Are you struggling with a surface pro? Is Microsoft Surface factory reset the only solution for you and you don’t know how to do it? Then don’t worry because we have researched the best ways for you to come out of the problem. If you want to reset surface pro then you are at the right place because this time we have come up with 3 easy methods to reset surface pro. Let us get started now.

What is Surface Pro?What is Surface Pro?

Surface pro is a laptop that has versatile qualities. It is a 2 in1 laptop by Microsoft. It delivers a quality laptop and a tablet with the utmost features to use Windows 11. One can give better results after use. As every coin has two sides similarly here with this laptop. Sometimes using laptops over a period of time would lead to some problems which you can not even eliminate by troubleshooting and other ways. 

Everything has some ifs and buts similarly here the challenge is data loss. Factory reset removes every single data from your device whether it is an app or any other file. So, to overcome this challenge there is a way called backup. You can do a backup to save your data, go on with the article and get insight into how to back up.

How to Backup Easily?

If you are using laptops and PCs then you must know the importance of data and the problem you will face after losing your data. Hence, backing up Your data becomes crucial to perform. Also, Backing up data in a proper way becomes more crucial which is why we want you to do this with a skilled tool, and most importantly a professional way would be recommended. You can simply follow the steps to backup.

  1. Install a shadow maker on your device after installing the software.
  2. After launching, Click the Backup option.
  3. Then you need to select the source of files that you wanna back up and the destination wherever you want to save them.
  4. Click the backup option and then the process will start itself.

3 Ways to Factory Reset Surface Pro

There are multiple ways through which you can factory reset surface pro. It depends on your situation what would suit you. The most important thing that you should keep in mind before you do a reset is the backup. First backup your data through the above-mentioned method and then get on with the resetting steps.

Window Settings

The easiest and the simplest way is here, you can follow. Microsoft surface factory reset hard reset option is available to you. After this step, your device probably will delete your files. You can simply look for these options in your window setting.Window Settings

  1. Access the Settings app and click Update and security.
  2. Tap on Recovery. Now, you can see the reset option.
  3. Here, click Get Started to start the reset process.
  4. Now two options will pop up whether you want to delete your files or not: Here in this step, make a choice whether you want to delete files and start the process or you want to keep your files. If you have backed up your data then you must go with the deleting option if not then you can simply choose the other option.Microsoft surface factory reset hard reset
  5. After this, You’ll get another pop up ‘which window do you want to reinstall a cloud or a local’. In the last step, you are again bound to make a choice about whether you want a local reinstall or a cloud download. Here if you do a cloud download then you need a Microsoft server. On the other hand, A normal internet connection would work for the local reinstall.Microsoft surface factory reset

 Through the above steps, the process will be completed. After some time you may check whether your system is working again or not.


  1. Restart your system 3 times then automatically you will get the option of Advanced Settings. Tap on it.
  2. After that, tap on troubleshoot & click on Reset this PC.
  3. Again, the pop-ups will come up which will ask you whether you want to keep your files or not, and the other pop-up will ask you what type of reinstall you want. select whatever measure suits you. 

USB Drive

USB drive recovery is the most powerful way that you may come across. Through this way, you can even reset your if it had blanked out properly. It would totally sound next to impossible but that is possible through the following way. Here’s how

  1. Navigate to the Surface website & search for the option recovery image.
  2. Here it will ask you about the series number of your system. Just fill in, that it is generally written on your system or the packaging of your system.
  3. Download the recovery image on your USB.
  4. Plug in the USB drive. Hold the Volume down button and press the Power button at the same time. After you see the Surface logo, release the Volume down button.
  5. Lastly, let it restart.

What’s Now? After Reset? 

If you have performed the resetting steps then you must be stuck on the question of what’s now. So, don’t worry because we have a guide for that too. You need to start your system again. After Factory resetting, your system had come to the state that it was at the time in the factory. Now, you need to download all the apps you want and also need to transfer that you have backed up already. 



We have discussed surface pro and the process to reset it. You can reset surface pro with the simple methods mentioned above in the article. We hope that our article has helped you in many ways. Most importantly we would like to suggest that you must ensure your backup before you get into the reset process. If you are facing any difficulty then you can contact us in the comment section. We would love to help you.


Q1. How to factory reset surface pro?

There are various ways through which you can do so. The easiest and simple way is the Windows settings. This way you can simply factory reset the surface pro. Before factory reset, you need to back up your data first otherwise you may have a chance to lose it. 

Q2. How do I reset my Surface Pro black screen?

To reset the surface pro black screen, you need to press the power button for at least 20 seconds till the logo screen appears then just click on the reset option coming on the screen.

Q3. How to reset surface pro 7?

Swipe in from the right edge and go to Settings. Now you have to click PC settings> Update and Recovery. Now you can see the option to reinstall your Windows under this. Moreover, you will get the option to reset just click on it and start the resetting process.