Zam.exe has been quite a conversation topic these days in the tech community. To talk more, and what is zam in general. I have decided to embark on this article. I am also hoping to provide you with the basics of information about zam.exe working on your system.  

It is an advanced protection malware, also known by the name of Zam Controller Service or Dokimi. The problem arises when I find zam exe taking up considerable space in the speed of my system. Also, it is prone to slow down the internet connection. 

So what is zam then? Does it appear on all Windows?  Is it necessary to delete zam.exe?

Is Zam.exe Useful for My System? zam.exe

The Zam.exe working on my laptop belongs to Zemana AntiMalware. This is a third-party component and is not necessary for the working of our system Windows. The zam exe malware protection is an excellent tool for malware removal.

It works on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. So the question of what is zam or is it windows specific or not? The question is even not specific and the protection malware generally at worst causes only minor issues. 

It is a great tool working in the removal of malware or scanning files or in general to remove viruses. The time it is supposed to take up a large system space is during active scans. The Zemana AntiMalware or Zame.exe as we write here to be more specific is a reliable scanning tool. I say this from experience. I have scanned almost all files using the Zemana AntiMalware over the past months.       

Check the Zam.exe on Your System is Genuine

It is a reliable Anti Malware protection useful for our systems. The other pertaining question one must address in regards to what is the problem of cloaking. If you’re using zam exe on your system, check if any of the following software is present on your system. Zemana AntiMalware  Zemana AntiLogger League of Legend Watchdog Anti-Malware  Malware Killer 

  • Zemana AntiMalware 
  • Zemana AntiLogger
  • League of Legend
  • Watchdog Anti-Malware 
  • Malware Killer 

Zam.exe or other types of similar protection malware has a cloaking mechanism. Usually, the cloaking facet works in the dubious creation of similar files. Such a task results in meaning giving the same impression as the actual zam.exe but without the parent software installation. It present in the system would simply avoid the detection of malware. 

Steps to Figure Whether the Parent Software of Zam.exe is Installed

  1. Open the task manager tab, while pressing Control plus Shift plus Esc.
  2. Search for the Processes Tab, Look for ZAM.exe. You will find it in the Background Processes window 
  3. There click on the Open File Location, to figure out the source of the zam.exe installed in your system. 

You can breathe easily if the zam exe file is not present under the section of Program Files and the installation source is not a custom location. If the location of the file is under the C drive, zam exe installed is genuine and is a malware executable application. 

In case you find the location of zam exe under the program files. Run a scan through a third-party antivirus. It is an easy process if the zam.exe file is corrupted. 

See, now you not only know about what zam is, but what to do if it is in-genuine. 

 In Case the Zam.exe File is Corrupted 

In case you figure out the zam.exe application is likely infected. Steps are needed to be followed. Firstly, the important piece of note is the fact it becomes much harder to detect cloaking malware files than malware files in general. The best ways are probably to have a premium virus scanner. This will solve much of the headache. 

I, for one, often use Malwarebytes. I highly recommend Malwarebytes to perform the kind of task we are talking about here. Run a deep scan and not a standard scan. Malwarebytes is free to use and usually is good at detecting a vast majority of cloaking malware. 

If Malwarebytes does the job, restart the computer before you resume normal usage. Check if the zam. is still taking up a significant portion of system space. 

Steps to Remove Zam.exe 

I don’t see any reason for removing it if the executable installed in your system is genuine. There might be the thought process of getting away with this because of the system space it takes. 

After getting a more decisive knowledge of what is zam you might simply feel the taking up of all the system space. That it is simply not worth it. A simple uninstallation of the parent software will result in the removal of zam exe. 

Unless you delete the parent application, the removal of zam will likely yield no fruitful result. 

There will still be the persisting problem of taking up system space. Even if the current one gets deleted, the parent application will regenerate another exe file on your system.  

Here is how you can complete the task.  Run dialogue box, there type in appwiz.cpl.     

  1. Start by opening the Run dialogue box, there type in appwiz.cpl. Click OK, this will open the Program and Features window. 
  2. Search for the parent application over there. 
  3. Right Click and Uninstall 
  4. Follow the instructions asking you to perform to complete the task of uninstallation. When done, restart your computer.

While performing the method, there are chances that you might experience encrypt contents to secure data greyed out issue out of nowhere. As such, it is recommended to clear all apps in the background first before removing Zam.exe.

So, Now You Know!!

So, now you know all about what is zam, the purpose of zam.exe, the process to find the genuine one working on your system, and more. I am thinking you got some help from this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is MalwareFox Safe? 

MalwareFox is an extremely popular and widely used malware scanner right now. The popularity of MalwareFox is rightly owing to the easy UI and the quality of the results. 

MalwareFox is an extremely reliable safe, the scanner that works in identifying corrupted files. It then sends them to quarantine all in a quick time. MalwareFox also performs the task of removing potential threats. The cheap pricing adds to the overall user-friendly nature of the scanner.

Q2. What are the parent applications of zam.exe?

Look for these parent application files in your system to know if the version present is a genuine malware executable.  

  • Zemana AntiMalware 
  • Zemana AntiLogger
  • League of Legend
  • Watchdog Anti-Malware 
  • Malware Killer 

Q3. Can zam.exe affect my computer? 

It is an advanced protection malware. It is a reliable malware executable working in the removal of malware to scan files or to run virus tests in general. It does take up much system space while scanning.