Do you love watching Indian shows? Do you have many questions like, how to watch Sony Liv for free and how to watch SonyLiv in the USA? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can watch Sony Liv in USA or anywhere in the world for that matter with the help of the best VPNs. 

What is Sony Liv? 


What is Sony Liv

If you love watching Indian shows then Sony Liv is one of the best OTT platforms for you. It is a lot like Hotstar and Netflix, but this platform is only available in India. So, if you are living in the USA or somewhere else then you will have to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get rid of the geographical restriction. 

Are you wondering, what to watch on SonyLiv? Well, all the shows on this OTT platform are worth watching but some of the best shows are Gullak, Avrodh, Maharani, Scam 1992, and Undekhi. You can also watch reality shows like Indian Idol, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and Shark Tank India on it. 

How to Watch Sony Liv in USA? 

How to Watch SonyLiv Outside India

If you want to watch shows available on this OTT platform outside India then you will have to use a VPN because this service is only available in India. To watch SonyLiv, follow the procedure given below- 

  • Download a reliable VPN. 
  • Set your location to India. 
  • Now download the Sony Liv app or go to their website. 
  • Now create your Account and log in. 
  • Hooray! Now you can watch all your favorite Indian shows. 

Is SonyLiv Free? 

Is SonyLiv Free

This OTT platform comes with monthly and yearly subscriptions. You can buy its normal as well as premium subscription. 

  • Monthly subscription- $4.2 
  • 6 months subscription- $9.50 
  • Yearly subscription- $13.58

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch Sony Liv in USA? 

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch Sony Liv

Because this OTT platform comes with geographical restrictions. This platform is specially made to be used in India so to get rid of this geographical restriction, you will have to use a VPN and set your location to India. VPN has several benefits, such as- 

  • VPN helps you to avoid geographical restrictions. If you are using a VPN, you can set your location to some other country and have access to that country’s content. 
  • It maintains your privacy by not sharing your IP address with the website. It guards your data from the government as well as hackers.
  • It helps you eliminate all the annoying ads if it has an inbuilt ad blocker. 

Best VPNs to Watch Sony Liv in USA


Looking for the best VPNs? We got you covered. Here we are going to tell you about the best VPNs and their pros and cons so that you can choose the best VPN. 



Surfshark comes with a 7-day free trial and 30 days money return policy. Its speed and quality would not disappoint you and the best part is, it is budget-friendly. It has a fee of only $2.49 per month. Also, you can connect multiple devices to this VPN. 

It comes with multi-hop and split-tuning features. Surfshark also comes with a no-log policy as well as a transparent privacy policy. It can also be used as an extension with browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. 

  • It has a clean web and user interface. 
  • Pocket friendly. 
  • Multi-hop and split-tuning. 
  • It does not give hard competition to premium VPNs.
  • It has a smaller server range. 

Express VPN

Express VPN

Express VPN is also one of the best VPNs as it gives you access to content and services that are not available in your country. It has great speed and it also provides 24×7 live chat support. Express VPN also comes with a 7-day free trial for mobiles and 30 days money return policy. 

It is reliable and extremely secure as it comes with strong encryption and a privacy policy. Its subscription starts from $6.67 per month. It is best known for its speed, efficiency, and quick loading and can be used as an extension with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

  • It provides for 5 simultaneous connections. 
  • It comes with split tuning. 
  • Zero-knowledge DNS. 
  • Comparatively expensive. 
  • It provides a free trial only for mobiles. 



Looking for a cheap yet effective VPN, we got NordVPN for you. It provides for 6 simultaneous connections. It comes with a 30 days money return policy and 24×7 live chat support. Also, it has a monthly subscription of $3.17. 

NordVPN is a perfect blend of unbreakable encryption, amazing speed, and a no-logs policy. It also has an inbuilt ad blocker. It is one of the best VPNs to connect with Indian services and platforms & works as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • Provides for 6 simultaneous connections. 
  • Automatic wifi protection. 
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • It does not provide a free trial. 
  • Slow downloads. 

At Last

Sony Liv is one of the best OTT platforms if you want to watch Indian shows. It has some great shows like Gullak and Scam 1992. But this platform is only available in India so if you are living outside India and want to enjoy Indian shows then you can use VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.  


Q1- Why do I need VPN to watch Sony Liv? 

You need a VPN because this OTT platform is specifically made for India so it has geographical restrictions. You will need a VPN to set your location to India to have access to this platform. 

Q2- Is SonyLiv free?

No. It comes with monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions. It also has a subscription fee of $4.2/month, $9.50/6 months, and $13.58/year. If you want to buy its premium subscription then you will have to pay a little extra. 

Q3- What should I watch on Sony Liv? 

If you want to watch fiction then you can go for shows like Avrodh, College Romance, Gullak, Maharani, Undekhi, and Scam 1992. If you are into reality shows then you can go for shows like Shark Tank India, Indian Idol, and Kaun Banega Crorepati. You can also watch several Bollywood movies on this OTT platform.