Microsoft is doing a remarkable job by providing various features in all the latest versions of Windows. In a chain of such features, Windows Defender SmartScreen is one such function that works when you try to run any program in Windows 10. Correspondingly the operator receives a pop-up “Windows protected your PC.” It protects the data saved in the computer from any malicious activities. The article offers various ways to deal with this pop-up from your PC to protect your personal or official data. Let’s check them below. 

What is Windows Protected Your PC?

“Microsoft defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting…. a bottom line with the headline Windows protected your PC.” It means the system is at risk, and Windows defender SmartScreen is trying to repair the issue. Moreover, the antivirus software can not recognize this new file or program to run because of unavailability in the data bank. 

Windows Protected Your PC

It runs in the background in a default mode and is efficient enough to defend the PC from malware. But that is not the case if you receive this message from Microsoft. You can double sure for the safety and security of your personal computer. Contrary, when the message appears more than the required time or you are confident that you have run a trustworthy program. That is a scam and a warning for your system’s safety. 

It becomes difficult to differentiate between genuine Microsoft messages and a scam. But Windows defender disablement is an option if you trigger any cheat. 

Get Rid With Windows Protected Your PC

The operator can help you get away with Windows protected your PC with several options. See the list below. 

Neglect Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Prevented an Unrecognized App from Starting

Windows Protected Your PC

If the default security software recommends the action, you must follow this. 

  1. The message reveals that you have downloaded a file that is not in the permission space of Windows 10 or Windows 11. However, you must be double sure about the program’s safety- instead of clicking on “Don’t Run.” click on the option (More Info) down to the warning message.  
  2. Read the complete information about the program (name & publisher) you are downloading or running in the system. Moreover, if there is no recognition from Microsoft about the software, you should click on “Run Anyway.” 
  3. That’s because sometimes the Windows developer or Windows defender SmartScreen makes mistakes in accepting the safe file so in that case you can use SSD cloning software

Bypass the Warning with the Steps Below

  • Choose the “Properties” option by right-clicking the mouse on the file. Go to the “General Tab” to press the “Unblock Button.”
  • Click on “Ok” and close the Tab. Now you can open or access the downloaded file. 

Security Check 

Go to the glance section of the Windows defender SmartScreen and check whether there is any bug preventing you from continuing with the software run. If that’s the case, fix it promptly. 

Disable Smart Screen Windows 10

A permanent solution is necessary because due to this feature, acting against your favor can refrain you from doing better with the system. The Bypass system is unsuitable in cases where you have to move faster, and there is no time to double-check the safety details. 

How to Turn Off Microsoft Defender SmartScreen?

Solution 1. Using Windows Security Software

Using Windows Security Software

  • Click on the “Start Button” and go to “Security”. Tap on the “Update & Security” option. Next, check the “Windows Defender” to open the “Windows Defender Security Center.” 
  • Check out the left sidebar for “App & Browser control” for scrolling down and turning off ” Check apps and Files.”  
  • Confirm changes made so you won’t see the error message ” Windows protected your PC” again.
  •  Furthermore, Install a well-built antivirus to defeat the malware attack or any risk. 

Solution 2. Group Policy Method to Turn Off Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

  • Click on the Windows search box to type gpedit.msc and open ” Edit Group Policy.” 
  • Navigate through the options ” Computer Configuration-Administrative templates-Windows Components-File Explorer.
  • Seek the right pane for ” Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen” and disable it. Press the “Ok” button to deliver the changes. 

Solution 3. Registry Editor Disable Smart Screen Windows 10

Registry Editor Disable Smart Screen Windows 10

  • You have to run the Regedit to navigate with the registry editor. Use regedit.exe in Windows 10 or 11 search box.
  • Moreover, navigate with the key- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System
  • Follow the right pane for DWORD (EnableSmartScreen) and disable it by valuing it with “0.”
  • 0 is for turning off the Smart Screen. 1- is for a warning sign before installing or running the suspected software, and 2- is for asking the administrator to run the file downloaded from unknown sources.  
  • After the confirmation, close the tool and restart the system changes implementation. 

Windows Protected Your PC- Scam Prevention 

As we said, the message can appear from both Microsoft or the tech support scam. The above lead is for genuine notification, but the cheat is not preventable without specified methods. Let’s check them. 

  • Close the browser because the scam happens with the opened browsers only. 
  • Remove the malware from the system added with tech support services.
  • Use Antivirus or Malwarebytes.
  • Use Microsoft Edge as the browser for the safety check of the task. 

The Final Note

The above support on “Windows Protected your PC” will help you act in the right way. No extra online setting is necessary to deal with the issue, but you may take help from any professional in case of not able to help yourself. Apart from that, only understanding and patience can keep you safe from malicious activity. So act smartly. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 How to Turn Off Microsoft Defender SmartScreen?

  • using Software Security
  • Registry Edit
  • Group Policy Method

Q.2 What Does Windows Defender SmartScreen Do?

It stops you from running unknown malicious software or program files in the system. 

Q3. Should I Disable Windows Defender SmartScreen?

Yes, you must disable it to “Run the program Anyway,” knowing the authenticity of the program.