Many people have seen a text on their mobile asking for personal or financial information such as ATM or account number. These kinds of messages are called SMS phishing or “Smishing” as they can attack your bank balance if you provide them the key to it i.e providing your account or ATM number. Not only do they ask for the information but consist of some links and attachments that get you towards the and fraudulent and illegitimate sites. 

You can lose information stored in your mobile like perpetrate fraud, credentials, and propagate mobile malware.  The term Smishing derives from SMS- short message services and phishing. As the cybercriminal first phish and then send illegitimate emails in our mobile. Clicking on any of the links is like giving all your saving to hackers. Get to know more about it in the later part. 

What is Smishing?


Smishing is a prominent way for hackers to steal sensitive information like credit card details. It can disguise as a legitimate site or a trustworthy organization in the text message but in reality, are thieves that make a fraudulent attempt to snatch every penny from us. As smartphones are widely used in the entire world so the act of Smishing is also growing. But, you don’t need to be worried as we come here to make you aware of all this fraudulent way that steals your personal information. 

You need to ensure to avoid every message consists of the link. The text tries to lure the victims so that they tap on it. If somehow you click on it then it will show you a legitimate site that in reality is filled with so many corrupted elements and components. These characteristics help you to detect the matter and you can skip the later part by skipping the tap option. You might be thinking now that it is not as dangerous as we described but it is. Many people have become victims of Smishing and lose all of their savings by some taps and clicks. 

Well, there are lots of ways and methods through which the Smishing attacks and works. You will get to know about it in the next section. It will provide you an elaborated idea of how Smishing works. 


How it Works: Get an Elaborated Idea

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Social-engineering techniques are used in Smishing to get the instant results of revealing financial or personal information. The victims not only get messages from unknown but known also. For instance, various victims have reported that they get certain messages that pretend to be from a well-known retailer. That can ask you to do some tasks like verifying your billing information and other things. 

Not only that but Smishing can also scatter many spyware and malware by some attachments or links that can provide damages not only to your mobile but other contacts in your mobile also. So, it is a threat to all your connections. If you want to stay yourself and your family and friends protected then make sure to read the entire guide.  

You need to ensure that the messages consist of a kind of threat, urgency, or warning to get instant action from the recipient. So, don’t ever try to click on the link that has reflected the same.

Evidence of Smishing Attacks

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Well, every mobile user can easily spot these Smishing attacks. As they are characterized by bad grammar, implausible calls to action, and misspellings. You can also get to know them if there are any red flags. These are the indications that will help you to detect the smishing attacks. You can get in the list below to know about real evidence of this attack.

  • Many people receive the message that suggests them to self-isolate as they make the recipient believe that they had in close contact with the COVID-19 positive sender.
  • You may be heard of the Santander bank’s case, whose one of the customers was deprived of £22,700 in 2016. A group of cybercriminals asked for his ‘one-time password’ and when he provided the same then he became looted of his money. 
  • The same thing is encountered from the 125 customers of the Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank which 125 customers provide their account logins into an illegitimate site in an attempt to unlock their account. The site proves to be a fraud when cybercrooks got illegitimate access to each of their account and withdrew around $68,000 from 17 cardless’ ATMs.
  • The hackers can also disguise in the form of your bank and give you a false warning of a large transfer or a new payee added. Not only that but they also provide a link to click or a number to call. If you do as they suggest then you might face trouble in your upcoming time. 
  • Every mobile user needs to consider that the legitimate bank would always provide you your account number and the last 4 digits of your credit card instead of direct links. So, make sure to avoid any of those messages containing direct links to bank websites.     
  • Not only just direct links but messages related to downloading apps can also lead you towards problems. For instance, you could hear of the smishing scam manipulate different users to download an app. It can easily get into the filled information in other apps and thereafter access to your phone.

So, these are the real evidence and indications of Smishing attacks. You can get the idea of how threatful they can prove to you and snatch away all the savings you have made till now. Reading this entire thing might help provide a little help in fighting against those hackers but they will not safeguard you entirely. So, to provide you a better prevention technique, we try to list some of the best ways to protect against Smishing. You can get into the next section to make yourself aware of it. 


What are the Preventions to stop Smishing?

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 Yet Smishing is hard to defeat but you can take some precautions to not fall into their trap. Here are some of the advice from us that will help you in this matter.

  • The first and foremost thing we suggest to you is that don’t respond to any of the messages if you don’t know the sender. Also, don’t click on any of the links if your instincts do not tell you. 
  • If you find a suspicious text then delete it just right away and all other fraudulent texts. 
  • Don’t ever try to submit your personal information to an unsolicited SMS.  
  • The best technique to identify malicious mail is 5000 numbers. It indicates that the email is fraudulent and illegitimate. 
  • If you get a message to STOP all these irrelevant texts then it might provide you more kinds of these messages and also confirm that you are using this number. 
  • Before clicking on any of the links, verify on the Internet that it is not a scam or illegitimate site. 
  • Never attempt to respond to an unsolicited SMS.
  • Whenever you get a message that the company wants you to download their latest app to get a discount code then don’t become its prey. 
  • You can also report to FCC regarding all the smishing attacks. This way you will help not only you but also others in your contact list. 

So, these are all the essentials that you need to take while receiving any suspicious activity or message that is fraudulent. 

What to do after getting Smishing Attack

Now, if you get a smishing attack then try to report it as soon as possible. Because it can block their way to get into your personal information. You can google ‘report smishing’ or also try to send it to an anti-fraud SMS service. Not only this but also try to inform it about your bank and phone company to prepare them for setting up some security alerts. 

So, instead of ignoring and neglecting these kinds of malicious texts, you need to complain against them to the respective fields that we discussed. This one step can protect many people around you to not fall into these kinds of traps and threats. Always make sure to fight together against those cybercriminals. 

Final Word!

So, this is all about Smishing. We have tried to mention everything related to the topic. You can easily get rid of them but just make sure to report and ignore these texts. The simplest and easiest way to make yourself out of the corrupted way is your ignorance. Also, reporting is an advanced technique to aware cybersecurity officers. That way they become prepared to tackle all of these nuisances. 

We hope that the article has helped and you now feel confident and secure to fight back against these criminals. As the world is becoming technologically independent so the crimes also become advanced. Thereupon, it is mandatory to spread awareness of all these crimes and significant precautions to secure our family and friends. You can also check out our other articles. They contain a lot more information about viruses and malware that can bring threats into your life. Make sure to carefully read each of the precautions to give an instant reply to these hackers.