No one likes their devices to run slow due to any reason. As the world runs fast, your devices need to run faster. There are a lot of reasons that might make your devices run slowly. If you can keep an eye on those reasons then you can maintain your device up to date. Here in this article, you will get to know about the ways that might help you to tuning up computer and make your PC run like a horse. 

As every device needs maintenance to keep its performance up the same way there are some things and some measures that are yet needed for the tuning up of your computer. Here we are bringing you those ways which would help you in your computer tune-up. Before getting straight to the measures let’s understand the concept of PC tune-up and why one needs a Computer Tune up.

What is Tuning up the Computer?

tuning up computer

Are you too hearing the phrase a lot about tuning up the computer but you don’t have any idea about what that is? For getting that concept clear to you, here is a brief introduction to what really does PC tune up means. Tuning up a computer refers to the process of the betterment of the performance of the computer. Two basic ways are used to perform this process. Either do it manually or use the software. Further in the article, we are going to learn about all those options in both of these options of tuning up the computer.

Why do you need to Tune up your Computer?

Now you might think of using Computer Tune up for tuning up the computer. But there are a lot of benefits that this process of computer tune-up brings you. Here are a few benefits and reasons that would make you want a computer tune-up right now:

  • Faster performance
  • Clears your junk
  • Prolongs the life of your device
  • Keeps your device clean of unwanted files
  • Fewer chances of experiencing errors
  • The device does not lag
  • Allows smooth running of your device

Methods to Tune up your Computer

As tuning up the computer brings you so many advantages for your device, you might think about the ways that you can use it. Here are two broad types of methods that can be used for computer tune-up and all the ways under them:

Manual Method

This has all those methods which you perform manually on your device and tries to boost the performance of your device. It has the following ways that you can access very easily on your device to tune up its performance.

  • Update Your Windows

Update Your Windows

Getting an update for your Windows might sound like a very common method but it is very much effective in making your computer’s performance a lot better. Having up-to-date Windows is something that plays a big role in maintaining the good performance of your device. Just look out for any available updates for your Windows then get your Windows updated and see a boost in the performance of your device.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Files and Applications

Get Rid of Unwanted Files and Applications

Over the course of time, it usually happens that you accumulate a lot of files and applications that you now rarely use and they are just hoarding space in your device. The equipped space often causes your device to run slow and solving this issue would definitely help tune up the computer. For doing this, you can check out the list of applications and uninstall all those which are of no use. After that, you can just clean up all the residual files and have a lot of space in your device which would eventually result in tuning up the computer.

  • Have an Antivirus Scan

Have an Antivirus Scan

Having a harmful virus on your device is also one reason that might be the root cause of your device running slow. So, in order to have your computer tuned up, you can use your antivirus to run a full scan on your device. This would get rid of any harmful troublesome virus to get away from your device. once you clear all the viruses with an antivirus your device gets back to its usual good performance. Next time if you would ever think of what measure to take for tuning up the computer. Then, you can just go for a quick antivirus scan and get your problemed solved.

  • Reset your Computer

Reset your Computer

This option often gets a fresh start for your device eventually helping in the better performance of the computer. Just getting your computer reset once would help you to have its performance get better. If you are looking for methods that are capable of free PC tune then just use this method for tuning a computer.


This method is the alternative to the manual methods. If you are not satisfied with the results given by the manual methods then you can go for the different software that is available for the tuning of the computer. Let’s have a look at some of that software one by one:

  • IOLO System Mechanic

One of the top-rated software that is recommended a lot for computer tune-up is this software. It is very user-friendly and performs its task very conveniently. It automatically detects and repairs the issues in your device through different measures like removing wanted files and putting a stop to startup programs controlling the performance of your RAM and CPU.

  • iObit SystemCare

This software allows you to solve your errors with just a single click. Works automatically to clear junk files, free disk space, and improve the boot time. Performing all these actions allows your computer to tune up. It has a premium and a free version. Both are of good use but they defer in terms of services. In the free version, you are just able to have a small clean-up scan but with the paid version you can get additional facilities.

  • Norton Utilities Premium

One of the most unique tools for the tuning of computers is the Norton Utilities Premium. This comes with the features like optimizing your computer with a single click through its dashboard. Uses measures such as shutting down startup programs, cleaning your hard drive, and detecting and solving common errors. 

  • Slimware SLIMCLEANER

This is a paid software made with the aim of providing the customer with the best features to boost their device’s performance. It allows a quick scan to detect all your errors and resolve them just with a single click. This will allow the device to optimize the start time and has ultimate features such as crowdsourced instant alert features. Being a paid app it does full justice to the price that the user pays.



No more using a slow device as we have got all the methods both manual and through software for tuning up the computer. If you want to boost the performance of your device and optimize its working then you will find all the methods for your computer tune-up. You can first try out the manual methods and if those don’t satisfy you then you can also check out the software made especially for tuning up computers. Hope this article would be helpful for you.


Q1. Do I Need to tune up my computer?

If your computer is running slow and it needs to improve its performance then you can surely go for the option of tuning up the computer. It will solve all the issues in your device and allow it to run smoothly.

Q2. How can I tune-up my computer?

You can tune up your computer through the following steps:

  • Get rid of the useless files and unused application
  • Use antivirus 
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Use IOLO, iObit System Mechanic & iObit SystemCare

Q3. How much is a PC Tune up?

The AVG PC TuneUp cost around $40 to $50.