VPN for schools has been a much indeed talked about the conversation for a long time. Why do we need a VPN for schools in the first place? Are there free VPNs that work for schools? VPN for schools works in plenty of ways providing plenty of necessary reasons to engage in. Our school system works in puritanical ways often blocking servers and thereby the connection with the world. 

Social media sites are often blocked. The other streaming sites are most times blocked. We will not even bring torrent sites into this talk right now. 

VPNs for Schools 

The Need for VPNs for Schools 

VPN for school Chromebook helps in bypassing all the authoritative barriers of Internet control. 

There are very many reasons we often search for free VPNs that work for school. The modern youth often most times have quite nicely acclimatized themselves with student politics. Student politics have historically been the face of resistance to many affluent crimes of the governments in power. 

The breaking of social media blockage is thereby necessary to connect with what is happening around us. In case things get tricky to inform you about what is going on. Social media blockage is simply too unrealistic a protocol at this point. 

VPN for school helps in breaking down that barrier and takes to Twitter whenever we want. Well, at least that was the case before Mr. Musk took over. Or simply checking out what our friends are up to over on Instagram.  Students will oftentimes definitely need to access content via Z-library or Libgen, This is just practical ways to track down sources to write down academic papers. Without a VPN for schools, these sites are all simply blocked. 

VPN for school Chromebook helps students of the liberal arts and films to watch movies and films and TV series or simply download via torrent. This is practically an impossible rule to follow. If you’re a student of the liberal arts and there is a ban on torrents.  Even Youtube interviews are excellent ways to garner more knowledge about the subjects. There are many schools where VPNs for Chromebook is required to watch even Youtube. 

While Choosing VPNs for School Chromebook 

VPNs for Schools 

Well, to begin first this needs to be addressed about free VPNs that work at school. We will suggest not engaging in using free VPNs that work at school. Why? Here are the lists of details you will need to choose the right VPN. 

  1. Security Protection is of paramount importance when it comes to using VPN for schools. If you’re using torrents or other such blocked sites. You will need a VPN that will ensure your data safety.  The best working VPN in the market will provide AES 256-data encryption. Alongside military-grade protection and a Kill Switch Feature and a no-logs policy. These features are important for security to ensure the needed VPN for school Chromebook.
  2. The number of servers comes next in line. The more the number of server options the VPN has, the better your chances of getting past the geo-blockers of giant streaming sites. To partake in online gaming or even torrent downloads. VPN for school Chromebook can be a window to your connection to the world of increasing globalization. 
  3. Next, comes the speed of the VPN. Imagine it is late at night and you are texting a new person via the VPN on a dating site. Right when the text conversation starts to go well, the VPN connection acts up again for the fifth time in the day. 
  4. The prices of the VPN for the school Chromebook you’re using also need to be kept in mind. As students, we don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money to access VPN. There are already student loans to break our bags. 
  5. Last, expanding more on the no-logs feature, more reasons why free VPN for school WIFI is a bad idea. The best VPN comes with a strict no-logs policy. This simply means our internet activities will not remain proof. 

Now don’t go to the dark parts of the internet and do weird stuff for the sake of exploration. This no-logs policy is simply to hide your torrent activities as you download the latest episode of Fleabag. 

Installing VPN for Schools  

Installing VPN for school Chromebook is a novel idea, we say. Where else in our lifetime will we get all the beef in the latest fashion of Florence Pugh? Or the beef between Elon Musk and his Twitter employees. Missing out on all that online firings is almost a crime. But how do we install VPN for schools? We have covered that. 

  1. First, choose a VPN you will use. In our next segment, we will give you a suggested list on which to base your ideas. Choose a plan that’s best following your pocket. 
  2. Thereafter download and set up the VPN at any location outside of the school. There is a good chance the VPN sites will be blocked in a school server. Yes, how unfair! We know. 
  3. Once you have done the setup, connect to a server. The nearer the server is to your location the better will be the speed of the VPN you’re using. In case you are looking to bypass geo-blockers, connect to the servers where the content is available. 
  4. In case the VPN is not working, clear the caches and the cookies. In case the problem persists, chat with the twenty-four-hour chat support. The best VPN in the market does come with round clock chat support. 

So, now that we have given you a good elaborate list of what to look for among the criteria in a VPN. What is the best VPN for schools? There is a sea of VPNs out there. Some, even claiming as free VPNs that work at school. 

Which one to choose from the list with varied options popping up with every search? 

List of the Best VPNs   

Following is the list of VPN that works perfectly to fulfill most of our demands and criteria. They are easy to download and use as VPN for school Chromebook.    

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is probably the most elite VPN network out there and is also probably the most popular. It offers high-end speed. There is barely any complaint in that area. 

The security protection includes AES 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and military-grade data protection along with Kill Switch Feature. The Kill Switch feature helps in hiding your IP address in times if there is an internet breakdown between the system and the VPN. 


Express VPN allows connecting of five devices from one single account. This feature is extremely useful for VPN for schools. The idea is to bring along a couple of friends and pay for one account. Since there is an allowance of five devices each person can log in without any interruption. 

The first-month cash-back policy ensures you can back out of the plan and shift to other VPNs. This is in case ExpressVPN is somehow not compatible with your needs and your budget. A round-clock hour chat support is present. 

ExpressVPN provides over three thousand servers in over ninety-four countries. 

Here is then the list of advantages of using ExpressVPN. 

  1. ExpressVPN has to be right up there as the best speed-providing VPN. 
  2. There is a thirty-day money-back policy. 
  3. The security protection of ExpressVPN is top tier. 
  4. There are over three thousand plus servers in around ninety-four countries. 
  5. Five devices are allowed to log in from one account of ExpressVPN. 

The pricing plan of ExpressVPN is quite steep and is one of the major cons of the VPN, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for school Chromebook but it comes with a price and a good price. 

2. NordVPN

NordVPN can easily stake a claim as the best VPN for schools. Competing and doing fairly well with the likes of ExpressVPN in terms of speed. NordVPN has all the features included in terms of safety. 

There is the Kill Switch Feature, an AES 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and military-grade data protection. Nord VPN allows six device login features from one account. 


There is also of course the first-month money-back policy and all-day/night chat support. The number of servers counts up to five thousand two hundred in over sixty countries.

To summarize the advantages of NordVPN then, 

  1. NordVPN has the best speed. 
  2. NordVPN allows six device logins from one account. 
  3. The security protection is all great and impeccable. 
  4. NordVPN offers five thousand two hundred servers in over sixty countries. 
  5. NordVPN has a first monthly cash-back policy. 

The disadvantages like all good things also need to be noted. Here when it comes to NordVPN, the desktop applications can be quite slow. Also, the higher the advancement of security the slower the VPN can get. 

3. SurfShark 

SurfShark is possible when it comes to the sheer appeal of VPNs that have the highest good mark. This is largely down to the affordable pricing of the VPN. SurfShark comes with the kindest pricing plans amongst the elite VPNs. 

The security protection base is all the same for SurfShark VPN. The military-grade data protection feature is present. The AES 256-data encryption and no–logs policy are provided. The Kill Switch feature also, of course. 


The unique feature of SurfShark is that the VPN allows an unlimited number of device logins from one account. You can also use this VPN for Samsung smart TV. The server count rounds to around three thousand two hundred servers in over sixty-five countries. 

The first-month cash back and all-time day and night chat support are provided. 

The list of advantages is pretty long for SurfShark. 

  1. SurfShark provides an unlimited number of device logins. 
  2. SurfShark covers all the necessary sections of security protection. 
  3. SurfShark has three thousand two hundred servers in over sixty-five countries. 
  4. There is a first-month cash-back policy. 
  5. A round-the-clock support chat. 

Despite the impressive resume of SurfShark, why does it rank third in the list of VPN for schools? Well, this is large because the speed of the VPN will largely depend on the servers. So often than not there will be the time required to invest to check server speed and the server’s compatibility with the device you’re using. 

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost in more ways is much similar to the workings of SurfShark. Only the affordability factor of CyberGhost is more on the cheaper side which is a good plus. 

The number of servers clocks to seven thousand seven hundred in around ninety countries. The security protections are standards met with an AES 256-bit encryption along with military-grade data protection and a Kill Switch Feature. Cyber Ghost allows logging in with a maximum of seven devices from one account. 


The chat support to go with the cash-back policy is of forty-five days which is fifteen days extra than the use policy offered by the other VPNs. 

The disadvantage of CyberGhost, well if you are interested to access Chinese content, the VPN won’t work. The same applies if you are living in China.  

The advantages are pretty noteworthy on the other hand. 

  1. The pricing plans of CyberGhost are economically friendly. 
  2. There is the option of logging in with seven devices from one account. 
  3. Security features are all protocols met along with a strict no-logs policy. 
  4. The cash-back policy is forty-five days. 
  5. The speed provided by CyberGhost is usually good for streaming. 

5. Private Internet Access (PIA) 

PIA is the VPN with the cheapest plans that would likely do the job for you. The security of Private Internet Access VPN includes MACE which is malware blocking, WireGuard protocol, the Kill Switch feature, and split tunneling along with AES 256-bit encryption. 

The VPN allows ten device login features from one account and has a server base of thirty thousand servers in over eighty-four countries.  

Private Internet Access (PIA) 

A constant chat support feature is provided along with the usual first-month cash-back policy. 

PIA also supports features such as Port forwarding. 

To summarize all the good features of PIA, 

  1. You can log in to 10 devices from one account. 
  2. PIA has the most affordable of the pricing plans in comparison to the other VPNs. 
  3. PIA offers thirty thousand servers in over eighty-four countries. 
  4. The security protection is reliable and well-built.  
  5. PIA provides round-the-clock support chat to troubleshoot all the problems. 

The headquarters of PIA is located in the States which is a member of the 5 Eyes Information Sharing Alliance. So despite all the security protocols in place, PIA won’t probably put up much of a fight if the U.S. government comes after the data details.     

Think about the notorious history of the U.S. government, tampering with private data. This isn’t even much of a stretch.  

So, here is the entire list of five VPNs. Which do you think is the best VPN for schools to meet your choice of demands? 

Do Free VPNs that Work at School Work? 

As much as we would love the free VPNs that work at school to be true. Most of the free VPNs for school WIFI promise is all a sham. What happens is that not only does it not work. 

This is largely because the free VPNs that work at school promises usually have a staggeringly low number of servers. Besides, they are never strong enough to break past any of the geo-blockers. 

There is instead a chance if you are willing to take a chance on a free VPN for school WIFI, the system will be infected with malware. Or since free VPNs that work at school don’t take money through subscription. The way to earn money for such a free VPN for school WIFI is to sell private information to a third party. 

We certainly don’t want that.

Final Say

So as we conclude the article we hope now you have more than a basic outlook on VPN for schools. What VPN to use for your purposes and all the information regarding everything about VPN for school Chromebook. 

The fact that actually, free VPNs that work at school don’t work, the features of the VPNs that do. We hope this article will assist you with internet freedom. So now go, download the VPN and do what you were wishing to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Can a VPN be used at school?

Yes, it absolutely can. A VPN helps in unblocking sites and social media platforms that are usually blocked in the school server. 

To download a VPN to be used at school, simply download the VPN from a location outside of the school, and set it up. Then after connecting to a nearby server. Once done you are all set up to use Torrent or stream on sites like Netflix or Mubi. 

Q.2) What VPN to use in school?

Several VPNs can be used in school. The key lies in selecting a VPN that can bypass geo-blockers and keep a high-level security policy. ExpressVPN or SurfShark are good choices in this matter. 

Q.3) How do I get a VPN for school?

To use VPN at school, do the following and you’re all set up. 

  1. Choose a VPN with a pricing plan that fits your pocket. 
  2. Downloading the VPN, which probably needs to be done at a location outside of the school premises. This is because the school server will likely have the VPN site blocked. 
  3. Set up the VPN and connect to the nearest server.