All You Need To Know About Norton Security Online

For secure and safe online data, we recommend you buy a subscription to Norton Security Online. This post is all about Norton Security Suite where you get all the information about this software in a detailed manner. So, read it carefully to safeguard your online data.

These days we do everything online, our computers, laptops, and smartphones became an extension of ourselves so ensuring we have the simplest internet security may be a way of knowing that our identities, documents, and passwords aren’t compromised. With the Internet came a variety of fraudulent activities from identity thieves to people that hack computers and steal private passwords, documents, and files. The very fact we do everything online only opens us up to those frauds and makes us sitting victims unless you’ve taken the required steps to guard your computer to the simplest of your ability.

It still surprises me what percentage of people don’t bother with internet security. They appear to think that their computers are invisible, but as soon as you begin using your computer for love or money that involves logging onto the web you’re easy prey. The safest method is to shop for good internet security software, a program which will immediately remove viruses, advise you once you are browsing the web and click on a malicious site, and one that does regular scans of your computer to detect any damaging materials which can compromise both you and your computer.  

What is Norton Internet Security? 

Norton Security Online

Norton Security Online is an Antivirus software program designed by Symantec corporation. It used signatures and heuristics to spot and determine the viruses within the system. Other features included a private firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection. After 14 years, Symantec officially retired Norton Internet Security as the chief Norton product.  Now it has become the Norton 360 security suite which has some more interesting and powerpack features that help the users to protect their online data from Cybercriminals. 

What are the Features of Norton Security Online?  

There are a lot of features that distinguish Norton Security Online from other antivirus software. 

1: Intelligent Threat Protection concept:

Norton Security Online

  • The Norton Protection System uses multiple layers of security that are employed together to proactively block attacks and take away threats. Something that traditional virus detection methods cannot achieve, that’s its core technology.
  • In addition, checked all the downloads, files, and applications before using them on your computer.
  • No infections can get to you that way because security holes in your OS and browser are guarded by Norton Antivirus.
  • Norton internet security software scans your emails and Instant Messages to detect potential threats.

2: Norton Internet Security has top-notch performance:

  • Fast and lightweight on system resources, it uses Norton Insight to scan only files that are in danger. This suggests fewer scans and thus better PC performance.
  • Silent Mode has engaged automatically when playing games or watching movies in order that alerts, updates, and scans are delayed until you’re done.
  • For laptops, Power Saver Settings delay power-hungry activities until your computer is plugged in.

3: Norton Internet Security Protects Against “Rapid-Fire” Attacks

  • This is through Norton Insight Network, which uses Symantec’s global security network to extract information about the very latest threats and stop them from going to your computer.
  • Norton 360 also uses online intelligence and proactive monitoring to detect and block new threats through the SONAR 4 technology.
  • Finally, Norton Pulse Updates allow frequent, small updates of Norton Internet Security’s threat database, meaning it’s as current as are often in terms of the newest threat detection.
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4: Norton provides Information about your computer:

  • Thanks to Norton Threat Insight, you’ll see if threats were detected on your system, what actions they attempted to perform, and the way they were removed by Norton Internet Security.
  • Norton Download Insight warns you of dangerous downloads you’re close to making.
  • Norton File Insight shows you information about applications you’re trying to put in. 

5: Helps you retain your PC running at top speed:

Norton Security Online

  • There is a replacement automatic and on-demand application optimization feature that helps speed up the applications running on your computer.
  • In addition, it provides you with resource usage graphs that assist you to pinpoint resource-heavy processes even more accurately.

6: Other Security Measures of Norton Security 2018

  • A powerful 2-way firewall safeguards your computer against hackers in the least times
  • An industry-leading anti-phishing technology prevents you from visiting fraudulent websites.
  • A new professional-strength anti-spam filter blocks unwanted emails.
  • Norton Identity Safe fills in usernames, passwords, and other form information automatically to stop keylogger programs to steal your personal data.
  • Norton Safe Web identifies unsafe websites in search results once you are trying to find something in search engines.
  • Parental Controls allow you to ascertain what your kids do online and stop them from visiting unsafe websites.

Why Do You Need to Own Norton Security 2018?

Norton Security Online

  • When you own Norton Security you will get protection from all imaginable online threats, including viruses, spyware, phishing, and hackers. More protection for an equivalent price equates to fewer headaches to undertake and make different pieces of software work together.
  • Get peace of mind: After installing the Antivirus your PC is protected for one year against most online threats for just over $5 a month. Product updates are automatic, frequent, and little in size so as not to hamper your computer during their download and installation.
  • Performance is unmatched by the competition, as measured by independent third-party test lab PassMark Software: Norton Internet Security is extremely light on system resources, using just over 10 MB of memory. It also has the fastest scans within the industry: only 61 seconds on a tough disc drive and 31 seconds on a Solid State Drive.
  • 24/7 technical support is usually FREE and accessible directly from the interface. you’ll choose from email, phone, or maybe chat.

System Requirement for Norton Security Online

1: Supported Operating Systems

  • MS Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate with Service Pack 1 or later
  • MS Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)

2: Hardware Requirements

  • 300MHz for Microsoft Windows XP, 1GHz for Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 300 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)

3: Browser Support for Phishing Protection, Safe Search, and Password Management

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later (32-bit only)
  • Mozilla Firefox® (32-bit only)
  • Google Chrome™

4: Browser support for Vulnerability Protection and Phishing Protection

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later (32-bit only)
  • Mozilla Firefox® (32-bit only)

5: Support for AntiSpam

  • Microsoft Outlook® 2002 or later
  • Outlook Express 6.0 or later
  • Windows Mail (spam filtering only)

6: Email scanning supported for POP3-compatible email clients

Why Choose Norton Internet Security Over Norton Antivirus?

  • Norton AntiVirus has multiple security layers to stay your computer safe in the least amount of time. However, Norton Internet Security adds even more important features to guard you:
  • First, Norton Internet Security has all the safety features of Norton AntiVirus.
  • Second, it adds a strong, intelligent two-way firewall to cover against hackers. Interm of consent your data doesn’t leave your computer without your consent.
  • It also has strong identity protection features:
  • Norton Security Online helps to block phishing websites as well as authenticates trusted sites i.e. shopping, banking, etc.
  • Protects you against keyloggers because of automatic login and form-filling with the Identity Safe feature
  • Identifies unsafe websites right in your search results so you do not attend them
  • A smart anti-Spam filter blocks out unwanted, dangerous, and fraudulent emails
  • Finally, its network protection features assist you secure and monitor your home network and safeguard your computer when connecting to public wireless hotspots. 

Final Note!

Regarding the above information, it is clear that Norton Security online is worth buying the subscription. The feature and the comparison between Norton Security Suite and Norton Antivirus make you understand the worth of Norton Security Online.  It will help your system to accepts the antivirus properly and the installed software works at its best.