Do you use Windows for all your computing needs? There’s no doubt that the operating system offers plenty of handy features and shortcuts, but unfortunately, it can come with some frustration. If you find yourself facing an issue when attempting to print screen using the Windows + Shift + S shortcut, rest assured that there are a few possible solutions. In this blog, we will detail six methods to fix Windows Shift S not working issues & help get your screenshots back on track and make life easier in the process. Whether you need to take a screenshot immediately or just want peace of mind for future reference, we’ve got everything covered right here.

Windows Shift S not working

Why Windows + Shift + S Not Working?

It is very important to know the root cause of Window Shift S not working before we actually get into troubleshooting ways. However, there can be various reasons responsible for this mishap in your device. Let’s check them out in the below pointers.

  • Double buttoning: The reason is very simple: when the load of the two functions is on the one key, then maybe the key won’t work efficiently. Similarly, when these three won’t get the perfect order to work.
  • Malicious activity within the app: Maybe your app is having some issues with viruses or other kinds of stuff. In this case, you just need to reinstall the app and get on with it. Check if the issue has been resolved or not.
  • Interference of another malware-containing app: If some apps in our system have malware or virus in it then it may cause disruption. Thus, you will need to boost up your computer by cleanup apps.

6 Resolving Troubleshooters for Windows Shift S Not Working Issue

After knowing all the possible causes, we can resolve the matter with a few clicks with a better understanding of troubleshooters. We have given the top 6 resolving methods that you can use to eradicate the issue of windows key shift s not working. Let’s get dive into the troubleshooters.

1. PrntScrn Button 

PrntScrn Button 

This is the most common and well-known method to try for taking a screenshot. If you are in urgent need of taking the screenshot, then you can press the “prtSc”  key to capture the screen and save the screenshot to your clipboard. After that, you can use any editing app like MS Paint and other editing apps from your device to edit the screenshot. But a number of systems lack this key. However, if you have this key on your keyboard, then you must try capturing your screen with this.

2. Allowing Snip & Sketch’s Notifications 

When you press the windows key shift s but no result comes up, then it can be the issue with your notification settings. If the notification for taking the screenshot is off, then you are most likely to face the issue of  ‘windows key shift s not working’. In this case, you just need to disable this setting from your PC. Here we are enlisting some steps to rectify the settings.

  • Press the Window log key and I together to trigger the setting app of your PC.
  • Select the system option coming very first on your screen.
  • Now, click on “Notification & actions” coming at the left bar.
  • Locate the ‘snip-n-sketch’ option and enable it.
  • Try taking a screenshot by pressing ‘windows + shift + s’. You must see a notification.

In case it is already enabled, then the cause of the problem is something else. Thus, you must jump to the next method. If it is not enabled prior, then you must see the screenshot notification when you try to take the screenshot.  

3. Turning Clipboard History ON

Window clipboard history is another feature that can help you to take screenshots even if your win shift s not working. If the history of your clipboard is off, then you must try to enable it. After enabling it, you can simply save whatever screenshot you may want to save by just pressing ctrl+v at the location. However, let’s check how one can turn on the clipboard history. Another important thing is that these steps have the potential to work on every version of Windows.

  • Open your settings window by pressing the Windows logo key and I together.
  • Select the system setting and come to the next screen.
  • Now, you can see an option for a clipboard in the left sidebar.
  • Click and enable the history option coming there.
    Turning Clipboard History ON

After doing the above steps, you must check to take a screenshot by pressing all three keys. Windows+Shift+S. If you are able to take the screenshot, then you must follow the below-written steps to save it.

  • Take a screenshot.
  • Launch MS paint and try to make a blank image.
  • Now you can paste your clipboard image here by pasting through ctrl+v here.
  • If you want to edit it, go ahead to do so.
  • And save the result simply by pressing ctrl+s.

Hence, you can save the screenshot at wherever location you may want it to be. One thing that you must keep in mind is to save the file at an easily accessible location such as the desktop or wherever you want it to be.

4. Reset Snip & Sketch App

Resetting the device has been a troubleshooter for every other little technical glitch that happens in your device. You must try resetting this tool to get the issue of “win shift s not working” resolved. Thus, let’s check what steps you will need to follow to get it working again.

  • Open the settings tab in your system.
  • Select apps option
  • Locate the “snip and sketch” app. Right-click on it.
  • Select advanced options.
  • Scroll down and choose the reset option.
  • Now, a prompt will come up, and select reset to continue the process.

This way, you have reset the app “snip and sketch”; thus, it may have started working well. To test, you must check by pressing all the concerned keys and see if it started working or not.

5. Reinstall Snip & Sketch 

Reinstalling Snip and sketch apps on your PC can resolve your problem in an easier way. This way, if any error or malware is disrupting the action, then you must reinstall the app so that you can have better results in a few seconds. If confused, how to do so? Then don’t worry because we have written the below steps for you to have a satisfactory result. 

Reinstall Snip & Sketch 

  • Open the settings of your system. You can open it by pressing the Windows logo key and “I” together.
  • Choose the “apps” option in the settings.
  • Locate the app Snip and sketch on the coming app list. 
  • Right-click and select uninstall.
  • A prompt will come up; select uninstall in it.
  • Now, open the Microsoft Store and search for the app snip and sketch.
  • Install it again from here.

After doing the above steps, you must launch it and do the needful things as per the coming on-screen wizards. Once again, test your system and the newly installed app. Press the Windows logo key + shift+S to take the screenshot. See if it has started working or not.

6. Perform a Clean Boot

Performing a clean boot on your computer can help you to make your keys work again & may tune up computer with maximum efficiency. Thus, you can download any trustworthy third-party app for it. Sometimes, a few malicious apps from your device try to interfere with the snip and sketch app and may create hassles for you to take the screenshot. Hence, you are advised to perform a clean boot on your device. This way, you can simply figure out what app is creating a mess on your PC.   

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1. Why is Windows Shift S not working?

There can be various reasons responsible for why the keys Windows Shift S not working on your PC. One of the most likely causes for it is the malicious app or some virus in the snip and sketch app. Another likely cause is the damaged or corrupted files of your system.

Q2. How do I enable Windows Shift S screenshot?

There are various tricks that you can use to enable Windows Shift S screenshots. You can try the above fixes for it. Simply get into the snipping tools’ advanced option and click on the repair option. Now, wait a few moments and see if the keys have started working again or not.

Q3. Why won’t my Windows let me a screenshot?

In a few devices, you can see the PrtSc key as the function’s key. It can do both tasks together, which is why it leads you to the problem of Windows Shift S not working for the screenshot. However,  you can simply resolve this by pressing it twice.


In a nutshell, we have provided you with the top 6 ways through which you can take a screen print in your pc if the keys on your pc Windows Shift S not working. Thus, you can try any one of the above tricks from the above article. Hope this guide has helped you in every way possible. If you have any suggestions or queries in your head, then you can come back to us anytime.