Norton Safe Web: What it is and How Does It Work?

Norton Safe Web is a free online security service. It involves using its servers to research websites to ascertain how they’re going to affect an individual and his/her computer. Symantec designed this software to protect its user to deal with various online threats that exist on the web today. this treat could be malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, and more. Norton Safe web was also created to protect people from identity theft. Within Identity Theft, people try to access your MasterCard information, bank information, passwords, or send spiteful files which will infect your computers.

How Does Norton Safe Web Work?

Norton Safe Web works on the feedback of the web community to watch the web. This suggests that Internet users will evaluate various sites in terms of how they work, if anything suspicious occurs while on these sites, etc. Sites that are evaluated range from very fashionable sites like Facebook to lesser-known sites. Anyone who visits the Norton Safe internet site can access this information by clicking on the “Community Buzz” tab on the site.Norton safe web

On the left side of the page under the “Community Buzz” tab, one will see some reviews of varied sites made by different posters. These people registered with Norton Safe Web. Anyone can write reviews of any website he/she wishes but first must register for a free account on the Norton Safe internet site. If the person has another registered Norton account (for a product or service, etc.), that login information will work on the Norton Safe internet site. Otherwise, the person can input the specified username and password he/she wants to register on the Norton Safe internet site.

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Next Process

Once that’s done, the person can review virtually any website he/she wishes to by writing a review. Other registered users can rate the review and discuss the review if they prefer to. Norton also will examine the location to ascertain if it poses a threat to the web community or not.

Website owners can submit their sites to Norton Safe Web in order that Norton can’t check it out and help those site owners improve their sites in order that they have an honest reputation and visitors can feel secure once they are on their sites. Once they receive the Seal, their sites will appear within the search results pages of Norton Identity Safe, Norton Safe Search, and Norton Security users.

Why Norton Safe Web is beneficial In Today’s World

Norton Safe Web would be a free service that permits Internet users to possess a far better understanding of what sites are safe to go to and use. and also what ones are questionable to securely visit and use. There are reports virtually a day of security hacks, data breaches, and fraud. All of this is because people visit malicious sites that send malicious software like malware and ransomware. And it makes people susceptible to cyberattacks. 

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As more and more sites come online and more and more people access the web from virtually anywhere via their mobile devices, it’s nearly impossible to understand every site that’s out there and each threat that potentially exists on the web. This is often where Norton Safe Web is valuable; it relies on a community of Internet users to go out online and see what’s out there, how sites work and run, and whether or not they are safe to use or not. This will give Internet users a far better idea of where they ought to go and conduct business or personal activities on the web and where they ought to avoid it.

While it’s impossible to understand every website and each threat in today’s fast-paced digital world. Thus, utilizing Norton Safe Web would be a great choice. Free thanks to improving one’s knowledge and with today’s World Wide Web and improving one’s security and peace of mind when using it.


Regarding the above information, it can be good to say that we explain every bit about Norton Safe web and how it works. Hopefully, the information explained in this article helped you well to understand the Norton safe web. This software is all about the protection from Identity theft. If you are the one who needs it then you should hook this extension on your site after creating an account in it just as explained in the post.