  • Bet for room decorations
  • Render 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Outstanding presentation tool
  • Vast object library

4. SketchUp

SketchUp is another software that has been widely used for so many years. It serves a wide range of uses which makes it most popular among builders and other kinds of architectural professionals. It comes with unique features and tons of tools to provide you a perfect 2D and 3D plans. Moreover, you can visualize a variety of designs of different landscapes, such as highways, barndominiums, and BIM. Let’s check more of its key features for a better understanding.

Key Specifications

  • 3D modelings
  • 3D Animation tools
  • Vast 3D object library
  • Design research is outstanding

5. SmartDraw

In the list of the best barndominium design software SmartDraw has got fifth place. It has intelligent formatting, data automation, and various other technical specifications. Well, it has various templates for different buildings, like office workspaces. All in all, it is just not limited itself to barndominium. The best part of using this tool is that it comes in a very affordable range. By using the customization option, you can draw various mind-warming results from the app. Let’s check its key specifications in the below pointers.

Key Specifications

  • Generate floor plans
  • Quickstart templates
  • Easy and seamless integration with tools such as MS-office and Google Workspace.
  • Cross-function collaboration. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What’s the cheapest you can build a barndominium?

The rate at Barndominium depends on what type of barndominium you are buying and where you are buying. But our experts have come to an average pricing range that is $100 to $150 per square foot. It depends on what kind of barndominium interior you are buying. But this is the average range you can get an efficient barndominium in this range which is ready to move in as well. 

Q2. What type of building is best for barndominium?

A metal building of barndominium is much more efficient than any other building. Metal building is the last longing material as it is easy to keep and maintain. Moreover, it is resistant to burning. On the other hand, a building with a steel body comes with a melting point of  2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q3. What architectural style is a barndominium?

Barndominium is a country-style home design highly influenced by the barn style. Well, most people get confused between the farmhouse and this kind of design; both are too different from each other. It offers a more aesthetic, rusting design of the open floor and the gambling rooftop. All in all, these are repurposed barns converted into space for living a countryside life. 


In a nutshell, we have given you a detailed comprehension of the barndominium design and the software used while designing. You must have got an idea of what type of software you want and which software would be best for you. Well, you can check the considering points guide, which will resolve the slack of choosing the best software for you. If you are still having any confusion about the same, then you can connect us anytime. We are always ready to help you out.