Well, most of you might be aware that, once the most well-known torrenting website kickass torrent now has completely disappeared online. This happened due to the domain confiscation by the US government in the year 2016. Numerous streaming sites and free options for television shows and movies have emerged in recent years since Kickass Torrents’ closure, and we can notice a rapid decline in the torrent ecosystem that was maintained by piracy. Hence, in this article, we will provide you with the best kickasstorrent alternative in 2024. Continue reading the article.

What is Kickass Torrent?

kickasstorrent alternative

KickassTorrents, also known as KAT, was a website that provided a repository for torrent files and magnetic connections to promote peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent technology. KAT was first introduced in November 2008 under the URL kickasstorrents.com. And in November 2014, KAT topped all other BitTorrent directories in terms of popularity.

The U.S. authorities confiscated the domain in July 2016, at which point the employees of the website closed down its services. Although utilizing torrents to download files is lawful, several of the contents on these websites could be protected under copyright law, and disseminating such things is forbidden.

What Do You Need For Safe Torrenting? 

We mentioned earlier in this article that several streaming sites and free alternatives came into being, after the demise of kickass torrents, lacking in maintaining privacy. Thus, we strongly advise you to use a VPN like – NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, etc., in a way to stay secure when torrenting for the mentioned reasons below – 

  • With a VPN, your Web connection will be fully unleashed. There is no mystery about the fact that ISPs use selective throttling depending on the type of internet communications they discover. Your web connection would become faster and more trustworthy since VPNs mask your internet activity.
  • The tracking of your online behavior by your Internet provider will be stopped by a VPN.
  • You don’t need to waste a lot of time trying to set up torrent clients or attempting to create a solution to secure your torrenting. The most secure and trustworthy method of protecting your torrenting is with a VPN.

How to Safely Access Torrents Using a Virtual Private Network?

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is necessary for secure torrenting in order to prevent several threats, which include – malware, software defects, legal concerns, information leakage and many others. In this section, you will get to learn how to connect to VPN to access torrents safely by following the instructions mentioned below –

  • Firstly, choose your favorite VPN service provider and sign up with it. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost etc are some trustworthy VPNs. You can choose among them.
  • Secondly, Use the information you provided during signup to download the VPN software and login in.
  • Now, connect up with your preferred VPN server. 
  • Then, enable the kill switch function on the VPN you’ve chosen.
  • Now, install any torrent client you like, including BitTorrent.
  • Hence, start by going to your preferred torrenting website

kickass torrent

Best VPNs For Using Kickass Torrent Alternative

Well, there are tons and tons of VPNs today, providing various offers. Also, there are free VPNs available, which we will not recommend to you as they are not totally safe for use. 

Now, you came to know that torrenting from any website can be safe from various issues if you connect with a genuine and premium VPN service, which is currently available in the technical market. Therefore, We have spent time analyzing all of the best VPNs on the marketplace in order to guarantee that you receive the finest, and we have identified the top two. Let’s find it out.   



The best torrenting VPN is Express VPN since it is so stress-free. It features trustworthy security and great speed. You may experience limitless downloading with ExpressVPN’s outstanding unlimited bandwidth. It offers military-grade encryption using its VPN. Additionally, it has shared IPs, DNS leak prevention, and AES 256-bit encryption. 

The VPN has a vast server network spread over 94 nations. Additionally, you won’t often find one of its 3000 servers overloaded with torrent traffic because all of them enable peer-to-peer, providing you quick speeds.

ExpressVPN, however, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it absolutely risk-free. It is simple to obtain a complete refund if you are unhappy. Moreover, a 24/7 live chat service is provided for the users to resolve any related concerns of the users. 

Benefits of Express VPN
  • 94 nations with more than 3000 extremely fast servers.
  • Offshore VPN that is anonymous.
  • Effective kill switch.
  • Excellent 24-hour client service.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.



Another top VPN for torrenting is NordVPN. Using the cutting-edge NordLynx tunneling system, NordVPN operates. This service provider provides a kill switch that will terminate your Internet connection in order to stop unwanted IP leaks. It is one of the quickest and is ideal for downloading torrents at speeds up to 29 MB/s.

NordVPN’s P2P servers are available on all major platforms, and a single subscription allows for 6 simultaneous connections. You can experience torrenting on Android with the same degree of anonymity and security as you would on iOS. The split tunneling function enables you to add your torrent client to a list of tunneled clients, meaning that just your traffic will be secured.

A 30-day money-back assurance is provided for all monthly subscriptions by NordVPN, which is quite cost-effective. There is indeed a live chat support choice around the clock to resolve any related concerns.

Benefits of NordVPN
  • 6 connections running concurrently.
  • IP/DNS leak protection with an effective kill switch.
  • Audited no-logs policy.
  • More than 5500 servers spread across 59 countries.
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days.
  • Live chat is accessible 24 hours a day.

How to Select the Correct Kickass Torrents Replacement?

You should certainly keep a few factors in mind before picking the finest alternative to KickassTorrents. The only thing you have to do is read the things below carefully –

  • Be extremely selective when choosing the torrent substitutes you will use and visit. There are a lot of rogue websites out there that aim to trick users into downloading malware. Therefore, always use reputable websites.
  • As pirate sites rely on advertising for money, be careful to concentrate on user-friendly websites instead.
  • Evaluate the content you wish to download before continuing. There are several solutions available if you require an all-in-one replacement. You will need to use specialized P2P repositories, though, for harder-to-find content.

The Best Alternatives for Kickass Torrents

Along with you, plenty of others have sensibly been looking for alternative to KickassTorrents since the US authorities shut down its operations. Therefore, we have provided a list of some of the top kickasstorrents alternatives in this section that are also trustworthy. Keep on reading to know more about it.

1. 1337x 

Kickass Torrents has been replaced with a first-class website that indexes torrents known as 1337x. The website claims to have a database of more than 500 million torrents. It also features a search engine that enables you to look for any document using keywords or groups like movies, music, anime, TV shows, and software. The website delivers a respectable download speed of roughly 3–4 MB/s and is free of bothersome advertisements.

Features of 1337x
  • Engine for locating torrents.
  • Controls on the lock screen.
  • Track films.
  • Integrated media downloader.
  • Magnet connections are supported.

2. Pirate Bay

The PirateBay, best kickasstorrent alternative

The Pirate Bay is one of the best kickass torrent alternatives that contain Always-Online technology and The Pirate Bay Proxy has an alternate access point in the event that the main site is banned. In addition to games, applications, films, Television programs, and other categories, Pirate Bay includes a vast database of torrents. Moreover, it has exceptional protection peculiarities and a passionate network that notifies you whenever a torrent is hazardous. 

Features of Private Bay
  • Extensive library of stuff.
  • Multiple languages are available for torrent files.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • There are HD-quality video choices offered for the users.

3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent, one of the most popular BitTorrent services, recently underwent a URL change and relaunched as extratorrent.ag. There is a vast selection of the newest movies, TV series, programs, games, and music available for download, despite the layout being a little confusing. The absence of pop-up advertising, rankings of the biggest torrents in each area, and details on the health of specific torrents are all included.

Features of ExtraTorrent
  • No pop-up advertisements.
  • Wide range of torrents. 

4. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is one of the finest KickassTorrents alternative and delivers a large collection of downloadable torrents. It enables users to submit torrents of all types, including TV episodes, films, games, novels, anime, software, and music. There are many torrent users on IsoHunt. You may browse and quickly download any file from its directory, which includes the most popular comments categories. Prior to downloading any torrent, you must first download the IsoHunt software. Also, the user interface of IsoHunt is easy to use. 

Features of IsoHunt
  • The user interface is clean and well-organized.
  • Details can be found in torrent files.
  • Accessible online community.
  • None of those annoying pop-ups.

5. LimeTorrent


LimeTorrent provides access to a huge number of torrent files in many different categories. There are restrictions on the kinds of torrents you may submit. Given the strength of the community, only torrents that have been approved by users should be expected. With a lot of fresh releases and a quick download speed, it features an easy-to-use user interface. It might not be recommended to search for older information, nevertheless, since it hosts fresh content.

Features of LimeTorrent
  • There is a separate area for the most popular and recent torrents.
  • Checks the health of the torrent files.
  • A download option that is anonymous.
  • There is an area for user feedback.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle is a fantastic and compelling KickassTorrent alternative. Users can choose from a wide selection of torrents organized into various categories. The website offers an advanced search feature where you may choose the size of the file, keyword matching, time of the torrent’s indexing, and category choices including Television, music, movies, games, software, novels, anime, and language. Besides being one of the best you’ll encounter online, Zooqle’s user interface is also orderly and neat.

Features of Zooqle
  • The site lists popular torrent files.
  • The interface is simple and stylish.
  • There are details available about the torrent file.
  • Thousands of torrent files were validated.

7. YourBittorent

YourBittorent kickass torrent

YourBittorent is an excellent alternative to Kickass Torrents for downloading P2P files in a variety of genres, including music, TV series, films, applications, literature, anime, and more. The website’s layout is straightforward, intriguing, and straightforward to use. Before using it, no registration is required but you will need a strong internet connection to access the site.

Features of YourBittorent
  • Broad library of information.
  • Filters can be used to search torrent files.
  • Accessible information about the torrent file.

8. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy is an alternative to Kickass Torrent and allows you to download movies, TV episodes, games, software, and more. The torrent documents are neatly arranged and provide information about the file size, the date it was posted, who uploaded it, and how many people have seeded and leeched it.

TorrentGalaxy is a great place to download torrent files, but it also shows advertisements and reroutes you to dubious-looking websites. The website allows users to look at user reviews, images of the material, and the torrent’s rating. TorrentGalaxy also shows intrusive advertisements and redirects you to sites with little or no real-world interest.

Features of TorrentGalaxy
  • Displaying of Users’ comments.
  • Download HD/4K quality video footage.
  • There are dual audio Hindi-dubbed movies offered.



RARBG kickass torrent

RARBG guarantees a trouble-free downloading experience. Anime TV series, games, music, movies, and software are just some of the diverse types of entertainment available on the website. The website contains a number of great capabilities despite having quite an unattractive user interface.

RARBG lets you know the file size, upload speed, video quality, and visuals while you’re hunting for a torrent file. The website has a quick download speed, so you don’t have to wait long to watch your preferred video material. The user may also locate the top torrent files in the top 10 categories and the box office due to its well-organized torrent categories.

Features of RARBG
  • A space for user comments is provided.
  • A simple-to-use and navigate User Interface.
  • Downloading remotely.
  • The capability to download large games or other items concurrently.

10. iDope

iDope is an anonymous and secure torrent search engine. An excellent site for downloading applications, songs, films, television series, anime, games, etc. from a large content library. You may explore and download your preferred torrents with iDope. The webpage is simple to use and browse and has a Google-like appearance. This is really a meta-search engine for torrent files. It collects torrents from other trustworthy torrent sites in order to provide you with the most relevant search results. On its own, it does not host torrent files, but rather distributes them around the internet.

Features of idope
  • Include both visual pictures and information about the torrent downloads.
  • Performs the function of a search engine.
  • Smooth layout and simple User Interface.

11. Torrentfunk 

Well, another and the last alternative we have recommended is Torrentfunk. torrentfunk provides torrenting for practically any material. The website has a standard torrenting website interface, making it simple to search for and download everything you need while on the move. You may download your preferred material using the best magnet links and torrents by using the list of all the most popular searches.

Features of Torrentfunk
  • A vast collection of trustworthy torrents.
  • The availability of a user comment area.
  • Offers a listing of the top 50 torrents.


kickass torrent torlock

TorLock is a Tor-based website that allows users to download verified and legitimate torrent files. The site’s founders assert that no phony torrent files are included on the website. It provides a straightforward and clean user experience with an emphasis on privacy and data protection. The website offers more than 40 million torrent downloads in multiple categories. It also offers all the necessary information about torrent files before downloading. There are no comment threads, and you can’t learn anything about other users’ experiences.

Features of TorLock
  • It has ad-blocking software while adding free material.
  • You may download any type of media in the following formats: HD, MP4, HDRip, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and DVDScr.
  • You may quickly access all the latest releases.
  • All videos have subtitles available.

Final Thoughts

Well, though Kickass torrent has been shut down, there are numerous other websites that operate very nicely in the present day. In this article, we have provided 12 quality KickassTorrent alternative. We highly recommend you choose any of your choice. Also, don’t forget to use a VPN for safe and secure torrenting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Will using a VPN influence the speed at which I download torrents?

The size, speed, and location of the VPN provider’s network are all important factors when it comes to whether or not you can use a VPN to download torrents. Because some ISPs limit torrent data, utilizing a VPN may sometimes increase your speeds especially if you’re using a popular torrent site such as TorrentFreak.

Q2: What occurred to the website KickassTorrents?

The US government confiscated this Torrent domain name and detained the proprietor. Furthermore, the website was accused of breach of copyright by numerous countries.

Q3: What are alternatives to kickass torrent?

  • 1337x.
  • Pirate Bay.
  • ExtraTorrent.
  • iDope.
  • Monova.
  • RARBG.
  • Zooqle.
  • LimeTorrent.

Q4: When torrenting, would a free VPN keep me safe?

Well, torrenting, streaming, and online gaming are, regrettably, incompatible with free VPNs. High-speed connections are needed for each of these tasks, as well as limitless capacity, which is extremely important.