Having a good antivirus is one of the main things that concern a user. An antivirus is software that acts as a protector for your device. It shields your device from unwanted and harmful things that are dangerous for your device. With the help of a scan, an antivirus can detect any kind of virus and delete it for the protection of your device. For the service and aid, an antivirus is really crucial for the maintenance of the device we use. As antivirus is such an important tool, we should always choose the best one. That is why we are conducting a comparison of Windows Defender Vs Mcafee.

Mcafee vs Windows defenderAlthough the market is full of so many antivirus software available for your use, there is always a need to choose the best one from all those options. You will find yourself often in confusion of Windows defender vs Norton or Mcafee vs defender etc. The same comparison and confusion are seen between the two anti-virus software namely The Windows Defender and The Mcafee.

By the end of this article, you will become clear with whatever choice you might go with as you go through the comparison of Windows Defender Vs Mcafee. Before comparing both of the software to each other you should know about all the features that this software consists of. This study on the features will allow a clear and crisp comparison of the antivirus Windows Defender vs Mcafee. 

Windows Defender Windows Defender 

Windows Defender is an anti-malware software integrated into Microsoft Windows. It is among the best antivirus that has strong protection against viruses. It is very effective in protecting your device without interfering with the performance of your device. Moreover, it can help you reduce the time to upgrade to Windows 10 and other OS. Let’s have a look at all the amazing features that this antivirus has to provide us:

  • Protection from Virus 

Protecting the device from viruses is the main work for which such software is designed. As we talk Windows Defender is completely negligible in the background to continuously scan for any kind of virus in your device.

  • Accuracy in Scanning Virus 

Any Antivirus can scan for viruses and malware but the accuracy with which they do it matters. And in the past few years, it has been calculated from research that Windows Defender can get a good percentage of the main widespread virus which is quite a good score in terms of accuracy for a free-of-cost software.

  • Privacy and Security 

In terms of Privacy and Security Windows Defender provides a lot of features for its users. These features include threat and virus protection, account protection, internet, and firewall protection, device and security, control apps and browser, device performance and health, etc. These make it very helpful and user-friendly software.

  • Impact on the System and Performance 

All Antivirus has some or other impact on the performance of the device in a negative way. Let us see how this antivirus performs and how it affects the system of the device. It has a slow take on giving a full scan to your device if compared to another antivirus. It takes around 34 mins to give a full scan which is a lot when compared to other software. But it has minimal impact on the system which is a plus point for it. This quality would count well in the comparison of Mcafee antivirus vs Windows Defender. 

Mcafee Mcafee

This Antivirus program is one of the most talked about due to the service it provides to the user. But often do people think that is Mcafee good? Yes, it is surely good software as it does its job brilliantly. Following are a few features of Mcafee that will explain to you further whether is Mcafee good or not. Moreover, these features will be helpful in the comparison of Windows Defender vs Mcafee. 

  • Protection 

The thing that makes Mcafee software better than the others is that it gave us the feature of protection against malware for the first time. It has the ability to protect your device together from viruses and malware. It can stop all threats and proves to be effective antivirus software.

  • Additional Features 

McAfee provides its users with a lot of additional features like a password manager, Mcafee VPN, Mcafee shredder, Mcafee firewall, etc. These are helpful for the user to make all the additional requirements complete. These features would make a point higher for Mcafee in the Mcafee vs Defender comparison. 

  • Impact on the System 

Many antiviruses tend to slow down the process of your system by causing a lot of draining of your CPU and its resources. Running an antivirus has some effect on your device but it also depends on how compatible your device is with the running of that antivirus. Mcafee has impacts on your system but is not so prominent that it would cause you trouble.

  • Customer Support 

Mcafee provides you with full-time customer support. You can connect to them 24×7 through their website. This customer support even gets better with the paid versions of the software. In that, you get professional assistance from technical teams. This makes it one of the most user-friendly antivirus software.

Comparison Between Windows Defender vs Mcafee 

As we looked at the individual features of both of these antivirus, it gave an idea of what services they will be providing. After the assessment of those features, we may now compare those features to each other and get the results of the comparison of Windows Defender vs Mcafee.Windows Defender vs Mcafee

The major difference between both software is that Windows Defender is a free-of-cost one. On the other hand, Mcafee has the option of paid subscription. So in terms of free service providing Windows Defender has the upper hand in the Mcafee vs Windows Defender. Heading up its position in the comparison of Windows Defender vs McAfee, Macfee is more accurate and its detection rate of it is much higher than that of Windows Defender. In terms of reliability also Mcafee holds up a higher position. 

All these points can very easily conclude that the winner of this Windows Defender vs Macfee would be Macfee as it provides way too much more than the Windows Defender. But this doesn’t make Windows Defender any less, it is just a comparison result. Now after all this information about both of the software you can finally decide which one is going to be your choice.


To conclude this battle between Windows Defender vs McAfee for the best antivirus it can be said that both of our contenders, gave tough competition to each other. With some of its features, Windows Defender appeared to be having an upper hand while sometimes Mcafee proved to be a better option. 

It all depends on the preference of the user. If you have set all the parameters for selecting your antivirus then measuring them with all the information in this article would clear your choices even more. Hoping that this article came to be helpful for you to decide which antivirus you should choose for your device.


Q1. Is Mcafee better than Windows Defender? 

Yes, it can be said that Mcafee is better than Windows Defender as it provides a better percentage of accuracy in scanning and removing viruses from your device and is also very easy to use. All the features of Mcafee makes it a better option than Windows Defender. 

Q2. Is Windows Defender as good as an antivirus? 

Yes, Windows Defender is a good antivirus as it is an inbuilt antivirus. It does not affect the performance of your device which makes it a good choice for people. It may not be as accurate or fast as other antivirus but it does its job of protecting your device from threats and harmful viruses.