Solid-State Drive or SSD as we all call it, has reached the footsteps of being household common name chatter. Perhaps it is no surprise. SSD does provide extremely reliable performance and smooth performance. SSD also ticks the box of longevity and durability.  All the combining factors resulted in the task of cloning the hard drive or system to SSD upgrade. To perform this task, we need SSD cloning software that would clone the hard drive. Big and small businesses have constantly been active in upgrading. They clone HDD to SSD using hard drive cloning software. 

Today, therefore, I am going to pen down how to clone a hard drive. I will talk all about how to clone hard drive to an SSD. I understand if you’re a personal user with not much interest in the field of tech, these steps can feel tedious. Along the way, we will suggest SSD cloning software.     

SDD.The Basic Steps for Cloning

Before we begin to clone the hard drive, there are a few steps that need to be followed. Once done, the process of cloning HDD to SDD will begin with the hard drive cloning software doing the job. 

  1. Set up the SSD. For every clone hard drive to SSD task, this is the very first basic protocol that needs to be followed.  
  2. Now set up the SSD cloning software you are going to use to perform the process. The hard drive cloning software ensures there is no data loss during the process.  
  3. Now it’s time to wipe the HDD you are cloning from.
  4. Once, the SSD cloning software has finished with the steps of cloning HDD to SDD. In accordance like I do, you can choose to wipe clean the HDD you have cloned from. This helps in the reuse of the space. 

The hard drive cloning software ensures there is no data loss, a smooth transfer, and when all is done a superior user experience. 

Transfer of OS from Hard Drive to Solid-State Drive 

SSD cloning software like MiniTool ShadowMaker allows for transferring OS from HDD to SDD. You don’t even have to worry about data loss. The steps are very basic to follow. 

I use MiniTool Shadow Maker as my SSD cloning software, and I recommend most people I meet to do the same. MiniTool is an extremely user-friendly hard drive cloning software.  

So yeah, let’s discuss the steps.

  1. First, begin by connecting the SSD to the system. This has to be followed by the installation of the SSD cloning software you’re using. Launch the SSD cloning software after installation. 
  2. Click on Keep Trial. 
  3. Click on Connect in This Computer option. This enables entering the user inside the user interface of the SSD cloning software. 
  4. Open the Tools tab and right-click on the Clone Disk option.Clone Disk option
  5. Choose the source disk location and target SSD for the clone hard drive to SSD to begin.
  6. Right-click on the source option. Choose the option you’re following these steps for. Clone operating system to SSD.
  7. We are almost done now. Simply select the SSD as the target file destination. SSD cloning software
  8. Select Finish and Click Ok.
  9. A pop box will appear. The data on the target storage drive will be destroyed. In case of important documents and files perform backup in advance of hard drive cloning software begins.

The software has started the cloning process. The entire task might be time-consuming. The time is directly proportional to the size of the data of the source hard drive you’re performing to clone HDD to SDD. 

When done the hard drive cloning software will display the following message. “Clone source drive and the target disk and have the same signature.” Do disconnect, on any one of the sources. In case of performing boot, change the BIOS settings of your system. 

Why Should MiniTool ShadowMaker Be Your Hard Drive Cloning Software?SSD cloning software

MiniTool ShadowMaker specializes in performance areas of cloning hard drives to SSD. The co-adjoining tasks of SSD cloning software in the application of clone HDD to SDD should entail. By using the MiniTool ShadowMaker the user can clone a hard drive, backup files, and create disk and system images. 

MiniTool is suited for the application of incremental backup. An incremental backup safeguards the data present in your system. Alongside what makes MiniTool a popular SSD cloning software are advanced features, such as the ability to make multiple copies. These multiple copies you can store these in multiple locations of your choice using the MiniTool cloning hard drive software. 

The speed with which the application runs in tasks of performing clone HDD to SSD or OS to SSD is fast. MiniTool works way faster than many other software.    

During clone hard drives, MiniTool is a reliable application. I have complete faith in the SSD cloning software that it certainly won’t bring any damage to my files or destroy a few along the way of performing clone HDD to SDD operation. 

The MiniTool ShadowMaker is easy to download. It comes along with both the option of MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial version and the advanced version. Choose the plan following your needs. Once done, you can clone HDD to SDD with extreme ease. MiniTool is simply a cream-of-the-crop SSD cloning software. The best amongst hard cloning software, I would vouch to that extent. 

So, Clone Away

SSD has become so much popular these days. And why shouldn’t it be? As long as you use reliable cloning hard drive software there is simply no headache about losing data is what I would say. In most cases that is the norm. Still, in cases of extremely important files, perform a backup before you start the task of doing the clone hard drive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clone an SSD for free?

Yes, there is multiple free SSD cloning software that allows cloning to SSD for free. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard or Clonezilla or Acronis are all free SSD cloning software. These applications allow users to clone HDD to SDD or OS to HDD for free of service charges. 

Do SSD drives come with cloning software?

In case you’re purchasing a branded company SSD, there will be free SSD cloning software accompanying. Branded SSD includes companies such as Samsung Data Migration or Intel Data Migration Software and Acronis True Image. These are reliable bands and are popular in the market.

How do I clone an SSD from one SSD to another?

Follow the below steps to clone SSD

  1. First, begin by connecting the SSD to the system. This is a very basic protocol to start with. 
  2. Then select the SSD, the source destination of the data you’re looking to clone.
  3. This is followed by selecting the new SSD, the target destination of the cloning process.