Are you also continuously facing the slow process of your system? If so, then you can easily fix this problem as soon as possible. Here we are to resolve this matter as well as any important file of your system will not be destroyed. We will tell you how you can reset Windows properly by clearing doubts on cloud download vs local reinstall. 

Windows offers two types of reset options, namely cloud download, and local reinstall. You can use either of the two, but now you are wondering why only one option is not given. These clearing features will work differently as per the situation along with your internet connection speed. 

What is Cloud Download? Does It Use Data?

Looking for cloud download vs local reinstall? Check all noteworthy points here. If a user’s choice is Cloud download then Windows will start downloading fresh system files from the Servers of Microsoft. It uses them in reinstalling Windows on users’ computers. 

If in case the system files of your PC are not working well. In case the files are damaged or corrupted you can use SSD cloning software, you can take this option. The size of the cloud download is large, meaning more than 4GB as per the indication in the Reset This PC interface notes. 

Cloud Download Vs Local Reinstall

What are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Download? 


  • Cloud download is perfect for saving space on the computer as well as your time too. If your internet speed is running perfectly then you can be ready at any time to download files whenever you think. 
  • You can access your entire data whether it is saving your passwords or anything else. 


  • For downloading anything or everything, you must have an internet connection that is ready to provide a good speed. 
  • You cannot download the files at the place where the network comes and goes. 

What is Local Reinstall? What Happens if you Local Reinstall?

If you choose the “Local Reinstall” option, Windows starts using the current system files on the PC to complete the process of reinstalling Windows from this device. Windows detects the original files, checks the system files, and gathers them together again into a fresh Windows system. 

Keeping all of these in mind, you will see cloud download is truly faster than the process of local reinstalling, especially when you use the fast speed of an internet connection. The process of local reinstalling may not work properly if PC Windows system files are damaged. 

What Does It Mean to Local Reinstall? What Happens if you Local Reinstall?

Pros & Cons of Local Reinstall 


  • If reinstalling Windows is your choice then, it is going to replace old files along with settings. 
  • Reinstallation will fix several kinds of issues within your computer. 
  • Local reinstall can easily keep the programs or customization that you want to preserve on your computer when the process of reinstallation will be over. 


  • If you forget to restore your data then you may face the loss of essential files when you choose the option of local reinstalling. 
  • If an issue occurs during the process of reinstallation, a condition of a broken system will be generated and it is not an easy task to be fixed. 

Cloud Download vs Local Reinstall: How to Get Easily ?

Only Windows 10 and other later versions are giving two of these features named cloud download and local reinstall. For cloud download and local reinstall, You will have to update Windows 10 if you think of using any of them. 

How Would You Like to Reinstall Windows 10?

If you are confused about how to reinstall Windows 10 from this device (on your PC or laptop) then follow these steps:

  • Hold two keys (Windows+I) together.
  • The settings page will open now. 
  • Tap on the “Update & Security” tab. 
  • Select the “Recovery” option. 
  • Visit under the “Reset this PC”. 
  • Choose the “Get Started” button. 

Cloud Download Vs Local Reinstall

  • Either choose one option “Keep My Files” or “Remove Everything”. 
  • Get one of these options: “Cloud Download” and Local Reinstall”. 

How Would You Like to Reinstall Windows 11 ?

  • Visit the “Start” tab and you will find it at the left corner of your screen. 
  • Select the System > Recovery option. 
  • Below the “Recovery Options”, you need to click on “Reset this PC”. 
  • You have two options now and these are “Cloud Download” and “Local Reinstall”. 

If you face this error “There was a problem resetting your PC no changes were made” 

Some users apply “Reset this PC” on their system (Windows 10, which was set in 2004), but the process of resetting fails, and got this error There was a problem resetting your pc no changes were made”, To resolve this problem, go for this: 

  • Press on the “Start” button. 
  • In the search box, type “Command Prompt” or “Cmd”. 
  • When it is on your screen then tap on it with a right click. 
  • Choose the tab “Run as Administrator”. 
  • You may be asked for some details, put them. 
  • Mention the given command and then enter- “dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth”. 
  • Hit on the “Enter” tab. 
  • It’s time to reboot your device. 
  • Revisit “Reset this PC” to perform this again.


Here, we have given you complete information on Cloud Download Vs Local Reinstall as our team is good at easing your technical difficulties. So if you want to know the meaning of any technical topic further or find the solution related to them, then do not forget to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1- Which one is better: Local reinstall or Cloud download?

We would recommend you to use these different solutions by keeping the situations in your mind: 

  • If you have a good internet speed and enough data as well. Then, they can take advantage of cloud downloads. 
  • For users who have either a poor internet connection or less data, they go for the second way which is local reinstallation. It will ignore useless additional downloads so that your data will not go in vain. 
  • For the user who has done with reinstalling Windows locally but the output is negative, then bring the cloud download to your use. 

Q.2- What is the difference between cloud download and local download?

Both are better in their way. Cloud download may work if you have a low internet connection speed but it will not be possible to use local reinstall.