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McAfee vs Norton

Norton 360 vs. Avast vs. ESET vs. Kaspersky vs. McAfee vs. Trend Micro- What to Choose? [Get Your Answer]

From the names above, no one can answer which one is the best software? It is just inappropriate to tell any of the best without considering the price ranges and features. For that reason, we have come up with this article. In this article, we will take a one-by-one comparison like McAfee vs Norton so scroll below till all your queries get resolved. 

You can also check out another useful comparison for Norton 360 Editions on our site. We have tried to indulge the table and other significant things that will help you to buy the best edition of Norton 360. In this article also, we have included the table so that you can have a quick glimpse of the comparison between them. These are a total of 9 software with key features like price, secured online storage device, MSRP, identity theft protection, backup and restore, several protected devices, money-back guarantee, and lots more. 

So, let’s get into the article now and learn what all these software have hidden for you. But, first look at the table below to know a basic difference between these leading software, McAfee vs Norton vs Avast vs Kaspersky vs ESET.

McAfee vs Norton

Now that you have understood their difference, it’s time to move into our first comparison guide involving McAfee vs Norton.

McAfee vs Norton: Which One is Better?

Norton vs McAfee

It is no denying that McAfee and Norton are both well-known names in the antivirus spaces. Everyone has been using them for decades. Both Norton 360 and McAfee provide encrypted storage, internet security suits, password managers, and many more. You can again jump on the table to understand the significant comparison between them. 

Features Norton McAfee
Platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Customer Support Live chat, Phone, Guides, FAQs Live chat, Guides, FAQs
Free Version No Yes (Android, iOS)
Price From $34.99/year, 1 PC From $34.99/year, 1 device
Ratings 4.7 4.5

Both of the software earned the title “Top Product” which means they are included in the list of the best antivirus providers. According to AV-comparatives, both McAfee and Norton have a 100% score in the malware protection test. Now, let’s get into many more tables to develop a better understanding of these two software. 

How does Identity Theft Protection work in McAfee vs Norton?

Now we will discuss and see how identity theft protection works on both software. 

Features McAfee Norton
Credit Monitoring
401 (k) & Investment Activity Alerts
Phone takeover monitoring
Dark web monitoring

Identity Theft Protection comes with all these features mentioned in the table. Credit Monitoring enables you to know any kind of changes made to your credit files without your knowledge. Phone takeover creates a shield to protect your phone number and various accounts from takeover. Dark web monitoring lets you know if any of your personal information has been leaked somewhere. Moreover, 401(k) & Investment Activity alert you about any fraudulent cash withdrawals. 

Quick Scan: Which is the fastest tool McAfee vs Norton

Quick scan is the leading way to check common areas for computer viruses. Many users prefer this type of scan to examine the operating system startup, the system memory, and boot sectors. Although a Quick scan may not detect some malware, it can still notify you about the virus. 

You can check out this table to know how Quick scan is performed in both software. We have categorized here disk load, quick scan (time), memory load, and CPU load.   

Features McAfee Norton
Memory Load 18% 15%
CPU Load 4% 7%
Quick Scan 2 min 20 sec 1 min 16 sec
Disk Load 38% 42%

Which Software is better for Full Scan

Whereas, Full scan needs more OS resources and time to detect all known viruses. Every user should perform a full scan every week. To accomplish these scans, you need to update the antivirus database regularly. Antivirus demands the most recent update to identify all malware on the system. Now, let’s get into the table to see the key difference. 

Features McAfee Norton
Memory Load 53% 15%
CPU Load eight% ten%
Full Scan 0 h 57 min 0 h 10 min
Disk Load 53% 55%

Through these two tables, you can easily understand that Norton 360 Deluxe is much faster when running a simple quick scan. While Norton is much faster when running a simple full scan. McAfee takes six times longer and can be very annoying for several users. As they have to leave it through the night. Therefore, it will be a good decision to conduct a Full Scan only if you are sleeping, and not doing any other tasks in your system. 

Customer Support: What features are included in McAfee vs Norton

Like its name, every brand and company provides quick support to its customers whenever they are in need. Well, it is not just a phone call through which they get back to their customers but through other aspects as well. We have mentioned them in the table. So, have a glimpse of it. 

Features McAfee Norton
24/7 Live Chat
Phone Line
Twitter and Facebook

Well, there is some difference in their customer support services as well. Now, we are ending our comparison guide of McAfee and Norton and moving towards the next comparison of these two software Norton vs Avast. 


Norton vs Avast: Is Norton Better than Avast

Norton or avast

Well, you can get your answer in this section. Just read it thoroughly and decide which one is best suited for you. Norton and Avast are included in the list of most popular antivirus products. Both have millions of users but the question of which one is better is still unanswered. But, you don’t need to worry as we will try to bring their basic differences to you. So, get into some more tables below. 

Some More Features of Norton and Avast

Despite all the features discussed in the first table, there are some more features as well that you will get to know in this table. Make sure to take a look at it to have a better decision. 

Features Norton  Avast
Safe Browser
VPN Service
Gamer Mode
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Personal Firewall

Customer Support: These are the Basic Support

In this table, you will be provided all the different services offered by this two software. So, make sure to read it thoroughly. 

Features Norton  Avast
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Full Scan: How many Devices are Covered

For every user, a full scan is a matter of concern. So, here we provide you the distinguished table between Norton and Avast. For a quick scan, you can move to the other table given below. Well, tables help us to make a better decision so we have included numerous tables to bring you the difference and similarities between these products. 

Features Norton  Avast
Time (minutes) 121 60
Items scanned 970000 1870000

Quick Scan: Take a quick glimpse

Features Norton  Avast
CPU Utilization % 37 90
Disk Utilization % 41 300
Memory Utilization % 76 72
Time (sec) 171 146

From the table, we can easily get that a full scan with Avast completed in 60 minutes and scanned 1,870,000 items. Whereas, Norton, on the other hand, took 121 minutes and scanned 970,000 items. So, from the scanning result, Avast is better. But, Norton is available in so many other variants too. Therefore, you can get the same scanning speed from Norton as well. So, Norton or Avast, which one is better is discussed through these tables. You can now consider one of these tools according to your requirements and needs. Moving on, let’s come into another useful difference of ESET vs Avast. We will familiarize ourselves with how these two software mark some differentiate from another. 

ESET vs Avast: How to Choose better?

ESET vs avast

Avast or ESET, which software to choose in 2021. ESET comes with an ‘Idle Scanning’ feature that only runs during sleep or screen-saver mode. It implies that it won’t get in your way. ‘Download scans’ verify files when they download to examine if there is a presence of threat or not. With email filtering and anti-phishing technology, you can feel safe while using messaging services. 

Well, Avast comes with a wide range of cybersecurity tools that keep the threat away. Sandboxing implies the new software that ensures no hidden infection in the software. Unwanted files get deleted by the digital file shredder. The features like password vault secure your passcodes. Lastly, the Secure Wifi protocol helps in securing the connection. 

Full Scan: Essential Difference

Features ESET Avast
CPU Utilization % 68 42
Memory Utilization % 70 73
Disk Utilization % 510 5801
Full Scan Time (minutes) 68 60
Full Scan Items Scanned 930000 1870000

As shown in the table, ESET utilizes more CPU than Avast with 68% to 42%. Memory utilization has a difference of just 3%. ESET scores 70% while Avast uses 73% that means ESET takes slightly longer than Avast to finish a full scan. For instance, it completes the tasks in 68 minutes as compared to 60 minutes for Avast.  

Quick Scan: Check out the Utilization

Features ESET Avast
CPU Utilization % n/a 90
Memory Utilization % n/a 72
Scan Disk Utilization % n/a 300
Time (seconds) n/a 146

As portrayed through the table that Avast is the better software for Quick scans. So, everyone who is getting confused between this software and relying more on Quick scans then should end up their thoughts on Avast. Moreover, there are some advanced features as well, you can check them out below.

Advanced Features of these two programs

Avast and ESET are the best programs that help to secure your device from malicious activities. You need to know that they become capable of all these things because of some advanced and inbuilt features. Here, in the table, we have provided the same so you can easily check out what are those features and which software owns it to have better security. 

Features Avast ESET
VPN Service
Safe Browser
Parental Controls
Personal Firewall
Smartphone Optimizer
Gamer Mode
Device Tune-up

Customer Support

Avast and ESET both offer customer support services. In the table below, there are some key functions that the support team performs regularly. You can avail any of these services from both of the software. 

Features Avast  ESET
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Now that you have learned the basic key differences between these two programs, it’s time to make your decision. But, if still, you want to know more about those significant tools then read further as we will be now discussing the difference between Kaspersky vs Norton. 


 Kaspersky vs Norton: What to Choose

Kaspersky vs Norton

Kaspersky and Norton are antivirus software with the latest malware detection techniques. The devices secure millions of users worldwide. No doubt to the fact that there are lots of other factors associated with this two software. But, you will find here only the relevant ones. You will find the entire post crisp and relevant with all the key features provided to you. Now, let’s make a move and consider first how Norton and Kaspersky do the full and quick scan on your system. 

Full Scan and Quick Scan In Norton & Kaspersky

With the table, you will get to know how these antivirus programs can have a big impact on your PC performance. Therefore, we have tried to aid you in finding out the same so that you can make your choice of software. You can jump to the table to know more. 

Full Scan and Quick Scan Norton  Kaspersky
Full Scan Time (minutes) 121 227
Full Scan Items Scanned 970000 2100000
Quick Scan CPU Utilization % 37 71
Quick Scan Memory Utilization % 76 73
Quick Scan Disk Utilization % 41 531
Quick Scan Time (seconds) 171 273

The table shows that Kaspersky takes around 227 minutes to finish a full scan, whereas Norton takes 121 minutes. Also, Kaspersky scanned more items in comparison to Norton. But, in terms of the quick scan, Norton is again quicker at 171 seconds. So, it is now up to you what software you need in terms of speed while scanning. 

In addition, you need to know that Kaspersky provides a slight impact (46%) on CPU utilization when there is no scan. On the other hand,  Norton just provides impacts (14%). So, from these two results it would be best to use Norton but if you still have some doubts regarding features and customer support then read further. 

Features of Norton vs. Kaspersky

Below are listed some of the more advanced features of these two tools. You can check out the table and figure out what tools have what features. You can opt for the one that fulfills your requirements with the features. 

Features Norton  Kaspersky
Gamer Mode
VPN Services
Personal Firewall
Device Tune-up
Smartphone Optimizer
Parental Controls
Safe Browser

Customer Support of Kaspersky and Norton 

As mentioned above, Norton provides the best services to its customers in comparison to other antivirus software. Here in this comparison, Kaspersky lacks ticket support while Norton having all the essentials to offer to its customers. As Norton works on 100% satisfaction that’s why it never shows any kind of limitation in offering different services and supports. 

Features Norton  Kaspersky
Email Support
Live Help
Phone Support
Ticket Support

Norton vs Trend Micro: Which is Best?

Norton vs avast free

Norton and Trend Micro offer a variety of features at the same price. Subsequently, there are over 250 million users of each program. These programs have so many similarities yet some features set them apart. You can get into the table below to check what features this software has other than given in the first table. 

Additional Features in Norton and Kaspersky

While Kaspersky comes with all these features, Norton lacks a smartphone optimizer and safe browser. Through the features list, Kaspersky proves to be the best but you must not take your decision instantly as there is a lot more going to be covered in this post. 

Features Norton  Trend Micro
Gamer Mode
VPN Services
Personal Firewall
Device Tune-up
Smartphone Optimizer
Parental Controls
Safe Browser

Customer Support 

Well, Norton and Trend Micro both provide services like Phone support, Ticket support, Live Help, Email Support to their customer. So, they have similarities in these services and you will not find any lacks and profit in terms of customer support. 


Well, this is all about the topic. We have covered almost everything related to the topic McAfee vs Norton vs another software. From the comparison of all these software. You can directly jump on your decision about which software you want the most. All of this software have some similarities but differences as well. That’s why they fulfill different people altogether. Through these tables, take your decision and learn the difference between these programs. 

The first table is given at the beginning of the article included all of these programs altogether with their pricing and other features. While other tables under the subcategories provide you a clearer picture of additional features, customer support, Quick and Full scan.  As these are all the essentials that a user seeks while going with any application, so, we just tried to provide some aids in it. Hopefully, you like the article and it has helped you in several ways. We would like to inform you about our other content on the site that is providing more such help in form of articles.  So, if you want to gain more knowledge then bookmark the site. Along with that, drop in the comment section which software you are using for securing your information. 

compare Norton 360

Comparison of Norton 360- Standard vs. Deluxe vs. Premium vs. Editions with LifeLock [A Full Guide]

Undoubtedly, Norton 360 gives its users the most powerful layers of protection. It certainly secures your connected devices and online privacy. Also, viruses, ransomware, malware, and other online threats can be eliminated easily with this stupendous tool. Additionally, the tool comes in different variants like Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and editions with Lifelock. Due to its various versions, the users are developing many queries among them. For that reason, we tried to present you with a guide that compares Norton 360 and helps you to identify the significant difference between its versions. 

So, let’s commence the article and resolve all your queries that include “Which version is better for you?”, or “ Should you subscribe to Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 with Lifelock Select?”, or, “What are the features and advantages of editions with Lifelock?”. Therefore, just keep reading and stay with us till the end to learn some unknown facts related to these versions. 

Norton 360 Comparison: Costs and what’s covered


Evidently, the NortonLifeLock family has contained antivirus products of around nine Windows that can secure PC and mobile. Also, it protects your identities. 

Although you will receive no free service, the guarantee of around 60 days is provided on the paid tools. Moreover, the user is provided Virus Protection provides you a refund if the tool becomes unable to keep its promises and functions poorly. Although prices are somewhat costlier than similar tools from competitive vendors you may find considerable markdowns. 

Yet, the first version of the software is Norton Antivirus Plus that safeguards your PC or Mac but here in the guide, we will start from the standard version. Because many users have not a clear concept for its four versions that come after the Antivirus Plus. 

Norton 360 is available in two standalone editions (Standard and Deluxe) and three Lifelock editions (Select, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus) in the United States. However, in countries other than the US, Norton 360 is available in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium.

In order to help you out, we have included all these editions and versions. So, you don’t need to be worried about whether you will resolve your queries or not. 

Norton 360 Standard

you are provided unlimited access with Norton 360 Standard. That means you can easily get Norton’s Secure VPN at the cost of $50 a year. Consequently, with its LifeLock feature, you can easily protect your personal information from getting stolen on the dark web. 


Norton Crypto is included in all updated versions of Norton 360. It holds the Ethereum cryptocurrency. So, its pricing got higher at the cost of $85 per year. It’s upto you whether you want to update the standard version or not. If yes, then you have to pay some more amount. 

Norton 360 Deluxe 

Norton 360 Deluxe 

Another version is Norton 360 Deluxe that protects and works on almost five devices for $105. Also, it grants you parental control and provides you upto five simultaneous VPN connections and 50 GB of online storage. Moreover, you can have device licenses, identity protection, and online storage, and identity protection only on one platform. 

It includes a three-license version which is significantly designed for PC gamers. The license costs around $100 per year and covers devices such as Mac, iOS, and Android. 

Norton 360 Premium

norton 360 premium

You can get Norton 360 Premium at stores deals in retailing as it is not available on the official website of Norton. Also, It helps to expand the VPN coverage and Deluxe antivirus to upto 10 devices and 75 GB of online storage. However, the Norton website price list provides its subscription cost at $125 per year but you can get it at $100 at online retailers. 


Norton 360 Editions with Lifelock (Select, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus)

Norton lifelock select

We initiate the comparison with the first edition, that is Norton 360 with Lifelock Select. You have to pay around $150 a year or $15 per month. Another key point is that it helps in monitoring the Equifax credit file. In case, your personal information is stolen then you will be reimbursed up to $25,000 for stolen funds, $1 million for lawyers and experts, and $25,000 for expenses incurred. Moreover, antivirus protection and VPN connections are accessible to only five devices. Also, you will receive online storage of around 100 GB. 

Norton 360 Lifelock advantage

Secondly, Norton 360 with Lifelock Advantage can cover 10 devices for $250 a year and $25 a month. Here you are provided more online storage of around 250 GB. The user is provided $100,000 for expenses together with stolen funds. Also, it helps to secure your credit card and bank account too. Not only this but it also scans court records and tracks anyone who wants to get inappropriate access to your account. Consequently, it comes with a Phone Takeover feature that helps to prevent strangers hijack your phone number. In short, it makes cybercriminals unable to access port-out scams and SIM swapping like getting illegitimate access to mobile payment accounts and cryptocurrency. 

Norton 360 with Lifelock Ultimate Plus

This is the last version, Norton 360 with Lifelock Ultimate Plus costs $350 a year and $35 per month . Also, it covers the insurance for stolen funds of around $1 million each. Not only this but it also helps you to monitor your investment and retirement account including the files with all three major credit bureaus. Moreover, It provides you access to a vast number of VPN connections and devices together with 500 GB of online storage. Since it offers several numbers of features, we things it’s the best internet security software that will be perfect to keep the security.

So, this is just a quick intro to all versions of Norton 360. As a matter of fact, we try to add a table to provide you a clear picture of the products and their features. 

Norton 360 Comparison in the United States- Standard vs Deluxe vs Lifelock Editions

With these built tables, we have tried to compare this product family so that you can get to know several features and benefits that make them stand apart. Evidently, we avoid adding everything to the table to make the comparison job easier to do. 

To demonstrate, we have included two tables as Norton 360 differs in the United States and in the rest of the world. So check only that which is based on your location. Also, don’t forget to study the notes provided below the table. Through these notes, you will make a further decision on what suits you the best. 

  Norton 360 Standard Norton 360 Deluxe Norton 360 + Lifelock Select  Norton 360 + Lifelock Advantage Norton 360 + Ultimate Plus
Current Sale Price $39.99 $49.99 $99.48 $191.88 $299.88
MSRP $84.99 $104.99 $149.99 $249.99 $349.99


The number of protected devices for Mac, Android, iOS, PC 1 device 5 devices 5 devices 10 devices Unlimited devices
Online Threat Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virus Protection Promise Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating System Supported  Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS
Password Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Firewall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parental Controls No Yes Yes Yes Yes
PC Cloud Backup 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Free Support


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Secure VPN 1 device 5 devices 5 devices 10 devices  Unlimited Devices
PC SafeCam Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Million Dollar Protection Package Norton 360+ Lifelock Select

Upto $1M in Coverage for Lawyers & Experts

Upto $25K in Stolen Funds Reimbursement

Upto $25K in Personal Expense Compensation

Norton 360+ Lifelock Advantage

Upto $1M in Coverage for Lawyers & Experts

Upto $100K in Stolen Funds Reimbursement

Upto $100K in Personal Expense Compensation

Norton 360+ Ultimate Select

Upto $1M in Coverage for Lawyers & Experts

Upto $1M in Stolen Funds Reimbursement

Upto $1M in Personal Expense Compensation

Dark Web Monitoring Powered by Lifelock Yes Yes Yes
Lost Wallet Security Yes Yes Yes
Credit Monitoring 1 Bureau 1 Bureau 3 Bureaus
Court Records Scanning   Yes Yes
Data Breach Notifications Yes Yes Yes
U.S. -based Identity Restoration Specialists Yes Yes Yes
Lifelock Identity Alert System Yes Yes Yes
SSN & Credit Alerts Yes Yes Yes
401 (k) & Investment Activity Alerts     Yes
Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts   Yes Yes
Fictitious Identity Monitoring   Yes Yes

It should be noted that you will not be provided the credit features from any bureau if either of the foregoing requirements is not fulfilled. If your plans include credit features from Experian and TransUnion then complete the above verification process with them only. You can not receive the facilities if the verification is completed with Equifax but not with Experian or TransUnion. So, make sure that both of them have completed the verification process. Moreover, all the benefits that you come across in the table are issued and covered by United Specialty Insurance Company. In case, your plan includes credit features like credit scores, credit reports, and credit monitoring then you need to fulfill two requirements including Equifax must verify your identity and has to place your credit file with consisted of sufficient credit history information. 

Now, let’s get into another table and learn the key features of Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe, and Premium.


Norton 360 Comparison in Other Countries- Standard vs Deluxe vs Premium

Norton 360 comparison

If you are a resident of the United States then move into this section and read the significant difference between Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe, and Premium.

  Norton 360 Standard Norton 360 Deluxe Norton 360 Premium
Number of Protected devices 1 smartphone or tablet, 

One device

1 PC or Mac

Upto 5 devices

5 PCs, Mac, smartphones, or tablets

Upto 10 devices 

10 PCs, Mac, smartphones, or tablets 

PC Cloud Backup

You could harm your files through various instances such as dropping laptops, hard drive failures, encryption of files. But, you don’t worry as Norton solutions have some advanced level of protection. Evidently, cloud Backup is one among them that will ensure to keep files safe and protected. 

10 GB 50 GB 75 GB
Password Manager

Meanwhile, remembering long and complex passwords can be a bit difficult. Moreover, you may require to write them down on a sticky note. But, Norton Password Manager sets you free from all this additional stuff. Not only this but it will also enable you to create complex passwords and store them in your encrypted cloud-based vault. So, what are you waiting for? When you can get access to all those complex passwords by putting fingertips. 

Yes Yes Yes
Parental Control

As a matter of fact, the tool provides you all the rights to see what your kids do online. For instance, what videos they watch, terms they search for, websites they visit, apps they download, and GPS locating monitoring for Android and iOS. Norton Parental Control helps you to engage on important topics significantly. 

  Yes Yes
Anti-Spyware, Ransomware, Antivirus, & Malware Protection

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning altogether develop Norton’s innovative security technology. Evidently, it is a crucial part of one of the world’s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks. Also, the Security Technology and Response (STSR) team available for 24 hours to protect your devices against various kinds of viruses. As it has a goal to protect its customers’ private and financial information when they make their way online. 

Yes Yes Yes
Firewall for PC and Mac

Norton Smart Firewall tracks the network traffic send and received on your system during working online. In short, it helps to block suspicious traffic and protects files and important data on your device from intrusive eyes. 

Yes Yes Yes
100% Virus Protection

The team generally provides a hundred percent assurance to remove viruses from the computer. In case they fail to do so then they will give your money back. In brief, eliminating viruses is at the heart of what Norton does. Moreover, with their assurance and guaranteed work, you can move work freely on the Internet. 

Yes Yes Yes


SafeCam for Pc

At times, Cybercriminals use spyware to take pictures with your webcam without your knowledge. As a result, they steal your photos for blackmailing purposes. Nevertheless, Norton 360 provides great relief in that with its SafeCam. Also, it aids in blocking unauthorized access to your PC webcam. 

Yes Yes Yes
Secure VPN

Many people think that there will be no risk in using public Wi-Fi at the coffee shop down the street. But, it can bring lots of threats to your data. So what measures need to take? For the most part, you need to do nothing, as Norton provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Clearly, it gives protection and encryption for online privacy when you use a shared network or public Wi-Fi. 

1 Mac, 1 PC, or 1 smartphone or tablet 5 PCs, Mac, smartphones, or tablets 10 PCs, MAC, smartphones, or tablets 

Key Points to consider to avail these features 

Moving on, we have included here some of the key points and measures that you need to take to avail these features. 

  • Make sure that you can use the tool when your purchase is completed or when the payment is received. In order to get protection, you must finish the downloading and installing procedure on each device. 
  • If you want to cancel your subscription then just visit the official site of Norton. Moreover, you can contact the customer care support of the software or can visit the return policy to get more info.
  • In addition to, the number of supported devices permitted under your plan is for personal and household only. 
  • Furthermore, the user purchases a recurring subscription by subscribing to the tool. It will renew after the first term. 
  • When you give your acceptance then the company will grant you protection updates that may be added, modified, or removed. 
  • Consequently, the price mentioned above is valid for the first term of your subscription. The price keeps on changing subsequently and you will be notified by email. 
  • Moreover, Norton cloud backup, SafeCam, Family Parental features are supported only on windows. 
  • Likewise, that the mobile app needs to download separately.

Bottom Line!

All in all, this is about the Norton 360 comparison. With its dynamic features and lineups of personal digital security, NortonLifeLock can protect a single computer together with household devices. 

Without a doubt, it is the best software with features like a password manager, online storage, parental controls, unlimited VPN, web safe cam, and a firewall.  Norton indeed provides everything that you could ever need. Furthermore, you will find no other alternative to Norton that brings you lots of options in just one platform. Obviously, the tool is a one-stop-shop for all your digital security and privacy needs. 

To clarify your doubts, we have prepared this guide. Hopefully, you like this article and resolve all your queries related to the products. If you want to know more about the site then check out our resourceful articles. In addition, you can contact the customer care team Norton if you want to know more about the products. 



What is Ransomware, How does it Appear and Many More in this Updated Guide

Well, in the digital world, we often get several kinds of malware attacks that will bring insecurity to our data and personal information. In order to save you from any such hindrance, we are here to provide you a detailed guide on ransomware removal. This guide will surely provide you with better help till you go towards the ending part. We will cover every possible thing related to the topic. So, you don’t need to go here and there to get answers as the post has everything in its pocket. 

But, we would like to inform you that we will not directly jump to the removal of ransomware. Instead, we will first give you a basic understanding of the definition, how it enters the system, what are the types, and then jump to the solution. So, it would be a request to read the full post because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And, we do not want to put you in any kind of danger with less awareness of the topic. So, this is our basic concern to help you in every possible way. Now, let’s learn what the definition of ransomware is. 

Ransomware: An Introductory Definition


Ransomware appears in the disguised malicious software that locks and encrypts all the relevant data from the device. Not only this, but it also asks for a ransom to bring the data back to that particular device. 

This is a great way for cybercriminals to extort money from these kinds of victims. The general way of ransomware’s entrance is through the ruining of the security hole. Much vulnerable software becomes corrupted because of these techniques. Due to its demands for recovery, the software is named ‘Ransomware.’ The PC framework stays corrupted and harmed until the victims fulfill the ransom amount. 

The issue of ransomware is a big one. Everyone needs to be more attentive and focused on these kinds of malware because they can prove a big threat to you. It can appear in the shape of a virus scanner to hide its real intention with you. Many victims have experienced it as a scary dream with all those threats and ransom that to be made through credit cards, and cryptocurrency. Whether it is a business, an individual, a company, an organization, or anyone can become the victim of this malware. 

You might come across the term Ransomware-as-a-Service or Raas which means the services to other cybercriminals provided by some ransomware authors. Well, there are a lot of unknown facts related to this ransomware virus. Keeps on learning their different variants and how they enter into your system and how you can fight against them by following this entire guide. 

How does Ransomware Enter into the system?


Ransomware can enter into the system in many different ways. It can corrupt your system with several kinds of infections. Malicious spam or mailspam is on the top of the common ways for making its entrances. The procedure contains some unsolicited emails having links to make the user enter into the malicious websites. 

Cybercriminals trick people to click open attachments of links via social engineering. Earlier the links appear to be legitimate but secretly they carry some malicious program going to hit our computer framework. The most known example of these kinds of ransomware is the posing of cybercriminals as the FBI. Through this, they scare some users and make them pay a huge amount of ransom for the sake of unlocking their files. 

Malvertising is yet another infectious way used by many cybercriminals. It is one kind of malicious advertising that’s where it takes its name. It is one of the great ways to spread malware in the form of advertisements. Sometimes, the user gets into the corrupting world without tapping on an ad. All of the victims’ information and essential details stored in the computer are delivered to those cybercriminals. 

Well, there can be an invisible web page element and an infected frame that becomes the bridge between the victim’s device and the ransomware. Iframe brings it directly to an exploit landing page while exploit kit is used to provide attacks from the landing page. It is also termed a drive-by-download because of the user’s unawareness of these kinds of attacks. 

So, these are the two ways through which ransomware can enter into the system. Now, you want to know what other kinds of ransomware are. If we speak our mind then move on to the next section containing various kinds of ransomware that can disturb the territory that you feel through your system.  

Various Kinds of Malicious Ransomware

Well, there are mainly three kinds of ransomware that are going to be described from mild to dangerous. You can consider the list below to know everyone. 



Most people consider scareware as scary but it is not like that. It has scams like tech support and rogue security software. There comes a message with the claim that there is a presence of malware and the user of the system needs to fulfill the demands as a ransom to eradicate the pop-up message. Although the pop-ups appear continuously when you execute nothing as written all your files remain safe and secure. 

You can consider the help of a cybersecurity software program like Norton ransomware removal to have full security of your device. You don’t need to be bothered by any kind of malicious and infectious program as Norton will provide all the tools to aid you in this. Due to these variants in ransomware, we have seen a lot of emergences in security software too. 

Encrypting Ransomware

Encrypting Ransomware

With the name, we can get the idea that encrypting ransomware grab the files stored in your system and then encrypt them. Not only this but it also asks for payment in the form of ransom to redeliver the files to their real owners. The idea behind them being so threatful is that no one can secure and restore the files once the cybercriminals snatched them up. Money is the only way to get back full access to your data. 

Screen Lockers

Screen Lockers

If ransomware like screen lockers get into your system then it becomes rare to get your PC back. Whenever the user tries to start the system, a window will pop up stating that illegal activity has been detected. You can see an image of the US Department of Justice seal with the note of paying a fine. It should be noted that the real FBI does not favor any of these kinds of activity unless they suspect you of cybercrimes, piracy, and child pornography.  



Ransomware as a Service or Raas is another kind of malicious program. The program enables cybercriminals to do anything with PCs having your information. Not only do they demand ransom but also manage decryptors to bring back the data access.



The malware initially threatens to disclose all of your data if you neglect the ransom amount. We have seen many instances of these kinds of malware that seek money from people who tend to save their personal and sensitive photos on their devices. Most people get trapped and, to, get back their information, they become ready to provide the ransom. 

Crypto Malware

Crypto Malware

Crypto Malware provides some threatful damages to your folders, hard drives, and files. You might hear of the destructive 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack that proved threatful to thousands of Windows Operating systems. Every victim is demanded to provide money in the form of Bitcoin if they want to restore the data.  

Mac Ransomware

Mac Ransomware

In 2016, Mac has threatened by the first-ever ransomware KeRanger. This program takes the help of a malicious app named Transmission to encrypt the files of its victims. Just like mac ransomware, mobile ransomware also uses an app that notifies the user about the illegal activity becoming the reason for shutting down of mobile.  

Some of the Historical Evidence of Ransomware Attacks

Although ransomware was introduced to target individuals,  later on, they move the focus towards some big enterprises to demand the bigger amount. Check out the full section to know how it brought, evolved and what its position in todays’ timeline.

PC Cyborg

PC Cyborg

PC cyborg appears in the late 1980s. The carrier of this malicious program is AIDS researcher Joseph Popp. He used around 2,000 floppy disks to conduct his operation. These disks consisted of malicious devices that can get all the data from C: directory files. If the victims completed around 90 reboots in their systems then they would probably get into the trap.  



GpCode is developed in 2004. This is a weak form of RSA encryption that can attack the personal files of several users around the world. 



WinLock brings danger to the victims by displaying some pornographic elements on their system screen. The victims become unable to do anything because they are locked by this malicious program. The only way to get rid of it is by paying a ransom. It generally makes its entrance in 2007.



As we mentioned above, it displays the image of FBP or an enforcement agency to trap the victim in the false allegations of committing crimes. Many victims complete their ransom wish by providing them with a fine. Rather than this CryptoLocker and Locky are other ransomware that emerged in 2013 and 2016. As we have told you about them in a descriptive manner so we don’t want to consume your time in learning the same thing again and again. So, now moving into the next evidence of ransomware. 



It appears to disturb businesses all over the world. In 2017, WannaCry attacked many businesses and demanded ransom to retrieve their essential files and data. 



It is developed in 2019 by a cybercriminal who preferred Managed Service Providers abbreviated as MSPs such as dental offices. 



Darkside is created in 2021 that takes help from Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas) model to kneel the bigger corporations such as Colonial Pipeline. Many cybersecurity officials claim that Russian hackers are the men behind its creation. 

Revil and Sodinokibi

Revil and Sodinokibi

These two are also developed in 2021. Cryptocurrency is the ransom amount that they demand unlocking the files. You may hear of the biggest meatpacker in the world, JBS gets into the trap of cybercriminals. 

Get to know the Targets of Ransomware

Well, there is no specific target for ransomware attacks but we can take some idea from its name that it decides its targets at the thought of yielding some amount. The bigger the organization is, the more ransom it is provided. So, the ability to target users are depending on the size of the organization. We have provided here the four organizations or groups that may appear on the target list of those cybercriminals. 

  • Groups with less security

ransomware target

Every cybercriminal wants to attack those groups or organizations that consist of lots of money with less security. For instance, universities share files in a huge amount but lack security concerns so cybercriminals may target them for their desired ransom. 

  • Organizations that can pay instantly

medical organization

There can be some organizations in the list of these hackers that can provide for ransom instantly. Several groups like banks, government agencies, medical facilities, and lots more can appear on the list. Attack on Colonial Pipeline is the recent instance that has made the payment of around 4.4 million in Bitcoin. 

  • Corporations with Sensitive data

sensitive data

There are lots of corporations among us that consist of sensitive data like banking and law firms. So, targeted on them can bring lots of benefits to these cybercriminals. Not only do these corporations occupy money but also the data that can bring anyone into danger. 

  • Bigger Enterprises in the Western Side

We are all aware of how the western side is evolving in terms of money and other things. The bigger the world is the better it provides the opportunity to cyber criminals to make an instant attack on these corporate worlds. 

Techniques to Never Encounter with Ransomware

Many of the readers may read this post to get this answer. Well, we will directly start with it but there would be no use of it if you don’t come across the real threat that it can provide to your data. Now that you have understood every essential point about ransomware, it’s time to learn some of the most efficient techniques to fight back to them. You will be provided with all the skillful techniques so keep on scrolling down. 

  • Make sure to restore your data

restore data

It would not secure your data from getting stolen but it saves your money from getting wasted in the name of ransom. Moreover, you can still get through all your data even after cybercriminals stole it. 

  • Download and Install Norton 360 ransomware removal tool

Norton 360

Norton 360 is one of the best tools on the list of antivirus software. It has several users worldwide. Features like anti-theft identity, parental control, a quick scan, and many more make it into unique reliable antivirus software. 

  • Stay Up-to-date

Everyone needs to make regular updates to their programs, security software, and operating system. With the update, the program uses the latest security patches to fight back that ransomware

  •  Stay Focussed when Online


There comes several malicious websites whenever you come online. With your one click, you can welcome your threats so make yourself aware while surfing anything online. 

  • Avoid Email Attachments


We often get various emails and messages containing some links and attachments. You need to avoid all of these because some malware can secretly hide on them.  

  • Avoid the use of public Wi-Fi

ransomware malware

Public Wi-Fi can prove to be very risky for your data. Cybercriminals can fetch your information from that so try to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). You must need to know that Norton VPN is also available for various users. If you want to safeguard your information then don’t forget to use it on your device. 

Pointers that help to Fight against Ransomware

If somehow ransomware emerges into the system even after considering the above techniques then use these pointers given below. This will surely help you in many ways to fight against ransomware. 

  • First of all, use any of the security software. We would recommend you to check out the Norton products as it is fully based on antivirus software. You can find here many options according to your devices and requirements like Norton Mobile Security, Norton 360 variants, and Norton Secure VPN. With this software, you can easily detect and protect your program from corruption bring into by malicious activity. 
  • You must try to update your Operating system on a weakly basis or whenever the new update appears. As many updates consist of new security patches that help in tackling the issue. 
  • Always create a backup of your essential data to an external hard drive or a place that is safer than your system. Cybercriminals lose their power if they get to know that you have a copy of that. Also, you need to locate all your backups offline because hackers can again get back to them if you place them online. 
  • You need to be strong here as we are going to tell you that don’t ever pay the amount demanded by these hackers. Many hackers think of it as a source of generating money and they continue to do so without fulfilling the promises of giving your money back to you. 
  • Don’t forget the cloud services that help in retaining previous versions of files along with all the encrypted data. 

How to remove Ransomware from the device

remove ransomware

Well, this is a frequently asked question from many victims of ransomware. So, we have tried to provide you the answer. In order to remove ransomware, we have to do certain things on our device that will be discussed below. So, if your data is also in threat then learn these pointers. 

  • You can remove the malware just by resetting the system to its factory settings. For this, you need to first back up your data externally or in the cloud. 
  • As ransomware spread from internet connections so we try to remove all internet connections. 
  • Always use a decryption tool to get back your data. 
  • We would also suggest you use security software like Norton but if you are a victim of screen-locking then it might not provide you the help that you desire. 
  • Restore the backup placed in the external location. 

If you conduct any of the operations after malicious ransomware corrupts your system then surely you will rescue yourself from getting into a trap. If you read this post for future awareness then make sure to use the Norton software. With the power of each software, you can easily eliminate any of the malicious activities preparing to take shape into your device. 

Final Word!

As the topic said, we have provided you with almost every relevant section. From the starting of ransomware to the key points to remove it, here you will resolve all your query. Although it is one of the worst malware, with the pointers you can get rid of it easily. Always keep in mind to prepare a backup of your data to deprive the hackers of an opportunity to spy on our system. 

Also, neglect the ransom amount because with the following methods you can get back to your data without providing them a single penny. In this difficult situation, you need to become more focused on all the substitute ways to help you out. If you want to know more about these kinds of viruses and the techniques to troubleshoot them then bookmark our site as we have covered topics like the Trojan Virus and many others.