Nowadays much paid as well as free content is being delivered to people through torrent sites, but many of them work illegally and many people consider it as a great option for the purpose of saving money. Using and downloading torrent files can be a risky move as it is included in the list of illegal activities such as copyright trolls. Anyways these files are also virus & malware infected and monitored by private trackers who keep checking your activities all the time. If someone else downloads the same torrent site as you did, they will also be able to see your important actual IP address. Now you must be thinking what is the way for torrenting safely, then read our article thoroughly as further, we will be discussing it!  

torrenting safely

What are the Consequences of Torrenting?

Before you know “How to Safely Torrent”, it also needs to be understood why using torrenting sites can be dangerous for us. Below we have explained it to you: 

Online Data Revealed

While using P2P sharing sites third parties and any prying eyes will be able to check your online data it is called data breaching. 

Copyright Claim 

Even if you are unintentionally downloading those materials which are affected by copyright, it still happens by mistake. 

In this way, your details will be leaked through your IP address and you will be accused of breaking copyright laws and money will be demanded on the basis of punishment.

ISP Throttle

The ISP will start throttling your activity as you use more bandwidth. The effect of this will be that both speed and quality will not be good while torrenting.

Hackers Attack

Through torrenting sites, anyone can easily access your IP address who will be sharing the file which you did. 

This way, any government agencies, trackers, third-party apps, and hackers can trace your location and visit your device virtually to know all your personal details and activity.

Virus & Spyware: Cybercrimes

Since the files you download from many torrent sites are not permitted or verified, you get viruses and malware entries in your device. For this reason, it is said that the roots of cybercrime are found in torrent sites.

Why is VPN Useful for Torrenting Safely?

VPN Useful for Torrenting Safely

Of course, whenever you’re torrenting, a VPN is the best way to protect you before anything goes wrong. Let’s know how special features of VPN can help you torrent securely. 

Removes Geo-Restriction

Since the use of torrenting sites is restricted in some countries and if you want to access them, it will be impossible for you, then using a VPN is a very good option to access them from anywhere in the world. 

Once you connect to a VPN server in any country of your choosing, all online torrent activity is tracked through this VPN server, bypassing restrictions in any region of your country. 

Hides Your Actual IP Address

When you use a torrent client to upload or download their files, any third party through those files is able to know your IP address. 

In contrast, when you use a VPN, your real address is completely hidden and instead the IP address associated with the VPN server is visible to others. This way you stay away from the dangers of cybercrime attacks. 

No Internet Connection Throttling

After knowing your IP address, the Internet provider can easily track your entire Internet traffic, when and how you do torrent. Then they can easily know how much bandwidth you’re using or what you’re doing illegally and this way, they start controlling your internet connection.

If you want to keep all these details private, then use a VPN as it does not show internet traffic through your IP address.

How to Select a Legal VPN for Torrenting Safely? 

Nowadays, there are many VPNs available online for the purpose of torrenting safely, but we have to understand which VPN is able to fulfill all our important needs. So, choose a good VPN for yourself keeping in mind the guidelines we have provided.

  1. Good Speeds: Avoid frustrating buffering and lags when you torrent. 
  2. No Logs Policy: Your activity and data will always be kept private, which means they will not be stored by VPN. This way, there will be no chance for these details to reach anyone else. 
  3. Kill Switch: In case your VPN connection is lost, it will immediately disconnect your internet connection so that your browsing activity and IP address are not revealed. 
  4. No Browser Extension, Only Apps: Torrent clients in browser extensions are not completely secure. It only secures data that leaves the browser. 
  5. Limitless Bandwidth: Torrent sites use a lot of bandwidth to download files, especially when it comes to large files, for this reason, a VPN should be able to provide unlimited data.
  6. P2P files sharing support: Choose a VPN that supports Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing on all servers.

How to Torrent Safely and Legally by Using A VPN?

If you are confused about How to Torrent Safely, then follow the steps given below to solve your problem quickly. Below we have mentioned the features of the most used VPN, so choose the VPN which can fulfill all your important needs.

  • First of all, open the official website of the VPN that you liked the most. 
  • Follow the given process to download and install the VPN. 
  • Connect with that VPN server which is in supports P2P sharing.
  • Now you can download or upload torrent files by accessing any torrenting website! 

3 Best & Most Used VPNs for Torrenting Safely 

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN offers you the best VPN experience while downloading or sharing torrents on your torrent websites. It gives you supreme speed and protection of your privacy, whether connected to a local network or around the world.  It is suitable for most operating systems, may it be Android, macOS, Windows, or OS.

Express VPN can link 5 different devices concurrently, it also gives you a refund guarantee within 30 days if you are not pleased with its features. 

  • Strict zero logs policy 
  • Doesn’t share your data with anyone else 
  • Expert live chat service 
  • Scan for malware 
  • No ads and buffering 
  • Compatible with multiple devices 
  • Large server networks 
  • More expensive than other popular VPNs 

2. NordVPN 


Nord VPN is one of the top services for all beginners and old users for downloading or sharing torrents. It gives you high speed and security but somewhere it lacks these as compared to ExpressVPN.

It offers you strong AES 256-bit encryption for your online data, IP and DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and OpenVPN protocol which secures your device from malware attacks and ISP monitoring. 

  • Endless bandwidth 
  • Reliable connection  
  • Block all infected ads
  • No logging policy
  • 30 days refund policy with a guarantee 
  • To clear query: 24X7 live chat help   
  • Next-generation encryption 
  • Not the best speed like ExpressVPN
  • The user interface is not so good

3. SurfShark 


SurfShark is one of the most frequently used VPNs, it is an authentic and reasonable service provider which comes up with safe and secure streaming and downloading experience on all torrenting sites.

It supports multiple devices simultaneously and can run on all the main OS such as Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS.

SurfShark price is very affordable in which you get the features that are needed the most.

  • Hide your digital identity
  • Quick reply by 24/7 live chat.
  • No data leak at all
  • Greatly secure your banking apps.
  • If unhappy, get your money back in less than 30 days 
  • Protect from Private DNS 
  • Strong encryption.
  • No viruses, ads, and malware 
  • Connect multiple gadgets simultaneously.
  • Average speed compared to others
  • Buffering problem persists

Easy Tips on How to Safely Torrent

Using a reliable VPN is a great way if you want to download torrents safely, but at the same time you should always follow some points for “Torrenting Safely”. 

Run Antivirus Software

Whatever torrent sites are, they are the breeding ground of malware and viruses and thus many times viruses are spread in torrent files as well. 

Therefore, if you want to avoid this infection, then definitely turn on antivirus software.

Select Torrent Wisely

  • Use only trusted and vetted torrent sites
  • Choosing torrent files that have a lot of seeders to avoid malware infection. 

Configure Torrent Client

You should only use trusted torrent clients if you want torrenting safely.

Focus on Legal Torrent Files

Since there is always the fear of unintentionally downloading content that may create a copyright issue. 

For this, you should always focus on open-source software, public domain content, and independent media material as these are more likely to be safe & legal.

How Do I Change My VPN Security Settings? [Answered]  

To configure your VPN for utmost security, follow the given steps for “torrenting safely”. 

  1. Download and install VPN.
  2. Create your VPN  account.
  3. Go to VPN settings and check that the settings are set accordingly.
  4. Enable the kill switch.
  5. Enable DNS and IP leak protection.
  6. Choose the highest standard encryption– AES 256-bit encryption.
  7. Enable split tunnel to send torrent traffic through encryption tunnel and usual traffic through ISP.
  8. Enable OpenVPN as a secure protocol. 


Like many people, if you also want to know How to Torrent Safely, then do not forget to follow the simple ways given in this article.

Torrenting safely has become easier because we have top VPNs that work very well in today’s time. The information about some of the top listed VPNs offering great features has already been discussed above.

Apart from torrenting, VPN protects you from malware attacks, keeps your data completely secure, streaming with high quality, and also hides your identity.

One of the specialties of all three VPNs is that if you are not satisfied with the service of any of them while downloading torrents, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q.1- Can I get caught Torrenting with VPN?

No, because information like your real IP address and location cannot be handed over to any third party because VPN does not store them at all. This way no one can know where you are from and what your details are. Instead, the information that third parties can see will only be linked to your VPN server and you will not be harmed.

Q.2- Is it safe Torrenting without VPN?

No, it’s not safe at all so you should really use a good VPN for safe torrenting. If you want to know how it can help us, then read below.

  • Secure from hackers and malware attacks 
  • Don’t share data with third parties and ISPs.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions to torrent anywhere 
  • Security by 256-bit encryption and kill switch.
  • Support for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) files sharing 
  • No limit to bandwidth 

Q.3- How to Torrent Safely? 

If you are thinking “How to Safely Torrent”, there are many things you should keep in mind while torrenting. 

  • Use only reputable and reliable torrent websites 
  • To keep yourself away from malware, get torrents with so many seeders 
  • Illegal torrent files have copyright issues so don’t use them. 
  • Use only trustworthy torrent clients 
  • Run an antivirus scan on your device 

Apart from these, you also need to use a VPN, which will help you do safe torrenting.