Are you in a situation where you need a desktop but all you got is your laptop? What to do when landed in such a situation? Just turn your laptop into a desktop and get your problem solved. Now the thing is, how can you turn a laptop into a desktop? With adding some elements, you can easily do this whole process of turning a laptop into a desktop all by yourself. Here we are providing you with a proper step-by-step guide for converting laptop to desktop.

Easy Steps For Turning a Laptop Into a Desktop

For this, you need to make changes with the following parts either by adding them or modifying them. Follow the given steps for turning a laptop into a desktop:

  1. Bring in the Monitor
  2. Change and modify Ports
  3. Adding Keyboard and Mouse 
  4. Peripheral and Setup

Now, let’s understand each step in detail below.

Bring in the Monitor

Bring in the Monitor

The first and foremost change that needs to be done while turning a laptop into a desktop is bringing the monitor into the picture. One of the major reasons to turn the laptop into a desktop might be the display. Having a monitor for the display is more convenient mostly. So to begin this process of converting a laptop into a desktop begins with the display itself which is a monitor. Thus, the monitor being one of the major elements that make both laptop and desktop different is necessary for this conversion.

The process is simple, you need to get a monitor with a decent display and it won’t even cost you much. After you have a monitor, connect it with your laptop and it will now access the external display. For enabling this access, just go through the following steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then click on display
  • Click on External display and allow for multiple displays. 

Change and Modify Ports

Change and Modify Ports - Guide for Turning A laptop Into A Desktop

The next step in the process of turning a laptop into a desktop would be identifying the types of ports in your laptop and monitor. You have to connect them so that ports need some changes. If you have similar ports then there is no big issue but if not then you might need an adaptor to connect and let your laptop convert to a desktop.

Although one might originally go for a monitor that might have similar ports as their laptop so that it is easy to connect. But if you find any different ports then you might get your hands on an adaptor and you will be all sorted with turning a laptop into a desktop

There are the following common ports that you would find :

  • HDMI
  • DVI-D
  • VGA
  • USB

The HDMI port is present in many laptops but some of them just have a USB type C port. In such a situation you need to get a USB type C port to HDMI converter. You can also go for a USB C hub that has multiple conversation ports like HDMI ports, USB type A ports, and audio ports. Now getting something multipurpose can help you to fix a lot of issues all at once so get these additions and finally turn laptop into desktop. 

Adding Keyboard and Mouse 

Adding Keyboard and Mouse 

What makes a desktop different from a laptop is these additional parts which are differently present in both devices. So for further turn a laptop into a desktop, you need to add a keyboard, a mouse, and speakers if you require. For this process, all you need is these external parts. You can easily get these in the market and even at the best prices that won’t be heavy on the pocket. Now once you have all these things, try to connect them through their attachments with the USB port present and if you don’t have enough ports then you might get an additional adaptive port for that purpose.

Peripheral and Setup

After you are done with all the above steps, you now have to check if you have connected all the wiring and ports to the correct place. After you are done setting up the external setup, you now need to go to the settings and allow your system to give access to the additional display that is to the monitor. Along with that, you need to also have access provided to the mouse and keyboard for a smooth experience. After doing all these things, you are all done with converting a laptop into a desktop just with a few easy steps. 



Thinking about converting a laptop into a desktop to make your working experience a little healthy for your body or want to utilize your old laptop and desktop for your kids to work on then here is a guide for you. You will get everything you need to do in order to turn the laptop into a desktop. Go thoroughly with the article and find your map to reach a converted laptop into a desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn your laptop into a desktop? 

Need to change your laptop into a desktop, follow up the given steps to do that in the easiest way around:

  • Firstly get yourself a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. These are the main requirements you need to turn the laptop into a desktop. 
  • After you have these parts with you, attach them through the ports. If you do not see enough ports you can always go for an adapter that has access to multiple ports. 
  • Now go to the settings of your device and allow its external display and other permissions required for the keyboard and mouse operation. 

And here you are all done with the conversion of your laptop into a desktop. 

2. How to make a laptop into a desktop?

Turning your laptop into a desktop may sound like a very tricky job but it can be done with a few simple steps. You just need to add on a few additional parts the keyboard mouse and monitor. In order to install these devices, you need to modify the available ports either by adopters Or by adding additional ports. After doing all these steps just allow the settings from your device and you are all done with turning your laptop into a desktop.