When it comes to storage, there are many different factors to consider. It can be hard to decide which SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card is the best for your needs. This detailed guide will help you choose between the SN750 vs SN850 models. Both cards have their own features and benefits, so it’s important to understand which one is right for you before making a purchase. Keep reading to learn more.

WD Black SN750 VS SN850: Overview  

sn750 vs sn850

Western Digital has been in the storage drive manufacturer business for more than five decades now. Despite being in the market for so long, the company maintains a certain degree of quality for every product. The new generation NVMe SSDs under which western digital SN 850’s fall are no exception. Tech critics have gone gaga in their comparison between SN750 VS SN850. The comparison often overshadows other similar products like the Samsung 980 Pro. 

Users have voiced the same appreciation of SN850 VS SN750 debates. To talk more about the comparisons between WD Black SN750 VS SN850. The SN750 has now become a time-tested product combining the high-end last gen performance at an affordable price. Delving further all to help you hopefully make a definitive choice between SN850 VS SN750. So why don’t you straight head into the details of western digital SN850 first? 

Features of WD Black SN750 VS SN850

Western Digital SN850

Western Digital SN850

SN850 is a quad-lane PCI Express 4.0 drive with a 96-layer TLC 3D NAND flash. The design of SN850 is that of a light slim version with a compact form factor associated with the M.2 2280. 

SN850 helps in the smooth processing of the games even faster than PS5. The western digital SN850 uses the WD_BLACK to garner total control. This allows the user to check up on the drive status and reach optimal performance using the GAME MODE. Western Digital SN850 works in aiding the system to run at the best possible level. When the ongoing gaming sessions are hard. Before we head onto SN750 VS SN850 debates, a brief is necessary about SN750. 


western digital SN750

The SN750 works with a 64L 3D NAND combo with better firmware than the last version. There is also the option of the addition of 2TB. You can almost understand the target market of the SN750. Western Digital has added SKUs with large coolers to attract the attention of gamers.  

The Difference in Specifications Between SN750 VS SN850

A short table might help to gather all you need to know about the SN750 VS SN850 product specifications. 

SN750 SN850
Design 250 GB, 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4 TB 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB
Sequential 3.100MB/s, 3,470mb/S 7,000 MB/s
Controller WD WD Second Generation
NAND Type SanDisk 64L TLC BiCS4 96L TLC
TBW 200 TBW, 300 TBW, 600 TBW, 1200 TBW, 2400 TBW 300 TBW, 600 TBW, 1200 TBW
MTTF 1,750,000 Hours 1,750,000 Hours
4KB Random 220K IOPS, 420K IOPS 800,000 IOPS,
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

A further briefing of the SN 8750 VS SN 850 before we end the article. 

Prices and Performance and Availability


The price of SN 850 is certainly more costly than SN 750. So while the endurance quality of SN750 VS SN850 is almost a draw. The SN750VS SN850 has a clear winner over SN750 in terms of capacity. The performance level between the SN 750 VS SN850 is no match. SN 850 is better.    

The Black SN850 costs around 84{067ed41ba9a2bcea5192cfba5c5678b094ea6af66db36aaabba2135c9da953a2} more for 500GB and around 62{067ed41ba9a2bcea5192cfba5c5678b094ea6af66db36aaabba2135c9da953a2} more for the 1TB, and 53{067ed41ba9a2bcea5192cfba5c5678b094ea6af66db36aaabba2135c9da953a2} more for 2TB. The high price you will be paying for the higher performance level of the SN850. It is up to you if you want to pay more for the criteria. 


The performance factor of any SSD let alone while choosing between SN850 VS SN750 becomes of paramount importance. 

The sequential read speed as mentioned above of SN750 is around 3470 MB/s. While the sequential write speed is up to 2600 MB/s. The sequential read speed of a 1TB SN750 is 3470 MB/s with a write speed of 1TB is 3000 MB/s. Sequential read speed of a 2TB, 500GB, 1TB SN850 is 7000 MB/s  Also,  sequential write speed varies from 4,100 MB/s, 5,300 MB/s, 5,100 MB/s. 

The conclusion brings us to the possibility of not a huge gap factor between the SN850 VS SN750 conversation. Particularly if you will be using it for everyday use. SN 850 only slightly edges it when comparing the SN750 VS SN850. The aspects such as the reading and writing speed might be slower in the SN850. 

SN 750 VS SN 850: What Are You Leaning Towards? 

sn750 vs sn850

We would suggest if your purpose is for everyday use. You don’t have a lot of work or fascination with the fast running of your system. SN750 is the one to choose. However, for people with video editing as their profession, or games or graphic designers SN850 is a great tool. Then the conversation between SN750 VS SN850 is not even close.  

In the case of using SN850, it is important to check the motherboard of your system has a free M.2 PCIe NVMe port for supporting the SN850. For regular users, there is nothing really to complain about in terms of using the SN750. But just in case, you feel inclined towards the other options for the best SSD cards, it is advisable to carry out proper research before buying one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Is SN850 worth it over SN750?

If you’re a professional gamer or a video editor or a graphic designer, the SN850 is a great tool. The work process will simply be faster. The system will run smoothly with a 16GB/s data rate. The high price is worth paying. 

If you are an everyday regular user, unless you hold a fascination with the fast processing speed and operating speed of the system, the SN750 works just fine. 

Q.2) Does SN750 work with PS5?

Owing to the recent updates on PS5 firmware 2.0 update, SN750 will be compatible with the PS5 games. The transfer of game files speed will be very slow. However, the in-game performance is barely noticeable.  

Q.3) Is the Western Digital SN750 good for gaming?

The SN750 is a gaming SSD for people even obsessed with performance. Yes, the SN750 may not deliver the PCIe 4.0 good performance. When you compare the SN750 with other PCIe 3.0 SSD, SN750 more than holds ground. The prices are also within measure.  

Q.4) WD Black SN750 vs SN850: What’s the Difference between Them?

The price of the SN850 is significantly higher than the SN750. The data transmission speed of SN850 is 16GB/s while for SN750 it is 8GB/s. The performance level including speed and optimal levels of the system during in-game performances is significantly higher in SN850.  The peak sequential read speed of SN850 outperforms SN750 by 116{067ed41ba9a2bcea5192cfba5c5678b094ea6af66db36aaabba2135c9da953a2}.