Are you a Dell laptop user? And Suffering from a slowed-down device? Also. stuck with the question that why is my dell laptop so slow? Then this article got you all covered. When you bring a device such as a laptop it runs and works very smoothly and very fast but with time, these devices often slow down which makes the user a bit reckless. The time we are living in is a time of technology and modernity. And to survive such world scenarios, both your mind and your device should be as fast as possible. If you don’t want to fall back in this race of life then you have to make sure that your device runs as fast as a new system does. 

Now you might think why is my Dell laptop so slow? It might be because it’s been quite a long time since you bought the device. As the course of time brings along with it a lot of wear and tear. Along with the decrease in the running speed of the device. But in this article, we are aiming to get all the possible ways to deduct the reasons that might be causing the slowing down of your device. This would help you to make your device as fast as it was when you used it for the first time. Why Is My Dell Laptop So Slow?

 Why Is My Dell Laptop So Slow?

This question “Why is my Dell Laptop so low?” is one of the most frequently thought about things. We just think about why the laptop is running slow but never think about the reason why is my Dell laptop is running very slow. The reasons not only help you to fix the issue but also makes you acknowledge what things you should keep in mind the next time to avoid the problems. As per the thing that works with the dell computer running slow it is just because of certain defaults in the system or less care done for the laptop. Here are a few major reasons that run behind the issues. Like the laptop running slow or the laptop slow to start or slowing down the laptop in general:

  • Low storage available 
  • Corrupted window
  • A virus or malware
  • A lot of programs running in the background
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Malfunction in the Hardware

Ways to Make Your Laptop Run Faster

After getting to know what is the possible reason behind the slowing down of your laptop, you might be thinking about what can be done to resolve the issue. No need to worry about it. All the methods and ways to make your Dell laptop faster are mentioned below. These steps would help you to increase and further maintain your device as fast as a newly bought one. Let us begin with each and every step along with the steps to carry out those methods:

  • Clear your Memory

Clearing the memory of your device is something that is very helpful in resolving issues like a slow working laptop. This will allow you to get rid of the unnecessary programs running in your system that cause your laptop to slow down. You can do that either by restarting your laptop and also by checking for unused applications in your device and uninstalling them. This is a very good way to restore the fast speed back on your laptop.

  • Update your WindowsUpdate your Windows

Giving an update to your Windows is one such solution that is the easiest and most effective way to give your laptop a fresh start. Using an older version of windows is also one of the reasons that would make your device slow. This is the solution to the problem of the laptop running slow Windows 10.

  • Run an AntivirusRun an Antivirus  

If your device has any kind of virus in it then also it starts to slow down while you work with it. So the answer to your question, “why is my Dell laptop slow?” is that your Dell laptop is slow because it has a virus in its system. To cure this just make sure that you run an antivirus scan on your system frequently.

  • Upgrade your Hardware

When your device lacks storage space in its system then also it starts to slow down the speed of the device. What you can do for upgrading your hardware is just get your RAM updates if you think the existing space is not enough for your device and it’s working.

  • Hard Drive OptimizationHard Drive Optimisation

Maintaining a healthy hard drive is something that you need to do if you are looking for a way to make your laptop work at a great speed. For maintaining a good state of your hard drive you can manually defragment it and resolve the issue of a slow-running device.

  • Do not Put a Lot of Load Altogether

We often tend to put a lot of pressure on our devices by running multiple programs altogether at the same time. This causes the system of the device to heat up. Hence, reduces the speed of the laptop. In order to maintain a good speed on your device, you should make sure that your device is not loaded up with a lot of applications running altogether. Clear all those unnecessary programs running on your device. See how your device would run back at a good speed.

The Final Say

A fast-working laptop is a demand by every person who uses a laptop. Be it a student, worker, gamer, banker, or any other individual, everyone wants their device to run in the fastest way to make their usage convenient. But often with use and time, the laptop tends to slow down which is a matter of concern for everyone.

There has been a talk among the users of Dell laptops that their laptops are often slowed down. To resolve this query and to answer the most frequently asked question,” why is my Dell laptop so slow?” This article tried to bring out everything possible. It brings you the reasons constituting the slowing down of your device. Along with some of the most effective solutions for this problem. Hope this article satisfied your query and has helped you to make your laptop super fast.


Q1. How to speed up my Dell laptop?

If you want to speed up your Dell laptop then you can follow the given steps. As they are the methods to make your laptop faster:

  • Clear your memory
  • Get your disk space cleaned
  • Clean up WinSxS Folder
  • Optimize your Hard Drive

Q2. Why does my laptop keep freezing?

There could be a lot of reasons that might be causing your laptop to freeze. The most prominent of all the causes might be:

  • Your storage  is full
  • Antivirus in your system
  • Faulty software
  • Heating up due to running a lot of programs together