Why Does my Monitor Keep Going Black? In this article, you will find the causes and resolution for your window going black. Many users evidently experiencing an issue with the black monitor screen. Their screen flickers in between and this could be quite disturbing and even worse. This happens because of various reasons, for instance, inadequate ventilation, power supply, loose cables etc. But this aggravating thing can come to an end with simple steps. 

If you are stuck with this issue again and again so now you don’t have to worry because you have landed on a page that has a solution to all your technical needs. Here we have enlisted the reasons why your screen goes black for a second & the steps to fix it.

Reasons of Black Monitor Screen

Reasons of Black Monitor Screen

  • Loose Cables

If your monitor goes black and comes back just after a few seconds. Then most probably it would be the problem of loose connections. So you just try fixing the cable on your own. If you are using DVI connection instead of HDMI then you must check all the wires. It could be any of the wire such as the display port cable.

  • Computer Crash

Generally, a computer crashes when you are using your system for a long time. This is because your computer needs to cool down. So, it just stops by itself and starts back when it recovers.

  • Power Supply

The bad power supply is the most basic culprit if your screen goes black. Excess strain of power on your system can lead to the black screen issue. You should change your power supply. 

  • Graphic Drivers

The reason for this problem is your graphic card needs to be repaired as it might have got corrupted. If you have the latest drivers then also it can cause a problem. Keep reading further and you will get everything sorted.

  • Monitor Refresh Rate

If you don’t have the correct monitor refreshing rate then it also could be the reason. 60 Hz refreshing rate is the default every monitor must have.

  • Less Ventilation or Overheating 

System gets heated while using it if there is no proper ventilation around your system. If there are no sufficient air dots then it could lead you to the screen flickering multiple times. Inadequate ventilation leads to overheating which causes screen flickering as the system needs time to recover or to cool down. 

  • Third Party Software

This is another reason why the screen goes black for a second. This is the main cause of the black monitor screen. If your system has any sort of third-party software that might be troubleshooting your system which leads to the problem.

  • Outdated OS Files

Outdated version of Windows can also cause the error. If your operating system files are incomplete or corrupted then it could also be a reason for the screen going black.

Step by Step Methods to Fix Flickering Screen

black monitor screen

Method 1

Now you will never ask yourself why does my monitor keep going black. The reason is loose cable, you should check your connections of video port and video cable. Just follow the enlisted simple steps.

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Unplug the video cable and check if it is damaged or not.
  3. If it is then you should get it repaired / if not then put it back.

Method 2

Problems with the power supply could easily lead you to the problem. In this case, you can do two things.First is to change the plug of the electricity supply or the second is to follow the below steps.

  1. Press the Windows key and select the power option.
  2. Click changing plan setting.
  3. Turn off the screen saver.

Method 3

A corrupted graphic driver is one of the reasons for such an issue because outdated devices create problems in the system so you need to make them and you can do this manually as well by following these steps.

  1. Go to the manufacturer support website.
  2. Find the driver matching your Windows version.
  3. Start installing the driver.

Method 4

If the above steps are not working for you then you must try this one. Try resetting your monitor settings. Steps are fetched below for your convenience.

  1. Goto the ‘Menu’ option.
  2. Click on ‘Other Setting’ and now on ‘Factory Reset’.

Screen Keeps Going Black Windows 10 ? Fixing Method

screen keeps going black windows 10 - Fix It

If you are using Windows 10 and having the same problem of the screen randomly going black then you should try the steps given here.

  1. Press the Windows logo key. Search ‘power sleep’ setting option.
  2. In the Screen and Setting option just make sure to set it to ‘Never’
  3. Set your screensaver at none. 
  4. Restart your device.


Now you know the reason & resolution for why does my monitor keep going black? The black screen can happen to any computer. It is completely normal to have so that is why we have discussed various methods to resolve your problem one must be helpful to you. We hope that your problem with the black monitor screen will be sorted out as we have provided you with the step-to-step procedure for fixing the problem. If still, the problem persists, then you should get your system repaired by some professionals.



Q1. What to do when the screen goes black in Windows 7?

You must try the above-mentioned steps to get your system repaired. Or just try the below steps for Windows 7.

  • Press Windows>Screen Saver option> set it to none>restart your device.

Q2. Can I update graphic drivers manually?

Yes, You can update graphic drivers manually here are the steps. 

  • Go to the manufacturer support website>Find the driver matching your window>Install the driver.