If you are a dedicated user of a computer then you might be aware of the importance it holds in the whole setup. It carries out the major functions along with hoarding the pressure of the performance of your device. As the CPU has a lot to offer for the working of the device, it sometimes gets overloaded with ongoing processes. This leads to the overuse of the CPU. Now, this high usage of CPU can be very harmful to the smooth running of a device. Now you might wonder why such high usage occurs and what should be done to solve it. Before heading into this, we might have a look into the system interrupts 100 CPU as it is something that is very much responsible for the connection between the CPU and the hardware. 

What is Meant by a System Interrupts 100 CPU?

System interrupts are that part of the operating system that ties the CPU with all the other functionalities of your device. It allows the CPU to have the idea of when to run or close a running program. It is a link that ties you to other processes that require the usage of the CPU. The function shows you how much and when any hardware is using up the CPU.  system interrupts 100 CPU

You can find it on the task manager. Now, how is this important for the concept of high CPU usage? It has quite a role to play here as it shows the percentage of the usage of the CPU. If you see a high percentage then you might know that it needs to be fixed but if you see a system interrupting 100 CPU then you know that it needs some quick solutions. After getting the concept of system interrupts, let’s see what the causes of system interrupts 100 CPU are as well as solutions for those.

Causes and their Solution for High CPU Usage and System Interrupts 100 CPU

1. Disable your Internal and External Devices

If your device is connected to external devices they tend to have quite a pressure on the CPU which might be the cause of your high CPU utilization. Similarly, if we talk about the internal devices they also send some signals to the CPU which eventually causes a load on the CPU resulting in the CPU being at 100Re. For the solution to this problem, you can disable your external devices to lower the usage of your CPU. Follow the given steps to disable your external devices:

  1. First of all, press Windows key+X and select “Device Manager”
  2. Then go on the “Universal Serial Bus controller”
  3. Here you would be provided with the list of external devices 
  4. Now select all the devices and disable them.Disable your Internal and External Devices

2. Faulty Hardware Drivers

The hardware of the devices, each has its drivers which connect it to the CPU. Now, these drivers are responsible for the sending of commands and signals to your CPU. Sometimes these drivers have some issues in them which create unnecessarily and a lot of load on the CPU causing high CPU usage. To check your hardware driver, you can use many applications available for the purpose. If you get any kind of issue in your hardware device then you can solve it or update the device manager. 

3. Malware and Virus Check

The issue of the system interrupting 100 CPU is an issue regarding the hardware but sometimes viruses like MEMZ virus and malware can be responsible for the improper working of the hardware. Now it would have an indirect effect on the usage of your device. So you can run down a scan for viruses and malware to avoid such a risk.

4. Get your BIOS UpdatedGet your BIOS Updated

BIOS is something that gets resolved for all your device’s bugs and other glitches only if kept updated. As it aims at resolving these problems it would help you down with resolving system interrupts 100 CPU. If you are facing this problem, then try updating or getting BIOS for your device.

5. Sound Effects

Several applications use enormous sound effects which cause a lot of load on the CPU at 100Re. This is one of the most neglected things but it has serious effects on the performance of the CPU. Sound effects can also be a major reason for the system interrupting 100 CPU. For getting this resolved you should disable these extra running sound effects from your device. Follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly click on the speaker icon
  2. Then open the sounds\ playback device menu
  3. Click on the default speaker of the device
  4. Next, go to its properties with a right click
  5. Now click on enhancement and select the option which says disable all sound effects.Then open the sounds\ playback device menu

This would solve your issue of the system interrupting 100 CPU.


If you were struggling with constant high CPU usage and didn’t have the clue to get it resolved then this article is all you need to go through. Here you will be provided with aids to lower your high CPU utilization. It states the causes of such a system interrupts 100 CPU along with their solution. This would make it easy for you to identify your issue and then resolve it with the steps mentioned with them. With this guide to resolve all your high CPU utilization, you can ease up all the lag and slow processes in your device. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to have a smooth experience altogether.


Q1. How do you lower CPU usage?

If your CPU also has a higher usage then you can use the given ways to lower CPU utilization and run your device without any lag or default:

  • Reboot your device
  • Disable the external devices
  • Update your windows
  • Get rid of any applications running in the background
  • Give your device an antivirus check

Q2. Why is my CPU usage so high?

There are several reasons behind your high CPU utilization. It is mostly because there is a lot of load on your CPU which causes CPU 100{50afa256e6562afb2cd7837d8db3fd71ce947f26b53ffff72a77bb9141ae121a} usage. 

  • A lot of applications running in the background of your device 
  • Faulty hardware drivers are also one of the leading causes of high CPU utilization
  • The internal and external devices of the devices also cause your CPU usage to be high
  • Running heavy applications on your device
  • Malware and viruses can also be one of the reasons for high CPU utilization

Q3.What is CPU usage?

Cpu usage is the number of units processed by the CPU in a moment. It is the workload on the CPU because of all the functions running on your device.