In the present day, as the technical world has been developing rapidly and making work easier, the rate of technical problems has also been at its peak.  Among all the problems, “security policy prevents use of camera” is an issue that many individuals are experiencing nowadays. As per reports, whenever an individual launches his or her camera to capture some moments, a pop-up message “security policy restricts use of camera” appears on the screen, which is very frustrating. Hence, is there any solution to get rid of this?

Absolutely, there are solutions to fix this issue. In this article, we have earlier tested and selected some very easy and simple solutions especially for you. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

security policy prevents use of camera

Reasons For The Pop-Message “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera”

Moreover, this “security policy prevents the use of camera” issue on your smartphone arises for multiple reasons. We have done proper research on the occurrence of this issue and we have found some very specific reasons why this “application has violated security policies” occurs. Knowing what might be the reasons for this issue in some cases is really very necessary. Hence, we thought about sharing it with you all. Just take a look at the possible reasons that are described below –

  1. The Settings on the Phone’s Camera App are Improperly Configured: Misconfigured settings either for the phone or the camera could be the root of the current camera malfunctioning i.e, “security policy prevents the use of camera”.
  2. Corrupt Data or Cache of the Camera or Security App on the Smartphone: Sometimes, you will receive a security policy pop-up like “security policy prevents use of camera” if the camera application’s cache or the data, or perhaps the relevant information of any connected applications, is being fully corrupted.
  3. Application Direct Interference from a Third Party: In some cases, the camera may not easily start and a pop-up message “security policy prevents the use of camera” appears if any third-party software on the smartphone is compromising its features and functionality.
  4. Enabled Phone’s Sensors: You might experience the “security policy restricts use of smart switch” issue when you start your camera on your cellphone if the sensor of your smartphone is turned off or is disabled. 

Resolve The “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera” Issue? (Easy Solutions)

The “security policy restricts use of camera” issue that you are currently facing in your smartphone is not an uncommon issue. Many individuals like you from around the world have faced this issue at times and also have got it fixed easily. Hence, you are also capable of fixing the issue out very easily. To help you out, get rid of it, we have collected some best solutions for you. Try out each and every solution given below.

Solution 1: Reboot your Android Phone

This is the first solution in our list of solutions to resolve the pop-up message “security policy prevents use of camera” on your smartphone. Rebooting your cell phone by removing the SD Card and the SIM Card is one of the easiest solutions you can apply to fix it. By doing this, refreshes the whole device and can solve this type of issue within seconds or a few minutes. Therefore, giving it a try is worth it. 

To reboot your smartphone, you can kindly follow the step-by-step guide that we have provided below –

  • First of all, turn off the handset and after that take the SIM or SD card out.
  • After doing so, switch the smartphone on charging and simply wait for it to eventually finish.
  • Now, start the phone up once it has finished charging without a SIM or SD card.
  • Once done, determine whether the camera system functions appropriately this time.

Solution 2: Remove All Data  And Cache From The Camera Application

Remove All Data  And Cache From The Camera Application

It’s critical to regularly remove the cache and data associated with your apps. The smooth operation of your app and the avoidance of unintentionally using dated data are both continued to improve by doing this. Also, the current issue you are facing can be surely fixed by applying it. Hence, to apply this solution, all you need to do is follow the steps as we have instructed below for you –

  • First of all, on your smartphone, launch the Settings application.
  • Secondly, simply select the Apps and Notifications.
  • After doing that, in the All applications section, directly choose Camera there.
  • Next to that. tap the Storage button.
  • Hence, to clear your cache and data, just click the Clear Data and the Clear Cache option.

Solution 3: Camera in Safe Mode

This issue might happen if you customize your phone in a method that interacts with the image sensors in some specific circumstances, such as by using a launcher different than the one that came with it. Therefore, using your camera in a safe mode in cases, reves this type of issue for sure. You must give this effective method a try for sure. It surely might remove the “security policy restricts use of smart switch” issue and you can operate the camera of your phone peacefully.

  • Firstly, press and hold the phone’s power button until the power menu shows.
  • Press and hold the power icon for a while until the Safe Mode pop-up appears on the surface.
  • Then, validate restarting the phone in safe mode, and once in safe mode, verify that the camera is operational.
  • In that case, restart the phone in normal mode and try to determine whether the camera problem has been resolved.
  • Next, if not fixed, slide either downward or upward on the phone’s screen to see if turning either on or off the Sensors Off option fixes the problem.

Solution 4: Update the Phone’s OS

Update the Phone's OS

The device’s operating system update may help you in this circumstance to resolve this issue or any other closely connected associated problems. To execute this solution to fix the issue, all you need to do is to follow the instructions that we have provided below –

  • Open the System by using the Settings application on the phone.
  • Select the Software Update from the About Phone menu.
  • After doing so, check for the Updates. Then, download and install each and every Operating System update that is readily available for the phone.
  • Finally, start your smartphone immediately after that.

After following all the mentioned steps, open up the camera and immediately check whether the pop-up message “security policy prevents use of camera” issue has been finally removed or not. 

Solution 5: Uninstall the Third-Party Applications

This is one more brilliant solution to fix the “security policy prevents the use of camera” issue that is currently appearing on your smartphone. If a third-party application has been installed on your smartphone, the camera may exhibit this malfunction or even other problems too though. Therefore, in this case, you may remove the security policy that forbids the usage of the camera by completely eliminating any incompatible third-party applications from your device. 

To apply this solution, just follow the step-by-step instructions that we have provided below –

  • Locate the Settings application on your phone.
  • On the menu, choose Applications and Notifications.
  • Go to the See all applications option.
  • Choose the application you would like to delete.
  • Next to that, choose Disable or Uninstall.

Solution 6: Turn Off the Secure Wi-Fi Features Camera App

You might not be aware that if the Camera app is set up to utilize secure Wi-Fi, the camera on your smartphone may not open and the pop-up message “security policy restricts use of camera” or another warning message may show up on the screen. 

Thus, to turn off or disable the camera application from the secure wifi feature, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the Connections from the Settings menu on the phone.
  • Go ahead and press Advanced after choosing the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Open Secure Wi-Fi and then click on the  Apps.
  • Uncheck all applications connected to the camera or related to the camera, and then restart your phone.

Solution 7: Factory Reset your Smartphone

Factory Reset on your Smartphone

This is the last solution in our list of solutions to get the pop-up message issue “security policy prevents use of camera” completely resolved. If none of the above solutions in the list worked for you, try this solution. It will really make you get rid of the issue and make you free to use your camera to capture your happy moments with no further trouble. Moreover, this solution can help you resolve any Android issues from Security patches to Android Auto not working problems.

Note: Remember to make a backup of any highly essential photographs, feature films, personal conversations, as well as other essential items collected and stored on your smartphone before proceeding with this sort of approach.

  • Access Backup & Reset, and enter Settings on the phone.
  • Open the Reset Device and choose Factory Data Reset.
  • To reset the device, touch the Erase Everything button now and wait until it’s finished.
  • Now, create a second Gmail account on a computer that is not connected to the existing email ID if the problem continues after the factory reset.
  • Reset the phone to factory settings once more, and then, as you set up the device, check to see if the camera problem has been fixed using the new Gmail ID you generated.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Why does the security policy restrict use of the camera in my camera app?

Ans: If the camera application, phone app, or security device’s cache and data are prone to corruption, this could be the cause of the camera’s security policy issue; hence effectively removing those items may very well correct the problem.

Q2: How can you resolve the “security policy prevents use of camera” issue from your smartphone?


  • Reboot your Android Phone
  • Remove All Data  And Cache From The Camera Application
  • Camera in Safe Mode
  • Update the Phone’s OS
  • Uninstall the Third-Party Applications
  • Turn Off the Secure Wi-Fi Features Camera App
  • Factory Reset on your Smartphone

Q3: How can You give someone access to my camera?


  • Go to the home screen of your Android device and launch the Settings app.
  • Select Apps & Notifications.
  • Select the icon for the web browser you were previously using by tapping it (in this case, Google Chrome).
  • Select Permissions.
  • Turn on the camera permissions. 

Q4: Why are my microphone and camera being blocked by Chrome?

Ans: It is indeed probable that you haven’t granted your browser the ability to access your cameras and microphones. If you can’t just switch off your microphone or camera, you will see a red cross adjacent to those icons in your bottom navigation toolbar.

The Bottom Line 

We understand that encountering the “security policy prevents use of camera” issue when you launch your phone’s camera is really very irritating. Therefore, we have provided the best solutions in this article. Do not thereby choose any random solution for fixing the issue as that solution might not fix or that might be the reason. Try each and every solution from the first to the last until you see that the issue has been totally removed from your device. If you still have any confusion or if you still cannot get rid of the issue, reach back to us directly for instant solutions.