A Sims 4 player? Are you currently experiencing the error “script call failed sims 4” on your device?

Well, many players like you have been seeking to access the newly added stuff (as per the latest Sims 4 edition) but have encountered this warning pop-up on their devices and have been complaining about it. As a result, the game is now beginning to malfunction, and the vast majority of players who legitimately like implementing little illegal adjustments to their games, have in fact not been able to apply during the gameplay. So, how can this issue be solved? Is there any solution to get it solved?

Yes, there is. In this article, we will provide you with a number of methods to solve this issue. Try each solution, until it gets resolved. 

An Overview On The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is referred to as  a community simulation video game. The Sims 4 is the fourth main edition in the series and the follow-up to The Sims 3 from 2009. Maxis created and released this specific game, which is distributed evenly by Electronic Arts. In September 2014, the video game was finally made available for purchase in North America. After then, it is made accessible for the players or users of Windows. Nevertheless, a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One edition was launched in 2017, and later an OS X version was made publicly available. Later, in October 2022, the game was transformed to a free structure.

In the Sims 4 edition, the players may very well create and personalize Sims, simply give them private residences to construct and furnish, and recreate their daily activities. The game debuts a freshly created custom rendering engine, slightly enhanced tools for developing different characters and homes, and richer and better in game modeling with the improved attitude and personality and character systems for Sims. The Sims in this game converse in a made-up language. This is known as Simlish.

What Can Be The Causes Of Sims 4 Script Call Failed Counters?

What Can Be The Causes Of Sims 4 Script Call Failed Counters?

Well, if you are experiencing script call failed sims 4 error on your computer, while playing the game, the above mentioned points can be the reasons for the occurrence of this error. Therefore, let us take a look into this –

  • You would not be able to play the game smoothly and efficiently as  if any gaming files are prone to corruption or probably missing.
  • The Sims 4 game will not operate successfully due to the overlay configurations on gaming servers like Steam and Origin. These parameters can be disabled to help assist you resolve the problem “sims 4 script call failed”.
  • You won’t be able to play the game and the error “script call failed sims 4” occurs effectively if your display drivers are out-of-date or fundamentally incompatible.
  • The game’s completely corrupted or severely damaged installation files are any that have been specified incorrectly.
  • The existence of out-of-date or malfunctioning script modifications is the undeniable source of the issue. This could occur as a consequence of modifications being out of date and therefore unable to cope alongside the newest content.
  • With Sims 4, the mod compliance does not work appropriately. The Sims 4 mods were not updated with the latest to function with the most recent game update, which is why the error script call failed Sims 4 appears.

How Can You Solve The Script Call Failed Sims 4 Error? Easy Methods For You

Now that you know why this error appeared on your device as you commenced playing, you can prevent experiencing a remarkably similar issue in the future. This section of the article will provide you with some solutions to get rid of this problem or some related issues too. Well, not selecting a random solution here might solve the issue, but you must try each solution until the issue totally gets removed. So, without making any further delay, let’s start digging into the solutions. 

Solution 1: Conduct a Computer Virus Check

Conduct a Computer Virus Check

Well, performing a virus scan on your PC can help fix the “script call failed sims 4” problem. To find and eliminate any associated consequences and to assist you if you continue to run into some of these sorts of problems, you cannot, however, acquire a virus scan online. Well, you are totally aware of how to scan the computer. If your device doesn’t provide an in-built antivirus software, you can buy one and install it in your device and then can scan it to find out any error and fix it.

Well, if this simple method won’t fix this error from your device, try out the next method that we have provided below.

Solution 2: Repair Sims 4 Game Files

Repair Sims 4 Game Files

Well, repairing the Sims 4 games file might make you get rid of the error  “script call failed Sims 4” that you have been experiencing right now. Well, this error might probably occur or display on the screen when you try to play, if the download and the installation process of the game ran through a poor internet connection. Hence, the Sims 4 in-game specific items might well be partially corrupted or get automatically deleted and thus will result in this error you are facing right now.

Therefore, below we have mentioned the steps-by-step instructions for repairing the Sims 4 games file. We have provided separate instructions for the users on Steam, on Origin as well as for Epic Games Launcher. Just you need to read them properly and then apply them. 

For the Stream Users

The game files can indeed be repaired by following the instructions clearly indicated below when you are playing Sims 4 just on the Steam platform –

  • At first, the Task Manager may be opened by pressing the Ctrl, shift, and ESC buttons at the same time.
  • Secondly, select all of the superfluous tasks by switching to the Processes tab, then click the End task button in the upper right corner to finish the process.
  • After that, launch the Steam application and simply select the Library.
  • Next to that, go to the Home, then directly choose The Sims 4. Well, after that just select the right-click option.
  • Then, select Properties at this point.
  • Now, continue by selecting Verify integrity of game files after switching to the Local files tab. Just wait until the verification process is finished before confirming any prompts on the next screen.
  • Hence, launch Sims 4 and attempt to interact directly with any varieties of furniture. Last but not the least, examine whether the error actually still occurs any further or not. 
For Epic Games Launcher Users

The game files can indeed be repaired by following the instructions clearly indicated below when you are playing Sims 4 just on the Epic Games Launcher platform –

  • First of all, close any running applications that are now active and engaged on your computer by navigating to Task Manager.
  • Secondly, do get the Epic Games Launcher opened.
  • After that, select the Library option from the list on the left.
  • Next to that, find The Sims 4 there under “Games” in the list.
  • Now, the Sims 4 should be selected with the right mouse button.
  • Well, now just choose “Manage” only from the menu. After that, select verify from the menu.

It won’t take long for the files to be fixed, and when it is done, the launcher will just let you know as to whether any totally corrupt or probably missing files will need to be replaced soon. Then, check that the issue “script call failed sims 4” does not currently continue to display by opening up the game.

For Origin Users

The game files can indeed be repaired by following the instructions clearly indicated below when you are playing Sims 4 just on the Origin platform –

  • At first, open the Task Manager, then navigate to the Taskbar and choose the Task Manager.
  • Secondly, you need to navigate to the Processes tab. Then, simply select the superfluous tasks, and then click the End task button in the top right corner to finish them.
  • Now, start by opening the Origin launcher after that, and select the My Game Library option located in the left corner.
  • Then, select “Right-click” after seeing “The Sims 4” in the list of games that are readily accessible.
  • Next, as soon as you are fully ready, simply click the Repair button.
  • After that, just start your computer again one time after the repair is completely finished.
  • At last, simply check to see if this approach still works or not on your behalf by opening up the game in the Origin.

Solution 3: Temporarily Disable Script Modifications and Custom Content

The second solution you can try is disable the script modifications and the custom content temporarily. Well, Some online customizations and Custom Material may sometimes be corrupted or damaged and incompatible. These improper adjustments can ultimately cause a number of more significant complications in regard to the game you’re playing. This is the case with The Sims 4, where a script call failed Sims 4. The Sims 4 usually requires certain procedures to disable Custom Content (CC) and modifications/customizations. As a result, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions here below to get fixed the Sims 4 script call failed –

  • First of all, open The Sims 4 on your Windows computer by navigating there.
  • Secondly, in the Start menu, select the three-dot Options button.
  • Then after, choose Game Options from the left menu and easily navigate to the Other area.
  • After that, uncheck the enumerated choices too in the right menu –  Permit Mods and Custom Content and simply allow Script Mods.
    Temporarily Disable Script Modifications and Custom Content
  • Now, to preserve the most recent changes you made, next click the Apply Changes option.
  • Well, after that, start the game again on your respective device.

Hereafter, once the game has restarted, just place the furniture or stuff available or as required in your scene accordingly. 

However, after doing so, if this irritating issue stops or gets removed, then you can recognize that this is just due to the activated script modifications and the custom content. But, if it doesn’t get solved, then the error script call failed sims 4 might be occurring for some other reason. Hence, you can try other methods provided here. 

Solution 4: Upgrade Modifications and Custom Content

Well, this is another most effective method to solve “script call failed sims 4” from your windows computer, if none of the above methods works for you. Well, whenever the Sims 4 upgrade becomes available for their users, you must indeed update to the most latest edition of the game software. Directly after that, you must therefore upgrade Basemental and the Adult modification. They can result in a few faults in games, including the one you’re playing right now, if not finished in the right time. Hence, you can complete the process with the assistance of the next set of instructions mentioned below.

  • First of all, to start launching File Explorer, press Windows + E. After that, find Electronic Arts by opening My Documents.
  • Secondly, open the The Sims 4 folder now, and then click the Mods folder within it.
  • Now, the screen will provide a list of the modifications and Custom Content that are presently available. However, the GameVersion.txt file and localthumbcache.package should be deleted from this folder.
  • The next step is to see if the mods have received any modifications.
  • This time, check the mod creator’s website to see if any current updates are forthcoming. You can look for these in the The Sims 4 mod and Custom Content boards.
  • Afterwards, start by looking up and download the most current edition of the mod or Custom Content.
  • Now, extract all compressed files from the inside of the Mods if the mod file you got is a compressed/ Zip File. 
  • After that, just copy and then paste the files into the Mods subdirectory if the mod file you received is in.package or TS4SCRIPT standard format.
  • Well, until all of the CC updates and modifications have been downloaded to your PC, repeat these instructions. Next, access The Sims 4 on your Windows computer.
  • Once you have done that, select one of the Start menu items with the three dots.
  • After doing so, select the Other area from the left menu by selecting the Game Options button.
  • Then, just choose the Enable Custom Content and Mods button from the right menu.
  • Restart the game once you’ve successfully completed all the specific instructions. Then, see whether interacting with furniture pieces in your environment does not cause you to encounter the problem. 

If you still face the issue, try another method from the solution section. 

Solution 5: Restore the Electronic Arts Documents Folder to Default

Next comes this effective method. Moreover, destroyed, distorted, or completely broken documents in the Electronic Arts Documents folder could also be the reason for the issue “script call failed sims 4” along with some few other associated problems with the gameplay. In light of this, you should indeed restore the Electronic Arts Documents file folder. This will ensure that the issue’s likely major cause folder’s unused cache files—will be completely eliminated. This method might solve the issue. 


Just before you reset/restore the Electronic Arts Documents folder, set up a backup that you can fully leverage even if something unexpected happens.


In order to restore the Electronic Arts Documents folder and continue to generate a backup of it, carefully follow the instructions that are provided below –

  • First of all, all processes connected to The Sims 4 game should be immediately terminated. Additionally, shut off the Epic Games Launcher, Steam, and Origin.
  • Now under File Explorer, documents should now be opened; then choose Electronic Arts.
  • Then, click Copy from the context menu when you right-click on it.
  • Next to that,  make a new folder called Electronic Arts Backup in the Documents folder.
  • Now, copy each file, then paste it into the newly formed folder.
  • Well, the reset of this folder is now secure. Make sure The Sims 4 game, Steam, Origin, and Epic Games Launcher are closed, as well as any associated processes.
    Restore the Electronic Arts Documents Folder to Default
  • After that, rename the Electronic Arts directory by selecting it from the context menu of the right-click menu in the Documents folder. Hence, the folder should be renamed Electronic Arts Old.
  • Next, restart The Sims 4 game, and when it starts up, be careful to shut it down. Consequently, the Documents folder will gain a new Electronic Arts folder.
  • At this point, open the Sims 4  on the tray in the Electronic Arts Old directory. After that, duplicate every file in the Tray subfolder and put it into the newly created Electronic Arts folder.
  • Well, follow these instructions once again to save data, mods or CC, and the snapshots/screenshots.
  • Once all the required files have been put into the new Electronic Arts folder, start The Sims 4 and load it. 

Now, when dealing with the furniture objects, you should not run into any problems, including the sims 4 script call failed counters.

Solution 6: Re-install The Sims 4 Game

One of the most effective solutions comes here. However, if none of the above mentioned methods of the article can help you out, then you can surely try reinstalling the Sims 4 to completely eliminate the “Sims 4 script call failed fix” issue from your device. According to observations, the installation directory for the game occasionally includes cache files that are corrupt or broken. Additionally, neither the File Repair tool for Steam, Origin, nor Epic Game Launcher can recognise and resolve the issue. Consequently, a thorough clean reinstallation of the application will undoubtedly resolve this issue permanently. The installation process is totally easy for the users of Origin, Epic Game Launcher or even for the Stream. Hence, to install The Sims 4  completely from scratch, adhere to the instructions that are listed below –

Reinstall the Sims 4 on Origin 

The instructions listed below will assist you reinstall Sims 4 if you are using Origin –

  • First of all, launch the Origin Launcher instantly.
  • Secondly, from the menu on the left, choose “My Game Library.”
  • Next to that, find The Sims 4 under “Games” in the list.
  • After that, the Sims 4 should be selected with the right mouse button.
  • At last, simply select the Uninstall from the menu.
Reinstall The Sims 4 On Epic Games Launcher

The instructions listed below will assist you reinstall Sims 4 if you are using  Epic Games Launcher –

  • First of all, open the Library by selecting it in the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Secondly, go ahead and select The Sims 4 by clicking the three-dot symbol.
  • Well, following that, select Uninstall.
  • After the game has been removed, restart your computer and open the Library page in the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Next to it, The installation directory may then be selected by clicking the Install icon next to The Sims 4 game.
  • At last, restart the game when the download has completely finished.
Reinstall The Sims 4 On Stream

The instructions listed below will assist you reinstall Sims 4 if you are using Stream –

  • First, open the Steam app, then navigate to the Library.
  • Secondly, the Sims 4 game may be managed by performing a right-click and selecting that option.
  • After that, simply click Uninstall.
  • Then, click Uninstall as shown to confirm any prompt.
  • Now, start Steam after the PC has restarted.
  • Then, install it by selecting the right mouse button on The Sims 4.
  • Now, install the game on a PC according to the directions displayed on the screen. 

Finally, with the game that has just been installed, you will no longer experience any problems.


The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all about it. We have mentioned every possible solution in the article. You just need to keep trying every solution until you get rid of the error “script call failed sims 4” totally. We are sure that any of the provided solutions will definitely hit it and fix it by no means. If you still cannot get rid of this irritating error, directly reach back to us at any time. We will definitely help you out reach out to get it solved anyways. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: In Sims 4, how can I enable script files?

Ans: There is an option to allow your script modifications if you navigate to your in-game settings and then click on the final choice there under the options menu.

Q2: Are Sims 4 script modifications safe?

Ans: Downloading modifications and CC is completely secure. In their downloads, manufacturers won’t include malicious software or viruses.

Q3: How can you get rid of “script call failed sims 4” completely?

Ans: Well, there are many solutions for you to get rid of script call failed sims 4

Completely. Those are as follows –

  • By running a computer virus scanning. 
  • Temporary disable script Modifications and Custom Content.
  • Repairing the Sims 4 game files.
  • Reinstalling the Sims 4.
  • Resetting the Electronic Arts Documents folder.
  • Updating the  Mods and Custom Content.

Q4: Are Sims Freeplay games suitable for 10-year-olds?

Ans: Warning: This application is rated Mature because of its coarse humor, partial nudity, sexual/suggestive material, and fantasy violence. Even though this program is suitable for preschool-aged children, parents should have the ability to determine whether their child is mature enough to play on this computer game.