The era of the Internet led us to the edge of the addictiveness of the internet or else you can say, we are living two lives right now one is offline and the other one is online. We spent most of the hours on the internet and created almost billions of personal and professional data till today. But we just forget that there are many online threats who are following our every step and ready to attack us to steal our identity. But we can protect our online information from them with the help of strong password protection. When you protect your data with strong and uniques passwords it becomes difficult to break your fence and intrude onto your account. 

In this post, we are going to explain all those schemes and ways to create strong passwords to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft. 

What is a Strong Password Protection and Why Is It Important?

The digital world has given us many opportunities to connect yourselves with others from one corner to another corner. But the same digital world also gives us the threat of Identity theft that threatens us of being the victim of it. But the password protection scheme helps us to secure our online data from cybercriminals. 

Strong Password Protection

Today, most computers are using digital lock techniques that create a protective seal around your online account and safeguard your data. You would have noticed that wherever you create an account, there’s a page prompted that ask you for a password that required some sort of special demands that will create a strong password:

  • 12 Characters Minimum 
  • One Capital Letter
  • A Special Character   
  • Must Include numbers

The above-written pointers are the traditional way of creating strong passwords but sometimes,  the extraordinary hackers hacked these types of passwords too, and BOOM! YOU BECOME THE VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT.

But having a knowledge of creating good, strong, and unique passwords is a trick that we are going to explain in the paragraphs below. You just need to scroll down the page to read it and grasp the information to save yourself and your online data.  Plus, it helps in preventing your data from grayware and other viruses

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How To Create Strong Passwords?

Strong Password Protection

Creating a strong password to protect your data is a good move but having knowledge-creating uniques data that no one can break into it is great. There are only two rules to create a strong, unique, and prey-safe password.

1: The Passwords Should Be Long Enough    

When you create a password that should belong which has been a minimum of 12 characters long. Short passwords are easy to guess. If the person who’s trying to hack your account is from your close ones they will easily hack your account cause they possibly know all of your relevant and they will find your passwords through brute-force guessing. 

2: The Passwords Should Be Complex

When you use your name, birthdates, anniversary date, or even your et’s name that would be an easy guess. People will easily find out and attack your online data in seconds. The password should be more complex that is hard to guess with a mixture of numbers, capital, and small letters, special characters such as parentheses, brackets, punctuation marks, and arithmetic symbols.   

Examples of some Robust passwords and their meaning:

  • 2beorX2be-that is the? (meaning- To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question)
  • 14A&A41 (meaning- One For All And All For One)
  • b1/41psRw$140pm (B1/41 Park Street Rent was 140 per month) you can either use your address or the first place you lived in this form that would be a great idea for a unique and safe-prey password.  

You Should Avoid to Use As A Password

Strong Password Protection

  • A random number like “12345”
  • Your Family members name, Surname, Birthdates, anniversary date, Pet’s name, 
  • Passwords like, “qwerty”, password”, “I love you”, “abc123”, “trustno1” 

These passwords are the weak choices to have for your online account. These can be cracked within minutes with the fashionable computing power available in almost every simple laptop.

What is the Strong Password Protection Policy?   

Sometimes, strong passwords can also be hacked by some intelligent hackers and they will access tons of information that you avoid sharing with anyone for so long. This will happen with the Eavesdropping technique that comes in two different forms. The first one is setting up a camera over someone to take a closure look at their every step and the other form is to be a man in the middle attack. In the second form, a person will intrude victim’s password while he/she transmitting the passwords in an authentication process.  Sometimes, hackers will acquire those files or folders where all your passwords are saved. All of these threats need a passwords protection policy that can include some major bullet points and that is:    

  • Keep updating your passwords every 6 months
  • Never Use Old Passwords
  • Use two-factor Authentication
  • Run a regular virus scan over your system
  • Try to avoid saving passwords on unencrypted computer files/folders. 
  • Never share your passwords via mail or any other online application
  • Don’t reveal your Passwords and ID to the third party
  • Never log in with your passwords on any insecure wi-fi connection
  • Change automatically generated passwords as soon as possible
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Last Note!

After reading the article you must have grasped the knowledge about how to create a strong password to protect your online data. I hope you like this post and will apply the techniques to create passwords for your online account as explained above. If you like this article please comment down below and also explore our website Norton DNS for such informatic articles related to protection from Identity theft.