Netflix subscribers who want to watch “IT Chapter Two” when it is released on September 6th, 2019, need to take some steps to ensure they can access the movie. That’s because Netflix is not available in all countries, and even in countries where it is available, the library of movies and TV shows that users can watch differs from country to country. In this blog, we will explain how people can use VPNs to get around these restrictions and watch “IT Chapter Two” on Netflix regardless of their location.

Overview to Watch IT Chapter Two

The first/original part of IT chapter 2 Netflix movie appeared before the audience in 2017. Stephen King, who wrote a novel carbon copy of the movie name published in 1986, deserves the initial credit for the content. 

In this horror sequel, the children are to appear as the returnee to Derry after 27 years after becoming adults to save their hometown from the clown Pennywise. In the first part, today’s time, adults were children and defeated this evil clown in the faceoff of the Losers’ club.

Is IT Chapter 2 on Netflix?

Yes. IT Chapter 2 is entertaining its fan audience on different OTT platforms along with Netflix. However, like many other libraries, IT chapter 2 is also part of licensing agreement restrictions for a few countries, like the USA. If still, you want to Watch IT chapter 2 Netflix, search for a premium quality, fast, and super efficient virtual private network. 

Where to Watch IT Chapter Two on Netflix?

Where to Watch IT Chapter Two on Netflix?

As we said earlier, a few countries couldn’t clear the distribution licensing regulation norms and are out for IT chapter 2 content. US Netflix can’t provide this horror sequel. Let’s see how many countries are providing services. The USA server is replaceable for the United Kingdom to watch IT chapter two using a popular and trustworthy VPN. 

Why Use VPN to Watch IT Chapter Two on Netflix?

Every country follows some norms for their audience to watch content on OTT platforms, cinema Halls, and TV channels. Whenever any content gets released for the fans, it passes through distribution rights for different platforms and geography. 

Following this set of norms, Netflix and other VOD platforms restrict a particular movie, tv show, or series for one country and allow for others. No one can know what content can get restricted for what location. 

Sometimes, a particular content favors a country for a short time and suddenly disappears from the concerned country’s platform for a time or permanently. 

That’s where- a permanent solution is necessary for the temporary and permanent geo-blocking casualties. Premium and steady VPN or virtual private network unblocks all the content for your device or browser, tricking the service provider. You are in the licensed country. 

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How to Watch IT Chapter Two With VPN

After analyzing about 100 VPNs, we usually recommend ExpressVPN to meet multiple requirements of one particular user or the OTT platforms streaming It Chapter 2, Interstellar, Rocketman, etc.

  • Once you have selected the VPN service provider name for the purchase, visit the official website and complete the payment procedure. 
  • For ExpressVPN or NordVPN, one can use any device. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. 
  • Complete the download and installation process to log in to the account with the username and password. 
  • If you are from the USA and want IT chapter 2 Netflix, change the server to the UK.
  • Open the Netflix application and search for the result. 

How to Select VPN to Watch IT Chapter Two on Netflix?

Don’t limit yourself to this one movie. The best VPN can resolve your various virtual world experiences. Try considering these points.

  1. Fast Speed: Virtual service providers usually slow the browsing experience. Buffering is annoying. So, always be active in buying a service- that has stable browsing and streaming quality with super-fast speed. 
  2. Servers Abundance: The more servers, the better for the users. Because not only Netflix but several other OTT platforms do impose restrictions routinely- for more than 1000’s of servers. It will be easier to change with the maximum number of servers. 
  3. Server Region: Server abundance only is not enough. The service consumer should know whether the particular server is active with the adopted VPN. Otherwise- it would be a waste of money for that specified case. 
  4. Security Status: With this single VPN, you initiate several data-based tasks. Here, you have to consider whether the VPN has in-built security features. Military-grade encryption, lag-free policy, and more. 
  5. Pocket and User-friendly- At this point, you can check how it supports its customers or the users. Higher or lower prices do not always follow their traditional slang, being good or bad for the users.

 3 Best VPNs to Watch IT Chapter Two |Your Favorite Horror Sequel |

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows now with these top-rated brands.

1. ExpressVPN


Speed should never be on compromise when you tag your VPN for entertainment or gaming. ExpessVPN gives you buffering-free hours for fun and game time. Whether you have chased it for your Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac, it would never compromise security because of the military-grade encryption feature. Customer support is high, with almost 3000+ servers in more than 94 countries with a 24/7 live chat facility. 

Most importantly, with several other thousands of movies, tv shows, it can unblock IT chapter 2 Netflix too for you by giving you a reliable UK server with a few clicks. 


  • Super-fast Speed
  • Connects at least 5 devices simultaneously.


  • Lacks server labeling

2. NordVPN


NordVPN lets you experience memorable times on your VOD platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, BBC, or HBO. It is accessible for only $3.71/month from your comfortable home time by changing your virtual world location with a server that complies with the licensing agreements. Solid security features keep your personal credentials safe from any cyber threat. 

Now, anytime in the 24 hours of the day, switch to any server among 5200+ servers from 60 countries. 


  • Top-class Security features
  • Solid DNS 


  • No User-friendly experience for OpenVPN configuration

3. Surf Shark

Surf Shark

At the lowest possible rate, one can unblock the geo-restriction and watch IT Chapter 2 on Netflix. Surfshark is adoptable at $2.49/month for the outcome of unlimited device connections simultaneously in 3200+ servers of 65 countries. On that note- you wouldn’t miss exceptional military-grade security features, a no-lag policy, and more. In our top recommendations, Surfshark can lack on some points. However, you can still change your USA locations with the United kingdom and ensure flawless streaming. 


  • Strong Server Presence
  • Safe and Secure


  • Customer Support
  • Unpredictable P2P Practices


While IT Chapter Two is now available to watch on Netflix, it is geo-blocked in certain regions. However, by using a VPN service, you can access the movie no matter where you are in the world. We hope this article has helped you gain access to this highly anticipated film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is IT Chapter 2 on Amazon Prime?

No, IT chapter 2 is not available on Amazon prime right now. As of now, you have to switch for it to other VOD platforms like Netflix or HBO. 

Q.2 Where is IT Chapter 2 Available?

IT chapter 2 is available on Netflix with geo-restriction for a few countries like the USA and Australia.