At times, the users of Norton Antivirus have encountered several hindrances while installing new software. It blocks some suspected activities like the download of a file and Internet connection. Also, the auto-sync of a mobile device with your desktop computer can get interrupted. As well as, the user receives instant notifications for restarting the computer. If you are aware that the activity or application that brings these notifications is safe to use then try to temporarily disable Norton Security.  

Repeated notifications and antivirus interference make you totally unable to install business software. But, you can disable its services to conduct those activities. Then, re-enable it to protect your PC on the web. Now, let’s learn how you can temporarily disable Norton Security or Norton 360.

Temporarily Disable Norton Security on Windows 

The user is required to log on to the computer with an administrator user account. That will help in temporarily turning off Norton protection. Some of the settings may appear disabled for standard user accounts. 

Steps to Turn off Norton Protection in Windows

  • Move towards the notification area on the taskbar and right-click on the Norton icon
  • Then select the following things. 
    1. Disable Auto-Protect
    2. Disable Firewall

Disable Norton Security

  • Now, navigate to the Security request window and select the duration drop-down list.
  • You need to choose the duration for which you want to disable Norton Protection. 
  • Once done with these steps, just tap on the OK button. 

You need to ensure that Norton will automatically enable the features after the duration you specify in the Security Request window. To enable Norton manually, you can move to the notification area on the taskbar. Subsequently, perform a right-click on the Norton icon. Then, choose Enable Auto-Protect/Enable Firewall. 

If you get irritated from the repeating sounds of notifications, then try out these steps to disable Norton tasks notifications on Windows.

Steps to Turn off Norton Tasks Notification on Windows

  • Try to access Norton. 
  • Now, if you can see the My Norton window located next to Device Security then hit the open button. 
  • Select Settings in the Norton main window.

Disable Norton protection

  • Moving on, select Administrative settings in the settings window. 
  • You need to now move the on/off switch to disable the Norton Task Notification row. 
  • In the final step, just click on the apply and close tab.

If you are a mac user and use the antivirus in that only, then move on to these steps and try to disable Norton Security.

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Temporarily Disable Norton Protection on Mac

  • The first and foremost thing for you to do is to start Norton. 
  • Now, navigate to the My Norton window, next to Device Security, and hit the Open button. 
  • Just select Advanced or Settings in the Norton product main window. 
  • Consequently, tap on Protect My Mac on the left pane. 

Turn off Norton Security

  • You will see a switch in the Automatic Scans row, just move it off. 
  • Select Firewall located on the left pane. 
  • Again, move the switch to off in the connection Blocking row.
  • Finally, disable the Vulnerability Protection row. 


Now, you are quite eligible to conduct the installation procedure. Don’t forget to bookmark the site for more helpful articles.