Sooner or later almost every Windows-based PC starts to suffer from performance problems thanks to bloatware, old files, poorly managed Windows updates, or adware and viruses. Then you should try PC Tuneup software to boost the performance of your system. Now you wonder what is PC Tuneup software? So here you go. PC tuneup Software is to diagnose and fix problems that slow your computer, optimize disc space for improving speed, detect and eliminate spyware, remove viruses and Internet worms, check security to guard against hackers, and repair and maintain PC health. Symantec promises to revive your old computer’s performance with their Norton PC Tuneup Software.

In this post, we are going to discuss the Norton PC Tune-Up software, that gives your old PC a new touch. This post will explain every bit of this software in detail and help you understand its benefits and features. So without any further Ado, let’s get started.Norton PC TuneUP

What is Norton PC TuneUp?

Norton PC TuneUp Software may be a one-time service by NortonLifeLock. Norton Computer Tune Up Software service redemption is going to be honored within 60 days from the date of activation. It is recommended to activate within 60 days of purchase.

Norton Computer Tune Up revitalizes your older PC or Mac with our multi-point inspection and repair service designed to revive speed and performance, all for a fraction of the value of a replacement computer or repair-shop work.

Norton Computer Tune Up offers remote access technology that lets Norton-certified technicians assist you from anywhere with an online connection, 24/7.

With one trip, you’ll optimize your settings to enhance start-up speed and overall performance, clear some memory so applications start and run faster, and take away unnecessary files to enhance disk drive performance.

Why is Norton PC TuneUp vital for your system?

Fixing errors within the system also can improve the efficiency of other programs, and ensuring that each one of the required updates is downloaded or installed will streamline the pc system immediately. But having a PC tune-up software on your system, can detect many of the occurrences, and should fix them or highlight the way to remove them.

Norton PC TuneUP

1: Clearing caches

When your hard disc is overloaded with program files and commands, it can begin to hamper. Registry files and data are collected on the disk drive daily, and if these aren’t cleaned out periodically, they will cause disruptions and interference in standard startup and performance. within the event that an epidemic or malware is infecting the pc, damage and errors can reduce the computer’s ability to run optimally.

2: Optimize the Performance

When your system is locking up, freezing, or crashing frequently, it’s going to be that the programs don’t have enough disc space to launch properly.

3: Speed up the web Browsing

The Norton PC TuneUP software should be ready to improve the speed of your Internet browsing. this often happens because of removing unnecessary files from the cache. Overall system maintenance is vital, and this is often only possible when unnecessary files are removed or dismantled.

4: Remove access files

Unwanted cookies and Internet clutter can have an impression on daily performance, even when the pc isn’t connected to the web. counting on the backup and utility options available, tune-up software can remove excess files and confirm that there’s much hard disc space available for an optimized system.

5: System and hardware Modification

Norton PC tune-up software program can tweak and alter the registry system so that all programs are optimized for efficient performance. Registry files are a critical part of any program’s overall design and makeup; these shouldn’t be interfered with manually, as this will cause considerable damage.

Features and Benefits Of Norton Registry Cleaner

Norton PC TuneUP

  • Norton-certified technicians get your computer running fast as they remotely pack up, tune-up, and speed up your computer so it runs like new again
  • Service is out there 24×7 within your 30-day window
  • A service summary report is provided
  • Norton PC Tune-Up service is often used for the PC or Mac

Services provided By Norton PC Tune-Up

Restore High Speed of Your Computer – Norton’s multi-point inspection and repair service is meant to rejuvenate your older PC or Mac, so its speed and performance are restored.

Enjoy Convenient Service – Norton-certified technicians use advanced remote access technology so that they can assist you from anywhere with an online connection, 24/7/365. In about 35 minutes the bulk of repairs are wiped out. The action includes a summary report that gives the small print of the tuneup service.

Optimization leading to Comprehensive Performance Improvements – Norton-certified technicians will optimize your settings to enhance the start-up speed and overall performance of your computer. they’re going to clear some memory so applications can start and run faster. they’re going to remove unnecessary files to enhance disk drive performance.

Low Cost with Great Results – All of the above is performed for a fraction of the value of a replacement computer or repair shop work.

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System Requirements to Download and Use Norton Computer Tuneup

  • Operating Systems Supported
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or above
  • Ability to attach to the web
  • Administrator-level access to the PC or Mac
  • High-speed Internet connection (recommended)
  • 800 MHz processor (recommended)
  • 512MB of RAM (recommended)

How To Get Norton PC Tune-Up on the System?

Computer Tune-Up may be a one-time service that expires 30 days after the acquisition date. 

1: Call Norton Service Experts consistent with the merchandise

2: Provide the Order Number that you simply find at the highest of the Order Confirmation email to the Norton Service expert.

3: Norton Service expert walks you through the remainder of the method.

Note: This service is out there 24 hours each day, 7 days every week. there’s a further cost for quite one PC.


Here it is! That’s the end of the article, hopefully, you liked the information on this article. If this article helped you to understand Norton PC tune Up. This is the best PC Tune-up Software so far to advance the features and the performance of your old PC and make it work with the new one. So, if you are facing issues such as low performance, glitches, and low storage capacity while using your old computers. So, we recommend you install Norton Registry Cleanup software on your system to boost up the performance in a few minutes. 

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