What is the Norton Password Generator? – Retrieve Lost Password [Guide]

Computer and Internet security have advanced tremendously a bit like anything in reference to our online and offline computer world lately. In parallel with this, the dark side of the knowledge technology world has advanced, too. As companies and individuals develop stronger ways of protecting our belongings and data a day, hackers and cybercriminals find new ways of going around those protective measures and technologies.

One thing that has been used as an important part of our security is passwords. No matter the new devices getting used, passwords are here to remain for an extended time. Plus, as we use more online services (including internal networks – Intranets), we’re forced to make and use more passwords.Norton Password Generator

What is a Norton Password Generator?

Symantec Password Generator helps you to store your online account usernames and passwords in one secure place. By employing a Symantec password manager, use a singular password for every one of your online accounts without having to recollect all of them.

Get Norton Password Manager as a part of Norton 360

  • Use Norton Password Manager to store all of your passwords to secure a web vault that you simply access with the most password. 
  • Symantec Password Generator helps provide the tools you would like to make, store, and manage all of your passwords, credit cards, and other personal sensitive information online more safely. 
  • Norton Password Manager saves all of your usernames & passwords and syncs them across your PCs, phones, or tablets.Norton Password Generator

Norton Password Generator Features

  • This password generator is just about a cloud-based vault for everything you would like to stay secure: passwords, addresses, wallet details, and even notes you’ll fill in freely (such as a passport number, or a transaction confirmation number). Those are just about equivalent features to other basic password managers on the market. So far, nothing too exciting.
  • Also pretty standard: your passwords are often imported and exported in CSV format, and far like other players like 1Password or KeePass the tool supports import/export from many various password managers too – I easily imported my passwords from Dashlane. It also allowed me to import my passwords saved from Chrome and even Firefox!
  • Despite being free, there’s no limit to the number of passwords or devices you’ll sync within the vault. Keeping in mind that such a service from other providers can cost anywhere between $20-$40 annually, or on their free plans you’d only have a limited number of passwords you’re ready to store, this is often very nice indeed.

The Method Behind Password Generator

Norton Password GeneratorNorton Password Generator

Most password managers accompany some quiet password generator (well, apart from one), and Norton is not any exception. Norton’s password generator allows you to make passwords starting from 4 to 64 characters long, with the bar set at 20 by default. I might suggest not bother with anything below the 20 characters default—after all, what are password managers for?

The interface tests and reports on the strength of the generated password in real-time, and it even features a nice little changing color main strip to inform you when you’ve created something strong.

To further strengthen your password, you’ve got the choice to feature in letters, symbols, and numbers. As mentioned earlier, since you don’t need to actually remember any of those passwords, choose the complete package and make super-strong passwords. Overall, the generator is extremely intuitive and works smoothly. It’s actually better than a number of the opposite password manager offerings that didn’t offer you the choice to customize and strengthen your password.

Another nice little feature during this password manager is the choice to require your master password so as to edit any of the things you included. This might seem annoying, But it’s better to be safe than sorry – in any case, if you happen to leave your device open for anyone else to use, they might easily steal your passwords. Either way, this is often an optional feature.

Password Autofill Feature

Just as with most other password managers, Symantec Random Password Generator will automatically fill in your login credentials as you visit sites. You’ll see a notification popup, asking you to verify if you’d wish to save your login, or if you would like to skip it. One thing to notice about this – from the browser extension (more thereon later), you don’t get the choice to feature tags or categorize your login – you’ll only be ready to do this within the Vault. Yes, I do know that “free” means you pay in other ways, but the Norton Identity Safe from before wanted to have this feature, and other password managers have the power to tag too. Never mind.

Anyway – the next time you visit the location with the credentials you’ve saved. You’ll see the choice to feature in anything saved, so if you’ve saved several different credentials, you’ll be asked which of them you would like to use – like this:

Something Vital to say here – Password Generator Norton only allows you to autofill your password logins – it won’t autofill the other details, like an extended address.

It seems that free is free– for this type of feature, you’ll have to ante up for it. While Symantec random password generator does allow you to make “addresses” in your vault, so as to autofill them later…in practice, they don’t actually work. I attempted some online shopping, but I didn’t see anywhere to input the address automatically, unlike with my passwords, where the suggested logins came up in each field.

Norton says this feature may be a little buggy at the present, which address autofill is going to be active within the future. So there we go.

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Two-Factor Authentication

To set up the two-factor authentication process to figure together with your password manager, attend your account settings, and at rock bottom of the page, you’ll find the button that’ll take you to the assigned help page. In short, you’ll get to download Norton’s VIP access app, which is free and generates one permanent security token and a 6-digit password every 30 seconds. you would like to fill within the form presented on the website to finish the method.

Symantec Password Generator

It’s also possible to settle on a telephone number or a FIDO Secure Key to function as the second factor. The method ran smoothly and therefore the instructions Norton provided were clear, except for such an excellent feature, it seemed odd to bury it within the settings area.

Security of Norton Lifelock 

Norton doesn’t reveal its exact security standard (although the assistance page mentioned adherence to the AES standard, which is typically 256 across other password managers). I even have reviewed the 2FA option and therefore the PIN code option within the mobile app; it’s regrettable that those features are scattered across the various platforms.

More importantly, Norton doesn’t offer backup for your passwords within the Vault. Again – and that I can’t stress this enough – what’s free is free.

Bottom Line!

Norton delivers a basic, cloud-based password management service free of charge. It’s just a small part of Norton’s online dominance, but it’s a cool free tool that anyone can learn to use quickly and simply through any OS on any device, storing as many passwords and details as you would like.

As an entire, it doesn’t go much further than the fundamentals but it works well and runs smoothly. If you would like a fast and straightforward password manager with no extras and a robust name behind it—this is the tool for you.