Your computer’s OS has to manage many tasks directly, including memory, drive space, process power, and so on. And on top of that, it’s to keep the programs running at an equivalent time, and that we use many programs on a day-to-day basis. All this drains the facility of your computer and if something isn’t right the entire system might hamper. In such a case you are advised to have a subscription to Norton utility premium to make your old PC run like a new one again. Read the post to the end to know more about Norton Utilities Premium and the feature and importance of this software.

What is Norton Utilities Premium?

Norton Utilities Premium is a multipurpose software package for analyzing, configuring, optimizing, and maintaining a pc. When you start high-demand programs, it dynamically optimizes your PC’s computing power, storage, and disc drive. It also assists in the resolution of common difficulties and leaves space to provide easy accessibility to the apps you want, when you want them. Furthermore, Norton Utilities Premium protects your online privacy by allowing you to delete internet explorer file transfers and permanently delete sensitive data. Finally, there’s a straightforward way to aid in the improvement and maintenance of your PC’s efficiency.

Norton Utilities Premium cleans up and accelerates your PC to assist it to run like new. It finds and fixes Microsoft Windows issues to stop PC freezes, crashes, slowdowns, and loss of your stuff. This utility premium helps your PC begin faster. It repairs and optimizes your Windows to enhance stability and launch programs quicker. And even cleans up your disk drive to spice up overall PC performance and provides you more disc space for your stuff. better of all, it gives you step-by-step guidance on the way to make your PC run like new again.

Why Do We Need Norton Utilities Premium?

Norton Utilities Premium

We all use our computers daily for tons of reasons. We may use it for our work, do our finances, communicate with clients, schedule appointments, or just for entertainment and a computer that runs slowly is just a drag. This annoyance may occur thanks to disk drive fragments, Windows Registry going awry or junk files have simply accumulated . one more reason why our computers run slowly could also be that it’s been infected with an epidemic or another sort of malware. This will be an enormous issue since it’s going to indicate that our data and private information are in danger. However, that’s why we all aim to keep our computers running smoothly and it is often an enormous time and money saver. Unfortunately, regardless of how important protecting and maintaining our computers are, we frequently overlook this aspect. We aim to supply you with detailed information on why this is often important and which software you’ll use to stay your computer running smoothly.

Feature and Benefits of Norton Utilities

The Norton utility premium offers some amazing features that help its subscribers to maintain the installed OS on the system.  

Norton Utilities Premium

1: Dashboard 

  • This shows you step-by-step the way to get your computer to run like new again.
  • The navigation bar, on the left, is how you access all the main functions in Norton Utilities Premium.
  • The content pane, on the proper page, displays the function currently selected.

2: From dashboard Analyze PC and Repair Issues:

  • Run an analysis of your PC and see a snapshot view of your computer’s condition (PC Status).
  • View and repair any issues detected within the last analysis.
  • Monitor system components that impact performance.
  • View Norton Utilities Premium activity.

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3: Toolbox > Run specific tools to fit your needs: Clean – Speed Up – Protect – Manage

  • Access Norton Utilities Premium’s repair and optimization tools to satisfy a selected need.
  • Fine-tune whether and the way specific components of your PC are optimized.

4: Automatic Care: Automate the upkeep of your PC

  • Designate issues that you simply want Norton Utilities Premium to watch and automatically repair.

5: Real-Time Boost with Real-Time Status

  • Automate the optimization of your CPU, RAM, and storage drives.

Recently Added Feature and Tools Within Norton Utilities Windows 10

  • Using a new software platform, you can scan and repair multiple areas of your computer at once, repeatedly.
  • We have developed consolidate toolset that is the easiest to use and smallest footprint toolset yet.
  • Users can avoid unneeded bloatware from being launched at startup through a redesigned Startup optimizer. The Unnecessary, Dangerous, and User Choice startup items can be managed with separate wizards within the tool.
  • With the next generation of Tune-up Definitions, many new optimizations can be added for modern apps, making them more effective.
  • For much more frequent updates, Norton Smart Updater offers nearly instantaneous updates.

Cost of Norton Utilities Premium 2020

A one-year subscription to Norton Utilities Premium starts at $39.99. Then, Norton’s subscription automatically renews and it’s a touch pricier. However, albeit the worth maybe a bit higher, it’s a competitive price and it comes with many features which will keep your computer running smoothly. Plus, you’ll step up to 10 PCs with Norton Utilities Premium.

After having enough information about this software you must be curious to know the procedure to get the Norton Utilities Premium software on your PC so, there you go.  In the next paragraph, we will explain the step-by-step method to download and install the Norton utilities on your PC that will help you to get the software effortlessly. But before downloading the software you are required to check the system that this tool demands to have on the PC. 

System Requirement For Norton Utilities 

This software can only be available on Windows and for Up to 10 PCs. To receive services, a high-speed Internet connection and therefore the following system requirements are required.

1: Minimum Microsoft Windows OS Requirements

  • CPU: 1GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB for 32-bit, 2 GB for 64-bit

2: Windows Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later.
  • MS Windows 8/8.1 (all versions), except Windows 8 Start screen.
  • Microsoft Windows™ 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 S.

3: Additional Hardware Requirements

  • 100 MB of obtainable hard disc space
  • SVGA (1024 x 768) video
  • Internet connection

How To Download Norton Utilities On your PC

STEP 1: Download and install Norton product on your computer

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Type in your email address and password for Norton, and click on check-in.
  3. On the My Subscription page, under Norton Utilities Premium, click Download.
  4. In the start window, copy the Activation Key that’s provided as you would like to enter it during the activation process.
  5. Click Agree & Download.
  6. Click the License and Services Agreement link and skim the agreement before you download and install Norton.
  7. Press the Ctrl + J key, to open the Downloads window in your browser and double-click the file that you simply downloaded.
  8. If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions.

STEP 2: Activate Norton Utilities 

Norton Utilities Premium

  1. Start Norton Utilities Premium.
  2. In the Norton window, click Activate Now.
  3. Enter the Norton Utilities Premium Key and click on Activate now


Regarding the above information, hopefully, you get all the relevant answers to your question about Norton Utilities Premium. However, if you like this article please let us know in the comment box below, and do not forget to read other informative topics about Norton Antivirus on our website.