Since the time Windows 11 came to the market, there has been a lot of hassle in using it. People have very mixed reactions to it. Some of you really liked the upgraded version. But on the other hand, people don’t like it as it comes with a lot of hassles to use. A lot of people say that Windows 11 sucks? Does it really? To answer all of these questions with Windows 11 issues, we are here. So, just go with the flow of this article and find answers to your every question. 

Windows 11 sucksWhy does Windows 11 Sucks?

People were expecting too much from Windows 11 but it is not like what people may have expected. A lot of users run into problems while using Windows 11. Compatibility issue, Oracle virtual box issue, etc. Actually, there are so many reasons for windows 11 issues.

5 Major Issues with Windows 11

We are providing you with 5 major problems that people are facing while using Windows 11. Through the following information, you can figure out whether it really sucks or not? But we can also suggest an easier solution: Re-install Windows 10 and get all the issues with this latest OS resolved.

Hardware Requirement isn’t available

This Windows 11 has some standard hardware requirements which don’t allow a lot of hardware connected to it. If this happens, then it shows errors. Windows 11 CPU requirements are another major aspect one should look at. Normal requirements of RAM, Graphic cards, etc will always be there, but Windows 11 also requires a TPM 2.0 chip and a 1 GHz Processor.

Problematic Task Bar and ManagerWindows 11 sucks task manager

Task Manager in Windows 11 is not so personalized you can not move the taskbar as per your choices. It feels so downgraded from Windows 11. You can not open it easily. This is why we found windows 11 issues.

Lacks Default Web Browser 

Windows 11 issues occur as it allows you to use only Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are the one who is more familiar with Google chrome then you need to open webpages via chrome by default.

Difficult User Interfaceuser interface

Another Reason for which we can say windows 11 issues is the default user interface. You may see this interface when you are trying to shut down your computer or upgrade your Windows. You need to spend some time becoming familiar with these Windows. This new feature makes it slightly difficult to use. You need to click several times to get into any of the functions such as Wi-Fi and the context menu option etc.

Availability of Control Panel windows 11 Control Panel

To make it more simplified,  Windows 11 lacks features. For example, there is a settings app and also a control panel. Both things simultaneously make Windows a mess. Also, Windows 11 is not stable, It always needs an update. The start menu always lacks because of oversimplified features. These are the major reasons why Windows 11 sucks.

Windows 11 What’s New? (Features)

Every coin has two sides similarly Windows 11 also comes with many advantages. This is why it is an upgraded version of previous Windows. Despite all the shortcomings, there are a few new features that you should know. You can check the advantages below. 

Windows Security

Windows 11 security offers a more secure version. It has very good security technology inbuilt. Also, not only software technology. It also offers high security to hardware gadgets. This security makes it better than other Windows options available to you.

SecurityXbox Tech

Windows 11 provides a better gaming experience as it comes with two new features for Xbox gaming users. These two features allow the computer to run smoothly while you are gaming. The features are Auto HDR and Direct storage to PC.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams are integrated with Windows 11. This feature is very much useful and easy to use as it is present in the taskbar and you can launch it anytime easily.

Multitasking Feature

In this Windows, you can handle various tasks easily. You can use multiple desktop features to handle your work firmly. You can use your operating system for personal use, For office purposes, and for gaming at a time. 

Leveled up Android Apps

Integrated android apps are also a feature of why one should go for Windows 11. Amazon app store is freely available in Windows 11 and another option is the Microsoft store. You can install any app from the two.

How to Upgrade Windows 11?Update Windows

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11 then you can simply do it by the following steps. Also, we would like to advise you to wait until your Windows notifies you that the update is ready. If you are getting these notifications then you can update Windows.

  1. Select start
  2. Goto Settings
  3. Updates and Security
  4. Click on Windows Update. 


We have provided you with full-fledged information on Windows 11. We are hoping that you may get the answer to the most asked question: Does Windows 11 sucks? Now, you are able to figure out what is best for you. If you still have any confusion then you can ask in the comment section below.


Q1. Is Windows 11 good?

It is a good idea. But if you have Windows 10 then you won’t be getting any other exceptional features. so, you can do it only for a few upgraded features.

Q2. Should I get Windows 11?

You can get Windows 11 if you really want. But we would like to suggest that it wouldn’t be a great idea. As it doesn’t come with extra features. Also, it is very complex to use.

Q3. Is Windows 11 good for gaming?

Indeed, Windows 11 is very good for gaming as it comes with upgraded technology to Windows 10.

Q4. Is my computer compatible with Windows 11?

Your device must be running Windows 10 or other versions. So, you can easily upgrade your computer to Windows 11 and it would be compatible as well.