Whether you know or may not know but, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) titled “CyberGhost” has built its place in the list of top-leading VPNs in today’s technology industry. This VPN is considered to be one of the finest in unblocking regional restricted content from many online movies streaming sites like – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and some others. Also, it is successful in unblocking newly released games from restricted regions. However, many of you were also unaware of this amazing service, mostly beginners.

Don’t worry, this article is totally for you. We will discuss almost everything about CyberGhost. So, the wait is over and let’s start.

An Overview: CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost is a well-known virtual solid Private Network (VPN) in the modern technology market. This particular VPN with its high-quality functionalities has won the hearts of many tech users along with other non-technical persons. It is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. This VPN was created in 2011 by tech professionals. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of CyberGhost VPN?

As each and every service has its own advantages and disadvantages, the VPN CyberGhost also has its own. Therefore, let’s have a glance at it as per our review.  

The advantages of CyberGhost VPN are –

  • Military-grade encryption and several additional functionalities.
  • There is a no-log policy.
  • able to connect up to seven devices at the same time.
  • Globally, you may link to more than 7000 servers.
  • Works on a variety of platforms, including those running Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Amazon FireTV, Linux, and others.
  • Offers 24/7 live chat help.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee is available.

Disadvantages of CyberGhost VPN are –

  • Slower speeds for servers located further away.
  • If you don’t join for a lengthy period of time, it can be costly.

Security And Privacy – Is CyberGhost VPN Secured?

cyberghost vpn

Yes, without any doubt, CyberGhostVPN is considered to be secure like other top-level VPNs in the market.

1. Robust Encryption

It supports the standard 256-bit encryption, considered the highest level of security used in VPNs. It thus signifies that you secure your material by encrypting it with a key that has 256 digits, equivalent to a passcode.

2. No-logging Policy

Along with a high level of encryption, it also includes a zero-logging policy. According to the policy, the CyberGhostVPN claims that it does not monitor any of your data, nor does it record it and store or share it with any third party. Additionally, it does not record your IP address, your internet browsing behavior, or any of your downloaded documents.

3. An Automatic Kill Switch

Along with those, here comes another important feature called Kill Switch. Kill Switches stop your internet connection from being compromised in the event of a power cut or other technical issues. This protects your IP address and other personal information, such as passwords and banking details.

Well, the popular CyberGhostVPN provides its users with three security mechanisms by which users can customize or create their secure connection as per their choice. Let’s have a look on the protocols –

  • OpenVPN 

Well, macOS requires explicit installation of this protocol, whereas iOS doesn’t support it. When safety needs to take precedence over speed, this is a smart move. The speed is sacrificed, but security specialists are always working to improve it. One of the most secure protocols is said to be OpenVPN, although it is not supported by Apple at the moment.

  • IKEv2

This feature is available in most of the quality VPNs including Express VPN, NordVPN, etc…The quickest procedure, IKEv2, has been found to be this one which works much better with a mobile phone though too. Well, this is possible because of the fact that it has the ability to auto-connect, thereby keeping you safe when you change from your cell phone to a wireless local area network.

  • WireGuard

WireGuard is a great alternative to IKEv2 if you want to stream content, browse the web, or make video calls. The nicest thing about it is that it is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Apple iOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. In some situations, it might not always be as quick as Ikev2, but it’s still a wonderful option.

Server Network – Does CyberGhost Have A Good Server Network?

cyberghost vpn

Well, yes. The CyberGhost VPN offers a great server network around the globe. With more than 7500 servers, It has a huge international network. One best parts here is that its network spans over 70 countries, with servers located on six continents and in all corners of the globe.

However, only within the United States, CyberGhost maintains more than 1,100 servers. 

Does Cyber Ghost Offer Any Free Trial Period?

Yes, It provides a free trial period which is for 24 hours. Well, this is really a very short time period for an individual to know about CyberGhostVPN. This is considered to be a drawback by many users and as per review.

Does CyberGhost Automatically Block Advertisements?

Well, users are really lucky as it automatically blocks unnecessary advertisements displayed during streaming any movies or playing any games. Additionally, By using the automated HTTPS Redirection functionality there, you are automatically transferred away from potentially dangerous webpages and to the site’s most cryptographic protocol.

Does Cyber Ghost VPN Unblocks Restricted Contents from Netflix Or Other Streaming Platforms?

You might know or may know, but it is one of the best-chosen VPNs for unblocking geographically restricted content from online streaming platforms like – Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus website, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and many others to mention. However, it offers 50+ streaming services and 100+ dedicated streaming servers, including both well-known and some smaller platforms. Also, it always functions with 19 or more Netflix libraries.

Is Cyber Ghost VPN A Good Choice For Playing Games?

Yes, of course. It is not a bad option for one who is a game addict. Well, many games after their release are only available for playing in some specific regions. But, as you are a gamer, you want the game to be played from your region. In such circumstances, It plays its role. Using this VPN, one can safely grab a game even though it is geo-restricted and enjoy playing it tension-free.  

The coolest thing is that it can indeed be directly configured on your router, enabling you to use it to play games on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation that don’t support VPNs right out of the package. Overall, It is a good option for primary gaming purposes.

What are the Pricings of CyberGhost VPN ?

Eager to know about the pricing of CyberGhostVPN ? 

Well, It is a service provider which is not costly and is considered to be budget-friendly. For a household or companies on a shoestring budget, It is a brilliant option. Now, let’s take a look at the pricing plans of Cyber Ghost VPN without any delay. 

There are different options on the pricing plans. You can choose as per your choice.

  • Membership for one month costs $12.99.
  • For a six-month membership, the price is $6.99 each month.
  • Two-year membership costs $3.25 each month.
  • For a three-year membership, the price is $2.03 each month.

The payments may well be made through cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and PayPal.

Does CyberGhost VPN Provide Any Money-Back Guarantee To Its Users?

Yes, it really does provide a money-back promise to its customers without fail. The significant part is that it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee which is longer compared with the other VPNs in the market. Other VPNs out there do mostly provide a 30-day money-back assurance. Also, you no need to worry about the refund process. It is really very fast and clear-cut.

Is The Customer Service Of CyberGhost VPN Good Enough?

Yes. Cyber Ghost VPN does provide its users with brilliant customer support. They offer services 24×7 on all days of the week through e-mail or live chat. It is indeed accessible in four languages, including English, French, German, and Romanian, which is really fantastic, making it comfortable for users of different nations. Any related queries from the users will be answered by the professionals there within seconds or minutes.

Cyberghost VPN Download – Know The Process

Cyberghost VPN download and installation is not a hard task to do. But, as a newbie, you might not feel easy to continue without knowing the proper process. Hence, here is how you can download it. Follow as directed below –

  • Firstly, go to its primary website.
  • Next, choose the plan you wish to utilize.
  • Enter all the data they have requested at this point. Next, choose the form of payment of your preference.
  • After that, install the program on your device.
  • Now sign into your CyberGhost VPN account.
  • The server can then be connected to it after that.
  • Finally, take pleasure in playing your favorite game or watching your favorite show on Netflix in enhanced privacy.

Closing Lines

Hence, this is all about CyberGhost VPN. It really provides all the necessary things a VPN is expected to offer. Most importantly, it safeguards your data with features like an automated kill switch and military-grade encryption. While unblocking content on Netflix and watching, it will not slow down your internet connectivity. Also, keep unnecessary advertisements away from you with automatic ad-blockers. Furthermore, 24×7 customer service is offered.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Is CyberGhost VPN secure to use?

Ans: It has No-Spy servers, which are more secure than other servers, secure protocols, comprehensive leak protection, email safeguards, and a highlight that enables you to customize your security and privacy settings. 256-bit AES encryption, and no-logs policy – it’s secure and easy to use.

Q2: Is CyberGhost capable of unblocking Netflix?

Yes, It completely supports and successfully unblocks Netflix while trying to stream from restricted areas. Along with Netflix, CyberGhost VPN can also unlock other streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and many others.

Q3: Is CyberGhost VPN a trustworthy choice?

Ans: In terms of security, pricing, and accessibility, It achieves the optimum combination. For regular use, it provides more than sufficient safeguards. It offers a sizable number of servers throughout the globe and is simple to use with different streaming providers.

Q4: What are the devices that work with the CyberGhost VPN?

Ans: The devices that work with CyberGhost VPN are as follows –

  • Android SmartPhones.
  • Android Tv.
  • Windows pc.
  • Apple TV.
  • Fire Stick.
  • PlayStation.
  • Xbox.
  • MacOS.